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Engineering Essay Examples and Topics

Ranking in Engineering

To determine the overall ranking of a scenario, the projected impact is divided by the total cost to the adversary. When making the decision to trigger a failure scenario, it is important to consider the [...]

Transformers and Their Service Life Cycle

Therefore, the proper functioning of the transformers is an essential part to maintain the performance of the power distribution system. Corrective maintenance is done when the transformer breaks down, preventive maintenance is the process of [...]

Methodology in Engineering Innovations

To determine the feasibility of the solution for the proposed experimentation, the researchers have reviewed the existing literature to find support for the intervention and justify its effective potential. Since engineering is a practical science, [...]

Advantages of Fresnel Lenses

A Fresnel lens possesses a large aperture and a short focal length, which allows it to capture and focus more from a light source than a conventional lens, and project it over vast distances while [...]

The Process of Arc Welding: Main Aspects

The welding process is so broad that mechanical engineering as a discipline is part and parcel of it. Within the process of arc welding are other types which are described below: In this process, the [...]

Rotating Equipments Foundation

Vibration in rotating machines occurs because the centre of rotation of a machine does not coincide with center of mass. Machine imbalance is the most common cause of vibration in rotating machines.

Decellularized Scaffolds in Tissue Engineering

Hoshiba et al.state that ECMs existing in vivo are constructed of proteins that have extremely complex biomechanical properties; therefore, the use of physicochemical methods existing at the time of the writing of the article makes [...]

Engineering Ethics and Legal Standards

Patenting an improved version of a program that belongs to a company an engineer is working for is unethical. This is because the original version of the program was registered in the name of the [...]

Defects in the Motor Industry and Their Causes

Defects in the motor industry have been attributed to onboard software and algorithm used in the airbag deployment. Today, however, the mass defects involving software has just started in the motor industry, and many more [...]

Pumps Concepts and History

The imbibing and suppuration nozzles in a single stage horizontal split centrifugal are integrally built in the lower half of the chamber and on the same horizontal centreline.

Gas Turbines and Its Types

In 1872, Stolze of Germany received the first patent marking a milestone in the development of the gas turbine. The gas turbine is one of the most flexible machines in the class of turbomachinery.

Green Vehicle Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma is a plug-in hybrid car that is touted as the best among the green car generation that is quickly taking its place on the automotive market.

The Best Material for Making Toolbox

The shop believes that the short-termed life of the kits is attributed to the materials used in making the toolboxes. Similarly, it was noted that the cost of acquiring aluminum alloy was cheaper than the [...]

Engineering and Technical Communication

The discourse analysis of the Journal of Engineering and Technology Management is the utilization of theoretical and practical aspects of engineering to produce high quality and innovative products.

Green Computing’s Origin, Issues, Future Trends

The luncheon of the Energy Star by the Environmental Protection Agency instigated a revolution that champions the production and use of information technology in a way that is not injurious to its uses and the [...]

Vehicle Transmission System and Its Development

The development of the transmission system was a very important problem that engineers were struggling to solve because of the many challenges that were experienced in transferring the torque from the engine to the differential [...]

Underwater Welding and Safety Measures

In the past decades, the safety of the underwater welding practice has been put into question, thus prompting the need to address the issue. The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed report [...]

Heating and Air Cooling Systems

The impact, which the adoption of the latest technological innovations to the design of the heating system had on the urbanization process and the lives of people in cities and towns, is also beyond impressive.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System

Sensors and control relays transmit data to RTUs and PLCs deployed in specific locations of the managed system, and this is where data acquisition occurs. RTUs and PLCs send the acquired data to the master [...]

Thermistor and Its Applications

This paper examines the working mechanism and applications of Thermistors Thermistors are special kind of variable resistors whose resistance changes with changing temperature i.e.a change in thermal temperature results in changes in its resistance value.

Inner Space Exploration Vehicles

There are three common types of underwater vehicles such as autonomous underwater vehicle, human occupied vehicles, and remotely operated vehicles. In addition, there are some human occupied vehicles that are simply used to visit life [...]

The Ballpoint Pen: Materials, Process and Issues

This essay explores the geological information of the raw materials, the processing steps and the environmental issues. With the raw materials ready, brass is obtained from a mixture of the two, with copper dominating the [...]

Grain Company Machines and Processes

The Tower has a Slide Gate that puts the grain in the Belt Conveyor and identifies the path of the grain that goes to the Old Flat storage or the New Flat storage.

Ethical Behaviour in the Engineering Workplace

In the engineering environment, the general quality of any role execution matrix is dependent of the culture of such organization since it drives the morale and action of those participating in the production function.

Welding Underwater – Engineering

On the other hand, wet welding uses a system that allows a welder to weld an area that is in a wet environment. The use of under-sea robots is an emerging approach in under-sea welding.

Model of Induction Motors

The differentiating factor in this proposed model of improved IM is that most of the works devoted to the detection of faults are related to the current harmonics derive equations from the winding function approach.

Improving the Internal Combustion Engine Efficiency

After exploring ICE types, their application, recent technological advancements in improving the performance of ICEs, and the obstacles that prevent the realisation of optimum efficiency for these engines, this paper proposes the adoption of variable [...]

Safety Engineering Additional Course

The Ten-Week schedule proposed in the paper is based on the contents of the textbook selected for the course and designed to cover all the most important aspects of Safety Engineering.

Seventh Street Improvement Arches

Paul to ensure the issuance of bonds for improving the 'Seventh Street.' The specific place of improvement of the avenue was where "it crossed the combined valley of Trout Brook and Phalen Creek that linked [...]

Engineers and Ethical Dilemmas

Recently in the Kenyan media there was a situation in which a road engineer had been approached by the government to aid in the design and construction of a road in the Langata area.

Jobs in the Field of Industrial Engineering

In factory settings, though, industrial engineers fit well in any role which is charged with the responsibility of making critical decisions concerning the best use of people, material, equipment and energy in the accomplishment of [...]

Future of Genetic Engineering

This is not limited to cows alone but extends to pigs, sheep, and poultry, the justification for the development of genetically modified food is based on the need to feed an ever growing population which [...]

Raw Materials for Newspaper Manufacturing

Resins bind other components of the ink and form a film for binding the ink and the paper. Transportation of wood, paper fiber, and ink is also necessary to deliver the raw material to the [...]

Foundation Engineering in Difficult Soils

The challenge with planning building foundations on moderate to highly expansive clay soils are the probable damaging effects of differential movements of the foundation structural elements owing to volumetric changes of the underlying and adjoining [...]

Emerging Technology: Nanotechnology

Data by Dang and fellow researchers shows that patent application for nanotechnology inventions in developed countries increased from zero percent in 1991 to about 27 % in 2008 and that this growth is set to [...]

The ethical issues of Genetic Engineering

Many people have questioned the health risks that arise from genetically modified crops, thus it is the politicians who have to ensure that the interests of the people are met and their safety is assured. [...]

Dialysis Water Treatment System

Heat exchanger: the evaporated water from the boiler is passed through the heat exchanger where it loses heat to the working fluid/feed water in the heat exchanger.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electronics engineering is the branch of electrical engineering, which deals with the uses of "the electromagnetic spectrum and with the application of such electronic devices as integrated circuits, transistors, and vacuum tubes".

How Does Magnetic Train Works

The train still operates using the engine yet the engine is mainly used to control the speed and ensure that the vehicle stops whenever necessary.

Smart Grid systems research

According to the Ontario Smart Grid Forum, smart grid is a contemporary form of technology that makes use of computing knowledge in order to boost the efficiency of producing electricity On the same note, the [...]

Armored Vehicles Engines

While diesel engines can establish in lighter armored vehicles that need to run a significant number of kilometers, gas turbine engines are suitable for heavy offensive tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

The Software Engineering Debate

The second reason the author adduces to his view that software development is not an engineering activity is the lack of standardized approaches to software development.

Pipeline Installation Elements

This must take into account the line size of the pipeline and the length of the barrel. Design Pressure The design pressure must serve as a basis for determining the thickness of the wall of [...]

Explosion Suppression Systems

However, ensuring that the latest technology should be used for explosion suppression is not enough; since human factor plays a major role in most of the accidents related to explosion, it is important that the [...]

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Role of subsidiaries, in this case, would be to foresee the completion of grid-based rural electrification to off-grid areas that have poor and dispersed population.

Concept of Bonded Wire Strain Gauges

The first type is referred to as fine wire strain gauge, the second type is known as metal foil wire strain gauge while the third one is known as semi-conductor bonded wire strain gauge.

Fabrics of the New Millennium

As for the potential novelties, the clothes that adjust to the environmental settings or the accessories of the customer might be one of them as the desire and passion for ergonomics and development do not [...]

Professionalism and Ethics

On the other hand, the professors apply the several elements and aspire to develop the lives of different individuals. It determines the way a professional handles the issues that are to be engaged with learners [...]