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Anti-Aging Products: Pros and Cons Research Paper

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Updated: Jun 9th, 2020


Anti-aging products and numerous advertisements associated with the products are clear signals of an aging population that desires to remain youthful. Ageing is associated with many complications, and very few people are ready to embrace the complications. Wrinkled skin, muscle weakness, bladder issues, decreased libido in men, and weakened bones are some of the major signs of aging. However, the invention of anti-aging products acted as a solution of most of the problems in spite of associated side effects. While the beauty industry floods the market with skin anti-aging products, some physicians publicize the hormonal products that facilitate anti-aging.

Apparently, the beauty realm assures people that all wrinkles can become plump, and no spot is too dark to brighten. While the subject on anti-aging products is politicized over time, the manufacturers of the products defend themselves by saying that the customers are informed, they understand the risks associated with anti-aging products, and they choose to accept to use them provided they look youthful. This paper will give a detailed discussion of the pros and cons of anti-aging products and the numerous advertisements that come with the products.


Staying youthful

People desire to remain youthful for the rest of their lives, and the anti-aging products are always present to fulfill their desires. The products offer a delightful experience of having moisturized, and extremely attractive skin. The light and pleasant smell of the anti-aging products enhances the users’ self-esteem. The hydrated complexion and relaxed skin free from wrinkles keeps users youthful for as long as they want. Aged people have always found a reason to smile, as the anti-wrinkle products rejuvenate their skin to give them an attractive youthful look (Bulger 13). The confidence that comes with a youthful look enhances the productivity levels, and others can even increase their retirement age without much difficulty.

It is worth noting that anti-aging hormonal products work perfectly in dealing with aging problems like muscle weakness, bladder issues, decreased libido in men, and weakened bones. As long as the users use the products correctly, and under maximum care of the physicians, they will experience positive results and live as if they were young.

Manageable prices

The manufacturers of anti-aging products aim at availing the products to all people with the desire to remain youthful. They pack the products in all sizes to reach consumers of all classes. Some anti-aging products would cost a consumer less than $10 while the high-class consumers can purchase expensive products according to their ability (Rana and Brett 972). Apparently, dealers of anti-aging products make massive sales because people are happy with the beauty products that reverse the natural aging process. From a literal point of view, using anti-aging products is more economical than maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Anti-aging products would save users from the hustles of maintaining a balanced diet, exercising, and keeping away from sun, which is almost impossible during summer.

Instant results

In the contemporary world, people like instant things, and anti-aging products are instantaneous. Unlike the highly proposed healthy lifestyles that take ages for one to experience visible results, most anti-aging products have the ability to portray visible results within a few weeks. Although the instant results would be superficial, the users become satisfied that they are able to appear youthful. Whenever aged people obtain a product that can make them look young, they regain their confidence, and some even get the attention that they need in their errands. The compliments from friends and family may not work towards reversing the concept of aging, but the contentedness elongates their life.

Easy availability and reliability

One of the greatest fears that people have is discovering an effective product, and lacking it on the shelves in their subsequent purchase. Such cases are rare in anti-aging products, as the products are readily available in malls, pharmacy stores, and beauty shops among other places. It is worth noting that some reliable anti-aging products have existed in the market for more than 40 years. Manufacturers are constantly producing the same products and making improvements on products that do not attain certain standards (Olshansky 72). Moreover, medical practitioners and cosmeticians are working tirelessly to understand the anti-aging concern and the best products to address the associated issues. Drug companies are indeed investing in research and development to ensure that they manufacturer safe and effective anti-aging products.

Safety of the products

Most anti-aging skin care products contain prescription elements such as Retin-A, Differin, and Avage, which are derivatives of vitamin A. Other than being the best remedies for aging skin, the products have existed in the market for over 40 years, and the customer satisfaction levels are high. These products are harmless to the body, as they only facilitate stellar resurfacing of the skin, increased cell turnover, and thickening of the skin without affecting other functions of the body. The few cases that portray the dangers of the products arise from people who failed to adhere to the rightful prescriptions given by the manufacturers and physicians. The same applies to the hormonal products that are perfectly safe to use as long as users adhere to the physicians’ prescriptions.


Wasters of time and money

Occasionally, the anti-aging products do not produce the desired results, and the consumers become frustrated. Cases have occurred where sellers make fraudulent advertisements that assert that products have the capacity of producing certain results, but in real sense, the results are inferior to the expectations of the customers. Such cases oblige users to keep on trying different products before finally finding those that work perfectly on their skin. The entire process is tedious and frustrating, and it wastes much time and money.

It is worth noting that dermal fillers are some of the anti-aging products that do not last long; therefore, users have to seek their treatments from one time to another, which is very expensive. Users ought to become slaves of such products to maintain their youthful appearance, and failure to adhere to the prescriptions would result in hurting the normal functioning of the body. An average person may give up on the way, and consequences of surrendering are fatal (Davis 22). The worse experience occurs when the entire process backfires, and a person ends up looking worse than expected. Most people have criticized anti-aging products with collagen, as they give adverse reactions to the users. Some anti-aging treatments involve the use of harsh drugs, which hurt the skin instead of improving it in the end.

Side effects

It is worth noting that manufacturers use dangerous chemicals to make most anti-aging products. The products, which may seem to work perfectly immediately, can have adverse side effects on the body of the users. Some products can cause skin irritation while some can cause rashes and serious medical conditions. In one or more occasions, people have experienced redness and sun sensitivity whenever they use over-the counter anti-aging products. Some people have even experienced some blistering when they start using the vitamin A-based products owing to the hastened cell turnover rates. Some anti-aging products can even facilitate aging by drying out the skin dramatically and obligating consumers to seek medical treatment. In fact, some people have experienced cases of having serious burns and scars after using certain anti-aging products (Holliday 24).

The overuse of retinoid causes too much skin inflammation, and users may develop lined and sagged skin, which is a very depressing experience at a tender age. It is worth noting that any inflammation damages the skin in the end, as the skin becomes brittle. People with thinned skin are unlikely to survive in case they have to go through surgeries, as the surgical wounds require thick and healthy skin to heal.

Fighting aging using anti-aging injections is very risky, as the consequences may be fatal. An overdose, for example, can weaken the muscles and affect the respiratory system. Whenever cosmeticians overuse the injections, the overall physical appearance of the customer changes over time. Some cases have occurred where users can develop medical conditions like stroke and abnormal growth. The fact that manufacturers disallow pregnant women and people with allergic reactions to use the anti-aging products is a clear indication that the products are more harmful than supposed.

Prolonged use of anti-aging products prompts the penetration of the products into the skin, which affects the normal functioning of the body organs. Cases of skin cancer have occurred owing to the prolonged use of anti-aging products (Stock, Callahan and Grey 32). Although chemotherapy and other procedures can helpful in cancerous cases, treating cancer at an advanced age is almost impossible, and most affected people end up dying painfully. The unpleasant side effects bring guilt, and the affected people regret having ever used the anti-aging products.


From the discussions, it is evident that aging is a bitter truth that most people fail to accept. The anti-aging products have done so much in making the lives of the aging population as comfortable as possible. Other than replenishing their aging skin, the products can even rejuvenate the functioning of their body organs. However, the negative effects such as the associated costs, side effects, and the fatal consequences are worth considering. People with the desire to look young should always make efforts to consult dermatologists and physicians before attempting to use any anti-aging product. Moreover, people ought to know their skin type to match with the right type of anti-aging products.

Most importantly, people with allergic reactions and special medical conditions should avoid the products altogether. Apparently, the best way to fight the aging is keeping fit, eating healthy foods, keeping away from the sun, and exercising. People who stay happy use fewer muscles than those who frown daily, and interestingly, they are not likely to develop wrinkles. People should take plenty of water and stay away from stress to facilitate their skin glow instead to becoming servants of anti-aging products. It is important for people to know that their health and appearance in their old age is a choice that they have to make right from their youthful age.

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