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Apple Company: Development, Inventions, Expansion Essay

Background of the Company

In1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne established the Apple Company with a view of developing, manufacturing, and selling computers. The Californian-based company is one of the leading multinationals in the United States. Currently, the Apple Company is the second largest information technology business that generates a huge revenue to the American government.

Moreover, the company is the third largest phone manufacturer in the world. Globally, the Apple Company has over 400 outlets that are located in 14 countries. The company has more than 98,000 permanent employees. The company manufactures and distributes computer, mobile, and wearable devices. It also offers diverse computer and online services. This essay provides an insight into the development of the Apple Company and the various personalities that have contributed to its growth.

Incorporation and Development of the Company

Between 1990 and 1999, Apple Inc. underwent a series of events that entailed streamlining of the company and its products. During this period, the company enhanced its business through acquisitions. Nonetheless, Apple II series was expensive, a situation that posed competition challenges to the company. As a result, Apple Inc. introduced Macintosh LC that had more advanced features.

For instance, its expansion slot for Apple II e-card enabled people to use the Macintosh series. However, the company’s sales declined due to the invention of Centris line that was difficulty to operate. Furthermore, market focus was challenging for the company.

Invention and Development of Mobile Devices (2007 to 2010)

In the wake of shifting technology landscape and increasing competition, the company shifted it business to invention, design, and manufacturing of mobile products since 2007. This situation was escalated by the fascinating mobile phone market that widened constantly.

This situation iPhone Smartphones and Apple TV were the first gadgets that were introduced in the consumable devices market. Introduction of iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad products heightened innovation of mobile phones, portable music players, and personal computers, a situation that increased Apple Inc.’s market share. Its market exceeded Microsoft Inc.’s market due to introduction of the iPad, which had touch-enabled operating system.

Expansion and Acquisitions

Besides computers, Smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices, Apple Inc. has developed various pioneering high-tech devices such as the augmented reality (AR) system. This system has the capability to recognize objects that are played in motion pictures.

Apple Inc. has made various acquisitions that have significantly influenced its growth. For instance, the company bought Embark Inc. to enhance development, manufacturing, and distribution applications to smart technology gadgets such as the iPhone and iPad.

Other achievements include introduction of PrimeSense in Israel, expansion of retail branches, and hiring of experts to assist in innovation and expansion. Presently, the company has established many stores around the world. Each store has various outlets that enhance distribution of products and services to end consumers. This state of affairs has significantly increased the company’s profit owing to improved sales volume.

Early this year, Apple Inc.’s CEO mentioned that the company is developing a smart watch that will be launched in 2015. Although there is limited information about the smart watch, it is outright that it will comprise miniature digital features for scrolling, zooming, and navigation. The smart watch will be used to communication with close iPhones and telephones. Its retina will have ample display to enhance clarity. It will also possess advanced touch technology that detects both ‘press’ and ‘tap’ finger commands.

Key Personalities

Current key personalities of the company include Arthur D. Levinson who is the current chairperson and Tim Cook who is the CEO. Angela Ahrendts is the senior vice president of the company. She is in charge of retail and online stores. She reports to the chief executive officer. Eddy Cue takes charge of the internet and server utilities.

He is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the company’s industry in key aspects such as enhancement of online services by maintaining an outstanding business environment to satisfy consumer demands. He is charged with the responsibility of developing and maintaining online, iTunes, and App stores for Apple Inc.’s devices.

Jonathan Ive, the senior president of the design department, is charged with the responsibility of managing Apple Inc.’s design functions. He leads one of the most competitive design teams in the consumable and wearable devices industry worldwide. His works has earned the company various design awards. Dan Riccio is the senior vice president of the hardware engineering section of the company. He has strived to ensure that the company manufactures outstanding hardware for its sophisticated software.

Another key person in Apple Inc. is Jeff Williams who serves as the operations senior vice president. The operations department leads the local, regional, and global supply chains to ensure that the company’s merchandize meets the needs of the clients. Paul Deneve is the vice president of the special projects department. Lastly yet importantly, Denise Young Smith responds to worldwide human resources needs in an attempt to fascinate, train, motivate, and maintain exceptional talents at the Apple Company.

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