Project Management Essay Examples and Topics

The Parking Garage Project Risks

It is important to address the risks that may arise from the parking garage project because of the costs involved. It will also be difficult to compensate owners of cars be parked in the garage. Even though it is impossible to avoid risks in any construction project, understanding potential risks are crucial in responding to […]

Project Management: A Pillow with a Vibrated Alarm

Waking up early in the morning is not an easy task, and even with an alarm set, one may oversleep by simply pushing a button on the device or ignoring the sound. However, by introducing a tactile irritant into the mix, one may be certain to wake up within several minutes. An innovative product, a […]

Project Management of Cisco Surveillance System

Introduction DeVry University is one of the best Universities in the word. This University is wishing to maintain its standard by enhancing security in all the departments, floors, and classes. However, the school board met and decided to use Cisco Surveillance system within its compound. The security manager decided that only high definition Cameras were […]

Technology Issues: Fingerprint Scanner

Introduction The business environment is characterized by numerous opportunities. However, such opportunities can only be exploited if entrepreneurs conduct a comprehensive environmental scan in order to identify the prevailing opportunities. New business ideas may be generated from internal and external sources. Examples of external sources include customers, suppliers, market trends and competitors. On the other […]

Salinity Control System

Abstract This main objective of this project is to design the salinity control system. This report describes the main steps taken by the team and the peculiarities of the new application. This system will be based on the relationship between the voltage and concentration of salt in the liquid. This development of this application involved […]

MAFF Manufacturing Company: Project Management Concepts and Applications

Last year, MAFF manufacturing company completed a project that was aimed at expanding the assembly department. The project had taken a maximum of two years. The first step was the acquisition of the adjacent land from a neighboring company. This was due to congestion that was being experienced in the old section. Besides, the company […]

Project Planning and Project Success Relation

Abstract Real Estate Industry in UAE has been experiencing growth of 20% per annum. As demand for housing increases, the industry strives to meet the demand by rolling out multimillion apartment projects such as the one in the Greens at Emirates Golf Club, Dubai. However, such big projects may not meet their goal, especially when […]

Project Management Assessment: Green Park Development in Madrid

Scope Statement The city of Madrid uses landfills as part of its waste management efforts. After landfills fill up, they require rehabilitation. This project relates to the construction of a sustainable green park in Madrid as part of a land reclamation program on a decommissioned landfill. The city council of Madrid is in charge of […]

Project Management in Hyten Corporation

This is an analysis of a case study about Hyten Corporation, which aims to introduce formal project management to foresee the successful implementation and completion of its projects. In a pursuit to develop a new product, timely delivery of the new product to the customers is paramount for the success of any project. Due to […]

Reflection of Consultancy Project

This document has been created to acknowledge the completion of the project, which focused on brand development opportunities and alternative market strategies for the national banjo manufacturing company. The project specifically targeted its subsidiary. It is a premium quality British manufacturer. Its brand name is known as the ‘The Shackleton Brand. Following a brief summary […]

Project Management Processes that are Common to Technology-Intensive Organizations

Abstract Changing the operation environment of organizations such as competition and technological developments compels such organizations to seek new, efficient, and effective ways of maintaining competitive advantage. In technology-intensive organizations such as IS and IT-based organizations, altering organizational operations to be project-based has made them increase their performance by ensuring that they meet deadlines for […]

Constructing a Bridge to Link the Riverina Highway to the Hodge Island Reserve

Introduction The Murray River is one of the most important waterways in the entire Australian continent. The river is the lifeline of hundreds of thousands of people who live along its banks. This proposal presents the requirements for constructing a bridge to link the Riverina Highway to the Hodge Island Reserve. The Bridge will open […]

Project for the Design and Construction of a Bridge across the Murray River

Introduction Project Aim The aim of this project is to provide an alternate route from South Wales to Victoria for pedestrians, motor vehicle users, and cyclists through the Murray River. Project Objective The principle objective of this project is to enhance travel to and from South Wales across the Murray River using the easiest and […]

Secure Software Project Management

Abstract Secure software project management comprises the steps that should be taken by software producers in their quest to provide good software to the market. Software production is a very challenging bit in information technology due to the nature of computer software that can be produced to do different functions. The need to come up […]

Operations & Project Management in International Business

Introduction In the case of the hospitality sector, the issue of project management is also a key phenomenon, whereby the various players have to be efficient in undertaking their tasks. A special tool adopted in the execution and management of projects is the critical path analysis as well as the Gantt chart. These tools help […]

Technology Plan for W.T. White High School

Executive summary The use of modern technology is increasing in all sectors of the economy. The technologies are in business organizations, government agencies, non-governmental organizations and the learning institutions to perform different operations. In a learning institution, the technologies can be used for communication purposes, storage of information in form of databases, retrieval of information […]

Students Project of Software

In every project, there are always component stages that make it a complete project. These stages are the activities that are to be conducted in the process of bringing the project into a successful completion. There are generally five stages that a project will always go through from the inception to conclusion. The first stage […]

Outsourcing and In-sourcing IT Service Component

Introduction The Emirates Airways is the leading airline company in the entire Middle East region. This firm was started on October 25, 1985 by the government of United Arab Emirates. The government was keen on transforming this country into a business hub, and a tourist’s destination. The government had improved the infrastructure of the country […]

Project Management: Sydney Water Company

Introduction The essay is a case study analysis for project management of Sydney Water Company. The company decided to develop a project that would improve its customer services. The first section entails the pre-contract planning, business and functional requirements. The second part highlights the tracking of the project against the business case. The third part […]

Project Management – The Development of Hotel X

Introduction The development of a hotel is a critical initiative. Particularly, this relates to its effect on the tourism sector. Usually, such development projects require a comprehensive analysis. Adequate investigations are necessary in these initiatives. These assist in the processes of decision-making and policy formulation. Therefore, for projects to create the desired effects there is […]

Project Collaboration Portal

Challenges and Opportunities On the background information about the problem, the JVIE was first employed in managing complex projects to solve imminent challenges, which are associated with their implementation and exploit the available opportunities. The early purpose of JVIE was to solve the challenges associated with the project and utilize the opportunities, which it brought. […]

Building a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Gantt Chart “A Gantt chart is a graphical representation of the duration of tasks against the progression of time,” (The Global Voice of Quality, 2004). It is usually an important tool that is used in scheduling of projects and planning activities (Tague’s, 2004). The Gantt chart below has been produced by using Microsoft Office Project […]

Project Management Methodology

Introduction Project management involves securing, scheduling, supervising and organizing organization resources for achievement of specific project objectives in order to attain the overall goal of the company (Gareis, 2006). The project management aim is to attain all the project goals and objectives within the constraints of budget, scope and time (Gareis, 2006) while optimizing the […]

Social and Organisational Issues in Project Management

Introduction Extant literature demonstrates that the past several decades have been manifested by rapid growth in the exploitation of project management as a viable means by which contemporary organizations the world over realize their set objectives (Meredith & Mantel 2011; Piyush, Dangayash & Mittak 2011), as well as their competitive advantage (Jones 2008). As acknowledged […]

Construction of the Empire State Building

Introduction Among the most renowned world architectural and engineering masterpieces is The Empire State Building (ESB). In spite of its massive nature, a 103-storey and 1453-foot monolith, the EBS was constructed in slightly over 13 months. It is also alleged that the company that carried out this daunting task had virtually nothing at hand in […]

Pontrelli Recycling Inc’s Project Management

Introduction The successful implementation of projects requires efficient management. Project plans are normally applicable in guiding the project execution process. This case study describes seven planning activities and evaluates the Pontrelli Recycling, Inc’s project implementation, efficiency, and alignment with the company’s economic strategy. Furthermore, it discusses how project controls are useful in mitigating risks associated […]

Conflict Prevention in Project Management

Introduction Conflict and stress, in reasonable levels, can become a source of competitive advantage within a project team. This is because it challenges members to be constructive and collaborative. On the other when left to spiral out of control, conflict and stress may diminish team members’ morale, it may divide them and even cause failed […]

How to Define Project Success?

Introduction Projects pose new opportunities and new challenges that are defined by their peculiarities. Projects as a phenomenon could be described by the following words: “limited, temporary, innovative, unique, and multidisciplinary” (Ika, 2009, p. 6). It is not surprising that a whole branch of management is nowadays devoted to this phenomenon. One of the related […]

Justification for IT Capital Projects

Appropriate Models for Projects Projects can be evaluated using a number of models based on the aim of a firm. According to Mian (2011), in many cases, a firm may find itself faced with a situation where it has a number of projects that need to be completed within a short period. In such cases, […]

Apollo Program Details

Introduction The Apollo Program was one of the most famous and effective projects managed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) existed from 1960 to 1973. This program was characterised by one of the highest profiles with its total governmental funding of about $20 billion. Some researchers admit that this program was just another stunt […]

The Apollo Program

Introduction The Apollo program can still be seen as one of the most ambitious and costly programs of the US government. The program’s overall cost was over 20 billion dollars that was spent within a decade (Gisler & Sornette 2009). Many people argue that its negative effects undermine the positive impact. However, many researchers agree […]

Virtual Reality’s Benefits and Usages in Concurrent Engineering

Introduction According to Giebels, concurrent engineering refers to the design of a product’s lifecycle through the use of design team, production tools and automated engineering (46). The concept of concurrent engineering emphasizes on the interdependence between equipment and people in the design and lifecycle of a product. Developing a unique product design requires a close […]

The Iridium Constellation Project

Introduction and Summary At the end of the 20th century, when the impending alterations to the existing concept of communication seemed inevitable, the Iridium Project was conjured. In order to advance the specified realm and promote more efficient communication, the project creators attempted at building a satellite network that would permit telephone transmission of all […]

Management of Projects

This paper is aimed at examining several questions related to project management. In the first section, such a concept as stakeholder is examined. Furthermore, this section includes a strategy for communicating with different stakeholders. Additionally, this paper highlights the differences between agile management and PMBoK. Furthermore, it is important to evaluate their applicability to a […]

E-Commerce System for a Clothing Company in Abu Dhabi

Executive Summary This paper provides a detailed review of the stages of project management for the triumphant execution of an e-Commerce system for a clothing company in Abu Dhabi, the Unites Arab Emirates (UAE). Project management is a vital process in ensuring a successful implementation of projects since it allows a room for proper planning […]

Solar Energy Installation Project Management

Introduction Establishment of renewable energy resources to curb global warming is receiving immense support from a majority of the governments (Atkinson 2001). Atkinson claims, “People have used non-renewable sources of energy like coal and petroleum for a long time” (2001, p. 45). These sources have significantly contributed to the emission of greenhouse gases, prompting the […]

Private Construction of Government Sponsored Projects

Outline The aim of the research is to investigate factors that would enhance construction project’s success sponsored by the government in Dubai. The researcher developed three objectives for this study as follows. To review the initiation of government sponsored mega construction projects in order to understand the processes involved and how they influence success of […]

Caribana Parade Project of the Toronto Sun

Introduction Despite the fact that project management is an art and a science, the backbone of a successful project lies in application of soft skills in deliverable variables. These variables authenticate project leadership and management science, risk assessment, and analysis which are basically the soft skills in project management. Project Management is done to prepare, […]

Online Shopping Platform for La Donna Boutique

Subject of Course Project The subject of this course project is an online shopping platform for La Donna boutique. The boutique has no online marketing services. I will carry out investigations on this course project and my findings will provide solutions and create opportunities for La Donna boutique on using online services. Business problem statement […]

Project Management – A Reflective Report for STEPS

Executive Summary This report provides a comprehensive personal reflection for the plan set for the STEPS project at the UoB. Started in December 2013 and completed on May 1 2014, STEPS is a project that seeks to enhance students’ access to funding for improving their experience in a career. It focuses on introducing, changing and […]

Project Management at MM

Ideally, technology should improve the competitiveness of a company. Therefore, from time to time companies implement IT projects to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of their operations. However, implementation of IT projects is a daunting task. Every year companies lose millions of dollars in failed IT projects. Failure of IT projects may bring a company’s […]

Somerset Rural Youth Project

Particularity of the organization Somerset Rural Youth Project is a charity organization based in rural regions of Somerset in the UK and it was established in 1997. The organization is located south of Bath and Bristol. Some of the areas it covers include Exmoor National Park, Mendip Hills, and Quanntock. The pioneers of the project […]

Somerset Rural Youth Project – Quality Assurance

Somerset Rural Youth Project, abbreviated SRYP, was incorporated in the fiscal 1997. During this period, it was registered as a charity organization. The organization was set up to reach out to the youths whose age ranged from 11 years to 25 years. According to Heather Black, the chief executive of SRYP, this project was purposely […]

Project Management – House Refurbishment

The art of managing multiple tasks in a project is referred to as project management. House refurbishment is a project that requires a competent contractor with a perfect project plan. The contractor should be able to manage the work to completion. House renovations can be tasking, because it requires precision and speed. A good project […]

Report on California High-Speed Rail Project

The construction of the California High-Speed Rail will solve the problem of ever-growing demands in transportation sector. The project focuses on building first the routes from San Francisco to Los Angeles and later constructing the railway from Sacramento and San Diego. The planned routes can be used as environmentally friendly alternatives for passengers by taking […]

Professional Advice on a Project in Post Contract Stage

Introduction The construction of 80 housing units by OAS Development is a mammoth task that ought to have gone on smoothly. However, project stopped immediately it started and thus left the contractor and client in a tussle. This was propelled by delayed payments as the chief reason for work behind schedule, late administrator’s instructions and […]

Sydney Opera House Project management

The construction of Sydney Opera House, which started in 1957, is one of the projects that I got a chance to research on while in college. It is a perfect example showing the impact of poor project planning on an organization. During this period (1997), planners had estimated that the project would last 6 years, […]

Project Management and Operations

Introduction Operations management deals with management of a production process of goods and services in an organization. Operations function is central to any business because it deals with merchandise. As a whole, operations management contributes to the organizational strategy through cost reduction, customer satisfaction, reduction of risks resulting from operation failures, reduction of the amount […]

Greater Gabbard Wind Farm Mega Project

Advanced Project Management: Greater Gabbard Wind Farm Mega Project Management Approach of GGOWL Mega Project Greater Gabbard Wind Farm Mega Project is a massive project that sought to make massive contribution into the energy sector. The management approach taken in this project would dictate its success or failure. As shown in the case study, this […]

Project Management: Project Life Cycle

Introduction Projects are temporary endeavours. They are constrained by time, scope, and monetary resources. Projects must fulfil specific goals and objectives as explained in various phases that constitute the project life cycle. A project life cycle begins with scope definition followed by planning, execution, and finally delivering (Cadle & Yeates 2001). An important aspect of […]

HR, Communication, and Integration Management

Executive Summary On 19th July 2007, the Victorian government made a formal announcement that it intended to develop a 150-gigalitre desalination project. After feasibility studies were conducted, the project was declared feasible. The government made its final decision to commit its financial resources to develop the project scheduled for completion by December 2011. Although the […]

The Use of Sugar Wastes to Generate Electricity

Introduction Project Overview This project charter discusses the development of a project to generate electricity. The electricity will be harnessed from the wastes generated by the sugar cane after the milling and extraction of the sugar juice. These wastes are combusted and used to generate electricity. The main element of the project includes project planning, […]

Barbata Electronics – the Knock Your Socks Off project

In this case, the most appropriate project management structure for the ‘Barbata Electronics’ company is undertaking the KYSO project is the “dedicated team management structure”. The rationale for selecting the type of management structure based on the description provided in the question is the need for the company to invest in research and development of […]

The impact of the culture on the project management

Introduction Studies on completed projects indicate that most of the projects fail to meet their intentional outlay and duration. The failures of the projects are attributed to the cultural diversity of the organization within which the organization originates. Most of the project managers as well as the management scholars agree that cultural diversity has an […]

IT Workaround System

What Is Workaround? Organizations must have contingency plans to cater for their system failures. Most operations within various organizations are likely to stall. Thus, the workaround is significant. Generally, a workaround refers to a basic methodology applied to accomplish specific objectives (Majchrzak & Gasser, 1991). The application of the process is temporarily and occurs when […]

Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Introduction Professional practices require guidelines that ensure people work in a healthy environment and interact without conflicts. Work policies are not adequate to guarantee employees’ safety and assure them of proportional compensation when they are injured or their property destroyed. There is the need to ensure employees work in unity and assist each other to […]

Projectification in Strategic Business Management

Initial roots of project management application trace into the sectors of manufacturing, military and construction (Brown, 2007, p.1). Project management evolved as a tactical instrument to assist the carrying out of individual projects and programs, such as construction of new building facility, execute new hardware or software initiatives (Wessels, 2007, p.1). Formal frameworks for project […]

Project Management: Maturity Models

Introduction The business world in the early 90’s saw organisations start managing their own projects and the title of project manager became increasingly relevant within the organisational setting. Many organisations moved towards a principle called the PRINCE2M to create consistency in the way they managed their projects and to help the increasing number of project […]

Building Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Project

Introduction Project management involves a series of activities which must follow each other in a sequential way; to interpolate the trend, there is the use of charts and net work diagrams. This paper analyses a project of Building a cordless vacuum cleaner The Bestclean is a new cordless vacuum cleaner. An analysis of the task […]

Project Design for Quality

Introduction The Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) has commissioned a project for implementation at the King Abdallah Air Base (KAAB), whose main aim is the constructing a sports complex. RSAF has appointed a project committee to run the project professionally on its behalf. The committee’s function is to coordinate efforts between RSAF and the contractors, […]

Project Management Meaning

Introduction Project management is traditionally identified with engineering projects. However, project management has acquired different meanings and nowadays, organizations have incorporated project management to project alignment of their organizational strategies. Project management can be defined as the planning, organization and management of resources with the sole aim of successfully completing predetermined goals in an organization […]

Management of Risk in IT Projects

Complex undertakings are associated with various problems. The same is observed in information technology (IT) projects. Major problems that face organizations in the IT sector are mainly liked to budgets, schedules, and quality management. Several approaches have been developed to deal with such issues. They include, among others, ‘rescue the problem project’ and the catastrophe […]

Birmingham Revival – Project Execution Plan

Executive Summary This report analyzes the major project execution plan meant to transform Birmingham city into the second largest city in the UK. The report seeks to advise the stakeholders on how to execute their duties effectively to ensure the completion of the project in the timeframes set. The report identifies the risk factors that […]

The Importance of Managing the Project Lifecycle to Achieve Successful Project Outputs

Introduction For a long time, project planners have established that project management is pivotal in helping project managers to undertake complex tasks (Priority Management International 1; The University of Akron 1). Without an effective project management plan, it would be difficult to realize positive project outcomes or complete a successful project. However, proper project management […]

Project Management, Leadership and Skills: Planning and Control

The leadership can be considered as an art to direct the intentions, attention, and efforts of the employees into a needed direction for the project to succeed. It should be stated that the question concerning the leadership and how it affects the working process remains one of the most discussed and argued. The differences in […]

Assessing Project Management Skills in the UAE Contracting Industry

History of Changes The impressive development of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the non-oil segment results in the improvement of the construction activity (Haddad 2014). The discovering of the oil resources contributed to the dramatic transformation of the country in the sphere of industry and economics. The willingness of the government to reduce the […]

Construction Project Management Strategic Issues

Introduction Project management encompasses monitoring of the activities of a project until its completion. The task of the project managers is to oversee the activities of the project until its completion. Unlike programs, projects have time limits that have to be attained as stipulated by terms and conditions of engagement. It would also be a […]

Project Management: Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), Its Accomplishments, Constraints, and Current Reform In Relation To Project Management in the Nigerian Power Sector

Executive Summary This research work is designed to investigate energy industry in Nigeria, particularly the Power Holding Company of Nigeria’s dealings in terms of project management. Essentially, the study will focus on a variety of issues pertaining the company’s accomplishments, constraints, and current reforms in the power industry. The study will be titled “Project Management: […]

Bottlenecks in a process

Bottleneck is derived from the word the neck of a bottle, which is usually small compared to the other parts of a bottle. Hence, it limits the amount of any substance being drawn from the bottle. It means a delay that occurs at one point in a process and thereby causing inefficiency or reduction of […]

Project Charter for Construction of Football Pitch at Coventry University

Brief description/ project purpose The main purpose of the project is to construct a high-tech football pitch for use of the students at Coventry University, which shall minimize the cost of renting playgrounds and avail easy access of the facility for the students. Currently, the university students experiences inadequate football and pitch facilities provided by […]

Skills and Qualities of Project Managers

Introduction Over several years, organizations never realized the importance of implementing project management in the running of business operations (Fewings 2005). As such, the project management approach existed as an option for companies that wanted to practice the approach. However, the recent sophistication in business processes forced organizations to implement the approach, which would allow […]

The Project Management Challenges at the Beijing EAPS Consulting (BEC), Inc.

The challenges at Beijing EAPS Consulting (BEC) illustrate the difficulty of co-conducting a project plan without a clear structure showing the roles and responsibilities of each manager. These situations are stressful, not just for the managers concerned but also for the people who work under them. The first implication of co-conducting a project as viewed […]

The Project Manager in Construction

The Project Project Objective The principle objective of this project is to enhance travel to and from South Wales across the Murray River using the easiest and cheapest option. Project Background and Rationale ABC Infrastructure Engineering Group Inc. has been awarded with a Design and Construct Contract from Federal Government of Australia to construct a […]

Establishing a Project Management Office (PMO)

Project Management Office (PMO) “A Project Management Office (PMO) is described as a centralized, coordinating body within an organization or a project that provides a focal point for the field of project management” (Young, 2009). As such, its key function is to define and address issues that relate to management of projects in order to […]

Project management in case study

Introduction In understanding project and project management, it is imperative to understand a project scope. A project scope can be defined as an early planning activity which defines the sphere of a project. A project scope is fundamental in understanding the clear definition of the project which will enable the project manager to avoid sphere […]

Business Project Manangement

Definitions and overview Project management as a practice today draws a lot of attention based on the benefits that accrue from its successful application. As business processes keep changing there is a need for a defined process to initiate, plan, execute and monitor these processes (Schwalke 2005; Nicholas 2000). This discipline normally presents itself through […]

How to Improve the People Contribution to Project Management

Abstract In the modern day business environment, organizations are constantly forced to exhibit innovation and enhanced performance so as to remain relevant and profitable in an ever increasingly competitive arena. The input of both the individuals and groups in the organization is invaluable to the achievement of organizational goals. This research paper sets out to […]

Methodologies and Principles of Project Management in Developing Countries

Introduction A Project constitutes a set of activities, which must go through a harmonious execution within the established standards to realize some final overall objectives. The set of activities normally have time constrains attached to them (Frame 2003, p.51: Johnson 1995, p.41: Lewis 2006, p.7). According to the Project Management Institute (2008), Project management “…is […]

Concept of Project Plan in Project Management

Conducting Project Plan from the Perspective of a Project manager Project management is the process of planning and organizing resources available to managers in order to foresee a triumphant completion of particular projects (Business dictionary, 2011). A project is an endeavor taking a short period of time with a definite beginning and ending. It is […]

Design and Develop Services and Products

Executive Summary Design and Development of Services and Products is a branch of business that uses principles of project management to ensure organizational processes run smoothly (Wheelen & Hunger 2002, 18). It is the operational managers who are always faced with the challenging task of ensuring that their company’s operations run smoothly. The world’s most […]

Project Management Industry

Project management refers to the skill of organizing mechanisms of a scheme. This art of categorization can apply in starting of a novel service, in expansion of a new produce as well as in promotion of campaign (Albert, 2004). Normally, a project is not part of a business operation but rather it is shaped once […]

Veterans Health Administration System Development Lifecycle

Problem Statement It has been noted that shortcomings in the Veteran Health Administration (VHA) system that systematic issues affecting the Return on Investment (ROI) may be due to improper adherence to the steps in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This document presents key areas of the SDLC that may be behind the shortcomings and […]

Project Management of tree planting

Introduction A project is a task that is aimed at accomplishing certain personal need or community need in the society. It may be aimed at raising some money or generating employment chances. It can as well be initiated to pre-occupy an individual’s leisure time. Projects are activities that require too much attention and time involvement. […]

A critical review on to why organizations use Project Management as a tool to achieve their Strategic Business objectives

Introduction Using project management in realizing business objectives is considered a change in any organization; this is particularly with regard to the approach utilized in designing, implementing and embedding of the process of project management. Project management in an organization is an effective way of accomplishing business objectives. It is important however, to indicate the […]

Monitoring and Evaluations in Development

For projects to be successful they need to be monitored and evaluated efficiently and effectively. Several techniques are applied during the whole process of project monitoring and evaluations development. The most common is the most significant change technique (MSC). The MSC technique “is a form of participatory monitoring and evaluation” (Davies &Dart 2005, p.8). It […]

Planning, Execution and Control Capabilities in a Real-World Project – The Real Estate Projects in Dubai

The Executive Summary Dubai, like many other countries within the Middle East, is well known for oil production. Oil, being the rare commodity that it is, has enabled economies of countries where it is produce to blossom to envious levels. Most countries in the Middle East like Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have recorded huge […]

ABC Company project proposal

ABC Business practices and Technology According to the analysis of the technology used by the host business, ABC Company, the results have shown that the business information systems need reengineering to keep pace with its developments. Today, information security has remained the core focus for most if not all companies. The company deals with financial […]

The rooftop garden project

Introduction Making use of the unused spaces, for instance, the rooftops, which are abundant in many colleges and universities, is a creative solution which can contribute to developing an eco-friendly environment among other beneficial aspects. Rooftop greening can help in solving some of the common environmental problems, hence this is an effective way to ensure […]

Effective Multicultural Project Management

Executive Summary Dealing with multicultural project management is vital to the success of any organization. The success of managing such differences shows the competitive advantage that the International Companies would have relative to the country where they are to open their business. Cultural differences across most of the International societies have been much debated for […]

Importance of business models to the process of project management

Introduction For a very long time, the general consensus was that business models and project management were separate disciplines. Here, the value of project management in an organization was the ability to offer the most effective and efficient way of conducting a project. Not much consideration was required by the management to understand if the […]

The program Library for adult

In the modern society, governmental agencies are struggling to satisfy educational needs of citizens. In this regard, the adult populations rarely access the available academic resources (Holmberg, Huvila, Kronqvist-Berg, & Widen-Wulff, 2009). Inflation has posed a big challenge to the government, particularly the ministry of education and community service, which are unable to provide adequate […]

Project plan: Emirates airline and fly Dubai

Executive summary Emirates airline and Fly Dubai provides flight services from the United Arab Emirates to different parts of the world. Fly Dubai is a low-cost airline based in Dubai and provides flights to other destinations. It is rapidly expanding its operations in getting into the international scene. The airline connects with the Emirates airlines […]

Multi-disciplinary stakeholder analysis

Introduction A project can be defined as a set of planned activities that are used to come up with clear and specific objectives within a given timeline and budget. The activities of a project are generally involving and painstaking, beginning with the identification of resource mobilization team and task force that helps to develop the […]

Influencing and Controlling the Project

Introduction Project control is essential for its successful completion. In controlling the project, there are a number of issues that the project manager is supposed to take into consideration. These issues include project evaluation, project schedule, budget control, input control, output quality, scope management as well as change management. In undertaking a project, change will […]

Electronic Health Records Project management

Introduction This project will involve the use electronic health records (EHRs) among certain community physicians. Electronic health records are vital in the health care industry because they provide cost savings, improve efficiency and reduce the chances of performing life altering mistakes. Physicians achieve these benefits through error-reduction in prescriptions, tests, preventive care and procedures. This […]

Nanotechnology Risk Assessment

Introduction Nanotechnology has both advantages and disadvantages to the environment and human beings. Human beings are largely exposed to the chemical particles released by the nuclear process. This poses a formidable problem because they can cause respiratory diseases such as lung cancer among others. Nanoparticles in the nuclear waste are easily absorbed by the human […]

Objectives of Project Management

The objectives of project management can be summarized as the end results that are to be achieved from a project. What must be understood is that, from a literal perspective, the term “objectives” can be defined as the driving force which pushes an individual or group towards a set of defined goals. Taking this particular […]

The Role of Project Manager in Successful Project Management

Introduction Successful execution of a project is the goal of any project manager. A project manager is in charge of running a project and he must possess a myriad of skills for him or her to execute her tasks well. Practical as well as theoretical skills are required in running any project. A project manager […]

Project Management: Business Products Superiority and Reliability

Project objectives One of the main objectives of this project is to provide comprehensive information to large numbers of potential customers visiting the internet. In addition, the project will seek to educate the target market on the superiority and reliability of the business products. The other objective of the project is to create direct response […]

Project Deliverable: Business Requirements

Business Requirements Document Background information of the company Designing quality Information Systems (IS) is an integral element that institutions must adopt. The designing process entails securing viable and superior operating provisions (including IT software) to streamline the integration processes. Project managers in the Data Company should understand their roles in executing the implementation of new […]