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ABC Company project Term Paper

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Updated: Jul 21st, 2020

ABC Business practices and Technology

According to the analysis of the technology used by the host business, ABC Company, the results have shown that the business information systems need reengineering to keep pace with its developments. Today, information security has remained the core focus for most if not all companies.

The company deals with financial transactions, which will require that ABC employ a quality and up to date information system capable of rendering services while securing company operations. In addition, the ever-increasing data due to the steady growth of ABC’s customer base continues to make a robust, secure, efficient, and effective systems design a mandatory component for an assured company performance.

The growing need to provide extra services has called on the company to set up a plausible MIS that will support its plans to expand the product offerings by introducing more financial and related products.

Currently, the business information systems used in the operations have indicated their inability to handle the magnitude and the complexity of the business functionality needed by the company. In addition, further evaluation reveals the costly nature of the existing system yet lacking functionalities needed to support the business.

Using the new proposed systems, the company will benefit from the IT platform for several years to come (Stair and Reynolds 285). The manual system thus impedes on the extent to which the organization can integrate and share data in a cloud across various departments, subsidiaries and network branches.

CA 3Tera AppLogic promises to deliver the organization with best-of-breed services that stretch beyond the future (Laudon and Laudon, 46).

Summary of the project milestones

The project shall involve achieving three milestones all aimed at ensuring a systematic completion of the implementation of the project. Strategic expansions envisioned by most firms end up posing multiple problems that potentially stall this desired trend.

ABC as an organization experiencing rapid growth does not fail to operate under these growth-related challenges. Owing to the challenges associated with data-storage system, ABC continues to count endless costs and losses. One of the major implications facing ABC is the lack of adequate customer information capable of ensuring that it complies with generally accepted standards of “Know-Your-Customer” (KYC).

Numerous benefits will accrue after the acquisition and implementation of the new database management information system (DBMIS). This system will ensure faster processing and offering of services enabled by an automated querying system (Miller 49). Additionally, accuracy in processes and procedures will reduce the losses associated with human errors that have been the case in poor loan portfolio management.

The high-end solutions shall include the utilization of the cloud computing technology approach in providing data solutions to the organization. Using the concept of cloud computing, the organization project endeavors to utilize the CA 3 TeraAppLogic solution. The solution best suits the organization since it does not bind the software with the hardware via virtual applications (Laudon and Laudon, 46).

Additionally, The CA 3Tera AppLogic application shall enable ABC to easily deploy, upgrade, and integrate their data structures for multiple customers and their information without affecting the daily operations.

The most significant application that 3Tera would provide for ABC is the BCK, which is a dynamic and excellent backup enabler. This will ensure that the organization does not run short of its processes due to the ability to switch to the backup system in case of system failure (Miller 49).

During a switch to alternative power backup supply, the organization can save on the power or electricity costs using the Dynamic Appliance, which forms a fundamental component of the CA3 TeraApplogic power management system (Stair and Reynolds 283).

The implementation process shall entail the installation of the CA 3 Applogic software image on every server prior to adding it to the system grid. Part of the server shall be designated as the controlling part, which runs the management aspects of the system (3tera.com n.p). The firm’s cloud operator shall manage the data grid by securely accessing the controller via browser connectivity.

The system shall use enterprise class servers to build CA 3 Applogic grids to enable the functionality of automatic distribution of applications across various grids. To achieve this process, the compatible AMD processor with 1 GHz or more and two gigabit Ethernet interfaces to manage the backbone and public network (3tera.com n.p).

Roll Out Plan

The project shall be rolled out in phases in order to ensure systematic and logical flow of actions. This implies that each phase shall follow each other in the order of necessity and relevance (Redkar 105). The following defines the approach used in the implementation of the projected new systems information for ABC Company.

Phase I: Secure agreement with the selected Information vendor

Phase II: Ordering and Installation of the Equipment

Phase III: Installation of the software

Phase IV: Pilot testing of the Hardware and Software

Phase V: Conduct Staff training

Phase VI: Initiating the system

Conclusions and Recommendations


The project proposed for ABC Company intends to solve the information systems problems and challenges present at ABC.

The major issues that have necessitated the acquisition of the new automated cloud computing remain the increased volumes of transactions, the need for product expansion and the impending security and cost issues posed by the current system. CA3 Tera Aplogic is identified as the approach to leverage the company due to its low cost of installation and maintenance


The project proposes that the company retains part of its IT team to help in the migration of data currently held by the old system to ensure security and smooth transition. Further, the project recommends the orientation and training of the entire staff of ABC about the system during the testing in order to ensure familiarization and effective application of the system in carrying out their routine duties.

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