Fitness Essay Examples and Topics

CrossFit Company

Introduction The Privately owned CrossFit Company has attracted attention due to its rapid growth over the last 7 years. The CrossFit training programs yield desirable results and many members have praised the effectiveness of the company’s fitness programs. Kreinin reveals that other sports clubs in New York have even launched a program similar to CrossFit […]

“Why I Don’t Do Crossfit” by Erin Simmons

Introduction The article “Why I Don’t Do Crossfit” by Erin Simmons, the author writes about her perception regarding the training regimen associated with Crossfit (a popular fitness craze in the U.S.) and how it is supposedly a bad form of exercise to do. Fallacy of Hasty Generalization One of the first indicators that this is […]

Enlighten Up!

Yoga has become a common phenomenon among individuals in the modern world. Yoga did not originate from the western societies. It originated from India and has been embedded in the Hindu religion. However, for someone who has not known anything to do with the yoga, the individual may not comprehend what the yoga concept entails. […]

Strength and Conditioning Article Critique

“Strength Training for the Warfighter” an article by William Kraemer and Tunde Szivak discusses methods that can be used to make endurance training for soldiers and professional athletes more effective. Kraemer and Szivak deviate from the traditional methods used in endurance training for soldiers which focused on physical fitness. Kraemer and Szivak propose that endurance […]

Ethics and professional standards of Fitness Gym

The term ethics can be described as a system comprising of moral principles and rules of conduct which are recognized with reference to a certain class of human and their actions. This can apply to a specific group of individuals, culture or others. Such principles and rules that govern the way members act and react […]

The Impact of a Fitness Intervention on People with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

In this article, Barbara Wilhite, Gregory Biren, and Leslie Spencer (2012) examine the impact of a fitness intervention on people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. This intervention is described as a recreational activity. The authors pay attention to the experiences of caregivers during their participation in this program. The scholars rely on such a method […]

Fit and Well: Core Concepts and Labs in Physical Fitness and Wellness

Introduction Sport plays an important role in the maintenance of people health. However, the sport and fitness activities can be harmful if people do not adhere to the specific regimes, pace, or do not know about the contradictory evidence for certain sport activities. That is why the specialized literature can help a lot to know […]

Importance of Strength Training for People in Modern Society

Introduction Strength training is a vital feature of physical exercise that is deemed important for the human health. The exercise has numerous benefits that are cardinal for physical and mental health of an individual. Despite the mentioned advantages, most people tend to ignore the exercise due to the belief that it is meant for particular […]

The History of Yoga

The origins of yoga are now traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization that existed during the period between 3300 and 1300 before the Common Era (Clark 3). This argument is based on archeological findings, namely the depictions of postures that resemble some of positions that are now used in yoga (Clark 3). However, the […]

Time to exercise

There are many debates concerning the effectiveness of different intensities in cardiovascular activities used in weight loss programs. Many people are confused regarding which exercises are good for their health. One of the most important aspects of weight loss is time. It is important to join training programs that ensure that individuals use time effectively […]

Prenatal Yoga for Women Health

A natural, safe and simple way of pregnant women maintaining their health is by engaging in yoga exercises. Yoga prepares pregnant mothers and fetus for easy uncomplicated birth process. It relieves stress and brings peace and harmony not only to the pregnant women, but to all family members. Yoga is one of methods guaranteeing pregnant […]

Yoga Relaxation Exercises

Stress is part of life and will continue to exist throughout the life of human beings. Human beings have come up with various ways of managing stress and yoga is one of them. Although stress has adverse effects on the health and general well being of human beings, it is argued that stress is not […]

The Benefits of a Routine Physical Exercise Program

In recent years, the proliferation of lifestyle diseases coupled with the underlying need to stay healthy has made many populations worldwide to become increasingly aware of the need for physical fitness. Popular media and other advertising channels bombard us everyday with messages on how to guard and improve our health conditions. Although much of this […]

Exercise Is Good

Introduction Do you want to live a good life feeling great with improved mental psyche and energy levels void of some chronic diseases coupled with sound sleep all in one package? Look no further; regular exercising will offer this all-inclusive package of benefits. Many people just know very little about goodness of exercise; regrettably, they […]