Sports Essay Examples and Topics

Paying College Athletes: Pros and Cons

Human capital can be defined as a collection of knowledge, habits, and personal creativity that are important in performing labor with the goal of producing an economic value. From an economic perspective, human capital is associated with the ability of a state or an organization to improve performance outcomes significantly. It is important to differentiate […]

Sport: Al Nassr Club

Al Nassr was established in the financial year 1945 through two brothers, namely Husein and Zeid Al- Ja’ba. The establishment of this club was in the house of the two brothers found on Al-Ataif Street in Riyadh. An ancient playing area situated at Al-Shortah Gashlat became the renowned field where the exercise occurred. Here there […]

Football in Saudi Arabia: The Soccer Al Nasser Club

Leisure and play activities fulfill an important role in modern society. Through these events, people are able to relax and obtain some level of enjoyment. In addition to this, the activities enable the participating members and observers of the games to socialize with each other. Soccer (referred to as football by the Saudis) is the […]

Sport: Figure Skating Judge Bias

Sports and physical activities rely on the principle that contestants should endeavor to come first under a recognized set of laws. Ethical codes of conduct in the field of sports and physical activities ensure that equality, sincerity, and integrity are upheld. As such, they outline what is permitted and what is not permitted. With respect […]

Olympic Games Benefits and Costs

London 2012 Olympic Games In the run-up to the historic London Olympic Games in 2012, the organizing committee encountered great challenges in the mechanisms of selling out the eight million tickets equitably among the twenty-six events in the games. The main objective of such mechanisms looked forward to maximizing the sales of the tickets without […]

Healthcare Issues: LA Fitness for Students

Introduction LA Fitness is an excellent online advertisement targeting college students. The advertisement promotes healthy living through its physical fitness programs (Fitness International, 2013). LA Fitness encourages online registration from students who have access to the internet. LA Fitness advertisement exhibits a great deal of state-of-the-art physical exercise equipment. According to the advertisement, there are […]

World Cup Workers in Qatar

For a long time, football has been used as a form of bringing people from different races together. World Cup particularly is used as a way of enhancing peace and harmony in the world. Supporters of different teams are encouraged to celebrate their victories without causing havoc. Therefore, tolerance is the most important virtue that […]

Julius Yego’s A Biography and Career

Selection Julius Yego is a Kenyan athlete who participates in throwing the javelin during the Olympics Championship. He was born in1989 within Nandi County, which is a popular region known for presenting long-distance runners. The athlete has not only pursued in the educational studies but also gained interest in athletics after watching videos on successful […]

The Olympics Outcomes

Introduction The Olympic Games have become the biggest sporting event in the world attracting thousands of athletes from nations all over the world for competition every four years. Nations and individual athletes take great pride in their participation in the event, and each Olympic victory is a source of pride for the country. However, these […]

Importance of Olympic Games

In 776 B.C in Olympia, Ancient Greece, an event took place. Unknown to them, the event would remain etched in history as one of the world’s greatest and most celebrated sports events thousands of years to come. It was the first event of the now popular Olympics. On the debut, the first event was a […]

Olympic Games Contributions

The history of the Olympic Games can be traced back to 3000 years ago (Young & Wamsley, 2005). In ancient Greece, physical excellence was celebrated during religious events. To appease their gods, the inhabitants of ancient Greece founded the Olympic Games. During its inception, the Olympic Games were held every four years. Participants comprised of […]

Olympic Games’ Debate

Introduction The Olympic Games debate has been ongoing for a long time. Many economists have argued that the games should be abolished because of their negative impact on the economies of host countries (Black, 2012). This is evident from the increasing financial requirements of subsequent games. Other factors that warrant the discontinuation of Olympic Games […]

Fitness and Sport Learning

The role of sport in education has long been underestimated by educators because most of students’ achievements are measured by their intellectual skills and abilities. In fact, physical education is as important as such discipline as mathematics, physics, biology, or literature. During the courses, my attention was attracted by Ken Robinson’s lecture on the role […]

Adventure Recreation

Adventure recreation relates to all activities, which mainly take place outdoors such as rafting, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities. Adventure recreation also entails several leisure activities, which are vigorous and physical in nature. Past studies have identified various elements of adventures. Specifically, they have included freedom of choice, self-motivation, interaction with nature, risks, rewards, […]

College Athletics: Should College Athletes Be Paid?

College sport becomes more popular with the public because of its entertaining and mass character. Furthermore, college sport is a necessary part of the American youth’s culture. That is why the problematic questions associated with the aspects of college sport attract the large audience to discussing the issues. Today, the question of paying college athletes […]

Sports Players Income Analysis

Introduction There has been a lot of literature generated over the years on the management of sports. This is in regard to the efficient management of sports revenues where the value of the individual player or a sports team is identified to be crucial in growing the sport. Most authors have outlined the need to […]

Snowboarding in the United States

Snowboarding has seemingly become one of the most popular sports in the United States, especially after the launch of the Winter Dew Tour at Colorado’s Breckenridge Ski Resort five years ago. Since then, snowboarding sport has undergone a series of evolution. For instance, new snowboarding tricks have been developed to replace or improve the old […]

Literature Review-Depression and Physical Activity

The benefits of engaging in physical activity have been widely established, with studies showing that physically active individuals are likely to incur reduced healthcare-associated costs, and minimal decline in functional impairment in comparison with their inactive counterparts (Plow, Allen, & Resnik, 2011). However, several factors can negatively affect physical activity among different individuals depending on […]

CrossFit Company

Introduction The Privately owned CrossFit Company has attracted attention due to its rapid growth over the last 7 years. The CrossFit training programs yield desirable results and many members have praised the effectiveness of the company’s fitness programs. Kreinin reveals that other sports clubs in New York have even launched a program similar to CrossFit […]

French Cycling Culture

History of Tour de France According to Thompson the history of this great race takes us back to the period in the late nineteenth century. During this period there was dramatic change within the country following the collapse of the second empire (7). A new third republic was proclaimed and with it major changes began […]

Patella Syndrome: A Critical Discussion

Definition & Background Information Patella syndrome, also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFS), has been defined in the literature as “retropatellar or peripatellar pain resulting from physical and biochemical changes in the patellofemoral joint” (Mark & Juhn 2012). Patella syndrome qualifies as the commonest cause of chronic knee pain, with current research studies demonstrating that […]

Sports Medicine

Introduction Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with identification, treatment, and prevention of injuries in sports (Edelson 53). In addition, it deals with physical fitness and well-being of individuals who participate in any kind of physical exercise. Sports medicine covers both professional and amateur athletes in all fields of sports. It is […]

The Developement of Soccer in the Past century

Introduction Soccer, also often referred to as football or league football is a game in which two teams play using a round ball, with each team consisting of eleven participants. At the beginning of the 21st century, the sport was played by an excess of 250 million players. This was in over 200 nations, and […]

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Introduction This paper focuses on the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It looks at the facility audit and feasibility/design analysis of the stadium. The Melbourne cricket Ground (MCG) is arguably one of the greatest assets in Australia. It is the most fashionable stadium and it is a usually very busy venue. It is used to host international […]

Should the NCAA Continue to Monitor and Enforce Compliance on the Collegiate Level?

Introduction The National Collegiate Academic Association was established approximately one hundred years ago with the principal objective of monitoring and regulating athletic sports practices at the collegiate level and universities. The main purpose of the organization is to ensure fairness, safety, equitability and sportsmanlike conduct in intercollegiate athletics (NCAA, 2011). NCCA also aims at ensuring […]

The Structural Sources of the Issue of ‘Juiced’ Athletes According to Mills’ Theory

The use of performance-enhancing drugs by athletes is one of the topical problems of modernity. Different interest groups provide their arguments for and against the legalization of steroids. This paper will use sociological imagination as the approach offered by Mills for discussing the deviant behaviors of ‘juiced’ athletes as personal trouble and public issue influenced […]

Mills and Juiced Athletes Problem

Juiced athletes problem In a bid to enhance their performance, athletes engage in juicing. However, society has a perspective on how sporting activities should be carried out. This explains why society has banned the use of drugs in order to improve performance. In most circles, using drugs to enhance performance is viewed as unethical. The […]

Analyzing Manchester United FC Competitive Advantage Using VRIN Framework

Introduction Manchester United FC abbreviated MUFC, is a globally recognized football corporation currently privately owned by the Glazer family. Since its incorporation, this football club has performed tremendously well with respect to profit generation, governance, and ownership structures, besides meeting the different expectations of the club’s stakeholders. This paper employs the VRIN framework to analyze […]

The London 2012 Olympic Games

Introduction Background The London 2012 games were based on a dream of hosting inspirational, secure and all-encompassing games that would leave a mark in the UK. When the representatives from the UK were bidding for the games, they promised it would be the first ever sustainable tournament. The meaning of the term ‘sustainability’ is very […]

Latino Students in High School Sports

Introduction Sports are part of the co-curriculum activities and as such, constitute part of the learning process. There is an established direct relationship between on the one hand, sports and on the other hand, student performance. Sports are believed to have positive and negative influences on the academic performance of students. In many schools, sports […]

The New York Marathon

History of the ING New York City Marathon The New York City Marathon is a major sporting event that began in 1970 as a humble affair. In the beginning, it attracted only 127 participants who paid one dollar entry fee to run in a 26.2 mile race around the central park. Only 55 participants made […]

Changes in NBA History

Introduction Since 1949, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has grown exponentially to accumulate a rich history characterized by remarkable stories and captivating characters. NBA has also over the years grown from a small league in America to a global phenomenon. However, its biggest achievement has been the fact that it has propelled basketball to be […]

Sport in Society

Nowadays sport managers have to solve a variety of questions concerning cultural diversity as athletes join different teams where people of different cultural backgrounds have to cooperate. Unfortunately, nowadays there are many opposing nations, i.e. people of different cultural backgrounds detest each other for some reasons. This can be a very serious problem for any […]

Technology and Sports

Is using technology an unfair advantage? Sportspeople are gradually embracing technology as a way to improve their performance. Austin (2007) stated that competitive advantage matters in sport. Hence, each sportsperson or team has the liberty to enhance their performance at all costs. For decades, athletes have not been able to adopt technology due to strict […]

“Why I Don’t Do Crossfit” by Erin Simmons

Introduction The article “Why I Don’t Do Crossfit” by Erin Simmons, the author writes about her perception regarding the training regimen associated with Crossfit (a popular fitness craze in the U.S.) and how it is supposedly a bad form of exercise to do. Fallacy of Hasty Generalization One of the first indicators that this is […]

Enlighten Up!

Yoga has become a common phenomenon among individuals in the modern world. Yoga did not originate from the western societies. It originated from India and has been embedded in the Hindu religion. However, for someone who has not known anything to do with the yoga, the individual may not comprehend what the yoga concept entails. […]

What are Fan Behaviors towards Sports Officials at the Middle School Level?

Abstract The objective of this project was to discuss fan behaviors towards sports officials at middle school level. In order to achieve this objective, qualitative research method was used to collect and to analyze data from different secondary sources. The results of the data analysis and literature review indicate that incidences of misbehavior among middle […]

2012 London Olympic Games: Ticket Retailing Challenges

Introduction Over the past 112 years, the Olympic Games are held after every four years. This analytical work discusses the 2012 London Olympic Games. It focuses on the analysis of the 2012 London Olympic Games case study. Specifically, the treatise reviews the current challenges with regards to ticketing, transportation, and economic impacts of the games. […]

Sport Governance Issue

Professional sports and the use of performance enhancing substances has been a matter of the more recent times. A larger number of major events have special committees that check for any illegal drugs taken by athletes, but sometimes, there are controversies that require a much closer look. Even though it might seem that it is […]

Revision of sport issues

Future of sports managers It is likely that sports managers will have to work with a series of suppliers for sporting facilities. Mainstream sport has a well-organised supplier base. However, with the emergence of new types of sports, managers will need to open themselves to divergent providers. This also implies that opportunities for entrepreneurship will […]

Cultural, Gender and Racial Differences in Sports

Cultural, gender and racial differences in sports are often observed but rarely acknowledged as important facets to sports management. Currently, there are many racial profiles regarding sports; like the common assumption that African Americans are better at sports than whites or Asians and males are better at sports than females (Bloom & Willard, 2002, p. […]

Referee VS. Technology

Introduction There is no doubt that mankind is experiencing advancement in technologies like never before and the trend shows that he should expect more. Following this, every field ranging from business, economics, management, judiciary, local government and more importantly sports have tried to embrace these new technologies in one way or the other. One field […]

Virtual Reality in Soccer Training

Recently, there has been an increased demand for the development of sports science. This area is recognized as an academic discipline and as a valid are of professional practice. The use of the technologies allows players to evaluate their performance by looking at the situation from a perspective of a viewer. Specifically virtual reality technologies […]

Development of Monitoring System for Racing Camels and other Racing Species

Technology Driven Project Development In the modern world, technology seems to play an essential role in the life of every human being. However, it should be stressed that the social life is not the single sphere where technologies are applicable as they are commonly used in the development of projects. Open innovation is one of […]

Sport can be local and global

What makes a sport local, regional, or global? Local cultures, communities and individual venues of a location may make sport remain local. Such local sports have a strong connection with history, culture and community of the location. These sports may also be available in other countries. However, participation and connection only remain strong in countries […]

Student-Athletes and Socialization

Admittedly, many high school student-athletes strive to enter a college or a university to pursue their athletic career (Sanders et al. 23). Many of these students dream of a professional career. Some see their athletic achievements as the way to obtain higher education. However, it is important to note that often college years fall short […]

Value of Sports Talent

Introduction One of the greatest motivators of the sports industry and sometimes the only motivator is identified to be the revenues that players as well as their teams rake in after a particular game or tournament. The need to increase the amount of revenue that a team or a player makes has led researcher to […]

Coaching Philosophy

The fundamental foundation of a good team rests upon the ability of the coach to lead the team to greater heights. Consequently, a well-developed and tested coaching philosophy as demonstrated by the coach is one of the basic prerequisites of building a strong team. Below, the tenets that describe my coaching philosophy are outlined. I […]

Athletic Administration and Coaching: Statement of the Problem

Over the last few decades, a large body of research has been dedicated to the study of administration and coaching from a sociological angle that focuses on the impact of this sport on culture or on fans’ behavior. It is not surprising to witness this interest in athletics given its importance in the sports industry, […]

Rationale of Sport Policy and Ideologies Influencing it

The “Developing the European Dimension in Sport” has been identified as the first policy issued by the Commission with concentrating on Sport-related issues after the implementation of the “White Paper”, which gives the EU a mandate to support, coordinate and supplement sport policy measures taken by Member States (European Commission 2011a:2). The Communication comprises the […]

Football and media in the UAE

Introduction The UAE is made up of seven emirates and Abu Dhabi is the capital. “The rest are Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain” (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011). The region is highly recognized for petroleum, natural gas, metals, tourism and in the recent past, real estate. Sport is considered as one of […]

Use of PEDs in Sports

Sports Commissioner on Implementation and Legalization of PEDs Since doping is an increasing concern within the world of sports, there is a need to accept the reality of the matter and endorse a legal legislation that allows for the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in the sporting arena. The procedure though will involve the World […]

Should Professional Sports Allow the Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs?

Introduction Humans have always shown an extraordinary creativity in trying to get a physical edge on other humans. Each innovation has had side effects, both positive and negative. The innovations in techniques that current athletes seek and use to garner a competitive advantage are a natural continuation of this longstanding pattern of behavior. In recent […]

Martial Art School for Kids

Introduction Martial arts are extensive system involving several codified practices and traditions of fighting. It is usually practiced for several reasons, some of which include for self defense, physical health, fitness, and in some cases competition (Micah, 2007, 7-15). A part from that, some people take it as a mental and spiritual development. But in […]

Violence in Hockey

Introduction Human beings and driven by emotions that originate from deep within them. Rage is one of the emotional responses that individuals have while responding to an incident or a situation (Andrews 21). In the process of expressing their rage, humans usually turn out to violence or violent like behaviors. Violence from rage can arise […]

Violence in Sport: Playing the Game Clean

Abstract Because of the fact that some games demand the use of physical force, they are often considered as brutal by sports amateurs. Yet it must be admitted that in certain kinds of sport, the use of force is demanded by the rules, which does not make it more brutal or cruel. Since every kind […]

History of Hockey in Canada

Introduction Sports have been one of the main aspects through which some countries have gained their recognition. Some countries are found to be good in certain sports activity with respect to others and this is usually used to give them identity worldwide. For example in athletics and especially long races, Kenya has been seen to […]

Collision Martial Art School

Executive summary Collision Martial Arts’ vision statement is to provide the means for each and every individual to possess a more productive and fulfilling life experience from martial arts by learning respect, honor, self discipline, self defense and physical fitness in a professional structure and friendly environment. The main objective is to create an environment […]

The Coney Polar Bear Club

Introduction Among the variety of leisure activities, it is hard to define the one that is worthy of attention and recognition. Each activity has its own characteristics, strong, and weak sides and may be supported by people all over the world. In this paper, much attention will be paid to the idea of winter swimming […]

Academic Achievement and Physical Fitness

Introduction Increased levels of obesity and poor health standards among students across the United States (US) has brought a lot of focus to student health and more so, the effects of bad health on academic performance (Chomitz, 2009, p. 30). However, the debate on the correlation between health and academic performance has long been done […]

Steroid use in professional sports

Abstract The issue of steroid as a substance of enhancing muscles for sportsmen and women has become a hot issue in sports arena. Majority of athletes are making personal admission that they have been using steroids for a long time in order to gain bodyweight, increase muscles, and realize increased body mass growth. Numerous prominent […]

Howard’s Power Play

Juwan Howard, a 6-foot-9-inch, 23-year-old, generous basketball player, had a complete turnaround in his career as a basket-baller in a period of one month. During this time, his worth had increased six fold from $37.5 million to over $200 million. Events leading to this had been initiated by the Bullets signing up the University of […]

The Title IX Decision against the Quinnipiac University

The question of gender is actively discussed in relation to sport with references to providing the equal opportunities for female athletes. According to Title IX, any discrimination regarding the sex or gender issues is prohibited (Thornton, 2010). The Title IX Decision against the Quinnipiac University of 2010 became one of the most controversial cases associated […]

How College Athletes Deal with Stress and Manage Time

Introduction College student athletes engage in sports for various personal reasons and interests. Participation in college sports is based on personal choices and leaves the athletes with stress issues involving competition in the sports, maintenance of good grades and social life as well as time management for all these activities (Kimball & Freysinger, 2003). The […]

Impact of 2012 Olympics on London and UK

Introduction Olympics forms part of the world’s major sporting events. The event is enormous and complex, making it a rather difficult project to put together. While arranging to host such a mega event, it is critical for the host nation to assess with accuracy the potential impact that the event will have on the nation […]

Nike Dumps Lance Armstrong

The article discusses the fate of Lance Armstrong, a world champion cyclist accused of using drugs to enhance performance. Several companies that used Armstrong in commercials to promote their brand ended their partnerships. These companies include Nike, RadioShack corporation, Trek Bicycle Corporation, FRS Company and Anheuser-Busch (Albergotti et al par1). Among these companies, Nike was […]

Medical Ethics Violation

Introduction In the past, medical ethics has been centered on the doctor, the patient, and the doctor- patient affiliation. Nevertheless, in the contemporary setting, most care happens in organizational backgrounds; for instance, group practices among others. Medical cultures and strategies influence the care given to patients as well as decorum in the sector, either positively […]

Risk Management Plan: Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking This is risk management plan for mountain biking on different routes that include public roads and fire trails. Trip overview and description The mountain Biking trip shall take place in Hartland “The Dump”, which is an 80 kilometer route in Vancouver Island-British Columbia. The route has been ranked among the best for mountain […]

Risk Management Plan: Kilimanjaro Mountain

Introduction A Risk Management Plan is a document that is prepared that documents any of the risks that are bound to happen and how the risk will impact the events that are planned to take place (Phillips, 2004). A Risk Management Plan helps the specific people who are planning for the specific event to be […]

Olympic-Style Lifts and Power Lifting Lifts

As it would be observed, the purpose of a power program and a functional strength is to establish a strong foundation which optimizes the improvements of speed and acceleration, thus helping practitioners develop the desired tissue and force capacity for the sport. In order to successfully accomplish this objective, the condition and strength coach would […]

Strength and Conditioning Article Critique

“Strength Training for the Warfighter” an article by William Kraemer and Tunde Szivak discusses methods that can be used to make endurance training for soldiers and professional athletes more effective. Kraemer and Szivak deviate from the traditional methods used in endurance training for soldiers which focused on physical fitness. Kraemer and Szivak propose that endurance […]

Past Olympic Games and London 2012

Introduction The Olympic Games are hailed as the world’s biggest sporting event and hosting the games bestows great prestige on a nation. During these games, the global spotlight is on the host city that acts as a world stage for the sporting events and the host city endeavours to make a global impression. In the […]

Heat Related Injuries in Sports

Heat related injuries in sports occur as a result of doing excessive physical exercises in hot or humid conditions resulting in heat cramps, heat stroke or heat exhaustion. This paper is going to look at the symptoms, signs and ways of preventing heat related injuries in sports. In human bodies, heat is regulated through sweating. […]

Risk Management Plan for Outdoor Expeditions and Overnight Trips

Trip overview and description This risk management plan will cover four day trip to Mount Whitney which is the highest summit in the US with an elevation of 14497 feet above sea level. Whitney summit is Among the Sierra Nevada highest peaks. The trail will follow the normal Mount Whitney route which is considered to […]

The athlete’s performance

To achieve high results in the sport competitions of different levels, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the improvement of physical skills and abilities and to the regular training but also to the development of the athletes’ mental skills. In this case, imagination can be discussed as the most influential mental skill. […]

Olympic Games and IT

Introduction The Olympic Games are held once in every four years. The games which include the winter and summer games involve thousands of athletes drawn from more than 200 nations from around the world. In addition to that, the event is hosted by cities that are selected by the International Olympic Committee which decides where […]

Nike Company’s and Lance Armstrong Relationship

Introduction Nike is a cloth and footwear company with products that have gained high recognition for their design and quality. Lance Armstrong is a former seven time champion of the Tour de France cycling championship. Lance Armstrong has been the Nike’s iconic figure for a long time. The long term relationship between Nike and Armstrong […]

Concept of Scavenger Hunts Game

One of the most exciting, yet not necessarily tiring, outdoor physical activity that is gaining in popularity these days is the outdoor scavenger hunt. The rules are quite simple; several people within a group pair up and go on a hunt to scavenge items all throughout a particular location. The pair that successfully finds all […]

How governments and global processes influence football

Introduction Association football, sometimes called soccer to differentiate it from other leg sports, is the world’s most popular sport. The sport is frequently referred to as football by much of the English speaking world and has come a long way to become the most important sporting activity in the world. According to available scientific evidence, […]

Victorian rugby league

Rugby is one of the biggest international sporting games in the world, and this is the case in Australia in which it is one of the three major football codes that dominate Australian sport. The origin of rugby can be traced back to times in which it was played at the eminent English public schools. […]

Long Term Athlete Development Stage: Training to Train

Introduction Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) refers to a model of coaching that focuses on all development aspects of athletes. It emphasizes on the stages of human development and aligns them towards specific needs of the athletes. The model empowers the coaches to provide support to the athletes at all stages in order for them […]

Hawthorn and Collingwood

Introduction Event organization can be seen broadly as a subject whose lessons are highly practical in application since there is an environment that may largely require these services. A number of things must be incorporated into the analysis of an event or events especially regarding the overall gain that results from effective application of event […]

Grass roots Vs. Elite Sports

Introduction Sporting is a very important activity for Australia as a nation. Previously, sporting activities have been funded through a ‘top down’ approach that is now inadequate for the maintenance of the nation’s sporting glory (Houhlias, 2011). The ‘top down’ practice has led to widespread claims of imbalance between funding of the elite and grassroots […]

Study by Kirby, Moran and Guerin on athletes using doping

Introduction The paper looks at a study carried out by Kirby, Moran and Guerin (2011) on “a qualitative analysis of the experiences of elite athletes who have admitted to doping for performance enhancement”. Criticisms are drawn by evaluating various areas of the study. The areas covered include the purpose of the study, the type of […]

Major League Baseball Players Association

Major League Baseball Players Association (union) is an association of expert major league baseball players. The association was founded in the 1953. In 1966, Marvin Miller from united steel workers association was hired to head the organization. He served as an executive Director until 1953. In 1977, Donald Fehr joined the MLBPA. In 1985, he […]

Justification of the Bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics Games – Rio de Janeiro

Introduction Long in history, different events are hosted in different places around the world. The events are very diverse and include sporting events, cultural, religious, and environmental among many others. Major sporting events are known to attract very many participants such as the Olympic Games. A lot of planning and management decisions are deployed by […]

The International Federation of Football Association

Introduction The world has undergone various transformations that have made it easier for people from various regions of the world to meet and share many aspects of their cultures. Modernization has forced almost all countries in the world to share common beliefs and practices that identify them as one block. The use of modern technology […]

Sport and money

Which sports should not have received any money and/or as much money? Each sports developed in Australia deserves further advancement to introduce the highest professional level at the world level. However, inequality of funding allocations leads to uneven distribution of resources and inadequate development of sports in Australia as a whole. Funding selected sports, therefore, […]

Purpose of the Qatar 2022 Campaign

The campaign for the 2022 world cup bid by Qatar was a substantial step in the football field. World cup events have not been a Middle East affair and the Qatar 2022 campaign aimed at ending this culture. In the past times, the western countries have always shown interest in hosting football world cups leaving […]

The Potential of London for the EURO 2012 Tournament

Introduction This report covers a mega international sporting event, which is the EURO 2012 tournament. The purpose of this report is to convince the European football Association; UEFA that London is the best host destination for the EURO 2012 tournament. The report will examine the potential that London has in hosting the event. It examines […]

Bid for the 2014 World Cup – Brazil

Introduction Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) world cup is an event of a global inclination. This is a major sporting event that has the highest number of spectators in the world. It is a football competition that is contested by national football teams of men (Wong, 2009). The nations that participate in this event are […]

NBA Strike 2011

Introduction Recent media activities have shown an increasing trend among media corporations and information outlets to provide the public with an in-depth coverage of sports activities including scandals, conflicts, and news updates. These crises have become common especially where drugs, financial difficulties, sex, and violence are involved. The coverage often comprise on field or court […]

Bidding Document: Madrid’s bid to Host the 2020 Summer Olympics Games

Introduction Research demonstrate that major international events, or simply mega-events, are commonly associated with the accrual of economic opportunities, infrastructural development, tourism development, and identity and image building for host countries or cities (Andranovick et al, 2001). Indeed, there is growing recognition these events have incredible reach and global marketing potential (Swart & Bob, 2004). […]

Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports

Doping is defined as the infringement of the World Anti Doping Agency regulations.1 It is said that most sportsmen and women have been using steroids and even stars like former American sprinter Marion Jones pleaded guilty of using these drugs. Some stars who do not use steroids claim that those who use them break the […]

Boxing vs. MMA

Introduction For more than a hundred years, boxing as a game has significantly evolved to become one of the most popular sporting activities in the world. This evolution has seen a wide range of personalities join it resulting into a massive support from all parts of the world. Boxing has given birth to heroes who […]

The Paradox of Social Class and Sports Involvement

Abstract The article of Thomas C. Wilson (2002) will be critically analyzed in this thesis. The study in that article was to establish the role of sports involvement in the creation of social classes within the society. The author opined that high educational level or the income distribution of participants increases people’s tendency of involving […]

Steroids in Baseball

The habit of steroid use among professional athletes is not uncommon in sports arena. Over the past decade, athletes have been charged with the use of performance enhancement drug namely the anabolic Steroid. The reputation of these athletes has been tarnished after they openly admitted to the allegations. However, it is common knowledge that the […]

FIFA World Cup

Historical overview Soccer (sometimes known as football) is a sport whose earliest development was in the Middle East over three thousand years ago. Even though these early presentations had some elements that the modern-day sport can associate with, the rules then were not similar to what is currently used. ne of the earliest forms of […]

Ethics and professional standards of Fitness Gym

The term ethics can be described as a system comprising of moral principles and rules of conduct which are recognized with reference to a certain class of human and their actions. This can apply to a specific group of individuals, culture or others. Such principles and rules that govern the way members act and react […]

Sports Performance in Society

A sport can be defined as any organized and more so an entertaining activity that entails competition and requires a lot of strategy, commitment and fair play for success and sustainability (Magee, 2003, p. 178). As far as different sports are concerned, a winner is supposed to be defined by acceptable and objective means that […]