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Project Management Essay Examples and Topics

Regency Plaza’s Project Management Challenges

The adjustments and frequent changes have led to disagreements among the project manager, the hotel management, and contractors, who complain that the cost of construction is rising and the changes slow the pace of the [...]

Multi-Project Scheduling and Resource Allocation

In the following paper, the efficiency of heuristics approaches for multi-project scheduling and resource allocation will be evaluated and analyzed. The authors emphasize the significance of the task priority and not project priority.

Project Lifecycle Stages and Portfolio Management

The life cycle of a specific project will take different paths in order to deliver the targeted results. Organisations should, therefore, make regular alignments and adjustments in order to achieve the best results.

Programme Management Sustainability

The study by Nielsen et al, "Realizing sustainability in facilities management: A pilot study at the Technical University of Denmark," focuses on the issue of integrating the existing sustainability parameters in the intended facilities.

The Elizabethan Knott Garden Project Management

Project initiation involves the selection of the best project that will meet the company's limited resources, preparation of the proper documentation and the assigning of responsibilities to a project manager.

Vis-Hawal Motorcycles’ Project Management

The project for Vis-Hawal's touring class motorcycles requires an organizational structure that will sustain production and help in the realization of the long-term objectives of the firm.

A Tree Planting Project Management

This project will provide a great ecological value to the university because it will nurture various organisms on the trees, and will even minimise the existence of green house gases in this environment.

Networking Technology Project Management

The primary objective of the project entails facilitating the 500 employees at the office to attend the needs of customers within different divisions, including the satellite divisions.

Charity Fashion Show: Project Management

In this project, we will be seeking to achieve some of the preparations in advance. Time is of the essence in this project and the way we react to it will influence our success.

Shop Extension Project Management

In this paper, the project that is being defined is that of expanding the store of the organization so that new clients will be added to the organization.

Nurse Ring Project Development

The non-formal education setup will relieve working mothers from the stressful childcare role, as the school will provide all the custodial needs of the enrolled children.

Virtual Private Network’s Project Management

The projects have become important due to the need to adapt to the advancements in technology. Despite the organization's success in the industry, data and network security issues have greatly affected its operations.

The IBNOVO Project Charter Development

Since its inception, the firm has managed to establish its operations in more than 170 countries and it specialises in offering fully integrated and optimised stack of business software and hardware solutions.

Maximum Megahertz Project: Management Challenges

To avoid the further development of the problematic situation and to handle the doubtful projects, it is important to work out the plan of action which can be effective to learn from the mistakes, to [...]

Hershey Corporation Project Management

Hershey outsourced the services of three firms to aid in the implementation of the ERP software. An effective criterion to determine the success of the project is necessary in order to evaluate major milestones in [...]

Honeywell: Six Sigma and Project Management

In conclusion, Level 4 of the 5 level project management process maturity model combines and controls a number of projects to attain precision. For that reason, in order to reach level 4, Honeywell must compliment [...]

Project Simulation and Management

In this context, the main focus is on an efficient schedule, on the work of high-qualified team members, on the balanced distribution of tasks appropriate for team members and their competence levels, and on the [...]

Green Computing Research Project Management

The project title is 'Green Computing Research Project,' and the focus is to provide an enabling technological environment at We Are Big, Inc. The project manager for the Green Computing Research Project is Ito, one [...]

Project Risk Management in the 21st Century

Subject: Project Risk Management The era of information technology has brought numerous opportunities, yet has also posed a variety of threats of the wellbeing of companies and the success of their projects.

Radiohead Music’ Project Proposal

Audience: The project is developed for fans of Radiohead and people inspired by the band's songs. Can you determine the words from the Radiohead songs which influenced your personality and vision of the world?

The Road Side Service Business Plan Project

The idea of starting a road side cab services business was driven through our minds due to the fact that it is a highly profitable business based on the fact that many people are becoming [...]

Archival Sound Recordings

E-delivery of audio from the holdings of the Sound Archive will facilitate the New York Library in making an exceptional contribution to the latest training setting for NY higher education, and will offer pointers to [...]

Tony’s Chips Website Migration Project

Consequently, a secure and elaborate site is required so that the clients of the industry had a chance to get acquainted with the products, prices, and delivery regulations through the Internet.

West Island Line Project Management

The time scheduled for the completion of the WIL project is just under five years, from July 2009, which marks the beginning of construction until the end of 2015, when the project is to be [...]

The Parking Garage Project Risks

Risks are classified as construction risks, financial and economic risks, performance risks, security, contractual and legal risks, physical risks, political and societal risks, technical risks, external risks, and project management risks among others.

Salinity Control System

With the help of this program, it was possible to develop the formula and equations that will be important for the functioning of the control system.

Project Management in Hyten Corporation

Other than integrating formal project management into the activities of the business development department, there is the issue of sourcing outside resources for a project management team to oversee the implementation of a project.

Reflection of Consultancy Project

In the fifth level, the learner judges the adequacy of the explanations and values found in the fourth level. In solving the challenge, we had to put ourselves in the shoes of the consumer and [...]

Secure Software Project Management

The use of computers in the day-to-day running of activities has therefore called for the setting up of standards that will guarantee aspects such as security of the software by ensuring that ethical elements of [...]

Students Project of Software

The next stage of project control involves the actual monitoring of the project, and determining the extent to which the project has been successful, and some of the changes that might be necessary to make [...]

Project Management – The Development of Hotel X

The paper explains the various processes of identification of particular risks associated with the project. The methodology led to the identification of unique or distinct risks associated with the entire process of the development of [...]

Project Collaboration Portal

The early purpose of JVIE was to solve the challenges associated with the project and utilize the opportunities, which it brought.

Building a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Therefore, start and finish of a task is a representation of two stages of the project. The longest path linking the start and finish point in a network diagram through a series of intermediate activities [...]

Project Management Methodology

The project management aim is to attain all the project goals and objectives within the constraints of budget, scope and time while optimizing the allotment and incorporation of resource inputs that are required to meet [...]

Pontrelli Recycling Inc’s Project Management

The first amongst the planning activities is the fact that project managers must comprehend the firm's economic goals and other objectives to enable them align project operations to financial goals.

Conflict Prevention in Project Management

To this end, it is essential to iron out these differences prior to commencement of the project because if the expectations vary then the outcomes are also likely to vary as well.

How to Define Project Success?

To prove that the studies of the process of project success assessment are just as challenging and important as those of the generalized notion of success, we are going to dwell on the relativity of [...]

Justification for IT Capital Projects

The IT Portfolio Model is another method that the firm can use to rank the projects. It is important to understand the relevance of choosing the three models to rank the projects provided.

Apollo Program Details

The authors of the article dedicated to the success of the Apollo Program and its amazing "bubble" policy in economic and financial contexts, Gisler and Sornette admit that the ways of how the representatives of [...]

The Apollo Program

The program also contributed greatly to the establishment of the image of the USA as a superpower. One of the stakeholders was the NASA that can be regarded as the project manager of the Apollo [...]

The Iridium Constellation Project

Strength and Weaknesses of the Iridium Project When it comes to defining the key benefits of the Iridium Project, the location of the financial resources is traditionally the first feature mentioned.

Management of Projects

Within the context of project management, the word stakeholder can be defined as any individual or "organisation that is actively involved in a project, or whose interests may be positively or negatively affected by execution [...]

E-Commerce System for a Clothing Company in Abu Dhabi

Consequently, the following is the work breakdown configuration: Work Breakdown Configuration for the Development and Implementation of the e-Commerce Application Project Preliminary Study/Survey Understanding the Apparel Market and its trends in marketing and selling Evaluation [...]

Caribana Parade Project of the Toronto Sun

Significance of the project The Caribana Parade project will indicate the dominance and activities of the Toronto Sun as a strategic partner and sponsor of the annual event in Toronto.

Online Shopping Platform for La Donna Boutique

By using online services, La Donna cost of production will be reduced because it will be selling goods directly to the customers and this will make producers to get rid of costly intermediaries. The e-commerce [...]

Project Management – A Reflective Report for STEPS

With a good and informed understanding of the capacity required by the funding project, the project managers and leaders are in a better position to develop a comprehensive definition and understanding of the most suitable [...]

Project Management at MM

Since the project has the support of the top leadership of the organization, the management is ready to meet all the staffing needs of the project.

Somerset Rural Youth Project

Due to the implementation of the green activities program, the organization has been in a position to preserve the global climate.

Project Management – House Refurbishment

A contractor outlines the objectives of his/her mission, and the components that are required to execute the project. By the time the work is completed, the project contractor and the owner of the house will [...]

Greater Gabbard Wind Farm Mega Project

The project management unit must understand the needs of all the stakeholders identified in the first stage, and how these needs are aligned to the needs of the project.

Project Management: Project Life Cycle

Although the discussion of the project is limited to four stages that characterise the life cycle of a project, the stages are also part of the nine project management knowledge areas defined by PMBOK.