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The North Melbourne Kangaroos: Sport Club Analysis

According to the Constitution of North Melbourne Football Club Limited, the North Melbourne Kangaroos' have the following mission: Maintain, provide, support and field a team or teams of footballers bearing the name of North Melbourne [...]

Student Athletes’ Employee Status and Compensation

While the majority would argue from various perspectives that the scholarships and the meager benefits are enough compensation, the huge amount of returns the colleges and universities receive from the student-athletes participating in the sports [...]

Homophobia in Sports: History and Factors

Sociologists attribute the prevalence of homophobia in sports to the recurrent patterns of socialization in the sporting fraternity. There is a need for sensitization on the issue of homophobia and how it affects cohesion and [...]

Sports Law: Principles and Practice

The Swiss law binds each club, athlete, member, and federation to a sports organisation that recognises the Swiss law. In the sporting field, the Swiss, British, Irish, and French among other member states can appeal [...]

Skin Injuries and Infections in Athletes

The neglecting of the symptoms and inappropriate treatment can cause the development of MRSA. The treatment of the infection usually includes the drainage of abscesses and usage of the oral antibiotics.

The Australian Volleyball Federation

The Australian Volleyball Federation is the peak body that oversees the administration of the volleyball sport in Australia. Ensure that the quality and reputation of the volleyball federation are maintained and enhanced.

Planning for an Intramural Soccer Event

The same goes for the organization of games, recruitment of referees, and raising the money required to hold the event. The operational plan was a significant determinant of the success of the event.

Exercise Intensity: Results and Effects

This paper seeks to explore the effects of the intensity of exercises on the molecular responses of the body. It has been evidently discovered and determined that the intensity of the physical exercises conducted on [...]

Nutrition and Sport: Career Requirements and Employment

Like any other career, sports science is governed by several key agencies, such as the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Athletic Trainer's Association, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the American Dietetics Association, [...]

Baseball Players’ Salaries Analysis

This meant that the salaries of LA Dodgers players were evenly distributed relative to average salary with above-average distribution in NY Yankees and a weak distribution in NY Mets.

Extreme Sports: Indy Racing League

Additionally, the decline in appeal of open-wheel racing coupled with a fragmented market and a weakened economy made it difficult for IRL to find corporate partners.

The Australian Football League Expansion

The Australian Football League is the most competitive professional competition in the sport of Australian Rules football. The final marks the end of the season and the winning team is crowned as 'the 'premiers.

English Premier League History

Nowadays the English Premier League is considered as the powerful competitor in Europe because its clubs provide the vivid play not only in the context of the league's matches but also because the teams of [...]

Importance of Outdoor Free Plays

Since the amount of time that children spend while playing outdoors has fallen drastically over the past few decades, it is vital to persuade children to play outdoors in order to grow socially, physical, creatively, [...]

Physical Exercise’s Advantages

Most heart complications can be avoided or retracted by regular exercise because the heart is one of the body organs that need to be active to function efficiently.

Barcelona Football Club

The team also boasts of Lionel Messi who is arguably the best player of the current generation of footballers in the world.

Sport Industry in the USA

In other words, the hosts also focused on the customers of the product produced by the sports industry. Thus, the programs create a positive image of sports and focus on the orientation of the "business".

The American Golf’ Marketing

Figure 1 below captures the declines in the number of participants and golf courses in the recent past.  The figure above shows that golfers are declining at a faster rate than the golf courses, hence [...]

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

The illegal actions of the monopsony of universities disobeying the rules of NCAA benefit the athletes whose performance finally gets rewarded in a more appropriate way, yet it leads to the dissatisfaction of the institutions [...]

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sport

While the phenomenon of a sportsman taking drugs to win the tournament and, therefore, become a part of the universe of sport can be viewed as a lesser instance of over conformity, the total acceptance [...]

Sociology Importance in Sports

Sociology of sports is a field of sociology that perceives sports from a social perspective. One may consider irrelevant to view sports from a social perspective but understanding of different areas of sports social aspects [...]

Admiration by Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow, a quarterback of the Denver Broncos, can be considered as such a famous person who is worth of real admiration because of his achievements and way of life and that is why he [...]

Endurance Athletics in Atlanta

Moreover, his performance in this event was due to his body's ability to optimize the internal environment under stress and challenge. In this event, I had an opportunity to interview the winner and some athletes [...]

High Protein Drinks for Athletes

The four categories in investigating this research topic are effect of weight training, recovery times, protein consumption, and established methods of increasing recovery times.

Use of Steroids in the MLB

The lack of condemnation of the practice is evidence that the society has accepted the use of steroids to be part of baseball, a fact that eventually erodes the essence and beauty of the game [...]

Sport’ Professionals Comparison

In particular, one should discuss the work of personal trainers, athletic trainers, and physical therapists. In the beginning, they are obliged to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of these individuals.

Manchester United vs Arsenal

The match was the second leg of the semi-finals in the contention for the UEFA Champions League cup. He was also instrumental in all of the Arsenal attempts on goal and gave accurate passes; both [...]

Sport Strength and Flexibility Program

Balance training Aerobic fitness or cardiovascular endurance is a major feature of the program because the exercise supports deep and faster breathing, which is the best way of increasing the supply of oxygen to the [...]

Table Tennis Training

The aim of this study thus is to determine the applicability of training of the two aspects, viz."what" and "how" when playing ping-pong."What" in this context implies the decision that a player has to make [...]

Mountaineering Fatalities in Denali 1903-2006

The article "Mountaineering Fatalities on Denali" by McIntosh, Campbell, Dow, and Grissom, which appears in the 9th volume of the High Altitude Medicine & Biology Journal, addresses the question of fatalities in the sport.

Paying College Athletes: Pros and Cons

For the purpose of the argument in this paper, financial capital is given a priority. In an era where the internet is playing a great role in broadcasting athletics events at colleges, it is no [...]

Sport: Al Nassr Club

According to the club's reports, the son of Saud named Doyen Abdulrahman turned out to be the leader of the club during that period.

Sport: Figure Skating Judge Bias

If the theory is implemented, the judges would be compared to the occupants of the cells. The theory would be appropriate in tackling figure skating judge bias because the judges would not be able to [...]

Olympic Games Benefits and Costs

In the run-up to the historic London Olympic Games in 2012, the organizing committee encountered great challenges in the mechanisms of selling out the eight million tickets equitably among the twenty-six events in the games.

Healthcare Issues: LA Fitness for Students

Inclusion of sports and physical exercise classes in learning institutions justifies the significance of exercise to students. LA Fitness has physical exercise programs that are cost-friendly to college students.

World Cup Workers in Qatar

For the tournament in Qatar to send the peace and unity message that World Cup has been initially designed for, treatment of workers at various sites must be improved.

The Olympics Outcomes

The initial intention of the Olympic Games was to promote peace and integration of the world's nations. The use of such substance and the violent activities are as a result of the volumes of people [...]

Importance of Olympic Games

On the debut, the first event was a sprint where the winner earned himself a leaf from the olive tree, being accorded a deity-like status by the poets and being recognized as a hero for [...]

Olympic Games Contributions

Given the fact that the Olympic Games are meant to increase cultural diversification, event organizers should strive to ensure that the public makes the best out of the events.

Olympic Games’ Debate

For example, facilities constructed before the commencement of the games remain unused for most of the year after completion of the games in many countries.

Fitness and Sport Learning

Most of the theoretical and practical perspectives during the course have expanded my outlook on the role of sport in my life, as well as how it can enhance my professional fulfillment.

Adventure Recreation

This has led to a tremendous growth of outdoor activities because individuals have created a great demand for varieties in expedition and adventures. Skills and knowledge in such activities provide opportunities for participants to understand [...]

Sports Players Income Analysis

This is in regard to the efficient management of sports revenues where the value of the individual player or a sports team is identified to be crucial in growing the sport.

CrossFit Company

Because of the intense routines, CrossFit program members are able to attain physical fitness in a short while. This paper set out to highlight the benefits of CrossFit program.

French Cycling Culture

This prompted the political optimists and individuals profiting from the changes to equate the change with progress and the promise of a greater future for the nation.

Patella Syndrome: A Critical Discussion

Although there has been intense debate about the causes of patella syndrome, with some researchers suggesting that one of the likely causes is the maltracking of the patella on the femur as a direct consequence [...]

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is an important field of medicine because it deals with preventive, curative, and rehabilitative aspects of physical fitness and injuries in sports.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Expansion of the stadium in anticipation of the 2006 Commonwealth games has led to the MCG being one of the most developed stadia in the world.

Mills and Juiced Athletes Problem

Additionally, such drugs are seen as a danger to the health of the users. In this regard, the views of Mills regarding attempts to shape the society are confirmed as true.

The London 2012 Olympic Games

Purpose of the Report The general aim of this report is to assess the sustainability of the London games 2012. The use of the three sustainability indicators is in line with the legacy of the [...]

The New York Marathon

The redrawing of the race course by Lebow helped to bring the New York City together, and elevate the sport to an international status."The New York City Marathon's unique mix of athletics, neighborhood spirit, and [...]

Changes in NBA History

Kirchberg makes a comparison of the growth of the league to the growth of athletes by noting that the league has grown "From the first superstar, center George Mikan of the Minneapolis Lakers, to its [...]

Sport in Society

This can be a very serious problem for any team where each team player should trust other players and should be trusted.

Technology and Sports

According to Baker, technology is sucking the life out of the majority of athletes. Technology is used to ensure that there are no cases of "gender frauds" in sports.

Enlighten Up!

Long before I joined yoga, I used to think "going to the yoga mat" referred to going to the hall in which yoga was practiced.

Sport Governance Issue

Judging by the character of the coach and the players, it can be said that this investigation should not be done in relation to sport, but as a matter that stands alone and apart from [...]