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  1. Exhaustion in Victim Care Professions
    Compassion fatigue is therefore as a result of individual reaction to a trauma situation. Compassion fatigue and burnout states are related to individual consciousness in a crisis situation.
  2. A True Profession
    A true profession is characterized by a lifetime devotion to one’s specialized area of training when serving others while adding value to one’s quality of work in addition to Integrity of character, sound knowledge, and […]
  3. Social Work as a Profession
    The danger comes that in case the approach or decisions taken by the volunteers are not the best, then the society is likely to suffer substandard decisions challenging social works ideology When social workers are […]
  4. The Profession of Arms: The US Army
    During this time, the army has lost some of its tradition and skills; factors that used to make the army to be effective and efficient in its operations.
  5. Networking, Collaboration, Leveraging Innovation and Your Profession as a Field of Service to Community
    The indigenous social organization played a greater role in the success of the Australian architecture, along with the heritage and the social change of the Australians.
  6. Disclosing the Aspects of Female Authorship as Presented in Woolf’s Professions for Women and Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Right of Woman
    In their works called A Vindication of the Right of Woman and Professions of Women respectively, they express their vigorous desire to liberate women from the professional taboos to enter female authorship imposed by the […]
  7. Harsh Parenting: Emotion Regulation and Aggression
    In addition, the studies establish the relationship between parenting and personality of a child as well as decisions they make in life. In the Heidgerken and Hughes study, the subjects were of different races.
  8. The HR Profession Map
    The four bands describe the contribution that the professionals in HR departments make in the fostering of proper relations with clients in consideration of where the financial resources and time are directed.
  9. Accounting Profession
    For instance, in government accounting the focus is on the flow of financial resources and not economic resources as the case is in other forms of accounting.
  10. Challenges and Benefits in Teacher Profession
    Teachers and governments all over the world have acknowledged that teaching practices can have a significant effect on the education of the population leading to significant impact on economic and social outcomes of their citizens.
  11. Psychology: Profession and Cultural Language
    While communicating, the psychologist is sensitive to different communities and diversity in the use of language. Working as a psychology requires one to be good in communication teamwork and observe the ethics of the profession.
  12. Is Intelligence Analysis a Profession
    It is therefore a compromise of a set of agreed on rules and regulations by the maj0ority of the members of the profession.
  13. Importance of Chemical Engineer Profession
    Most of the schools claim to lack some important resources to handle science lessons well, and that is one of the reasons of this campaign to influence both the teachers and the students to have […]
  14. Between Discipline and Profession
    He begins with emergence of electrical engineering to that of computer engineering. In essence, computer engineering is a distinct disciplinary and professional domain.
  15. Government Regulation of Psychology Profession
    The patients have a right to be informed about the possible physical and emotional risks associated with the treatment process and the psychologist should also inform them of alternative forms of treatment and their effects […]
  16. Pedagogy: Factors Affecting Teaching Profession Learning Process
    It is important to notice that the learning pedagogy does not dictate the specific character and personality of a teacher or the learning context but rather, the teachers receive guidance of the practice applicable to […]
  17. Accountability and Outcome in the Counseling Profession
    A client involvement in the therapy process will determine the therapy outcome in addition to quality of the treatment choice. For a counselor, it is crucial to approach this process with honesty and responsibility in […]
  18. The Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Profession
    The Impact of Megatrends on the Development of the Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Profession The changes in the duties and responsibilities of the Purchasing and Supply Chain managers are directly affected by the progress […]
  19. Developing Nursing Competency
    The clinical performance of students can assessed through the strategies set for clinical competency and evaluation to check the skills, knowledge and attitudes adopted by the students during training.
  20. Bisman’s Social Work Values: The Moral core of Profession
    To establish the reasons behind shifting priorities from social objectives to professional social work As a result of professionalizing social work, there should be a will to improve conditions of poor people in the society.
  21. Code of Ethics for Mental Health Professions
    In the mental health profession, codes of ethics mainly address professional responsibilities, handling of clients, storage of clients’ information, and the relationships that should exist between the clients and the mental health workers.
  22. Burnout in Professional Therapists
    As established in the study, burnout among the therapists engaged in the sample increased in consistency with an increase in the levels of interpersonal problems.
  23. The Impact of NDEs upon Those in the Helping Professions
    The purpose of the study is to explore the impact and role of the acceptance of NDEs among those in the helping professions concerning the quality of the care they provide to those seeking their […]
  24. The Effects of Technology on the Accounting Profession Paper
    Technological elements such as accounting software and accounting application devices also play a significant role in the CPA. The introduction of the first computer in the 20th century and its advancement for over 50 years […]
  25. Investigation of the Reliability and Validity of the Perception of Teaching Profession Problems Scale
    The purpose of the current study was to develop a reliable and valid likert scale that would prove useful in the determination of perceptions held by teachers in the various problems that they face in […]
  26. Medical Office Management Profession
    That being the case, I am looking forward to widening my skills and competencies so that I can be successful in my career. By so doing, I will be able to provide the best services […]
  27. Medicine Issues: Physical Therapy as a Profession
    The aim of this essay is to discuss the profession of physical therapist explaining the role of women in this field.”Physical therapy in the United States was originally an occupation composed almost entirely of women; […]
  28. Nursing Profession Concept
    Nursing itself is often defined as “the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the […]
  29. Business Systems Analyst Profession
    For example, individuals aspiring to become Business Systems Analysts are open to the following titles depending on their professional achievement, experience and other added advantages: Business Systems Analyst I: This is an Entry Level Business […]

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  1. Ethics and Values in Legal Professions
    The choice of a profession depends a lot on the person’s values and ethics. Ethics and values are related, but they are not the same.
  2. Nursing as a Discipline and Profession
    In my opinion, nursing is a profession that requires years of specialized training and then years of professional experience to make a successful expert, nursing deals with people’s health; this is why it cannot be […]
  3. Press Secretary Profession in Public Relations
    This study aims to research the history of the public relations industry and to examine the effects of government regulations, the internet, and the international community on the industry.
  4. Mechanical Engineering Education and Profession
    This paper is aimed to prove that even though two years of technical studies is enough to work in the sphere of Mechanical engineering as a technician, it is not enough to prepare an efficient […]
  5. The Profession of Pharmacist: Career Image
    The factors that were considered during the work included both characteristics of the people or objects that were depicted and the messages related to the profession.
  6. Ethics in Psychology and the Mental Health Professions
    Clearly the psychologist in this case is facing a difficult choice: on the one hand, to harm society but to respect the rights and personal choice of the infected person, or on the other hand […]
  7. Counseling Profession in Special Education
    The relationships involved in the counseling profession depend on the unique needs of the individual seeking intervention. Special education counseling specializes in the aspect of psychotherapy in the school setting with an emphasis on facilitating […]
  8. Leadership in the Arms Profession
    4 This means that members of the public are now aware of the problems that are affecting the performance and effectiveness of the division.
  9. Applying Borrowed Theories to the Nursing Profession
    With the application of such a theory, it can be possible to introduce superior procedures, behaviors, and cultural attributes that will streamline existing nursing practices.
  10. Software Testing Profession
    The most important skills in a software testing are the ability to critically think and analyze the situation in order to spot hidden and complex programming errors, and communication skills in order to properly relay […]
  11. Nursing Profession, Duties and Legislations
    In respect to the patient profile, location of care, and the type of service offered by the nurse, the scope of nursing practice is not only diverse but also varied in nature.
  12. A Career in the Helping Profession
    Her positive attitude towards life and the lack of fear was crucial in deciding to become a professional elementary teacher for autistic children.
  13. Writer Profession in Yeats’ and Woolf’s Works
    The narrative of the verse is of the lovely Leda who was violated by Zeus in the form of a swan, and who then bore Helen and Clytemnestra.
  14. Lawyer Profession and Its Prospects
    This article is available in the ProQuest database which contains thousands of articles related to criminal justice. The members of this organization can purchase a wide variety of publications on different areas of criminal law.
  15. Ethical Conduct in Information Technology Profession
    The scope of this report brings out the various codes that guide IT security professionals and the validity of these codes in relation to ethical conduct.
  16. Chauffeur Profession as a Dream Job
    If I were to choose out of the free services given, a chauffeur, a cook, housekeeper or a gardener I would go for a chauffeur.
  17. Mechanical Engineering Profession
    Keeping in consideration the fact that not all the people are well educated to understand the nuances of mechanical engineering, the text of this paragraph has been kept as moderate as possible.
  18. School Licensed Counselor’s Interview on Profession
    The peculiar feature of this kind of work is the possibility to develop a personal attitude to a topic before an interview, learn a lot during the interviewing process, and develop conclusions and attitudes to […]
  19. Teaching Profession
    The strategy I used to handle the situation was first to calm the students down because they were ready to talk to me because of my affable nature.
  20. Public Relations: Profession and Practice
    2 This gives a good image of the company since the community feels part of the organization, and, therefore, the community supports fully the activities of the organization.
  21. Social Work Profession-Related Change on the State Level
    It happens due to the combination of such factors as the increased demand for services provided by these specialists and the general improvement of the quality of life of people in the majority of states.
  22. Car Design Industry and Profession
    A chance to work in conjunction with engineers that boast of a substantial store of knowledge is exactly the opportunity I have been looking for.
  23. The Profession of Arms
    Thus, referring to the definition of the Profession of Arms, the main characteristics of the professional soldier are as follows, this person should be able to understand the culture of this particular profession, and he/she […]
  24. Management Consulting: a Guide to the Profession
    In order to improve the chances of success during the consultation process, it is imperative for the consultant to collaborate with the client in a number of areas as evaluated herein.
  25. Applied Research in Criminal Justice Profession
    As for the further exploration of the subject, I would examine ways to enhance the validity and reliability of my research.
  26. Necessary Qualities in HR Profession
    Basically, it seeks to establish the proper character traits of an HR professional together with selection methods for successful identification of success traits for an HR director.
  27. Atheist Clients in the Counselling Profession
    Bishop states that in the United States, atheists are considered a minority and marginalized group due to the prevalence of Christianity.
  28. The History of the Nursing Profession: Florence Nightingale
    The nurse believed the high casualty rates were due to the unsanitary environment in the rooms and took measures to ensure the cleanliness of medical equipment and the surroundings.
  29. Transforming Nursing Profession and Services
    Although the impact that the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses and the IOM have had on the quality of nursing services has been positive, a shift in the philosophy of nursing is needed to […]

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  1. Counseling Profession: Examining the Current State of the Profession
    A counselor needs to adhere to the standards of service and make sure that the client is receiving the recognition that they deserve.
  2. Accounting as a Profession
    This paper focuses on analysing accounting purposes through the identification of various users in the societies, and the implications drawn from accounting needs and functions as this discipline serves the interested parties. Accounting helps in […]
  3. Effects of AI on the Accounting Profession
    They aimed to find out how AI affects the performance of accounting professionals, investigate whether there have there been changes in employee attitudes toward AI, explore factors that could influence changes in the attitudes of […]
  4. Workforce Issues and Patient Safety in Nursing Profession
    That is why it necessary to conduct profound research to identify the main peculiar features of the two. Thus, the objective of the study is “to report the progress” in meeting the things above.
  5. Legal Professions: Barristers and Solicitors
    In some countries like England, the legal profession is split between the Solicitor whose work is to represent and advise the clients and a Barrister who is retained by a solicitor to give a legal […]
  6. Crime Lab Profession Analysis
    It is important for a student, to be aware of new technologies and methods used in this field because emerging technologies will transform the face of the crime lab.
  7. Criminal Justice Correction Professions and Careers
    All the requirements of level III are also required in this level but the officer must have an additional year of experience Parole and probation officers perform many similar duties in assisting the courts to […]
  8. Careers in the Health Professions: Physical Therapy
    The organization is the sole accreditation agency in the United States with regard to education in Physical Therapy. He is married with two children and is undergoing computer course in the hope of landing a […]
  9. Sustain Neophytes in Teaching Profession
    The significance of induction program is always emphasised and even more significant aspect of the topic is the selection of the most relevant program that is effective in dealing with the issues of the novice […]
  10. Professionalism in the Teaching Profession
    Professionalism is very important in the education sector as it has a very deep impact on the role of a teacher, which in response influences the aptitude of students to learn successfully.
  11. Physiotherapist Profession Description
    People who have chosen a profession of a physical therapist are really brave and generous people. The main purpose of this paper is to show that the profession of physical therapists is hard both mentally […]
  12. The Profession of a Teacher : Requirements and Features
    In case the parents are claiming the teacher in the low level of education, the teacher should show respect to the parents and listen carefully to the parents’ comments, give proper and adequate replies to […]
  13. ASCE and the CE Profession in the United States
    There is a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of civil engineering in the United States in terms of sustaining standard infrastructures in terms of how the engineer is able to incorruptibly interact with the […]
  14. Ethics in the Counseling Profession: Personal Case
    Empathetic- this is one of the strengths when it comes to counseling skills Genuine- I realized that I am in a position to tell the affected person the truth even if it is not that […]
  15. Education. From Leisure Activity to Profession
    In this regard, this reflection essay discusses my experiences as a piano player to a prominent artist within the music industry. Achieving personal goals as a piano player is conjoined to the success of other […]
  16. The Accounting Profession Career Choice
    It is necessary for a certified public accountant to focus on target clients, and help them with matters such as investments and mergers. There are such great job options as a certified public accountant and […]
  17. Effects of Information Literacy on Scholarship, Practice and Leadership in Teaching Profession
    The first and the most obvious negative aspect of the introduction of information literacy into the field of SPL in the sphere of teaching profession is the abundance of sources and the search for the […]
  18. Army, Profession of Arms
    The profession involves the use of lethal weapons and an undefined force for the maintenance and defense of the laws and the rights of the American people.
  19. Informed Consent in Medical Profession
    Thirdly, rationale refers to the consent and agreement that patients understand what is expected from them and that they know what is going to happen before, during and after treatment.
  20. Is Nursing Theory Important to the Nursing Profession?
    Nursing was recognized as a science, and instead of a traditional model of learning from more experienced nurses, a science-based approach to the training of the would-be specialists in this occupation was implemented. Indeed, theoretical […]
  21. Dentistry as a Service Profession
    Secondly, when patients come to dentists at the last stage of the disease, there is not always a chance to cure it. The purpose of this paper is to consider ways that can make dentistry […]
  22. Information Technology Specialist as a Profession
    The field of IT industry is vast, and it is full of opportunities for young specialists. However, it is also important to understand that the given prevalence of positive factors in an IT specialist field […]
  23. Teaching Profession in the Movie “Dangerous Minds”
    Natives of the lower class of the population, are busy with their personal life, teenage worries, and prohibited means, and the study is in the last place.
  24. The Architectural Profession in the World of the Near Future
    The architectural profession in the future, regardless of the technological development and the tools used, is held by man’s creativity. Undoubtedly, in the near future computer technologies will begin to play a bigger role in […]
  25. Challenges of Male Nurses in the Nursing Profession
    While Evangelista and Giddens noted that there has been the absence of exploration of differences in the discipline of male and female nurses, two studies observed that male nurses received a disproportionate share of formal […]
  26. Deductive and Inductive Arguments in Medical Profession
    In formal logic, arguments will be considered as deductively valid where the conclusion is drawn is true without a doubt, if the premises on which the conclusion is based are true.
  27. Technological Applications in the Design Profession
    This information is moved from the camera in a digitized format to the laptop and eventually stored on the server for the engineers, architects, or project engineers to be used for determining the scope of […]
  28. Healthcare Climate: Nursing Profession
    Nursing history is as old as humanity Earlier centuries nursing care was disorganized, unsanitary, and lacking in scientific foundation The modern definition of Nursing: A science and an art that focuses on promoting quality […]
  29. Sociological Theory of Professions in Health Care Organisations in Terms of Organisational Learning
    The main task of this paper is to apply the sociological theory of professions to examine the extent to which health care organizations have the characteristics required to support organizational learning.

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