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Yoga Relaxation Exercises Essay

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Updated: May 7th, 2019

Stress is part of life and will continue to exist throughout the life of human beings. Human beings have come up with various ways of managing stress and yoga is one of them. Although stress has adverse effects on the health and general well being of human beings, it is argued that stress is not necessarily bad (McCall 48). Human beings need some amount of stress to give them the needed pressure to do some things.

A lot of stress that is not well managed can lead to a lot of diseases because the stress hormone known as cortisol lowers a person’s immunity against diseases (McCall 49). The human mind is the source of all stress and the yoga technology helps in making a person’s mind work for his or her benefit and therefore reduces unnecessary stress. This paper will highlight the nine experiential exercises of yoga.

To begin with, guided relaxation is one of the best relaxations that involve relaxing all the body muscles in a comfortable position as one imagines a smile. The smile should be felt by all the body organs. This slows down breathing and completely relaxing the body. The second experiential exercise is referred to as meditation on the breath where one is supposed to focus on their breathing with closed eyes as they try much as possible to forget about other things (McCall 54).

This exercise helps the mind to become clear and briefly forget the never ending distractions. By following the breathing pattern in a relaxed position away form all kinds of noise; one is able to experience some peace even if it is just for a short while. Meditation on breath helps people become calm by being able to control their minds from distractions.

Breathing assessment is very essential in determining whether one breathes normally or not. Stress and anxiety reverses ones breathing with the abdomen moving in the reverse direction during breathing. The yoga technique helps one to normalize their breathing and in the process lowering stress levels. Belly breathing is a yoga technique used to solve the problem of reverse breathing. The abdominal muscles are contracted gently in a sitting or lying position (McCall 58).

Those doing this exercise are advised to lie on their back as they inhale and exhale gently. The next experiential exercise in yoga is the palming exercise that involves rubbing of palms in a comfortable sitting position. A period of twenty seconds is enough for the hands to generate some heat. The next step is the closing of eyes and placing the warm palms gently on the cheeks and eye sockets. The chest should remain upright for the body to relax as the palms ease the tension in the eyes (McCall 60).

Standing in an upright position and imagining your eyes can see what is on the side helps release tension from the eyes. This exercise is referred to as eyes on the side of your head. Relaxation by being motionless as you lie on your back for almost half a minute is another way of releasing tension (McCall 64). Eyes should be gently closed with the palms facing upwards. All the body muscles should be relaxed especially the jaws.

The leg –up-the -wall pose is another form of relaxation. In this exercise, the back is supported by a bolster or other soft materials like a blanket. One is supposed to remain in this position for almost ten minutes in order for the normal curve of the body spine to be maintained. The “so ham” meditation focuses on the sound of the breath for relaxation (McCall 66). One should maintain the upright position with the eyes closed.

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