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The Apple Company Analytical Essay


The Apple Company has made an indelible mark in the world stage with its innovations that have changed the way people use computers and mobile devices. Apple has been very successful and it is worth billions (Farivar 1). The share price of the company is over $530 making Apple the most successful company in the technological sector. In this paper, the effect of the apple company on the society in terms of ordinary people, employees, costs and on other electronic companies will be discussed.

Effect on ordinary people

Apple started in 1976 and its effect on ordinary people started with the introduction of personal computers. The personal computer revolutionized the technological world. The personal computers had a simple design and they were user-friendly to people. However, Apple did not achieve a large market share in the face of stiff competition from other companies.

As a result it started a product that has become part and parcel of modern day activities from the office to homes and the brand of choice (Sanderson 1). The products that Apple has produced such as iPod, iPhone, IPad are household names.

They have changed the way people buy music with the successful iTunes store. The products are sleek and functional and help meet needs that ordinary people did not know they had (Greenwood 1). The effect of Apple can be seen with the excitement that announcement of any new products create and the long queues of people waiting to buy them. Apple will continue to affect the lives of ordinary people through innovation of useful new products.

Effect on employees

The employees of Apple have to stay at the top of their game to continue releasing new products that stir the market. They must maintain the high standards that the former Apple products have set and surpass them. The employees must remain committed to the vision of Apple as embodied by Steve Jobs. He is synonymous to Apple, and with his demise the company employees have to deal with the post-Jobs era.

They are constantly faced asked what Jobs would have done about the decisions made by the new CEO Tim Cook, and such questions may frustrate some. The employees have to adjust working under Tim Cook who is different from Jobs and continue working hard to keep steering Apple towards its vision (Cheng 1).

Effect on costs

The price tag on Apple products is high unlike that of other companies. The features of Apple’s products are high quality and unmatched in the market. Therefore, Apple is able to charge high prices, but customers still buy because they feel the products are worth (Greenwood 1).

The cost of the Apple products is not likely to come down as the company offers other things for instance after sale services and customer care support. The company has an edge over the other companies with its brand products that have won the faith of many people and created loyal fan base. On the other hand, the company produces its products in China amidst of criticism for shipping jobs overseas, but the cost of production is cheaper than at home increasing the profit margin.

Effects on other electronics companies

Apple is the leader in the tech world and it has a major impact on other electronics companies. Its greatest rival in the mobile technological market is Samsung that leads the competition in the sale of mobile devices. Furthermore, Apple faces competition from other smaller companies that have improved their products to tap into the market.

They produce products similar to those of Apple, but their prices are lower hence they will get customers who want the experience of sleek gadgets, but at a cheap price. One the other hand, in the wake of patent suit against Samsung for patent infringement, the other companies have to be careful in designing their products lest they make them similar to Apple products and get slapped with a patent suit. The fear of suits can curtail some electronics company innovation (Mullis 1).


Apple has changed the world through its products. The effects on consumers is phenomenon and only the future knows what products the Apple is going to bring to the market if their past trend is anything to go by, and it is likely to remain a giant for a long time. They have come up with products that people never imagined they needed, but once introduced to them they became hooked.

Apple is a maverick in the technology world, and the successful strategies they employ are likely to keep the company on an upward trend, consolidating its lead and market share. The company has huge cash reserves at its disposal that it can use to develop products, and invest in any area they see fit to ensure that the company remains the leader in the technological world. Therefore, Apple will continue to affect the society in the near future with its strong brands that are famous across the globe.

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