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96 Football Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Football Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Soccer Business as a Possible Investment: When Everything Depends on the Movement of a Foot
    Hence, there are a number of ways to promote soccer and, thus, increase its popularity, which will make people join soccer clubs and contribute to the development of business based on the given kind of […]
  2. Football and Rugby
    The first one is in the measurements of the playing field. Moreover, two rows are marked to run parallel to the side lines and are close to the middle of the field.
  3. What Defines Parental Techniques and Strategies: The Case of Soccer Moms
    However, it seems that Crohn’s idea of positive stepmothering is more relatable to the topic, since the technique of Chinese mothers, in fact, proves positive and does not seem to have any tangible effects on […]
  4. Football Strategy
    Elements of strategic management in the conduct of the Tour de France emerge in the selection of the team members and in the conduct of the race.
  5. Manchester United Football Club
    The outcomes are measured in the line of success in financial management, performance at the pitch, the number of games won and lost, the number of trophies won within certain duration of time and also […]
  6. FIFA World Cup
    The aim of the sport was to direct a ball towards a miniscule hole with players being allowed to touch the ball with any part of part of their body but the hands.
  7. Soccer World Cup
    The host had to create an African impression in every aspect from architectural designs of the stadiums to the opening ceremony because the event was to be held in Africa.
  8. The International Federation of Football Association
    In addition, FIFA has six components that oversee the progress of football activities in all continents and act as a link between FIFA and other nations of the world. FIFA is an association that has […]
  9. How governments and global processes influence football
    The involvement of government in football activities basically seeks to: promote public order; maintain the health fitness through promotion of the sport; promote the prestige of a community or nation; create and promote a sense […]
  10. Brazil’s Bid’s to Host the 2014 FIFA World Cup
    The main purpose of this section is to elucidate the internal strengths and weaknesses of the FIFA World Cup event which, in the view of the Brazil bidding board, could substantially influence the trajectory and […]
  11. Soccer player – Karl Henning
    His marketing strategy will also help him increase his customers of the age of 6 to 10 who have a low level of awareness.
  12. Football and media in the UAE
    The UAE government has been putting in a lot of effort to promote good media relations between stakeholders in the game and the media.
  13. Negotiation beetween the National Football League and the National Football League Players Association
    NFLPA has players and the board to represent in this negotiation. The parties must redefine and broaden the problem to make it tractable.
  14. Project Charter for Construction of Football Pitch at Coventry University
    The main purpose of the project is to construct a high-tech football pitch for use of the students at Coventry University, which shall minimize the cost of renting playgrounds and avail easy access of the […]
  15. Virtual Reality in Soccer Training
    The following work will focus on the analysis of the use of Virtual Reality in the training of soccer players with the evaluation of the practices adopted by particular soccer teams.
  16. Price of Football Players
    The theory of marginal revenue product of the players demonstrates that the price of a product or marginal revenue of a product depends on the price of the last good that was sold and on […]
  17. Melbourne Football Club
    Members and supporters of the players want to see an overhaul of the operation and management of the Club. Rationale The Demons need to rebuild their brand by making changes to the club and marketing […]
  18. Addicted 2 Football
    Principally, the advertising of the filming will show the quality of the work I will be producing. The equipment to be purchased will show the quality of the professionals.
  19. The Developement of Soccer in the Past Century
    The side that will have put in the most goals at their opponents’ side by the ending of the game is the winner.
  20. Football Impact on England’s Culture
    This paper will study the various impacts of football both on the social life of people and on the economy of the country.
  21. Football in Saudi Arabia: The Soccer Al Nasser Club
    The sport was introduced to the Kingdom following the relations between the Europeans and the Saudis in the 20th century. The club has many supporters in Riyadh and the rest of the country.
  22. Barcelona Football Club
    The team also boasts of Lionel Messi who is arguably the best player of the current generation of footballers in the world.
  23. The Australian Football League Expansion
    The Australian Football League is the most competitive professional competition in the sport of Australian Rules football. The final marks the end of the season and the winning team is crowned as ‘the ‘premiers.
  24. Planning for an Intramural Soccer Event
    The same goes for the organization of games, recruitment of referees, and raising the money required to hold the event. The operational plan was a significant determinant of the success of the event.
  25. Fantasy Football: Gambling Regulation & Outlawing
    Taking this into consideration, it can be stated that fantasy football and its other iterations on sites like Draft Kings is not a form of gambling.
  26. National Football League’s Social Performance
    The success of NFL is also attributed to the ‘survivalist’ mentality of the organization. Community members are very significant and influential to the operations of NFL.
  27. American Football’s and Soccer Comparison
    It is possible to say that the thirst to be better than the rest of people and to be the winner is in the nature of human being.
  28. Biosensors in Soccer Players’ Preparation
    The second step is associated with the formation of the movements and their absorption to specific imperatives in a situation where a few alterations will be required.
  29. Professional Soccer Player’s Training Methods
    As of the disadvantages of this method, it is, for the most part, limiting because using only words cannot help in developing new skills in the case of professional soccer players, as they need visualization […]
  30. Soccer Players Market and Transfer Contracts
    The aim of this essay is to provide the insight into the soccer players market and to describe some of the deals. The increase in the popularity of the game led to the creation of […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Football

  1. Real Madrid Football Club: Business Model
    On the whole, it is difficult to assess who has more power: the players of the club of Real Madrid, or the club itself as an organization.
  2. Arsenal Ladies Football Club’s History and Effects
    The main intention of the Arsenal Ladies Soccer group is to recognize the outstanding feminine players with football aptitudes and admitting them in the educational and technical programs.
  3. Football, Its Objective, Players, and a Coach
    This game is very intense, and it is hard for one official to keep track of all the action, and assistant referees are needed.
  4. Soccer in England, Its History and Popularity
    With this in mind, it is possible to say that is the most popular game nowadays, soccer can be taken as a unique phenomenon in the world of sport.
  5. Real Team Football Club’s Business and Marketing Plan
    Our mission: “Through commitment, Innovation, and Creativity to raise and sustain the brand of football success on the field by providing moral, physical and psychological support and ensuring financial stability of the group and the […]
  6. Football and Soccer: Differences and Similarities
    The team usually consists of eleven players and the game is played on a field that has goals on either end of the field.
  7. Football History and Rule-Based Management
    The sport is governed by 17 laws that are contained in the official Laws of the Game published by the International Federation of Association Football.
  8. Soccer Team, Its Positions and Their Roles
    You are the last player on the field and as such, are at a vantage position to not only see how other players are organized in the field of play, but can actually predict the […]
  9. Superstar Effect in Soccer: When Fame Makes a Difference
    The Superstar Effect, which manifests itself in football stars receiving incentives and financial rewards that other team members do not, can be viewed as a graphic example of the phenomenon analyzed.
  10. Virtual Reality Technology in Soccer Training
    Therefore, it is imperative to invest in this area to protect the safety of our technology and ensure that we have a viable product.
  11. Concussion Occurring Among Football Athletes
    Moreover, the criticality of the situation is reflected in the fact that many people believe that a concussion can be obtained as a result of a serious collision solely, but it is not so.
  12. The Problem of Racism in Brazilian Football
    Skidmore describes it as the relationships that could result into conflict and consciousness and determination of the people’s status in a community or a particular group. In football, racism damages pride of the players and […]
  13. “Superstar Effect” in Soccer and Its Importance
    The importance of the “superstar effect” in soccer is hard to overestimate because superstar players generate more revenues for the team by drawing more interest to it, providing it with better sports results, and being […]
  14. Federation International Football Association Management
    Specifically, in a later section, the paper will highlight issues such as poor governance, the flouting of various ethical principles, and mismanagement of the organization’s resources as key elements that triggered the need for leadership […]
  15. Virtual Reality Technology and Soccer Training
    Moreover, the level of interactivity needs to be significant, and the most attention should be devoted to the modeling of situations that are viewed as the most problematic.
  16. Racism in Australian Football League Sporting Clubs
    In the context of the Australian environment, the readiness to accept the ideas of racial tolerance and cultural diversity can be considered the key assets. The theory of ethnocentrism can be used to analyze the […]
  17. Sports Science Principles in Melbourne Football Club
    The intervention will involve a three-pronged approach designed to tackle most of the causes of poor on-field performance in Melbourne Football Club.
  18. Senior Management: Soccer Tournament
    It is chosen as the central deliverable because the successful organization of the tournament is the most desirable outcome of the project.

🔎 Good Research Topics about Football

  1. Comparison Between Football and Basketball
  2. Analysis of Football as the Most Popular Sport in the World
  3. Comparison Between Football Stars Ronaldo and Messi
  4. Analysis of Drugs in Football and Making an Appropriate Decision Breaking the Rules in Football
  5. Audit Selection in the European Football Industry under Union of European Football Associations Financial Fair Play
  6. Comparative Investigation of Experts Viewpoints About Impediments of Sponsors Attraction to Iran’s Professional Football
  7. Analysis of the Roar of Extreme Sound Emanates From a Football Field
  8. Comparing Men and Women’s Football
  9. Does a marching band impact college Football game attendance?
  10. Does Fair Play Matter? UEFA Regulation and Financial Sustainability in the European Football Industry
  11. Do Football Clubs Benefit from Initial Public Offerings?
  12. How Does The Super Bowl Affect Football?
  13. Financial Fair Play in European Club Football What is it all about?
  14. Football Accidents : Causes And Consequences
  15. Football And Aristotle ‘s Philosophy Of Friendship
  16. Football Of Yesterday And Today
  17. Football Vs. American Football
  18. How Can A Football Club Increase Ticket Sales?
  19. How does the media portray football hooliganism?
  20. How Football Has Created A Tradition?
  21. How Playing Football Can Lead to Developing ?
  22. Is Football Dangerous For Our Youth?
  23. Quantitative Analysis for Football Managers
  24. What Drives European Football Clubs’ Stock Returns and Volatility?
  25. What Football Has Taught Me?
  26. What Is Hooliganism In Football Criminology?
  27. Who Is the Best One Football Player in the World Now?
  28. Why Football is an Important Sport?
  29. Why Malaysian’s Football Cannot Go Far?

⚽ Interesting Topics to Write about Football

  1. Accounting for Football
  2. Football in the United States and Canada
  3. Artificial Pitches and Unfair Home Advantage in Professional Football
  4. Benefits in Youth Football
  5. Concussions And Violence In Football
  6. Contemporary Issues In Sport – Football Hooligans UK
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility In English Football: History And Present
  8. Sugar Daddies in European Football Clubs
  9. Factors That Newly Relegated Burnley Football Club Faces
  10. FIFA stands for Fédération Internationale de Football Association or International
  11. Football as a Social Phenomenon
  12. Football Has Impacted Our Society in Many Ways
  13. Football in Saudi Arabia
  14. Football Is An Intermittent Team Based Sport
  15. Fundamentals of Football: Offensive & Defensive Philosophy
  16. Globalisation, Tradition And Cultural Identity In Spanish Football: Reflections And Observations
  17. Greatest Football Players Throughout History
  18. History Of England Football
  19. History of Womens Football in England

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