Testing of life expectancy: Would you want to know? Essay


Throughout the internet, there are numerous websites claiming to have softwares where people upon entering some personal information, they are informed with accuracy their life expectancy. The apparent accuracy of these tests is inadmissible and most of those people who take them rarely believe what they are told.

This is because different softwares produce varied results making it difficult even for the most ardent believers of these frauds to swallow what they see. While most of the online tests are frauds with little credibility, there could actually be a new way to determine people’s life expectancy.

Scientists in the UK may be able to tell how long one will live through a special blood test that will involve study of a person’s genetic make up. Most of the people who participate on the online tests will find this interesting because of the level of scientific involvement and the increased interaction with those that are offering the test.

The fact that these scientists are ready to roll out the service in the market shows that they are convinced that it is credible and that they are ready to shoulder any legal challenges and are ready to prove scientifically that their method works. The question however is whether people will be willing to take the test or not.

I would not want to have the test

Before a person takes this test, a number of factors come to play. When carefully analyzed, the demerits outweigh the merits that should discourage any person of sound mind from taking the test.

Validity of the test, the financial aspect, and the mental preparedness of such an undertaking will discourage me from taking the test. The reasons for not taking the test are tackled below in detail.

Validity of the test and financial aspect

The test seeks to analyze a person’s status of telomeres, to determine the speed of aging. The wisdom behind this is that the shorter the telomeres, the faster someone will age.

Since old age is generally associated with end of life, these scientists reckon they can use statistics like the prevailing life expectancy of a person’s region to calculate the number of years he/she will live.

What they do not tell people is that this test will only test the biological age of a person. While biological age may have some correlation with chronological age, it is not in entirety an accurate way to determine how long a person will leave. To be fair, this test takes a ceteris paribus approach to chronological age.

While it is possible for one’s biological age to be over a hundred, chronological age is subject to many factors like accidents that can easily take a person’s life at any age. Unless they include the element of other factors that cause death and are beyond human control, its will be a mere waste of time to take the test.

All the above comes at a staggering figure of an equivalent of $700, a figure way beyond what many of those that will want to take the test. As it is, there are currently many tests that are available and that take into account many factors beyond biological age with somewhat accurate results of life expectancy.

Well, assuming the test is to some extent accurate and one’s life expectancy is ascertained, its will be a source of personal problems like emotional breakdowns that may prove difficult to handle.

Emotional breakdown

Given that this test is backed by some scientific prove, some people are likely to take the results in their entirety. Human beings have for along time thrived in mystery and ignorance.

The mystery that surrounds death and the lack of knowledge on how it is caused and when it will happen has spared many people a lot of agony. Knowledge of a person’s date or apparent date of death is likely to plunge some people into a state of emotional distress that is brought about by denial, fear, and apprehension.

It is safe to assume that not many people can face the certainty of death in their sober state of minds. This alone is reason enough for one not to take the test because clearly the benefits of knowing your date of death are less those of not knowing.


There will be a lot of pros and cons about the life expectancy tests. The decision however lies with any individual that is interested. Whatever it is, the bottom line remains that this test will do more harm than good.

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