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Emirian Football Fundraising Charity’s Fund-Raising Project Report

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Updated: Sep 1st, 2022

Emirian Football Fundraising Charity

Emirian Football Fundraising Charity is a project that was organized by several employees from various departments to raise money for the Emirian Child Care Charity. The charity will provide a suitable platform for shedding light on Thalassemia genetic disorder, common among children. Radujković and Sjekavica (2017) reveal that the condition is considered a family of hereditary genetic conditions that limits the amount of hemoglobin an individual naturally produces. The condition is understood to inhibit the flow of oxygen throughout the body. The disease is expensive to treat, and patients need a blood transfusion and high-quality care.

The initiative of starting the charity was initiated by a group of employees with ideas on how to assist children with the condition and, therefore, help the Emirian child care to afford their treatment. The execution of the concept adopted a football fundraising charity match that would bring together various stakeholders and make the event successful. The match has the power of ensuring that people come together for a common purpose, such as fundraising for a charity.

Project Charter

The project included a charter that contains the objectives, its execution, and the project stakeholders. The charter gave documentation of the reasons, objectives and constraints, the main stakeholders, risks, benefits, and the general overview of the budget. Therefore, the creation of the project focuses on several considerations. First, the group should determine the goals and objectives of the project. Second, it is crucial to define the project organization by listing the essential roles for conducting the project. It includes the team members and stakeholders that play a significant role in organizing the project (Tri Mardiani, 2020).

Third, an effective project charter involves creating an implementation plan that provides a clear outline of significant milestones, timelines, and dependencies for the entire team and stakeholders (Radujković & Sjekavica, 2017). Last, it is also vital to create potential problem areas through realistic performance. Adding potential issues and risks associated with the project charter plays an essential role in helping people to think ahead and get solutions to potential challenges. Therefore, the project charter for the Emirian Football Fundraising charity project will cover the scope of the goals and the people that will be involved in meeting the project milestones.

The key focus will be on making the charter more effective by clearly formulating the objectives, proper alignment of stakeholders to the project, providing a single reference to the expectations, and helping the sponsors obtain the approval of stakeholders in making critical decisions (Tereso et al., 2018). The project charter will also serve an essential role in ensuring that projects do not fail due to miscommunication problems on important deadlines. It will ensure the plans for the Football Charity match are met with the set deadlines.

Reasons for Charity and Fundraising Match

The charity was a source of a better choice of extending kindness and love to Emirian Child care. Charity plays a vital role in providing better health to society. The increase in cases of Thalassemia among children caused alarm (Mucchetti, 2020). Therefore, the charity provided the opportunity to bring on board several members who could extend their hand of support to Child care. Contribution through charity is regarded as the most successful, and therefore, many people accept and recognize it. Donating through charity is associated with numerous financial benefits. Many people will be compelled to give through charity due to various reasons. First, people consider giving to charity in a way that makes them feel good. Donating to charity is regarded as a major booster of the mood (Tereso et al., 2018).

Giving to charity provides a link between making donations to the charity and increasing the mind’s activities. It is clear to prove that giving is much better than receiving (Radujković & Sjekavica, 2017). The second reason for the choice of charity is the fact that giving to charity strengthens personal values. Many people believe that giving to a charity is a moral duty in helping others. Some individuals consider the power to improve people s lives a privilege since it comes with a sense of obligation. Therefore, acting on the powerful feelings of responsibility provides an effective way of reinforcing people’s personal lives and, accordingly, making it possible to have the feeling to live in an authentic way that aligns with ethical beliefs.

The project also adopted charity because many people consider that giving is more impactful than ever. There is an increased concern that donations may be reduced by taxes and administrative costs, which prevents the total amount from reaching the people and the cause they are interested in helping (Tereso et al., 2018). Charities have tax reliefs that will enable making the most out of the amount received. The charity will ensure that the intended persons benefit from the project. The group of employees is also concerned that young people need to understand the need for generosity. Therefore, charity was considered an effective way of passing the message on the importance of generosity (Radujković & Sjekavica, 2017). The children will get the opportunity to share the experience of togetherness and generosity, thus making them have the desire to impact the world positively.

Nurturing the habit of helping one another is very important for the community. The choice of charity will encourage the community as a whole also to do the same. For instance, the group is also concerned with promoting habits at the family level. Family giving will help create strong bonds and bolster relationships on shared goals in raising money that an individual could otherwise extend. Many people miss the opportunity of expressing gratitude to others. Therefore, raising funds through a charity will provide a favorable opportunity for many people in understanding the suffering of the children in the care center (Radujković & Sjekavica, 2017). This will ensure that maximum funds are collected to support the costly treatment and care of Thalassemia. The charity also gets as much money as possible through the tournament itself, drinks, food, fan attributes, selling products, and advertisements. The fool match provides a great opportunity of selling tickets with the prices varying between VIP and ordinary.

The Emirian fundraising match provides a clear opportunity for collecting enough money. As mentioned earlier, football brings so many people together. Therefore, it will play a significant part in facilitating VIP sales and regular tickets for the game. The great audience also provides an opportunity for advertisement practices that are paid for. The match will also serve as a sense of responsibility that results from human interaction. Sometimes, football fans exhibit common characteristics. For instance, a decision to support the project will be embraced by many fans who will tend to show unity. Being part of the football family makes one responsible and take part in the exercise.

The football fundraising will also provide the necessary platform for expressing solidarity as employees from various departments and other stakeholders support the child care charity and those suffering from Thalassemia, which is considerably expensive to treat. The group has been active in supporting charitable organizations through several campaigns and financial support. However, the Football match will provide a unique platform for commitment in organizing such events aimed at making the sporting activities a source targeting a specific part of the population and creating awareness of the condition.

Objectives and Constraints

Emirian Football fundraising’s core objectives are to organize a successful event that will give room to the possibility of organizing a series of football fundraising tournaments to ensure the likelihood of gathering as much money as possible. To achieve the goal, the project team focuses on integrating several ideas to maximize the number of funds collected from the football event (Müller et al., 2019). First, the event requires that anyone willing to witness the football match pay for tickets that could be affordable for many people. The ticket prices will have varying prices between the ordinary and the VIP for guests. The other idea is to create a platform to allow for advertisements from various organizations. This will also provide a great source of money for the charity. The other practices include selling products and organizing fairs as a source of collecting money for the charity.

The project team also has the objective of mixing up sponsorship agreements with various established companies. Therefore, it is the team’s responsibility to come up with strategies that will bring the sponsors on board through attractive practices such as recognition of the support for community activities (Müller et al., 2019). The influx of viewers provides an attractive opportunity for companies selling products to engage in advertisements and marketing. In return, it gives a golden chance for maximum collection of reasonable amounts of money. The team’s other focus is to maximize the amount of money collected from food and beverages that form an essential makeup for watching football. Many people will buy the products, thus contributing to the charity kit. Therefore, the groups of project organizers are concerned with collecting a good amount of money from the tournament that would be donated to the Emirian childcare with the priority of assisting children with severe conditions such as Thalassemia, whose treatment requires significant financial support.

The other objective of the team is to raise awareness in the community regarding Thalassemia. Many people do not know that the condition exists in the first place. Therefore, it is essential to understand that Thalassemia is a blood disorder transmitted down through families in the form of inheritance, whereby the body makes an abnormal form or lacks enough Hemoglobin. The community will also get an opportunity to understand that Hemoglobin is the protein in the red blood cells that carries oxygen in the body. The disorder leads to the destruction of large numbers of red blood cells in the body, leading to anemia. Thus, the condition is inherited, meaning that a member of the family must be a carrier of the disorder. The situation is caused by genetic mutation or the deletion of various components of the gene.

However, some people might suffer from Thalassemia minor, which forms the disorder’s less severe form. The platform will enable the community to understand beta and alpha Thalassemia considering the two extreme conditions.

The project team is also seeking to teach about the state’s symptoms to encourage those with similar signs to seek early medical attention before it gets severe. Some of the common symptoms that will be discussed include facial bone deformities, delayed growth and development among children, dark urine, yellow or pale skin, and excessive fatigue and tiredness.

Therefore, the Football match will provide a suitable platform for people to visit hospitals for doctors to diagnose the condition by taking a blood sample. The sample will then be taken to the laboratory for testing for abnormal Hemoglobin and anemia. The abnormal-shaped red blood cell will then imply a sign of Thalassemia. A test of hemoglobin electrophoresis is also possible through a separation of different molecules in the red blood cells to identify the abnormal type. The event organizers also aim to suggest to the community various treatment options depending on the disease’s severity and style. The standard treatments include bone marrow transplants, blood transfusions, possible surgery aimed at removing the spleen, and medications, and the use of supplements. The doctors invited for the big day will be responsible for passing the message through detailed explanations to the football match viewers and the community. For instance, the doctors would advise on the need to avoid supplements containing iron and vitamins. Iron can lead to the building up of tissues that can result in fatal cases, especially blood transfusions.

The community will also be advised on the recommended diet for Thalassemia. For instance, plant-based and low-fat is considered the best choice for most people, including those already suffering from the condition. It is also essential to avoid fortified cereals, juices, and loaves of bread, considering that they contain high iron levels. The other objectives for organizing the fundraising football match are to generate increased revenues that support foundations and charities by providing hope, encouragement, and comfort to those battling the condition. The team is also aiming to organize a successful series of four charity fundraising matches to keep supporting those suffering from the disorder and encourage the need to have proper funding for researchers and scientists in investigating ways that can be employed in treating the condition using genetic techniques.

Project Constraints

Like other projects, Emirian fundraising football matches will suffer from limiting factors in performing the task that will significantly impact the quality and, overall, the success of the project (Shafie et al., 2019). The constraints of the project are categorized under resources, customer satisfaction, and methodology. Time is the first constraint that the project is likely to suffer from, considering that it provides a vital measure for the project’s success. Therefore, the project will have difficulty coming up with estimations through research and experience that should be as accurate as possible (Keers & van Fenema, 2018). The stakeholders need to be provided with proper estimates to avoid the risks of unrealistic promises. The fundraising day will be marked by a series of events and procedures that also demand proper time management. The project stakeholders will also be concerned about the cost of the project relative to its estimated value. Therefore, the core focus will be on providing accurate estimates through thorough market research for the related projects.

The budget will also be estimated based on costs such as material, labor, factory, equipment, contractors, and administrative software. Cost management will demand accuracy in sticking to the proposed budget while making some changes to the project to avoid cost challenges (Demirkesen & Ozorhon, 2017). The other project constraint that the charity football match fundraiser’s stakeholders will be concerned about is the project scope. It provides a set of guaranteed deliverables expected from the project. Natural constraints will also affect the series of events as planned upon a change in weather conditions. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to manage the constraint, but practical pattern analysis will give correct estimates of probabilities of having favorable weather conditions. Otherwise, unfavorable weather conditions will affect time management and also disrupt the function as organized.


The project stakeholders will include people like project sponsors, customers, football players, companies participating in the fair, advertising agencies, food and drink providers, and famous players and celebrities. The Football match fundraising for a child care charity will bring onboard project sponsors that involve business leaders that play a significant part in promoting, advocating, and shaping the project framework. They are responsible for overseeing various project programs and management functions through increased accountability in ensuring the realization of the specified benefits over a given period (Li & Lu, 2017). The sponsors are also expected to bring together various financial and non-financial support that will enable other stakeholders to have confidence in the project’s success.

Having adequate sponsorship and governance will ensure that the project delivers projects with justifiable business and increased integrity (Müller et al., 2019). Therefore, the event will identify sponsors that perform roles such as promotion, authorization, approving, funding, scoping, and informing. They will be considered the project champions that focus on keeping the project at the highest priority. The project sponsor will also play a significant part in providing the necessary funds for the entire project budget. They are also responsible for approving the process of project management plans (Radujković & Sjekavica, 2017). Therefore, it is essential to notify them about the progress of the project and its management. They should also be informed about updates on the project status received from the project manager and disseminating information to relevant executives. The success of the project also depends on the participation of players. They will be an exciting show for about an hour that pulls large crowds together, making the project a success.

The player forms an integral part of project stakeholders, and therefore, it is crucial to inform them about the project’s progress. Famous football players and celebrities form part of the stakeholders in conducting the project (Li & Lu, 2017). They have several supporters, thus involving them in the project will help attract a maximum number of people to attend the fundraising. The celebrities and players also have friends who can take part in the initiative upon realizing its benefit in supporting the children with the condition. The other stakeholders are advertising companies whose intention is to promote various goods and services to the stands. Involving them in the project will be a good source of income, considering that they have to pay for the services. Providers of foods and beverages should also be brought on board by giving them the required information in conducting the project.

Draft Statement of Work for the Project

Project introduction

The project will involve the mobilization of community members through various shows organized in favor of creating awareness. The proposal to conduct the Emirian Child Care Charity is the idea of employees from various departments that put the necessary strategies.


The aim of the idea was to generate enough resources through fundraising initiatives and partnerships with the community to gather enough resources for the project. The funds are meant to be used wisely to make an impact on the lives of children suffering from chronic conditions. The project vision as per the mission is to grant wishes that will give hope to children suffering from various conditions in the Charity.

Project Requirements

The project involves various tasks that require timely completion for the success of the initiative. They provide a clear picture of the work to ensure its alignment with the available resources in achieving the overall objectives. The requirements include setting the venue for the match, availing tickets, promoting the event and completing activities.


The scope of the Football charity fundraising involved the documentation and determination of specific goals, features, and deliverables that need to be achieved to deliver the project. The scope includes witnessing a football match, creating awareness to the public on the seriousness of conditions such as Thalassemia, collecting funds, and handing over the collected funds to the charity.

Deadline of the Project ‘timeline’

It provides the final time point when the project is targeted for completion. The charity project was scheduled to be completed after a period of 4 months. The duration is enough to allow for the completion of the activities.

Key Resources

The key resources to boosting the completion of the initiative include human resources, financial resources from stakeholders, and both physical and intellectual resources.

Special Requirements

The football match fundraising project require special requirements such as technology and customization of T-shirts to promote the charity event.

Benefits of the Project

Emirian football fundraising charity provides a good source of funds required for supporting children with severe conditions. The fundraising project will help in furthering the mission of the project organizers. For instance, it will form new volunteers of goodwill to help the child care in the long term. It will also help spread the burden of raising the enormous amount of cash among several people that could otherwise not be met by a small number of people. The strategies to bring on different board stakeholders such as the advertisements companies and participants in the exhibitions and fairs provided the best platform to sell their products and create awareness of various services that may be uncommon to people (Demirkesen & Ozorhon, 2017). The project will also develop a sense of togetherness in supporting one another when most needed. It will also provide a good platform for setting the charity’s goals and message apart from raising money. Clearly outlined and stipulated goals will ensure that future projects become successful. The fundraising will go beyond survival, considering that getting enough funds will help the charity spread across a wider area and gain global recognition. Therefore, the charity will get an opportunity to continue supporting and funding its course, such as research funding.

Risks and General Risk Management Plan

The process of organizing the Charity Football Fundraising Tournament is faced with various risks in performing the project. Examples of the risks include the possibility of theft of the collected money instead of sending it to the funds, the chance of lower turnout of fans and members that are supposed to provide the required audience, bad weather risks during the match such as rain, intense sun, and high humidity (Safire et al., 2018). The occurrence of the coronavirus is likely to change the dates of the tournament. Football match also faces the security risks such as fans storming the stadium to express their disagreement over the referee’s decisions. The players might also sustain injuries due to uneven surfaces, pitch loading, potholes, and extreme weather (Keers & van Fenema, 2018).

The risks demand an effective risk management plan that will help identify measures and strategies to help prevent and give solutions upon their occurrence. The risk of the management plan for money theft is addressed by a high level of transparency by confirming the figures of money collected. The risk of unfavorable weather conditions will involve a strategy where the weather patterns will be observed to identify a day that is likely to be favorable for the event. However, the organizers will also put in place temporary shades that would be used against strong sun and heavy rain in case they happen (Filo et al., 2020). Medical practitioners will be available to address any risk of player injuries and any emergency that might occur. The project will take into consideration all measures to combat the spread of the virus. Such efforts include wearing masks and installation of strategic water points to ensure that people wash their hands.

Overview and Statement of the Budget

The project has an estimated budget for various deliverables to ensure that the fundraising is successful. It will help the manager assess the amount of money and resources required for the project completion (Müller et al., 2019). It plays an instrumental role in controlling the costs of the activities. The budget will also allow the effective establishment of objectives for performing the task. Having the funding in place will enable effective monitoring and cost control, resulting in reduced cost reduction. The estimated budgets of cost and income for the project are as shown below in the table.

Cost Estimated Cost
Marketing Cost AED 50, 000
Cost renting the Football Stadium AED 200, 000
Cost of managing and organizing the football stadium AED 80, 000
Cost of marketing online tickets AED 20, 000
Amount paid to players and celebrities AED 550, 000
Staffing cost AED 1, 400, 000
Total estimated input costs for the project AED 2, 300, 000
Funds generated (Income from the project)
Ticket sales AED 250 000/per match X4
Generated Revenue from YouTube live AED 200 000/per match X4
Revenue from advertising companies AED 500 000/per match X4
Revenue from fair AED 100 000/per match X4
Total estimated income generated from the project AED 4 200, 000

Work Breakdown Structure

WBS is a tool that utilizes the technique of breaking work into smaller unit tasks that make the work approachable and manageable. The tool integrates the scope, schedule, and cots baseline by ensuring proper alignment with the project plans. WBS is classified into phase-based and deliverable-based, with the rather being the most preferred approach (Radujković & Sjekavica, 2017a). Therefore, the WBS is essential as part of the project timeline and lifecycle. It provides a hierarchy of tasks that are significant in identifying the flow within the designated timeline.

The project will involve using a work breakdown structure that outlines a visual and deliverable-oriented work breakdown structure. The diagram will help the managers of the project, considering that it allows them to work backward from the project’s final deliverable. It identifies all the activities needed to make the project successful. The steps for performing the task are outlined in the work breakdown structure below.

Fundraising Charity

Organizational Structure for the Project

The project organizational structure will facilitate the coordination and implementation of the activities of the project. The project management team will make the organizational structure, which is considered an important decision. The system will provide a critical framework that stipulates how the development effort will be accomplished.

Project Manager

Kind of Project

The project is categorized on the basis of the activities involved. The fundraising project falls under routine tasks considering that they demand time with specific goals and deadlines. The other characteristics include simple, precise scope definition and stable and straightforward WBS, milestones, public education and the use of simple cost estimates. It also involves an informal risk response plan and different goals and project deadlines.


The fundraising charity project was conducted properly, following all the guidelines for its success. It is clear that the fundraiser through the football match provided an opportunity to unite different stakeholders towards making the project successful. It will also serve as an encouragement to the community and individuals of goodwill on the need to organize such activities. The project provided a platform that proved beneficial to all participants, such as exhibitions and suppliers of various products. It was also necessary to create awareness and educate the public on the symptoms of the disease. The confidence of various players in the charity fundraiser was evident from the strategies to address possible risks.

The project provided a charter that contained a list of objectives for the execution of the deliverables. It gives a clear direction on how the study should be carried out. Among the reasons for the adoption of the study was to provide a better choice of extending kindness and love to Emirian Child care. In fulfilling the objectives, the project was faced with several constraints that are categorized under resources, customer satisfaction, and methodology. For instance, time constraints were likely to arise given that it constitutes a crucial measure for the success of projects. It could accrue benefits such as a good source of funds required for supporting children with severe conditions and strategies to different stakeholders such as exhibitions and fairs for advertisement companies. Similar to other projects, it faced risks that demanded a risk management plan. Examples of the anticipated risks include harsh weather risks, low turnouts, and COVID-19 effects.


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