Athletes Essay Examples and Topics

Paying College Athletes: Pros and Cons

Human capital can be defined as a collection of knowledge, habits, and personal creativity that are important in performing labor with the goal of producing an economic value. From an economic perspective, human capital is associated with the ability of a state or an organization to improve performance outcomes significantly. It is important to differentiate […]

Latino Students in High School Sports

Introduction Sports are part of the co-curriculum activities and as such, constitute part of the learning process. There is an established direct relationship between on the one hand, sports and on the other hand, student performance. Sports are believed to have positive and negative influences on the academic performance of students. In many schools, sports […]

Revision of sport issues

Future of sports managers It is likely that sports managers will have to work with a series of suppliers for sporting facilities. Mainstream sport has a well-organised supplier base. However, with the emergence of new types of sports, managers will need to open themselves to divergent providers. This also implies that opportunities for entrepreneurship will […]

Student-Athletes and Socialization

Admittedly, many high school student-athletes strive to enter a college or a university to pursue their athletic career (Sanders et al. 23). Many of these students dream of a professional career. Some see their athletic achievements as the way to obtain higher education. However, it is important to note that often college years fall short […]

Coaching Philosophy

The fundamental foundation of a good team rests upon the ability of the coach to lead the team to greater heights. Consequently, a well-developed and tested coaching philosophy as demonstrated by the coach is one of the basic prerequisites of building a strong team. Below, the tenets that describe my coaching philosophy are outlined. I […]

Athletic Administration and Coaching: Statement of the Problem

Over the last few decades, a large body of research has been dedicated to the study of administration and coaching from a sociological angle that focuses on the impact of this sport on culture or on fans’ behavior. It is not surprising to witness this interest in athletics given its importance in the sports industry, […]

The Coney Polar Bear Club

Introduction Among the variety of leisure activities, it is hard to define the one that is worthy of attention and recognition. Each activity has its own characteristics, strong, and weak sides and may be supported by people all over the world. In this paper, much attention will be paid to the idea of winter swimming […]

Howard’s Power Play

Juwan Howard, a 6-foot-9-inch, 23-year-old, generous basketball player, had a complete turnaround in his career as a basket-baller in a period of one month. During this time, his worth had increased six fold from $37.5 million to over $200 million. Events leading to this had been initiated by the Bullets signing up the University of […]

How College Athletes Deal with Stress and Manage Time

Introduction College student athletes engage in sports for various personal reasons and interests. Participation in college sports is based on personal choices and leaves the athletes with stress issues involving competition in the sports, maintenance of good grades and social life as well as time management for all these activities (Kimball & Freysinger, 2003). The […]

Olympic-Style Lifts and Power Lifting Lifts

As it would be observed, the purpose of a power program and a functional strength is to establish a strong foundation which optimizes the improvements of speed and acceleration, thus helping practitioners develop the desired tissue and force capacity for the sport. In order to successfully accomplish this objective, the condition and strength coach would […]

The athlete’s performance

To achieve high results in the sport competitions of different levels, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the improvement of physical skills and abilities and to the regular training but also to the development of the athletes’ mental skills. In this case, imagination can be discussed as the most influential mental skill. […]

Long Term Athlete Development Stage: Training to Train

Introduction Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) refers to a model of coaching that focuses on all development aspects of athletes. It emphasizes on the stages of human development and aligns them towards specific needs of the athletes. The model empowers the coaches to provide support to the athletes at all stages in order for them […]

Athletic risk management

Introduction As far back as in the Roman era, athletics was a popular activity that many engaged in for leisure and entertainment. It is however in the late 1930s when athletes started receiving specialized training in universities, colleges and high schools i.e. in synthetic environments that are conceptualized to enhance simulation. Currently, hundreds of thousands […]

6-week Pre-season Strength & Conditioning Programme for 14 years old person

Introduction Rugby is a physically demanding sport, and it requires players to draw on several components of fitness grouped as general, special and specific fitness. Since the game has become faster and more demanding, physical conditioning is equally important because it enhances performance and reduces injuries. Better performance is achieved through body size, strength, power, […]

The Physiology behind the Periodization of an Olympic Swimmer

Introduction For a long time, sport events at the Olympics such as swimming have provided an important arena for experimenting with techniques of periodization. In swimming, for example, the individual effort of each athlete is easy to measure since swimming competition focuses only on the individual athlete and the clock. Individual performance does not rely […]

Dynamo Swimming Club and Its Competitiveness in the US

Introduction Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the world. One can derive pleasure from swimming as well swimming can be carried out as a sport. This article examines the competitive aspect of swimming within United States. Sport clubs are very vital in enhancing competitive sports and consequently this paper will examine the […]

Core Stability Training

Article Summary The article, “Core Stability Training”, describes the role of particular training approaches in the enhancement of health and strength of athletes. Willardson discusses the applicability of diverse methods of training in the improvement of the strength and resistance of different body muscles. The impact of core stability training varies depending on the group […]

How to be a Bodybuilder

The process of body building does not involve lifting heavy weights only. It also involves building the mass of the muscle by doing the right exercises. Muscle building requires bodybuilders to take in special types of food that assist in the process. In addition, it is important to receive good training on weight as well […]

Gymnastics Market Profile

Introduction One of the oldest participatory sports activities in the world is Gymnastics. The sport’s activities require physical strength, agility, flexibility, coordination balance and grace which enable performers to perform extraordinary moves. There are many gymnast sports but artistic arts are the best known of them all. Men and women gymnastic activities both involve vault […]

Wire Walking’s History and Examples

Introduction Wire walking or tightrope walking can be defined as a way of walking on a thin wire or rope usually at accelerated height. It is associated with activities such as somersaulting and other acrobatics that can be viewed as devilish on a high set wire. A wire walker can use poles to provide balance […]

Influence of Coaches on Players

Abstract The relationship between coaches and their players has been a subject of research for many years now. This research has mainly been centered on determining how the environment created by coaches can lead to positive or negative influence on the motivation of players, the friendships they form and how they consider their own abilities. […]

How to Effectively Train for a Marathon

Introduction Training for a marathon is exceptionally demanding because it requires physical, physiological, and psychological preparation. Usually, athletes undergo rigorous training that prepares them to endure the hard challenges associated with marathon. Training programs for marathon aim at enhancing performance and endurance by improving effective utilization of energy and oxygen. Moreover, training enhances performance by […]

The Merits and Demerits of Paying Student-Athletes for Participating In College Sports

Collegiate athletics and sports competitions in America have come a long way since the first Crew match-up between Harvard and Yale universities in 1852. Although this first intercollegiate competition took place within the true context of sports and sportsmanship, future match-ups between the two universities – as early as 1855, saw Harvard field an ineligible […]

High School Sports

Introduction There are many benefits associated with high-school sports. This essay will discuss these benefits. Almost every parent will want to see his or her child participate in at least a sport, to ensure that this happens, they start encouraging them to play early on in life. This is where kids start participating in sports […]

Two Great Athletes

Michael Jordan is one of the best former American professional basketball players whose achievements made him to gain tremendous popularity around the world. He is depicted as a role and a hero because of his excellence and courage inside and outside the pitch. After successfully playing basketball at the University of North Carolina, the Chicago […]

Research Application of How College Athletes Deal with Stress and Manage Time

Introduction College student athletes engage in various kinds of sports based on their talents, interests or other personal reasons. Sporting is characterized with elements of stress as seen from research mainly from the competition, uncertainty of the outcome, isolation, identity crisis and other effects from lack of enough time to engage with other activities as […]

Description of a Person: Yao Ming, Indomitable Energy of Life

There are so many people to talk about and present my own admiration about them, this is why it is not that easy to choose one person only and describe his/her best and remarkable qualities. However, there is one person, who inspires me all the time and helps to pick out the best ideas and […]

How to Become a Successful Athlete?

Introduction Athletics is a process that involves running faster, jumping higher or longer distances, or throwing some provided materials further than someone else. In addition, bicycle paddling, car racers and participation in football are also examples of athletic processes. It has been known for long and it is still known that athletes are among the […]

Trends in the External Environment That Affect Athletics Paper

In the world today, the changes experienced in all aspects of life from social to economic and environmental spheres are in one way or another influencing the future of athletics. The changes in the environment for instance have had a direct impact on athletic event schedules. It is evident that today the world is moving […]

College Athletics for Mental and Physical Health

College years are associated with an increased risk of both mental and physical health complications. This is because of decreased sports participation in college when compared to high school. It is anticipated that there is a correlation between the decline of vigorous physical activity and mental and physical complications. Even though measures call for increased […]

College athletics essay

Academic performance of college athletes is dropping at an alarming rate. In fact, surveys from most universities that offer athletics scholarship have found that both female and male counterparts are guilty of either intentionally underperforming or ignoring basic concepts that would improve their grades. This has raised debate among theorists as well as teachers. It […]