Martial Arts Essay Examples and Topics

Martial Art School for Kids

Introduction Martial arts are extensive system involving several codified practices and traditions of fighting. It is usually practiced for several reasons, some of which include for self defense, physical health, fitness, and in some cases competition (Micah, 2007, 7-15). A part from that, some people take it as a mental and spiritual development. But in […]

Collision Martial Art School

Executive summary Collision Martial Arts’ vision statement is to provide the means for each and every individual to possess a more productive and fulfilling life experience from martial arts by learning respect, honor, self discipline, self defense and physical fitness in a professional structure and friendly environment. The main objective is to create an environment […]

Boxing vs. MMA

Introduction For more than a hundred years, boxing as a game has significantly evolved to become one of the most popular sporting activities in the world. This evolution has seen a wide range of personalities join it resulting into a massive support from all parts of the world. Boxing has given birth to heroes who […]

Rod Sanford: Traditional martial Arts

Rod is a family man with a sense of community involvement; he owns and operates a very successful martial arts school at Soquel community. His son Shawn who has 22 years experience in the business is the manager while his daughter teaches and also works in the office. His wife teaches police tactics and Suzie […]