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Boxing vs. MMA Essay



For more than a hundred years, boxing as a game has significantly evolved to become one of the most popular sporting activities in the world. This evolution has seen a wide range of personalities join it resulting into a massive support from all parts of the world. Boxing has given birth to heroes who can be compared to the ancient gladiators that were famous during the Roman Empire.

Together with mixed martial arts fighters, they have fully transformed fighting into a professional game across the world (Arrenquin, 2010). Although some people assume that mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters are better athletes than boxers, this notion lies far below the truth. Backed with a myriad of evidence and facts, boxers have remained the most admirable, best and breathtaking personalities.

Boxers as Superior Athletes

What makes boxing more appealing than MMA is the manner in which boxers master their moves and employ the right technique timely and accurately. Boxers study and grasp their opponents before making any move. This allows them to combat them in a twinkle of an eye before the other person realizes that they are in a fight.

The study of opponents gives boxers the ability to take on different characters without any fear. Besides mastery of style and analysis of the opponent, boxers ensure that they are never caught in the same position during the fight (Arrenquin, 2010). This makes it hard for the opponent to understand possible moves or position of attack.

Their swift ability to move and change of locations gives them an upper hand in understanding the tricks of the opponent and not vice versa. The most outstanding of all these is the fact that boxers hit but they are never hit. This technique remains an uphill task to MMA players who end up receiving countless punches despite their movements.

What about endurance? Is there any MMA fighter who can withstand the brutality and pain that boxers go through? Too many if not all MMA players and funs, boxing is committing suicide, yet boxers are able to not only withstand it but also overcome it and make history.

The average number of punches which a boxer receives during a fight cannot in any way be compared to countable touches that land on MMA fighters (Blower, 2006).

Nevertheless, it has to be mentioned that some boxers have succumbed to the ring punches, resulting into public outcry concerning the safety of the game.

Additionally, boxing may result in injuries leaving players with pain or permanently injured (BBC, 2011). Astonishingly, this has never deterred boxers from scaling to become highly recognized athletes among fighters. It therefore suffices to note that boxers are usually driven by passion and interest in the game regardless of the perceived danger.

Another reason which makes boxers outstanding and more superior than MMA fighters is the rigorous training which they go through before engaging in a fight. Although MMA players do practice and exercise, the nature of boxers’ training is by far challenging and demanding compared to that of the MMA.

Ranging from starvation to road work, boxers are required to undergo these processes in order to meet the standards defined by boxing rules (Blower, 2006). Can MMA fighters endure starvation as a way a fighting prerequisite? This is common to boxers who are expected to be within a given weight range depending on their weight category. They also endure countless sparring round, running and carrying heavy bags among other strenuous exercises without getting weary or giving up (BBC, 2011).


To give credit where it is due, it would be prudent to acknowledge MMA fighters as tremendous athletes in the world athletic history. They stir and excite crowds, they have funs around the world but are not superior to boxers. Based on brutal training, sacrifices and longer fighting sessions, boxers are with doubt ranked higher than MMA fighters.


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