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Dentistry Essay Examples and Topics

Waxing Teeth Procedure and Preparation

Such movements must be constantly controlled to ensure the proper clearance of the developed DB and MB embrasures. The most difficult part is working on M and D marginal ridges.

Toothpaste Controlled Experiment and Hypothesis

The table below would be adopted in designing a controlled experiment to test Sullivan's hypothesis, which is derived from her assertion that her new toothpaste whitens teeth five times faster than other toothpastes.

Definition of Dental Anxiety and Fear

That way, studying the facts that contribute to the prevalence of anxiety in dental patients, the researchers should study the psychopathological profiles of anxious individuals.

Musculoskeletal Disorders among Dentists

In addition, wide varieties of causative factors ranging from poor work practices to ignorance of right positions during work processes have been attributed to increased prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders among the dental and dental hygiene [...]

Dental Pulp

The diseased dental pulp The duration and type of irritation of the dental pulp determines how the pulp reacts to harmful stimuli.