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50 Invention Essay Topics & Examples

Looking for a topic about invention that changed the world? You’re in the right place! Find best invention essay examples and title ideas below.

An invention is an innovative method, device, or process. Whether it is a small improvement or a radical breakthrough, an invention is something that changes production processes and everyday life of people. Both the wheel and a super-modern smartphone are examples of inventions.

In your invention essay, you might want to discuss the importance of inventing in our life. Another option is to talk about a famous or your favourite invention. Want to get more ideas? In this article, we’ve gathered best invention essay examples, speech topics, and titles. Go on reading to learn more.

🏆 Top Invention Essay Examples

  1. Papyrus: Its Invention and Impact on the World
    The invention of papyrus paper by the Egyptians changed the scene since papyrus-paper proved to be the ideal writing material of the time.
  2. Inventions that the world would do without
    For instance, the invention of communication technology has been of great help to the entire world because of the convenience and reliability it has come with.
  3. “Didot’s Invention”: A Great Example of a Logical Thinking and Writing
    Then the author dwells upon the introduction of the word into the cultural and social life and points out that Lippman was the first to use the word in that context.
  4. US Inventions: Electronic Appliances and Transport Facilities
    Fortunately, the inventions of recorders, compact disks, and radio led to the spread of the music in other parts of the world.
  5. The period encompassing the invention of cinema
    Therefore, because of the establishment of the photographic film at that time that required the use of great illumination, the application of the electric spotlight that was introduced in 1904 in theatres became essential in […]
  6. The invention of internet
    Several events led to the advancement of the internet in the world today. The level of computer literacy in the world played a leading role in the advancement of internet as teachers and students wanted […]
  7. Modeling, Prototyping and CASE Tools: The Inventions to Support the Computer Engineering
    Despite the fact that the engineering is constantly being enriched with the new notions and techniques which add the new ways and methods to make the process of engineering quicker and flawless, the science still […]
  8. The Invention of Development
    On being sworn in as the president of the United States, Rist notes, Truman introduced the term, underdevelopment, as a new concept of regarding the impoverished regions of the world.
  9. Marcel Duchamp’s invention of ‘the readymade’
    In his invention of readymade art, Duchamp based his artwork on the belief that creative art was not made from the perspective of the artist but from the point of view of the spectator who […]
  10. Phonograph Invention and Evolution
    The time period the phonograph was invented and the circumstances that led to the invention. The invention and advancement of the phonograph and its operations has had a part to play on other inventions.
  11. The Flute Advancement and Its Invention
    The volume of the flute is dependent on the resonator’s size, the size of the air stream or the velocity of the air stream.
  12. The Invention of Television
    According to Street, Paul Nipkow developed the Nipkow disc in 1884, which was capable of transmitting pictures by use of a cable. In the earlier times, it was hard to send a message for its […]

📱 Interesting Invention Speech Topics

  1. Invention analysis and claiming: A patent lawyer’s guide
    In page 5 of the book, the significance of persistent empirical research in technological advancement is demonstrated. Pasteurization is used in the exemplification of these different technological themes and applications.
  2. Thomas Edison’s Kinetoscope
    As he famously used to say, the Kinetoscope did with the eye the same thing the phonograph did to the ear.
  3. Telescope and Microscope Discovery Combo
    The paper will look into the history of the discoveries and their effects in the development of the human well beings as well as the enhancement of the human understanding of the surrounding nature in […]
  4. Collective Invention during Industrial Revolution
    The major similarity between collective invention and heroic individual invention is that both provided important source of innovations during the early stages of industrialization.
  5. The Gunpowder Invention and Its Impacts on the World
    In the present times, the production of gunpowder still goes on as a continuation of the works of the ancient alchemists from China.
  6. Electricity as the Best Invention
    This process began centuries ago, yet its most active stage was launched in the middle of the nineteenth century, and one of the major moving forces of the rapid technological development was the reception and […]
  7. Apple Company: Development, Inventions, Expansion
    This essay provides an insight into the development of the Apple Company and the various personalities that have contributed to its growth.
  8. Invention in Writing
    It refers to the creation of new ideas in relation to the question given or the use of old ideas to come up with new ideas in writing.
  9. Ancient Chinese Inventions History
    In this article, I highlight some of the inventions and contributions and examine four that I consider to be outstanding. A sample of these inventions and contributions include “silk, tea, porcelain, paper, printing, gunpowder, the […]
  10. New Product Invention: Australian Tourism
    This project will be beneficial because the hotels in the region have since been overwhelmed by the current flow of the visitors.
  11. The Invention of Cinema at the End of the XIX Century
    First attempt to introduce the idea of moving pictures traces back to middle of the seventeenth century, when Athanasius Kircher “who projected crude hand-painted images of the Devil…on the wall of a darkened chamber by […]
  12. Ancient Chinese Contributions and Inventions
    Trying to point to ten most useful inventions and contributions of the Ancient China, it was really difficult to select the most necessary ones as Ancient China is famous for its contribution into the development […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Invention

  1. Alexander Graham Bell and the Passion for Invention
    It was a very short notice and since I had counted on working on my telephone project in the spring of 1870, I was at first not ready to move with my parents.
  2. Umbrella and Its Invention in Different Cultures
    An umbrella in ancient China was not only the item of sun protection, but it was also a symbol of a high rank and nobility of its owner.
  3. The Progressive Era and Its Technological Inventions
    Moreover, the period marked the shift from the agrarian to the urban society, and many critics referred to it as the age of reforms in American history.
  4. Visual Communications and Technological Inventions
    The invention of the printing press altered the history of the world the most notable one being the reduction of the power of the church.
  5. Biomimicry: Inventions Inspired by Nature
    The main idea or aim of biomimicry is that nature is able to provide humanity with brilliant solutions that can and need to be used.
  6. Golden Age of Islam: Inventions and Success in Science
    The achievements of the Muslim technology and science contributed to the development of the Western society and helped Europe come out of the Dark Ages.
  7. Television, Its Invention and Technical Evolution
    The history of television involves the contribution of several engineers from different parts of the world. This paper seeks to explore the technical evolution of the television from its invention to the current developments.
  8. The Enable Talk Gloves: Invention’s Pros & Cons
    The gloves have special sensors that turn the signs into texts on a smartphone that also turns the texts into speech. This invention will impact the participation of people with speech problems in the activities […]
  9. Sickle Cell Disease and Scientific Inventions
    The disease is caused by a gene that is linked to the production of mutant hemoglobin. This is due to advance treatment and management of the disease”.
  10. Artificial Light Invention
    This reflective treatise attempts to explore the invention of artificial light, benefits, and usage in the field of chemistry. To begin with, artificial light is used in most of the experiments in the laboratory to […]
  11. “Invention as a Social Act” Analysis
    The paper is divided into four parts: social aspects of the invention, invention as a dialectical process, invention as an act, and classical criteria for a social view of the invention.
  12. Rome and the Invention of the West
    In ” The Aeneid,” Virgil tells of the adventures of the hero of the Trojan war, Aeneas, who was destined by the gods to stay alive after the destruction of Troy to come to Italy […]

🚀 Controversial Topics about Invention

  1. Airplnane: Description of the Invention
    The credit for the invention of the first powered airplane goes to the Wright brothers Orville and Wilbur. The worlds first powered, sustained and controlled flight in a heavier-than-air airplane was achieved by the Wright […]
  2. Blackberry Device: History of Invention
    The introduction of the blackberry devices has provided a major breakthrough in the communication industry making it cheaper and faster to consumers.
  3. Two Inventions Comarison: Telephone and Internet
    However, the history of the first inventor of the telephone is shrouded in mystery with the name of Elisha Gray attached with the invention of the first telephone.
  4. Photography: Brief History of Invention
    At that time all images produced were in black and white and eventually all masters of the art came to believe that the only artistic way to record photographic images was in black and white. […]
  5. “Faith is a Fine Invention” by Emily Dickinson
    In other words, Dickinson was not confident in her own beliefs and she questioned the importance of faith as opposed to science.
  6. Invention of Photography and its Social Impact
    Although photography was invented in its full form only in 1835, an understanding of the social impact that was a result of the invention of photography is rightly portrayed by Azoulay in his article “The […]
  7. “John Koza Has Built an Invention Machine” by Jonathon Keat
    In other words, a new scientific solution of a genius can be appropriate only when the society draws to a head with a little bit mere understanding of the scientific flow at a definite epoch […]
  8. Discovery Versus Invention: Understanding, Comparison and Principles of the Subject
    The earlier example of gods invented to explain cosmology is an area where the knowledge was true for its time in the sense that it organized the universe and the world, but was later replaced […]
  9. Computers: The History of Invention and Development
    It is treated as a reliable machine able to process and store a large amount of data and help out in any situation.”The storage, retrieval, and use of information are more important than ever” since […]
  10. Ancient Chinese Inventions and Contributions
    In spite of this stereotype, China is the Motherland of many inventions of the past. Gunpowder is one of the most significant and well-known inventions of ancient China.
  11. The Invention of Daguerreotypes
    Overall, the work on the daguerreotypes began in 1727, when Schulze introduced his important innovations into photography; it continued in the beginning of the 1800s, when the rudimentary camera obscura was created and actively used; […]
  12. Radio Technology Invention and Development
    In 1906 he broadcasted a Christmas concert, including his voice and violin play with the help of 400-foot towers to the ships of the United Fruit Company, which were equipped with Marconi’s radios. In 1922 […]
  13. The Inventions of Thomas Edison
    Many new developments appeared due to Edison’s achievements, who was one of the founders of the practical application of current. The introduction of compressed current energy marked the transition to a new technological era.
  14. Nikola Tesla’s Inventions and Achievements
    It is interesting to discuss that Tesla’s AC system led to the event in the history of the scientific and commercial world called the war of the currents.

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