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Golden Boy boxing Research Paper


Golden Boy boxing distribution channels

The boxing industry has been changing over the years. It is argued that the fighting sports and the UFC have muscled their way into the sporting market. Over the years, promoters of boxing matches have been transforming their general marketing strategies of the sport. Evidence can be drawn from the fight that brought Mayweather and Alvarez to the ring.

The fight was termed as one of the biggest in relation to the number of audience it received. If the gate sales were anything to go by, they indicate that the pay per view gate sales amounted $20 million. Apparently the fight was also aired on Showtime PPV and commercials were also run during the NFL matches.

The fight was also promoted through the college football matches most notably in the match featuring Alabama vs. Texas A&M matches. Showtime is owned by CBS which is a multimedia broadcasting company (Hoffert par. 1-4).

The fight was also aired through 500 theatres within the United States of America, as well as across six channels owned by MGMs, which are delivered in HD. A lot of the advertisements were placed on the printed media and purchasers of tickets were gifted with a free copy of the ESPN magazine.

Additionally the fight was promoted through the radio stations such as CBS radio, Howard Stern, and in the Jim Rome Show. The company was also able to promote the fight through its social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook (Hoffert par. 5-6).

Golden Boy boxing SWOT analysis


One of the significant strengths associated with the golden boy boxing promotion company is the fact that the founder and president of the organization was a former professional boxer. Oscar de la Hoya also happens to come from the minority Hispanic community, which means that he has first-hand information about the plight of professional boxers and the challenges they go through their work (“Golden Boy Promotions” par. 1).

Golden Boy boxing also has several other strengths such as making use of the social media in their marketing and promotion of their boxing events, not to mention the various agreements they have signed with international broadcasters such as ESPN and CBS which are among the leading players in the multimedia and broadcasting industry (Hoffert par. 2).


A significant weakness associated with this franchise is that they mainly focus on the singing of male boxers and tend to neglect female boxers. Female boxing is now emerging into a major event attracting considerable crowds, which would further help the company to advertise its operations in the emerging female boxing industry.


The company also has the opportunity to expand into other markets and enter into more agreements, which would ensure that they become the leading global players in the promotion of boxing. Currently they are based in the united states, but have the opportunity to enter other markets such as Europe and Asia where the sport commands a tremendous following (SACE Board of South Australia p. 20).


One of the significant threat that can be associated with Golden Boy Boxing is entering into a market. The market is dominated by the big boxing promotion companies which have already acquired their business niche within the sector and industry.

Such companies include Top Rank and Main Events, which are also top boxing promotion companies. The other threat is the state of the economy and pricing of their tickets and shows are subject to economic recessions and the purchasing power of their clients (Blann & Armstrong pp.209-210).

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