Sport Events Essay Examples and Topics

The London 2012 Olympic Games

Introduction Background The London 2012 games were based on a dream of hosting inspirational, secure and all-encompassing games that would leave a mark in the UK. When the representatives from the UK were bidding for the games, they promised it would be the first ever sustainable tournament. The meaning of the term ‘sustainability’ is very […]

The New York Marathon

History of the ING New York City Marathon The New York City Marathon is a major sporting event that began in 1970 as a humble affair. In the beginning, it attracted only 127 participants who paid one dollar entry fee to run in a 26.2 mile race around the central park. Only 55 participants made […]

2012 London Olympic Games: Ticket Retailing Challenges

Introduction Over the past 112 years, the Olympic Games are held after every four years. This analytical work discusses the 2012 London Olympic Games. It focuses on the analysis of the 2012 London Olympic Games case study. Specifically, the treatise reviews the current challenges with regards to ticketing, transportation, and economic impacts of the games. […]

Impact of 2012 Olympics on London and UK

Introduction Olympics forms part of the world’s major sporting events. The event is enormous and complex, making it a rather difficult project to put together. While arranging to host such a mega event, it is critical for the host nation to assess with accuracy the potential impact that the event will have on the nation […]

Past Olympic Games and London 2012

Introduction The Olympic Games are hailed as the world’s biggest sporting event and hosting the games bestows great prestige on a nation. During these games, the global spotlight is on the host city that acts as a world stage for the sporting events and the host city endeavours to make a global impression. In the […]

Olympic Games and IT

Introduction The Olympic Games are held once in every four years. The games which include the winter and summer games involve thousands of athletes drawn from more than 200 nations from around the world. In addition to that, the event is hosted by cities that are selected by the International Olympic Committee which decides where […]

Hawthorn and Collingwood

Introduction Event organization can be seen broadly as a subject whose lessons are highly practical in application since there is an environment that may largely require these services. A number of things must be incorporated into the analysis of an event or events especially regarding the overall gain that results from effective application of event […]

Justification of the Bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics Games – Rio de Janeiro

Introduction Long in history, different events are hosted in different places around the world. The events are very diverse and include sporting events, cultural, religious, and environmental among many others. Major sporting events are known to attract very many participants such as the Olympic Games. A lot of planning and management decisions are deployed by […]

Purpose of the Qatar 2022 Campaign

The campaign for the 2022 world cup bid by Qatar was a substantial step in the football field. World cup events have not been a Middle East affair and the Qatar 2022 campaign aimed at ending this culture. In the past times, the western countries have always shown interest in hosting football world cups leaving […]

The Potential of London for the EURO 2012 Tournament

Introduction This report covers a mega international sporting event, which is the EURO 2012 tournament. The purpose of this report is to convince the European football Association; UEFA that London is the best host destination for the EURO 2012 tournament. The report will examine the potential that London has in hosting the event. It examines […]

Bid for the 2014 World Cup – Brazil

Introduction Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) world cup is an event of a global inclination. This is a major sporting event that has the highest number of spectators in the world. It is a football competition that is contested by national football teams of men (Wong, 2009). The nations that participate in this event are […]

Bidding Document: Madrid’s bid to Host the 2020 Summer Olympics Games

Introduction Research demonstrate that major international events, or simply mega-events, are commonly associated with the accrual of economic opportunities, infrastructural development, tourism development, and identity and image building for host countries or cities (Andranovick et al, 2001). Indeed, there is growing recognition these events have incredible reach and global marketing potential (Swart & Bob, 2004). […]

FIFA World Cup

Historical overview Soccer (sometimes known as football) is a sport whose earliest development was in the Middle East over three thousand years ago. Even though these early presentations had some elements that the modern-day sport can associate with, the rules then were not similar to what is currently used. ne of the earliest forms of […]

The Intended Outcomes of 2012 Summer Olympics

Introduction The Olympic Games are no longer regarded only as a sporting event; nowadays they are strongly tied to the world of politics, economy and even international relations. This paper is aimed at assessing the intended outcomes of Summer Olympics which are going to be held in London in 2012. Furthermore, we need to explain […]

Olympic Moments: Abebe Bikila, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, and Ali vs. Foreman

Abebe Bikila ran the marathon barefoot in 1960. This event is considered as the “greatest symbol of the new, rejuvenated, post-Fascist country” (Martin “Abebe Bikila”). Starting the discussion from the very beginning, the following data should be considered. Abebe Bikila was a 28-year-old member of Emperor Haile Selassie’s bodyguard. He came to the Olympic Games […]

Report on Sport National Day in CNA-Q

Introduction This report presents research findings and results undertaken to find out reasons behind small turn out of students and teachers in the National Sports Day events at the college, CNA-Q. Since introduction of the sports and events in the school, very few people use the sporting facilities. This report unveils the research strategies to […]