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Mechanical Engineering Profession Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: Feb 21st, 2021

Text for the general public

Keeping in consideration the fact that not all the people are well educated to understand the nuances of mechanical engineering, the text of this paragraph has been kept as moderate as possible. Simple language has been used, and the sentences have been kept short. The examples mentioned in the text have been taken from everyday life that people are aware of. The text is as follows:

Each one of us is probably familiar with the word ‘mechanic.’ We all know that he is the one who repairs our faulty implements, vehicles, electronic items, etc. So we know that a mechanic is a person who repairs machines. Similarly, mechanical engineering also deals with machines. But it is not only for repairing purposes. Machines are created with the help of mechanical engineering. From the smallest things (such as toys, door latches, etc.) to the biggest things (such as space ships, airplanes, trains, etc.) are all wonders of mechanical engineering.

So basically, mechanical engineering can be defined as a stream of engineering that deals with anything and everything that moves and is made by humankind. Mechanical engineering can be found in all walks of life like refrigeration, manufacturing, energy production and conversion, vehicles, aerospace, medical equipment, etc.

The history of mechanical engineering can be traced back to early Greece and Chinese civilizations. During that era, mechanical engineering was involved in numerous things such as pumps, engines, clocks, etc. But mechanical engineering became a separate field with the advent of the industrial revolution in the world.

To become a mechanical engineer, a student has to obtain a degree BSc in mechanical engineering. The usual duration of the course is four years, after which the student becomes a mechanical engineer. If it is feasible for the student, he/she can do further specialized studies in a field of his/her choice. Else, jobs are available for graduate mechanical engineers as well. Most of the companies engaged in manufacturing require mechanical engineers. So mechanical engineering is a great field to pursue.

Text for elementary-aged children

It is commonly understood that the participation of children in commercial fairs is not much, but even though the number is less, this group of visitors is the most enthusiastic and eager to learn. After all, they are our future engineers, astronauts, doctors, etc. So keeping this into consideration, the following paragraphs have been written in a manner to enable the children to understand the concept of mechanical engineering in a playful manner.

The language has been kept very simple and the examples included in the text relate to their childhood and their fantasies. It is quite possible that they get impressed and inspired by what they see, and their future is nurtured here. Following is the text:

While at leisure, there might be several questions popping up in your minds. Why is it that only children have to go to school? Why do our parents work? If elders don’t go to school, then why do teachers come to school? Why is my father an engineer, and my friend’s father is a doctor? Well, children, the answer is very simple. There is a time for everything. Now is the time for you to study well so that when you grow up, you also become an engineer or a doctor. And as far as grownups doing different professions are concerned, it is a person’s choice of what he/she wants to become in life. He/she has to study hard to achieve that aim. Today, when you see the wonders of mechanical engineering, it is quite possible that one day you too will be successful mechanical engineers.

Mechanical engineering is a science that makes things move. Your toys, such as cars, trucks, catapults, building bots, ballistics, etc. are all wonders of mechanical engineering. Have you ever thought about how does a doll dance when you wind the key? Well, there’s a spring coil inside the doll that gets tightened when you wind the key. When you release the key, the spring starts rewinding, and since the spring is attached to the doll, it also moves in a dancing manner.

It was a small example. There are many more complicated machines (such as heavy machinery, airplanes, ships, power projects, etc.) that you can learn if you choose to become a mechanical engineer. Even the kitchen equipment, the air conditioners, the washing machines at your homes work on the principles of mechanical engineering.

Text for graduates/professionals

Graduates and professionals who want to change their profession and want to pursue careers in mechanical engineering are encouraged to do so. Considering the level of their education, the language of the following paragraphs has been kept scientific and the examples quoted are from complicated fields. But care has been taken that it is understood by the audience of this group. The text is as follows:

Mechanical engineering is a field of engineering that deals with various principles of science to examine, plan, create, and maintain different mechanical systems. A successful mechanical engineer has to be thorough with a wide range of concepts such as technicalities, kinematics, thermodynamics, power, etc. All these principles and concepts are put to use by mechanical engineers while designing heavy equipment such as aircraft, ships, vehicles, power plants, medical equipment, etc. another important requirement for being successful in mechanical engineering is teamwork. A single mechanical engineer cannot do wonders single-handedly. He/she has to work as a team.

Since mechanical engineering principles are crucial for practically everything that is made by humankind, it is the vastest and diverse field of engineering. Moreover, with the incessant inventions around the world, the proper update is a must.

Mechanical engineering needs certain abilities and skills that cannot be nurtured at once. Such skills can be attained through proper education and guidance. Students should enroll in specific programs in their schools. They should be proficient in mathematics and science. The art of conversation and communication is also an important factor because only then he/she will be able to perform as a team. Students can augment their knowledge by attending science fairs.

The content of the mechanical engineering course might differ from university to university, but the principles are the same. Some mechanical engineers prefer specializing in some particular fields such as aeronautical engineering, automotive engineering, etc. It is a good thing because recruiters of such fields will prefer the specialists. Doing a management course in addition to mechanical engineering can prove to be a shot in the arm. Knowing design software such as CAD, CAM, FMEA proves to be an added advantage.

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