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The Potential of London for the EURO 2012 Tournament Report


This report covers a mega international sporting event, which is the EURO 2012 tournament. The purpose of this report is to convince the European football Association; UEFA that London is the best host destination for the EURO 2012 tournament. The report will examine the potential that London has in hosting the event.

It examines why London is the most suitable city to host the 2012 tournament. The report focuses on the major aspects that are included in the Association’s requirements which include the infrastructure, transport, local broadcasting, marketing and hospitality. London seems to be in a position to handle this event than other countries.

Ever since its inception, the EURO tournament has been an event that attracts funs across the globe traveling to the host nation and cities so as to witness the thrilling event in person. The intension of the event is to bring together European soccer teams for competition so as to determine the best teams in the region (Allen 2005:45).

England has been a country that identifies with football and it has produces numerous stars in the sport. The country has hosted other major international events like the Olympics before. It therefore has the experience in handling such a huge event. The 2012 tournament is bound to attract more funs than before owing to the fact that the popularity of the sport has been growing steadily in the recent past.

The report looks at the aspects of the hospitality industry in London that make it qualify as the best host city for the event. The city has well equipped ultra modern hotels that can cater for people from all walks of life and social backgrounds. The report has also covered the security measures that have been put in place so as to make such an event to be successful. The challenges that the country faces in its bid to host the tournament have also been high lighted.

The report uses the PESTEL model to analyze the intern and external factors that are likely to affect decision making during the preparation of this Mega event. The city faces a lot of competition from cities in other countries like New Kiev and Kharkiv in Ukraine and Warsaw in Poland in the bidding process. The report however highlights the major strengths of London that makes it the most suitable host city for the tournament (Bowdin 2006:32).


Various methods have been used so as to get the relevant information concerning the state of London and its level of preparedness in hosting the event. The method used in collecting the information includes the use of secondary data. Various books, journals articles and online sources on the state of London City and its capability to host the event were consulted. PESTEL analysis has been used in the analysis of the findings (Campbell 2004:47).

Secondary Data

Secondary data was reviewed in the collection of the relevant data. Books, journals, newsletters, reports and internet documents were reviewed so as to find the capability and the level of preparedness that the city has reached in its quest to host the event. From these sources it was quite evident that the country had the capability to host the event considering the fact that it has hosted other mega world events before like the world Olympics.

Online Sources

Online research was carried out. This was made possible by browsing a number of websites that are associated with the event and the state of London in comparison to other cities. The UEFA official website was particularly very significant in this research as it provided most of the information on the UEFA requirements for the host cities. A number of online books, periodicals and magazines from management officials of the various facilities were consulted to determine their level of readiness in hosting the event.

Official websites for various hotels were also visited to determine their level of preparedness in handling the influx in the number of clients that would be experienced during the event. Some of the questions to be answered during the research required the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers while others required a little explanation. Some of the questions included;

  1. Is London prepared to host the 2012 EURO cup event?
  2. What are some of the measures that they have put in place to tackle an influx in the number of funs that would come to watch the sport?
  3. Is there any work in progress in an attempt to refurbish the stadiums that would be used during the event?

The website for the Hilton hotels in London was also visited so as to determine the level of preparedness in the hospitality industry particularly the hotels. Some of the questions to be answered included;

  1. What preparations have hotels made in anticipation for the event?
  2. Is proximity to the stadiums hosting the event of any effect to the number of clients that would visit them?
  3. Do they have ultra modern facilities that would ensure customer satisfaction?


In an effort to determine the level of preparedness of the city to host the event, books concerning the event were also consulted. Various questions about the cities security and infrastructure were to be answered during the study. Some of the questions asked include the following;

  1. What security measures have been put in place to ensure security during the event?
  2. Would the help from other quarters be needed so as to beef up the security?
  3. Is the infrastructure around the country especially in London well developed to handle an influx in the number of road users?

Journals and Reports

The other sources of information included reports and journal articles. Various journals and reports were consulted in the effort to get the information on the preparation of the city concerning the matters of the EURO 2012 tournament. Information from the marketing was sought concerning the strategies that had been put in place so as to ensure that the event is well advertised. Some of the questions to be answered included;

  1. What strategies have been put in place so as to ensure that the event is well advertised?
  2. What are some of the internal and external challenges that the event is likely to encounter?
  3. What other countries and cities are likely to give competition to London when it comes to the issue of hosting this great event?

Information from these methods was used in the evaluation of the strategic management theory. The findings have been used to evaluate the countries readiness to host the event (Coulter 2008:78).


According to the findings, it is quite clear that the country had put measures in place that would enable London as a city to host the event without any difficulty. Before making any approval of a country’s bid to host such a mega event, UEFA has set some benchmarks to be used.

For instance, a country is supposed to have at least 12 well developed high capacity stadiums, high-tech transport infrastructure, a well developed security system, ultra-modern accommodation facilities, effective drainage systems and the ability to effectively promote and market the event. Another requirement is for the country to have a well established national football team (David 2003:67).

Stadium and Transport Infrastructure

Information from online sources proved that the country has been doing its best in making sure that it is ready to host such a mega event. All the football stadiums are being refurbished and the repairs made. Expansions are being made so as to enable some stadiums to accommodate more people than usual. Roads that lead to the various stadiums are being repaired so as to enable easy movement to and from the venues.

It is quite evident that preparations of these stadiums are being speeded up so as to ensure that they are ready by the time the tournament begins. The government has allocated money from its budget towards the preparation of this mega event. Most qualified construction experts have been hired so as to make the expansions and preparations a success.

The country is doing all it can to reach its full potential in terms of preparedness and success. London has been found to be one of the best host cities for this event as it can host the event successfully. Construction, repair and preparation are being carried out effectively across all the host cities (Evans 2002:33).

Hosting the tournament will not just be beneficial to the football fraternity in the country but will be beneficial to the whole country at large. The country is meant to benefit from the infrastructure especially in the host cities like London.

The country has been developing the transport infrastructure so as to accommodate an influx in the number of road users during the event. Currently, city planners have been hired so as to redesign and recommend the best transport models in London so as to ensure that the city hosts the event without experiencing transport problems (Fitzroy 2005:22).

A lot of infrastructure projects have been put on the drawing board. Some have already been implemented and completed; others are still under implementation while others are awaiting implementation. 50 transport projects have been suggested, some of which have already been completed.

5 airports are supposed to undergo renovation and three of them have already started the work. In London, most of the preparation work has already been finished and some projects are still underway. It is one of the cities that have witnessed most of the implementation work. Plans are underway to construct another passenger terminus in the city’s international airport so as to accommodate the many passengers that will be flying in (Goldblatt 2002:38).

In an effort to improve the transport sector, plans are underway to build a high-speed railway system across the city. This would ensure faster movement of people from one point of the city to the other. The road system connecting different parts of the city is being renovated so as to enable easier transportation from one point to the other.

The construction and renovation is being done with the first priority being given to the most important projects. The government has channeled more than $11 billion in all these projects. In the long run, the benefits of hosting the event would be much more. The country is for instance expected to add more than $100 billion to its gross domestic income as a result of the event. More than 70000 jobs will be created.

The tourism sector is expects to increase its total earnings due to the increase in the number of people visiting the country and from local tourist. Strategic management techniques are therefore being used to ensure that the event is a success (Grant 2002:25).

The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has put the necessary measures in place so as to effectively handle the influx in the number of clients from all walks of life. According to the information from the Hilton hotels website, it is quite evident that the hospitality industry is doing its best in making the event a success.

Most hotels have acquired ultra-modern facilities so as to carter for the needs of the various customers. Most of them have embraced modern technology so as to ensure effective service delivery. Some of the hotels like the Hilton have developed their websites so as to allow for online booking and reservation.

This has made it easier for the clients who do not have to travel to the place so as to make reservations. Most of them have installed touch screen tables to enhance service delivery. A customer does not have to speak to the waiter to make an order as he/she is able to click on the appropriate icon to make an order.

This has made work easier and convenient. The hotels have high speed internet connections which are meant to serve internet users who are accommodated in these facilities. Satellite dishes have been installed so as to enable the customers to watch some of the matches at the comforts of their rooms (Haberberg 2001:34).

Some of the investors have taken it upon themselves to construct ultra-modern hotel facilities in the city so as to accommodate the many clients that would visit the country during the tournament. Some of the hotels have subsidized group bookings. Those customers who make bulk reservation are likely to get them at a lower price than those who were making the bookings individually.

Some of the hotels are offering more than one service of simply offering the accommodation. Some of the extra services included; deep-sea tours, fishing for fun, surfing, and travelling services to various tourism sites. The transport system to these hotels has been upgraded so as to enable easy transportation (Johnson 2008:56).


According to the findings, it is quite evident that the government is doing its best in enhancing security during the tournament. The government has put in place an effective security plan for the event. The countries Justice Minister has given assurance that his ministry is doing all it can to ensure that the event becomes a success.

The police department intents to use the facial recognition software in effort to note and root out trouble makers before they can cause any security problem. The software is linked to the Robocop-style glasses that are able to identify individuals that are likely to be a danger to the security of the funs. The glasses are fitted with small cameras that are able to record people’s faces which are then sent to a central database for analysis (Mintzberg 1998:77).

There is a public safety plan underway which would boost security of the funs. The number of security personnel to be deployed to the host cities will be increased for security purposes. CCTV cameras have already been fitted in the stadiums and other public places so as to help in detecting any security concerns especially during the event.

The government has emphasized that the security personnel within the country is well equipped to handle any security threats although the minister said that his ministry was willing to collaborate with any other security force that would offer new ideas on enhancing the security of the people (Tarlow 2002:57).

The government has promised to acquire more sophisticated devices that would be issued to the traffic police so as to enable them detect any explosive devises at a distance. The funs would be thoroughly inspected before getting into the respective stadiums so as to eliminate any security threats. All these measures would go a long way in making the event secure for the funs as well as the players.

Promotion and Advertisement of the Event

The country has put in place measures to enhance the advertisement and promotion of this great event. The country has linked up with associate companies like the Coca-Cola Company, Adidas, Sony, Ford, and Master Card among others. These are partners that have been very instrumental in sponsoring the event in the past years.

Measures have been put in place so as to carry out international marketing and promotions for the event. The ‘EURO 2012 London’ project has been started with the intention of showcasing London as the best host for the 2012 Euro cup tournament. The project is aimed at portraying the scenic beauty of the city and tourist destinations of the country and particularly in London.

The security aspects and comforts of the various hotels and motels within the country have been highlighted. The art and culture of the English has been portrayed as superior and attractive. The country is has officially launched the ‘EURO 2012 London’ project so as to promote the event (Shone 2004:39).

Efforts are being made both within and outside the country so as to enhance the promotional activities. The government has already negotiated with the local television and radio networks so as to give more time towards promoting the mega event. Online promotions are also be used so as to market the event globally.

The government is ready to establish a taskforce that would ensure that England teams up with other countries in promoting the event across the globe. London has ultra-modern facilities that would be vital for the funs who would visit during the event. The government has also shown commitment in renovating those facilities that are already won out and even acquire or construct new ones.(Menon 2010:47).


Some of the greatest competitors in the EURO 2012 tournament bid are Ukraine and Poland. This are countries together with their capital cities have well developed football infrastructure like football stadiums, high class transport systems, well developed surveillance techniques and security systems.

The countries have good hotel and accommodation facilities. The Poland for instance has numerous ultra modern accommodation facilities. The hotels are well furnished and have embraced the current technology in service delivery. These countries have well established football clubs that have made them shine in the sport. They therefore pose a very big challenge to Londonin its bid to host the event.

In the recent past, the world has been experiencing high inflation rates which have resulted in a slowdown in the economic growth in the nations across the globe. England has not been spared. The preparation and renovation activities are likely to over burden the tax payers. With the world economy still experiencing some fluctuations, it is likely that the quoted figures for the preparation might increase hence destabilizing the whole budget for the event.

PESTEL Analysis

There are various factors that would affect the decision making processes. The PESTEL analysis technique has been used in an effort to analyze some of these factors. The PESTEL model usually covers the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors that are likely to influence the decision making processes while planning for an event some of these factors might result in various changes being made in the planning process (Wheelen 2004:85).

Political Factors

The government has put much effort in making sure that the country and London city in particular wins the bid for the EURO 2012 Cup tournament. The treasury has for instance set aside around $11 billion so as to cater for the preparation and renovation cost. The justice minister had made it clear that the government is also willing to step up the security measures so as to ensure that the event is carried out in a safe and secure environment.

More security personnel will be deployed to the host city and more security equipment are being acquired for the purpose of the event. The renovation activities within the stadiums in London have already started and they will to be ready by the time of the event. The government has also made it clear that it would pay for extra promotion and advertisement activities in the local media.

Economic Factors

The world economy has been witnessing instability in the recent past. The inflation rates have been constantly rising across many nations. This has posed a challenge to the country in its quest to host the event. The quoted figure of $11 billion is likely to go up owing to such inflation.

The construction material has become expensive and the workers are likely to demand for an increase in their pay. Even with such inflation, the country has been experiencing some small margin growth and it is bound to succeed in making the event a great success (Wiiliamson 2004).

Social Factors

The popularity of football has been growing at a very high rate across the globe especially among the young and middle aged population. Given that the world has very many young and middle age people, the event is likely to become a great success as more people would be willing to go and watch the game in person ( Menon 2010: 47).

Technological Factors

London as a city has generally embraced technological advancements in almost every sectors. This has been advantageous as technology has made it to be among the best hosts of such an event. In the hospitality industry for instance, hotel bookings have been made easier and less expensive as they can be done online.

Most of them have ultra-modern facilities like touch screen tables, high speed internet connections and satellite dishes. All these have made service delivery effective, convenient and even entertaining. The security department has also employed the use of current technology in beefing up security in the country for the event.

CCTV cameras, weapon detectors and the Robocop style glasses would all be used to screen people during security check ups. it is quite clear a high speed railway is to be constructed across London and this will make the movement of funs from one point of the city to he other easier and faster.

Environmental Factors

London is in the country that experience the four different seasons that is; spring, autumn, winter and summer. It is therefore upon the management to make sure that the event lies on a season that won’t be difficult for the players and funs to cope with.

It might for instance be unwise if the event shall be scheduled for winter when it is too cold and the snow is falling. This would inconvenience the funs and players and it might not witness a higher turn out as expected.

Legal Factors

On the legal front, laws have been enacted to enhance environmental conservation and minimize pollution activities. Transport firms are for instance being encouraged to use electric vehicles and avoid vehicles that use fuel in an effort to conserve the environment and minimize global warming. This implies that more electric buses and cars have to be purchased for the purpose of transporting people within and across the towns and cities of England during the event. (Yeoman 2003:32).

Pestle Analysis


The EURO 2012 tournament is a mega event that has to be hosted in a country that has such capability. There have been many countries that have come forth to present their bid for hosting the EURO 2012 Cup tournament. It is however quite evident that London is well placed to host this event considering the fact that it has hosted major world events like the Olympic Games.

The city has supportive infrastructure that would ensure that the event becomes a great success. The city has a well developed transport systems, modern telecommunication facilities as well as security infrastructure. The stadiums can hold high capacities and some of them are already undergoing renovation.

The Hospitality industry has ultra modern facilities that put it at a better position to cater for the numerous clients from different parts of the globe. The government had set aside around $11 billion to facilitate in the renovation and preparation activities across the country especially in the host city. It is quite obvious that London is well placed to host the event (Gimpel 2008:33).

Various challenges have however emerged and they might be hindering factors. For instance, the city faces much competition from other countries and cities like Kharkiv in Ukrraine and, Warsaw in Poland. These countries have the relevant infrastructure with strong national football teams.

They have therefore posed a challenge to London’s bid. The other challenge has been the world economic crunch which has let to high inflation rates. This implies that most projects would turn out to be more expensive than the earlier predictions. All in all, the country is well placed to host the event as it has met all the UEFA requirements ( Wyludda 2009:22).

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