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Martial Arts Essay Examples and Topics

Self-Defense Techniques in Martial Arts

Regarding self-defense, the most important thing is to neutralize the villain to stay safe and sound but not to win. Needless to say that the self-defense is to be taught.
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Martial Art School for Kids

Since the problem and the objective of the research have been stated, the following are the steps to be taken in the research process.
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Collision Martial Art School

The owner of Collision Martial arts school, Cinthia Flores, has a fifth degree black belt in judo, and will be available to offer her invaluable knowledge to the school.
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Boxing vs. MMA

Besides mastery of style and analysis of the opponent, boxers ensure that they are never caught in the same position during the fight.
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Rod Sanford: Traditional martial Arts

It is during that time that Rod finally realized that his heart was not so much on being the sheriff he was and instead wanted to teach more and the idea of a martial arts [...]
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