Engineering Essay Examples and Topics

Emerging Technology: Nanotechnology

Abstract Nanotechnology is an emerging technology which is developing at an exponential rate. The technology utilizes novel characteristics of materials that are exhibited only at nanoscale level. Although still in early stages, this technology has signaled potential and breakthroughs in many areas such as medicine, computer technology, food industry, building construction, environment protection to mention […]

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Introduction Electrical and electronics engineers engage in different activities, which involve technologies of different types. Engineers in these fields usually design, develop, test, and assess manufacturing of different electrical and electronic machinery. These machines may range from broadcasting, telecommunication, vehicles and their parts, light, radar, power systems, and navigation equipment among others. In some cases, […]

Nuclear Power Exploitation to Generate Electricity

Introduction The world is facing growing energy demands that traditional electricity generation methods have been unable to satisfy. Nuclear energy has emerged as a feasible option for providing power for the world. Nuclear power stations have experienced great advancements since they were first implemented five decades ago. These stations are built with a strong emphasis […]

Smart Grid systems research

Abstract The demand for electric energy has been on the increase both in the industrial and domestic cycles. This rising demand implies that additional generation stations ought to be put in place. The latter is flexible and allows interconnection with Renewable Distributed generation. Nonetheless, integrating distributed generation to power systems may lead to myriads of […]

System Engineering and the Positive Role it has in the Military

The design and management of complex engineering projects requires a combination of different disciplines to facilitate their implementation. System engineering is a very fundamental branch of engineering that is essential in project management. It is not an easy thing to coordinate teams and logistics in complex projects without adopting system engineering concepts. The work processes […]

Armored Vehicles Engines

The development of modern mechanics and supporting technologies can amaze even the most casual person in the field. Having a relatively short history of formation and development, armored vehicles nowadays are one of the most reliable, inviolable and unbreakable mechanism one can imagine. Due to the offensive and defensive functions they perform, armored vehicles need […]

The Software Engineering Debate

Software Engineering is a relatively new discipline in comparison to the traditional engineering disciplines. It is therefore not surprising that there is a debate regarding whether this new discipline is indeed an engineering discipline. This paper examines the views of two authors who hold opposing views on the status of software engineering. Summary of First […]

Pipeline Installation Elements

Introduction Pipeline installations have relied on a number of strategies depending on the location. This article provides a brief description of some of the methods used in pipeline installations. The article reviews the following pipeline installations: Pig traps Block valves Offtakes Compressor stations The designs of these pipelines are not standard. Instead, they depend on […]

Explosion Suppression Systems

Introduction: Explosion Suppression Explosion protection is one of the most complicated areas of safety provision, partially because of the numerous sources that can lead to an explosion, and partially due to the massive effects that an explosion leads to, especially in a building. Therefore, the use of explosion suppression systems is essential for ensuring that […]

Ways of Strengthening Reinforced Concretes

How does the reinforced concrete become strong? Among the most celebrated writers on material strength and construction integrity, readers find Edward G. Nawy’s “Reinforced Concrete A Fundamental Approach” as an invaluable reference. In this discourse, Dr Nawy’s perspectives on structural engineering provide resourceful insightful, with regard to material strength involving reinforced concrete. The main content […]

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Solar photovoltaic (PV) uses solar cells to capture energy from sunlight and converts it to electricity by photovoltaic effect through assembling solar cells. Transmitted through solar modules and solar panels, sunlight is easily converted to solar power that can be supplied to off-grid areas as alternative to power solutions in remote and […]

Understanding the Three Mile Island Nuclear Meltdown through the Perspective of Human

The 21st century will not only be defined by technology but also by the existence of complex organisations that leverage advances in the field of information technology, computers, and advanced management techniques. This is the reason why a corporation can have a main office in London but can do business all over the globe 24 […]

Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Buildings and Components

Abstract Buildings and components require mechanical and electrical systems to be safe (Janis 2008). An electrical system is a utility that supplies electricity to the required components and equipment within a building. The system is made up of connections of several equipments integrated within the building structure. When there is no electricity from the mains, […]

Generalized Enterprise Reference Architecture Methodology

Enterprise Integration Methods It has been noted by some practitioners that over the last few years that there has been significant growth in the importance of enterprise integration. This fact is especially given the fact that many organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on information technology (IT) (Lam and Shankararaman 1). This position suggests a need […]

Management Technology Operation Based

Background The mission of the company is to use progressive technologies in the field of electronics to create a new product in the electronic engineering industry. The vision of the company is to train electronic technologists in accordance with the required industry standards. The company deals with: The preparation of operational records and documentation. Testing […]

Professionalism and Ethics

Introduction Professional ethics is a challenging field that demands professional concentration. Any profession demands organized and well developed career, enhanced by skills, knowledge and capacity to make sound decisions. This discussion explores professionalism and ethics attached to the field of engineering, with specific reface to mechanical engineering. Personal conflict of interest In several occasions, humans […]

The Evolution of the Car Engine

Evolution of the internal-combustion Engine An engine where processes of burning fuel takes place within an enclosed room, emitting gases that increase due to pressure that in turn supply energy, qualifies to be an internal combustion engine. The history of combustion engines dates back in the year 1680 when Christian Huygens, a Dutch physicist experimented […]

Lean Burn Engine Technology

Introduction With the rising desire to attain more miles per gallon of fuel, car manufacturers are now focusing their attention on lean burn engine technologies. On its part, the American government demonstrated its support for lean burn engine technology when it ratified the Energy Policy Act of 2005. In essence, this act qualified cars, trucks, […]

Bioinformatics and Biotechnology

Biotechnology is an important field in science. Biotechnology enables mankind to develop cutting-edge technologies when it comes to drug design. Biotechnology enables the capability to develop pest-resistant and drought-resistant varieties of high-value crops such as corn and rice. One of the most important components of biotechnology is the creation and maintenance of a mechanism that […]

Wireless charging

Introduction The technology of wireless energy transfer is the electrical energy transmission from a power source to an electrical pack. This process normally occurs without a conductive substantial connection. This is necessary whereby there is a lot of inconvenience caused by interconnection of cords and cables. As it would be observed, there is a big […]

Analysis of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation “Trilogy” program

Background In the year 2000, the Federal Bureau of Investigations started an ambitious project to modernize its IT systems. The project was a complete overhaul of the existing software and computer systems in its offices. The project caused controversy over the size of the budget and the course it took in the next five years. […]

Fire Protection of Flammable Storage Tanks

Introduction The extinguishment and control of full surface flammable tanks fire demands more commitments in terms of equipment resources and human logistics. Owing to the incurred loss potentiality, the fire protection industries have significantly improved the methods used to effectively extinguish and control fires encountered in outsized storage tanks. These techniques are incessantly updated. In […]

The Challenge of Constructing a Bridge over the Chacao Channel

Torben Forsberg and Anton Petersen are two renowned civil engineers with qualifications from the Technical University of Denmark. In their article The Challenge of Constructing a Bridge over the Chacao Channel, the authors describe possibilities of improving the design of a new bridge. The authors’ arguments on alternative possibilities are based on the fact that […]

Screw Compressor

Screw compressors are some type of gas compressors that use two interlocking screws to capture and compress gas. Screw compressors are of two types, the dry running screw compressor, and the oil-flooded screw compressor. Lubricating oil is used in the oil-flooded compressor to facilitate the screwing process. The oil also provides a hydraulic seal that […]

Geotechnical Failure

Introduction Geotechnical engineers are grappling with the challenges of geotechnical failures because they do not only cause loss of lives, but also great economic losses. A body of literature indicates that there are numerous causes of the geotechnical failures. According to Khan (2005, geotechnical failures can result from foundation factors such as change in water […]

Central heating systems

Introduction Central heating systems are important in the hospitality industry since residents rely on such systems to keep warm during winter or other cold seasons (Oreszczyn, Hong, Ridley, and Wilkinson 259). These systems ensure that residents enjoy a comfortable environment as they relax, dine or sleep. Heating entails the raising of the temperature of an […]

Ethical Responsibilities in Engineering

According to Martin and Schinzinger (10), the lifelong learning of ethical responsibilities in engineering contributes to the development of the values of honesty, fidelity, and integrity. That is in addition to the respect for others, fairness, and the pursuit of excellence and accountability (Martin and Schinzinger 12). Engineers undergo lifelong learning to adapt to the […]

The similarities and differences between NSPE code of ethics and other engineering codes

This report examines the similarities and differences between NSPE code of ethics and other engineering codes. Similarities between NSPE code of ethics and ASME Both of them are similar in construction of Fundamental principles that precede the canons. There is no explicit reference provided on attitudes towards security or poverty in both codes (Catalano 6). […]

Between Discipline and Profession

Introduction Michael Mahoney explores position of computer engineering between disciplinary and professional domains. He starts by giving a detailed history of persistent instability in computer engineering. Mahoney also utilizes historical approach to explore trajectory and origin of computer engineering. However, he focuses his research on findings from the United States. He specifically tackles computer engineering […]

Introducing of Edison’s Technologies

Introducing new technological inventions influences all spheres of social life and industrial production. At this point, Thomas Edison can be considered a strongly influential figure in industrial inventing, holding more than 1000 patient until his death. In fact, the invention of electricity light, as well enormous contributions made to development of television and video media […]

Book Review -Tesla’s Turbine Engine

Introduction Science and technology play a critical role in transforming society, particularly in the transport and communications sectors. Approximately two-hundred years ago, the rate at which changes in technology and science were experienced in the western societies was alarming because it was so intense. The development of the wind power, the emergence of water, and […]

Engineering Design Process: Taking a Look at what Goes on Behind the Curtain

Science has never been as challenging as it is nowadays, with the opportunities that the recently developed technologies offer and the new discoveries that started tearing the very fabric of the existing scientific laws. However, when it comes to discussing the complexities of the modern science, one must admit that there is hardly as challenging […]

Role of Engineer in Global Challenges

Executive Summary The present paper discusses roles that engineers could actively play to address the challenges of global food insecurity, WMD terrorism, and environmental degradation. The rationale is premised on the fact that food insecurity, global terrorism, and environmental degradation are at the core of the very existence of mankind. The results demonstrate that engineers […]

Technology Development In Asia

Introduction After the end of the Second World War, the third world nations were decolonized and this saw the emergence of new independent states. With this came the assimilation of new scientific and technological innovations in the developing nations. These developments were considered core in the development of the states. This awareness has consequently led […]