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Project Management Essay Examples and Topics

Iron Triangle: Project Management

In this regard, the iron triangle becomes not the only measure that could be used to evaluate the nature of a particular business, its outcomes, and success as new and significant criteria appear.

Riverside Community Park Project Management

The project manager communicated with the leaders of the teams to ensure efficient collaboration between all the groups involved. The project manager expressed the willingness to meet the needs and wants of the community.

Falcon 24 Aircraft: Project Management

According to Cooke-Davies, the project involves the design and production of an aircraft that has a supersonic speed of 2,400 km/h. The aircraft uses the state of the art technology that has been tested and [...]

Max Bögl Company’s Procurement Management

The list of the identified risks is provided in the following table where each risk factor is rated on a five-point scale according to the likelihood of its occurrence and potential impact on the project [...]

Rügen Bridge: Plan Procurement Management

During this time, the company in charge of the project had not only built a bridge, the core part of which is 4100 meters long, but also contracted other businesses to prepare the surface, smooth [...]

The Boeing Dreamliner Project Management

This paper seeks to conduct the following: make a brief overview of the Boeing Dreamliner project, identify the problems that were encountered during project implementation and relate them to theory, and give a recommendation on [...]

Production Process Optimization Project

The employees will be charged with the role of increasing company productivity by embracing efficiency in the handling of materials and products from the arrival of raw materials, selection, seclusion and storage, retrieval for processing, [...]

Al Wahda Master Development Project Management

In 2011, under the guidance of EC Harris' chief executive, Philipp Youell, the company merged with Arcadis, the international design and engineering enterprise headquartered in Amsterdam. Nowadays, the AWMD project is perceived as one of [...]

The Project Manager’s Career

Technical credibility is the treatment of PM by the team, customers, and executives as a reliable professional who is able to implement the project successfully.

Shift Log & Reporting System Development Lifecycle

All requirements should be thoroughly investigated and discussed, and a decision to implement the Shift Log & Reporting System supported. Shift Log & Reporting System should be created according to the company's needs and requirements.

Jarvis Christian College Sports Complex Project

The management of this institution, known for its love for sports, has the responsibility of ensuring that its sports complex is capable of supporting various sports for the benefit of students of this college.

The Oil and Gas Industry: Project Management

Figure 1 presents the WBS developed for the Horse Hill Project concerning these stages.  The proposed WBS is appropriate to describe the work and activities associated with the realization of the Horse Hill Project.

Airbus A380: International Project Management

Nevertheless, the use of a particular version was not discussed at the beginning of the project. In other words, it is necessary to utilize the same software and tools in designing the international project.

Dubai City’s Land Area Increasing Project

It is also important to understand the mission and vision strategy of this project, in order to rationalize the project. The vision of this project is to have a city that is free from pollution, [...]

Soft Systems Methodology and Its Applications

General idea concerning Soft Systems Methodology There exists a common misapprehension that Soft Systems Methodology is a tactic for exclusively tackling soft problems, perhaps due to the use of the word "soft" in the taxonomy [...]

Classical Project Management: Flaws and Solutions

This essay will demonstrate that the reason to criticize the classical project management because of its inappropriateness for the praxis is in the fact that traditional project management strategies and tools are limited to address [...]

The Work Breakdown Structure Issues

There is no use denying the fact that every new project needs a good and clear plan which will be able to take into account all peculiarities of the work of a new project [...]

Driveway Resurfacing Risk Management Spreadsheet

These are risk description, likelihood, impact, detectability, category of the risk, indicators of the risk, possible responses and assumptions, and, finally, the status of the risk and the identification of who is responsible for a [...]

Project Management Life Cycle Model

The key aim of the project resides in improving the communication of the networks in the corporate building in order to ensure that remote offices are consistently interconnected.

Heathrow Terminal 5 Project: Cultural Awareness

The construction of Terminal 5 at Heathrow International Airport is one of the major projects that were undertaken by the UK government through the British Airport Authority [BAA] to decongest the Heathrow Airport. The BAA [...]

Single and Double Loop Learning in Project Management

By incorporating a detailed and in-depth analysis of the project implications and the effects of decision-making in the project closure process, one will be able to introduce the staff members to DLL, therefore, contributing to [...]

Mensa Aviation and Abu Atal Project Management

According to Portny, project execution refers to the process of implementing the strategies in order to achieve the intended project aim. In this project, the focus is to ensure that the construction of the hotel [...]

Program Portfolio Management’s Early Stages

The paper would address the issue concerning the impact of the early and the front-end of Project Portfolio Management. The success of Project Portfolio Management relies on the initial planning and the commitment to the [...]

Auto Restoration Services Project: “OLD & NEW”

The Gary's Auto Restoration "OLD & NEW" project will offer auto restoration services to corporate and independent customers. The Gary's Auto Restoration "OLD & NEW" project will offer auto restoration services to corporate and independent [...]

Regency Plaza’s Project Management Challenges

The adjustments and frequent changes have led to disagreements among the project manager, the hotel management, and contractors, who complain that the cost of construction is rising and the changes slow the pace of the [...]

Multi-Project Scheduling and Resource Allocation

In the following paper, the efficiency of heuristics approaches for multi-project scheduling and resource allocation will be evaluated and analyzed. The authors emphasize the significance of the task priority and not project priority.

Project Lifecycle Stages and Portfolio Management

The life cycle of a specific project will take different paths in order to deliver the targeted results. Organisations should, therefore, make regular alignments and adjustments in order to achieve the best results.

Programme Management Sustainability

The study by Nielsen et al, "Realizing sustainability in facilities management: A pilot study at the Technical University of Denmark," focuses on the issue of integrating the existing sustainability parameters in the intended facilities.

The Elizabethan Knott Garden Project Management

Project initiation involves the selection of the best project that will meet the company's limited resources, preparation of the proper documentation and the assigning of responsibilities to a project manager.

Vis-Hawal Motorcycles’ Project Management

The project for Vis-Hawal's touring class motorcycles requires an organizational structure that will sustain production and help in the realization of the long-term objectives of the firm.

A Tree Planting Project Management

This project will provide a great ecological value to the university because it will nurture various organisms on the trees, and will even minimise the existence of green house gases in this environment.

Networking Technology Project Management

The primary objective of the project entails facilitating the 500 employees at the office to attend the needs of customers within different divisions, including the satellite divisions.

Charity Fashion Show: Project Management

In this project, we will be seeking to achieve some of the preparations in advance. Time is of the essence in this project and the way we react to it will influence our success.

Shop Extension Project Management

In this paper, the project that is being defined is that of expanding the store of the organization so that new clients will be added to the organization.

Nurse Ring Project Development

The non-formal education setup will relieve working mothers from the stressful childcare role, as the school will provide all the custodial needs of the enrolled children.

Virtual Private Network’s Project Management

The projects have become important due to the need to adapt to the advancements in technology. Despite the organization's success in the industry, data and network security issues have greatly affected its operations.

The IBNOVO Project Charter Development

Since its inception, the firm has managed to establish its operations in more than 170 countries and it specialises in offering fully integrated and optimised stack of business software and hardware solutions.

Maximum Megahertz Project: Management Challenges

To avoid the further development of the problematic situation and to handle the doubtful projects, it is important to work out the plan of action which can be effective to learn from the mistakes, to [...]

Hershey Corporation Project Management

Hershey outsourced the services of three firms to aid in the implementation of the ERP software. An effective criterion to determine the success of the project is necessary in order to evaluate major milestones in [...]

Honeywell: Six Sigma and Project Management

In conclusion, Level 4 of the 5 level project management process maturity model combines and controls a number of projects to attain precision. For that reason, in order to reach level 4, Honeywell must compliment [...]