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Football Fundraising Charity Project Essay

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Updated: Aug 31st, 2022

Brief background of project and justification

In the context of present-day development, modern society is capable of using all the advantages of medicine and innovations in this field. The fact that the life span has significantly increased during the past century, and the modern lifestyle has become considerably healthier cannot be denied. However, in cases of severe illnesses, individuals have to spend enormous sums of money in order to receive effective treatment. The examples could be batten disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, CANDLE Syndrome, childhood interstitial lung disease, Ehlers-Danlos syndromes, and others (List of 10 rare diseases affecting children, n. d.). It should be mentioned that these are illnesses, which cannot be cured successfully or it presents an ordeal to complete the treatment.

A significant number of the diseases mentioned earlier occur in children and appear to be genetic disorders. The majority of them cannot be predicted during pregnancy, and, for this reason, it becomes a disappointment for young parents. They are in need of significant sums of money in order to improve the living conditions of their children or provide them with essential medications. Therefore, the necessity of extra funding is evident, and Football Fundraising Tournament is intended to provide such parents with essential financial support. This tournament implies earning money via several means, and all the profit will be delivered to the families, whose children have serious illnesses, which are pricey to cure.


Thus, it is possible to determine the primary objectives of the Football Fundraising Tournament. First of all, the primary aim is to organize a series of Charity Football Fundraising Tournaments and gather as much money as it is possible. In order to fulfill this intention, it is planned to adhere to various ways of earning money: donations for tickets from viewers, establishing advertisement, organizing fairs, and selling products (How to organize a football tournament fundraiser, n. d.). All the money received during the Tournament will be donated for the proved organization, which specialization implies helping children with various serious illnesses, which treatment requires significant financial support.

Main activities: Football Matches

As it has been mentioned earlier, the focus is to gather as much as possible money via organizing the tournament. Therefore, four primary sources of income were identified: football matches, fairs, selling products, and advertisement. As for the first one, namely the establishment of the tournament, it is planned to gain profit from selling tickets to see the match (Burke, n. d.). The price for the VIP or Fan zone is fixed and comprises from 70 to 100$ per seat. As for the other seats, which are usual ones, viewers are capable of donating the amount they consider appropriate. All the gathered money will be directly sent to the funds.

Main activities: Food, drinks, and fan attributes

It is apparent that viewers will be offered to buy food and drinks in case they want as usual. However, during Charity Football Fundraising Tournament, the money paid for the product be separated into two parts. 50% of each payment will be sent to the charity fund, and the rest is intended to compensate the expenses on production and realization (Fundraising ideas for football clubs, n. d.). The same conditions will be applied for fan stalls, which sell T-shirts, scarfs, and other garments with the title of football teams.

Main activities: Fairs

In order to increase the average income of the Tournament, there is an idea to conduct fairs before and after the football match. Local and small businessmen are attracted to sell their products there. In addition, some viewers are capable of introducing their incentive and attempt to sell hand-made crafts, clothes, food, and other things. However, they have to come to an agreement with the administration of the tournament in advance. Such an idea will not only increase the profit, but also allow local and novice brands to promote themselves. All the money earned during fairs will be donated to charity funds.

Main activities: Advertisement

A variety of advertisements during football matches has become a common sight in the context of the present-day developments. Therefore, it has been decided to sell advertisement places during Charity Football Fundraising Tournament. It is considered to be a major part of the general income, as a range of companies will be interested in this collaboration. This opportunity will be beneficial not only in the context of promoting products and services, but also in the context of improving the image of the brand among the broad public. All the money earned will be sent to the charity funds.

Project manager and team

As is evident from the description of the project, it appears to be a large one. Therefore, there is a team of administrators, who are interested in organizing the events. All the project managers divide their responsibilities in accordance with the major activities of the tournament. In addition, there is the fifth project manager, whose duty is to make an agreement on the stadium. The last member of the team is an accountant, who controls the profit and provides essential reports on sending money to the funds.

Main stakeholders of the project

As it has been described earlier, the Tournament implies advertising collaboration with a variety of brands. The same brands are encouraged to present their products during football matches. This way, they may provide valuable support for the project and significantly increase the final profit (McCathy, n. d.). The focus of this kind of collaboration implies the companies, which sell food and drinks. In addition, it is possible to contact sport wear clothes, as they are capable of creating limited editions of fan attributes, which will be sold during the tournaments.

A brief outline of the timeline

It is planned to conduct four Charity Football Fundraising Tournaments, and the time for the realization is one year. It is suggested to organize one match in a season (How to hold a football fundraiser, n. d.). The approximate date of the first match is 19th September, though this time may be changed and due to the pandemic conditions (How to hold a football fundraiser, n. d.). However, there is a high likelihood that it will be possible to gather a great number of people at this day.

A brief overview of the budget

The project implies the willingness of all the partners to make a contribution to charity. Therefore, the organization plan considers collaborating with the companies, who will agree to work free of charge in order to send as much as possible money to the funds (48 Fundraising Ideas for Sports and Teams, n. d.; Newton, 2017). This intention regards stadium, personnel, football clubs and etc. For this reason, there is no fixed budget for this charity project, as it is aimed to raise the determination to help those who need it without interested motives.

Identification of potential risks in project

There are numerous risks associated with organizing Charity Football Fundraising Tournament. The first and the most apparent one regards the possibility of stealing money instead of sending it to the funds. In order to prevent this problem, an accountant was attracted to the project team. She will be responsible for counting, dividing the profit, and publishing the reports in social network accounts (Tomakh, 2019). Secondly, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is a likelihood of changing the date of tournaments. In order not to cancel the tournament, there is a plan of conducting matches with adherence to anticoronavirus measures.


In conclusion, the administration team is engaged in the project to a large extent and believes that it is possible to make a considerable contribution to the charity. In case the broad public is aware of the serious health problems of children, they will be willing to help as much as they can. The organizations are convinced that altruism is something, which will lead to significant changes in the modern world. They are willing to engage as many individuals as possible in charity activities and provide children with the necessary help.


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