Sports Culture Essay Examples and Topics

French Cycling Culture

History of Tour de France According to Thompson the history of this great race takes us back to the period in the late nineteenth century. During this period there was dramatic change within the country following the collapse of the second empire (7). A new third republic was proclaimed and with it major changes began […]

The Structural Sources of the Issue of ‘Juiced’ Athletes According to Mills’ Theory

The use of performance-enhancing drugs by athletes is one of the topical problems of modernity. Different interest groups provide their arguments for and against the legalization of steroids. This paper will use sociological imagination as the approach offered by Mills for discussing the deviant behaviors of ‘juiced’ athletes as personal trouble and public issue influenced […]

Mills and Juiced Athletes Problem

Juiced athletes problem In a bid to enhance their performance, athletes engage in juicing. However, society has a perspective on how sporting activities should be carried out. This explains why society has banned the use of drugs in order to improve performance. In most circles, using drugs to enhance performance is viewed as unethical. The […]

What are Fan Behaviors towards Sports Officials at the Middle School Level?

Abstract The objective of this project was to discuss fan behaviors towards sports officials at middle school level. In order to achieve this objective, qualitative research method was used to collect and to analyze data from different secondary sources. The results of the data analysis and literature review indicate that incidences of misbehavior among middle […]

Sport Governance Issue

Professional sports and the use of performance enhancing substances has been a matter of the more recent times. A larger number of major events have special committees that check for any illegal drugs taken by athletes, but sometimes, there are controversies that require a much closer look. Even though it might seem that it is […]

Sport can be local and global

What makes a sport local, regional, or global? Local cultures, communities and individual venues of a location may make sport remain local. Such local sports have a strong connection with history, culture and community of the location. These sports may also be available in other countries. However, participation and connection only remain strong in countries […]

Use of PEDs in Sports

Sports Commissioner on Implementation and Legalization of PEDs Since doping is an increasing concern within the world of sports, there is a need to accept the reality of the matter and endorse a legal legislation that allows for the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in the sporting arena. The procedure though will involve the World […]

Should Professional Sports Allow the Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs?

Introduction Humans have always shown an extraordinary creativity in trying to get a physical edge on other humans. Each innovation has had side effects, both positive and negative. The innovations in techniques that current athletes seek and use to garner a competitive advantage are a natural continuation of this longstanding pattern of behavior. In recent […]

Violence in Hockey

Introduction Human beings and driven by emotions that originate from deep within them. Rage is one of the emotional responses that individuals have while responding to an incident or a situation (Andrews 21). In the process of expressing their rage, humans usually turn out to violence or violent like behaviors. Violence from rage can arise […]

Violence in Sport: Playing the Game Clean

Abstract Because of the fact that some games demand the use of physical force, they are often considered as brutal by sports amateurs. Yet it must be admitted that in certain kinds of sport, the use of force is demanded by the rules, which does not make it more brutal or cruel. Since every kind […]

Steroid use in professional sports

Abstract The issue of steroid as a substance of enhancing muscles for sportsmen and women has become a hot issue in sports arena. Majority of athletes are making personal admission that they have been using steroids for a long time in order to gain bodyweight, increase muscles, and realize increased body mass growth. Numerous prominent […]

Nike Dumps Lance Armstrong

The article discusses the fate of Lance Armstrong, a world champion cyclist accused of using drugs to enhance performance. Several companies that used Armstrong in commercials to promote their brand ended their partnerships. These companies include Nike, RadioShack corporation, Trek Bicycle Corporation, FRS Company and Anheuser-Busch (Albergotti et al par1). Among these companies, Nike was […]

Nike Company’s and Lance Armstrong Relationship

Introduction Nike is a cloth and footwear company with products that have gained high recognition for their design and quality. Lance Armstrong is a former seven time champion of the Tour de France cycling championship. Lance Armstrong has been the Nike’s iconic figure for a long time. The long term relationship between Nike and Armstrong […]

Study by Kirby, Moran and Guerin on athletes using doping

Introduction The paper looks at a study carried out by Kirby, Moran and Guerin (2011) on “a qualitative analysis of the experiences of elite athletes who have admitted to doping for performance enhancement”. Criticisms are drawn by evaluating various areas of the study. The areas covered include the purpose of the study, the type of […]

NBA Strike 2011

Introduction Recent media activities have shown an increasing trend among media corporations and information outlets to provide the public with an in-depth coverage of sports activities including scandals, conflicts, and news updates. These crises have become common especially where drugs, financial difficulties, sex, and violence are involved. The coverage often comprise on field or court […]

Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports

Doping is defined as the infringement of the World Anti Doping Agency regulations.1 It is said that most sportsmen and women have been using steroids and even stars like former American sprinter Marion Jones pleaded guilty of using these drugs. Some stars who do not use steroids claim that those who use them break the […]

Steroids in Baseball

The habit of steroid use among professional athletes is not uncommon in sports arena. Over the past decade, athletes have been charged with the use of performance enhancement drug namely the anabolic Steroid. The reputation of these athletes has been tarnished after they openly admitted to the allegations. However, it is common knowledge that the […]

Ethical Issues with Performance Enhancing Drugs in Professional Sports

Abstract Enhancement of human capacity has become possible following technological advancement in the field of health. Currently, scientists have the capacity to manipulate physical and physiological mechanism of the body to perform unusually. In sports, performance-enhancing drugs benefit sport professionals by improving the strength of the muscles, increasing degree of endurance, and efficiency in sporting. […]

Drugs in sports

Abstract Drug use in sports has gained momentum in the recent past. The drug is used for performance enhancing (Coe, p. 224). Different sports have set up laws that are used to curb drug doping. Sports personalities use drugs to gain an advantage over the others. Performance enhancing drugs have been used in the Olympics […]

Sport Drugs and Its Ethic and Morality Impacts

Professional sports are the front for people to get involved in a business where money is abundant and the temptation to be the best is too great. It has been well known that some athletes resort to using drugs that enhance their performance and this is why there is a committee that checks the players […]

Violence in Sports: When Life Is Dangerously Threatened

Because of the growing concern for the violence in sports, the problem is now widely discussed among modern psychologists. However, this issue has been examined for quite a number of times and roots back into the history of sports. Thus, it is important to consider the problem not only as the sore spot of the […]

Random Drug Testing for Collage Athletes

Abstract Today there is a continual abuse of drugs by intercollegiate athletes even after some drug-induced deaths such as that of a basketball star at the University of Maryland U.S in 1986. The drug testing programs have shifted tactic to randomization and every year approximately 250 players undergo the test each season. (Goldberg, 2009) The […]

Use of performance enhancing drugs

Thesis In this paper, I am going to discuss performance enhancing drugs and its ethical implications to the spirit of sportsmanship. Introduction Performance enhancing drugs are chemical substances used by sportsmen to boost their performance in the field. For many years, theseclasses of drugs have always been related to anabolic steroids but the global anti […]

Should We Have Mandatory Drug Testing For Professional Athletes?

Introduction Drug abuse among professional athletes has become a very hotly contested issue since the 1980s. There are a number of celebrated cases that have helped to shift the attention on this topic. This has been a coincidence with the attitude change in the society concerning drugs as the country shifted from the lax 1970s […]

Enhancement Drugs in Sports Should Be Banned: An Argumentative Paper

Introduction The use of enhancement drugs and other performance enhancement substances in sports is not a new phenomenon. However, as Murray (11) notes, the means used by sports persons to achieve this enhancement are increasing. This is especially so given the increasing competitiveness in sports in contemporary society. The prospect of winning a gold medal […]