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Enlighten Up! Essay

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Updated: Jul 17th, 2019

Yoga has become a common phenomenon among individuals in the modern world. Yoga did not originate from the western societies. It originated from India and has been embedded in the Hindu religion. However, for someone who has not known anything to do with the yoga, the individual may not comprehend what the yoga concept entails. This was the situation before I became acquainted with the yoga.

Long before I joined yoga, I used to think “going to the yoga mat” referred to going to the hall in which yoga was practiced. This might sound funny to someone who has been in the yoga. Nonetheless, I never knew the actual meaning of the concept.

When I was young, my friends would say that they wanted to go the yoga mat, and they would leave and disappear into the hall where yoga was practiced. Therefore, to me “going to the yoga mat” meant going to the yoga hall.

All the delusions associated with my conceptualization of “going to the yoga mat” were eliminated when I got interested in the yoga. Here, I came to understand that “going to the yoga mat” meant that one was ready to engage in the exercises associated with yoga. Indeed, “going to the mat” means engaging in yoga. The yoga mat is a small piece of mat meant for effective exercising during yoga. The mat is used to prevent the hands and feet from slipping during the exercises.

In particular, the yoga mat is used to prevent injuries that may result from sweaty hands or feet. It also prevents the hands and feet from getting bruised during the exercises. In this case, the yoga mat provides padding for the knees and elbows.

The yoga mat is also useful in defining the space in which an individual carries his or her yoga exercises. Therefore, when one says that he or she wants to “go to the yoga mat,” this can be interpreted to mean that the individual wants to engage in the yoga exercises.

Yoga is practiced by many individuals across the world. In fact, it is estimated that close to 18 million yogis can be found in the United States (Brussat, 2012). Yoga has been noted for its mental and physical changes. In this case, yoga serves various functions to different individuals. However, it can be noted that yoga is practiced for mental and spiritual benefits, as well as for healthy bodily exercise.

It is argued that yoga promotes flexibility of the body. Some people engage in yoga to ensure that their bodies are physically fit. Yoga is associated with various benefits for its exercises. In this case, yoga enhances flexibility of the body, strengthens the stabilizer muscles, and enhances the development of balance and coordination.

It also reduces the chances of injury, helps in the burning of body calories, enhances the functioning of internal body organs, and eliminates body pain and fatigue.

Yoga is said to bring about tranquility of the mind. In this respect, yoga is associated with happiness. It enhances focus and increases energy among other things. Yoga also enhances self-esteem, facilitates meditation, and enhances discipline among individuals. In addition, it has been argued that yoga is practiced for spiritual meditation. Therefore, it can be summed up that yoga promotes the well-being of the mind.

From the documentary “Enlighten Up!”, it can be noted that yoga means different things to various individuals. In this documentary, an individual was examined as to whether he could transform after being exposed to yoga. Nick Rosen is the character that is exposed to various kinds of yoga and examined whether the yoga had an impact on him. At first, Rosen seemed to benefit from the yoga.

In this case, Rosen got physical and mind benefits emanating from the physical exercises in the yoga classes. Rosen leant that yoga is used by different individuals for different purposes (Karten, 2009).

Indeed, Rosen found that there are various forms of yoga all over the world. He also learnt of the various interpretations of yoga depending on the teachers. Some teachers of yoga claim that yoga is used to deliver an individual to the most preferred path. Other teachers claim that yoga is useful in helping individuals engage their minds.

On the same note, some teachers argue that yoga is beneficial for its physical exercises. Others argue that yoga enhances better sleep. In addition, there are assertions that yoga improves the sexual life of individuals. Furthermore, other individual practice yoga with the aim of making money (Karten, 2009).

Rosen learnt of the various reasons for engaging in yoga from his world tours learning different aspects of yoga. After his stay in India, Rosen became extremely confused about the whole concept of yoga. In fact, he did not even understand himself after visiting India to learn about the various kinds of yoga (Karten, 2009).

From Rosen’s experience, it can be noted that yoga does not imply the same meaning to all individuals who practice it. In this case, the meaning of yoga is determined by the teachers.


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