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Caring for the Aged Essay

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Updated: Apr 23rd, 2019

Caring for the elderly has been one of the main concerns in this society for a very long time (Scott 2011, p. 78). The aged, just like the young, are very delicate and deserve special care, treatment, and close attention. Unlike the young, these old people should be taken care of with a lot of dignity.

According to Harbert (2011, p. 90), for the past several years, the elderly have not been given the required attention and carein the community in various countries. In some communities, there has been a tendency of neglecting the aging population. However, as Mayers (2004, p. 67) explains, there is agrowing global concern for the aged.

Various ways of caring for this group have emerged with the emergence of various governmental and non-governmental organisations concerned which are focused on caring for the elderly people.Burger (2014, p. 89) points out that the United States, through the Department of Health and Human Services has been of great influence to many nations on the concern for this people (King 2009, p. 72).

The United States has one of the largest non-profit making organisation that cares for the ageing population. The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society is reported to accommodate a very large population of the elderly in 22 States of America.

There areother special care centers for the aged in the United States(Monette 2014, p. 82). This care is known as the Acute Care Of Elder Units. According to Chenoweth (2005, p. 71), this care provides a home-like setting for the elderly within a hospital.

Other nations like Canada and Australia have also designed their various ways to care for the aging population in the society (Crews & Whittington 2000, p. 86). In Australia,The Aged Care Systems have been developed to help this population.

Although most of the aged in this nation prefer home care given by their youngerrelations in their place of residence, the government has come up with agencies and bodies that offer specialised care to the aged (O’Connor 2009, p. 83).

The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency

This is an Australian aged care agency that was formed to oversee the service provision of the home care service bodies in this nation (Mortell 2014, p. 112). As outlined in the law, this agency performs various roles. One of its main roles is accrediting the residential care services.

Croft (2008, p. 77) says that this is important because of the need to monitor the kind and quality of services provided in various aged care service units (Sauber 1983, p. 75). The aged requires a unique kind of an environment, possibly with no form of a nuisance and therefore, the location of homes for the aged should follow some unique criteria (Bajjaly 1999, p. 88).

Once erected, the agency makes frequent follow ups to review the quality of care services provided to the agedin these homes (Braithwaite 2007, p. 81). This agency is also mandated to identify and register care quality assessors to assess the quality of care provided in various homes, and determine whether they meet the required care standards (Emener 2009, p. 67).

Through these assessors, the agency is able to get the information on the aged care services which meet the required standards and enable the agency to act accordingly. In so doing, it will be possible for the department to accredit homes that offer care of high quality to the aged and discourage those offering poor quality care services (Pillemer 2012, p. 71).

Therefore,the accreditation and disqualification of the aged care services in Australia is within this agency’s mandate. The agency also gives information, training and educational sessions to the aged home care service providers to improve quality provision of care services they offer to the aged (Anastas 2012, p. 91).

The researcher, concerned with care provided to the aged, made an arrangement with one of the representatives of this agency within the region to inquire more on the services itoffers to this group (Morgan &Hiltner 2002, p. 90). The interview was basically meant to know how this agency provides for the aged. The interview was as follows:

The Interviewer: what is the official title for this Human Service Agency?

The interviewee: The official title for this agency is Australian Aged Care Quality Agency

The interviewer: What is your title within this organisation?

The interviewee: I am the programs officer.

The interviewer: Can you outline how this agency provides for the aged?

The interviewee: This organization offers a lot to the aged. Care provision to the aged is a responsibility of every member of the society.

The young generation should actively participate in providing and taking care of the aged, knowing that they shall also one day be in that stage and will require to be provided for by others. This organization offers shelter, food, medical care, clothing, and emotional support to the aged. It is a big family for the aged in the society.

The interviewer: How does your agency provide for the aged? What resources are available for this task?

The interviewee: We offer the above services using resources we get from donations by individuals and other charitable organizations. We also get some support from the well wishers..

The interviewer: In your view, are there other resources or information that this agency could be providing to this group?

The interviewee: According to me, the organisation is offering material and emotional support to this group. Based on the emotional status of the individual clientele, the service offered may vary.

The interviewer: To what extent is this organisation aware of research in this area, and how does it use it to improve its service delivery?

The interviewee: This organization has been involved in a number of researches in this area. It has been using the interview to determine the changing needs of members of this group.

The interviewer: What particular lifespan development theory does the agency subscribe to, and how is this evident in its operations?

The Interviewee: We subscribe to Motivational Theory of Life-Span Development. This is evident in the manner at which we maintain our clienteles always motivated.

From the interview above, it is clear that in Australia the issue of provision for the aged is a big concern. As per the interviewee, the increasing population of the aged is really worrying and the society should come up with ways to provide for them.

It is very clear that little has been done in offering quality care for this group. Much is yet to be done. As recommended, the Australian government should partner with all the relevant service providers in meeting the needs of this group (King 2009, p. 78). It should lay emphasis on full participation of the society in doing the same.

Besides this, the government should come up with policies that are focused towards meeting the needs of the aged in the society. This collaborative approach will ensure that the aging population get quality healthcare in the society.

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