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Role Model Topics & Examples

If you wish to explore the qualities of a person you admire or talk about a celebrity, check these role model essay examples and original topics prepared by our team.

🤫 Secrets of Powerful Role Model Essays

How can one define a role model? Who are the role models in today’s society? Role model essays serve the purpose of answering these questions. These assignments can help students to understand the meaning of role models better.

It is not hard to write a good role model essay, but you should know some secrets of making your paper powerful. Before we discuss some useful tips, you can select a problem for your research. Here are some essay topics and titles we can suggest:

  • The significance of parents as role models
  • The role of a teacher in society / Teachers as role models
  • The significance of a role-model leadership
  • What qualities do positive and negative role models have?
  • The role of the mother in a family (or a role model essay on parents in general)
  • How can negative role models affect children?
  • Celebrities have a moral responsibility to be good role models

Remember that you can also ask your professor to provide role model essay examples, if possible. Once you have selected a topic for your paper, you can start working on the essay. Here are some secrets of creating a powerful essay:

Think of the issue you want to discuss (you can select one from our examples) and do preliminary research on it. Although the topic of a role model may not seem hard, it is best to learn as much about it as you can.

Ask your professors about the sources you can use. In general, scholarly sources and peer-reviewed articles are the most important sources of information.

Develop a role model essay outline. Your paper should be well-organized to keep the reader’s interest. Make separate sections for the most significant arguments and remember to include an introductory paragraph and a conclusion.

Your introduction should present the problem you are discussing. Include a thesis statement at the end of the paragraph. A thesis can look like this:

  • Celebrities should be aware of their responsibility to be positive role models.
  • Define a role model. You can look up the definition in dictionaries and discuss your opinion on it. Discuss examples of positive and negative role models.
  • Discuss the qualities that make a person a role model. Should someone be smart to become a role model? Is kindness important? Do academic achievements make someone a role model? Make your paper engaging by discussing these debatable issues.
  • Support your arguments with evidence from your preliminary research. It will make your opinions look reliable. At the same time, do not rely on outside sources solely. Your essay should incorporate a unique perspective on role models and existing knowledge on the issue.
  • When working on an argumentative essay, include a refutation paragraph and discuss an alternative viewpoint on the issue. You should prove that your opinion is more reliable.
  • A role model essay conclusion should include all of your arguments and the main points of the paper.
  • Make sure that you use correct grammar and sentence structures. Check it several times to make sure that there are no mistakes in it. Pay attention to the spelling of words, too. If you are not sure that the grammar is correct, ask your peers to look through the paper for you.

Do not forget that we also have some free paper samples that will provide you with ideas for your essay!

🏆 Best Role Model Topics & Essay Examples

  1. Parents as Failed Role Models: A Doll’s House and Fight Club
    The drinking culture of parents revealed in the story of the Fight Club underscores the elements that increase children’s exposure to alcohol and drug taking.
  2. Significance of a Male Role Model for Forming Tomas and Gabe’s Personal
    It is possible to pay attention to Tomas and Gabe’s visions of masculinity referring to the ideas developed by Tomas in relation to the question, to the opinion which is characteristic for Gabe, and to […]
  3. Role Model: Nelson Mandela
    Through the African National Congress party, Mandela was determined to undergo any form of suffering for the sake of the South Africans blacks who were facing a lot of suffering at the hand of apartheid.
  4. Celebrities as good role models
    In the conclusion, it was affirmed that celebrities’ accomplishments are easily identifiable to the public, as is the case with Angelina and Oprah, and this makes them good role models.
  5. Education and Leadership Role Modeling
    Generally, the article is of great significance to education, for it provides a guideline on what leadership trainers should emphasize in their endeavors of ensuring that education builds all round and sound mind leaders, who […]
  6. Willy Loman, a poor role model to his two sons Biff and Happy
    The main theme in the play is sustained in the play with the sons of Willy attaining their personality from their father.
  7. Father as a Male Role Model
    During the days when schooling was considered to be accessible only to the children of the opulent, those who were not privileged enough to go to school, remained at home and helped their parents in […]
  8. Gloria Steinem: A Role Model for Millions of Women
    However, for the majority of women, the situation changed considerably after the initiation of the suffrage movement in the 19th century, which found its reflection in the women’s rights movement of the 20th and 21st […]
  9. Oprah Winfrey as Role Model
    The young Oprah was raised on a farm by her grandmother, and she maintains that the care her grandmother gave her early on probably saved her life.
  10. The Role Model ‘Central Woman’ in the Literature
    The other side of her personality is the merciful woman. What seems to be motivating the grandmother is her role and responsibility as a grandmother.
  11. Role Model as a Communicator
    My role model as a public communicator is very intelligent and ethical when presenting his speech to the public; he sticks to a single topic throughout.
  12. Ernie Davis as a Football Role Model
    He was an exceptional player born ahead of his time, as he stood out on the football field as the first African American to win the Heisman trophy in 1961, and to be chosen for […]

📌 Most Interesting Role Models to Write about

  1. Nutrition and Excellent Role Model
  2. Prophet Muhammad as Role Model for Religious Teachers
  3. The Misconception of a Role Model and the Relation to an Athlete
  4. The Importance Of A Role Model In The Adventures Of Huckberry Finn By Mark Twain
  5. Religion Is A Role Model For Majority Of People
  6. Selena Gomez as a Positive Role Model
  7. Role Model Worthy For The Field Of Social Work
  8. Towards a Holistic Innovation Policy: Can the Swedish National Innovation Council Serve as a Role Model
  9. The Barbie Doll’s Role Model For Children
  10. The Role Model Qualities Shown by the Finchs’s Maid in To Kill a Mocking
  11. Tupac as a Role Model
  12. Strategy Development to Launch a New Product! Launching Of iPhone As a Role Model
  13. Raising Awareness of My Own Voice Through My Vocal Role Model and Non-Model
  14. Taylor Swift: My Role Model
  15. Who Is the Role Model for Young Women? Pride and Prejudice and Bj’s Diary
  16. True Grit Is Not A Good Role Model For Young Women Today
  17. The Life and Work of Jane Goodall, a Scientist and Role Model
  18. Women Rhetoricians’ Role Model and Pan Chao
  19. The Value of a Role Model in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  20. Parents Need To Be A Role Model For Teenagers

👍 Good Role Model Topics for Research

  1. Princess Diana as a Role Model and People’s Princess
  2. The Role Of Models Of A Role Model
  3. The Story of an Influential Role Model, George Washington
  4. The Loss of a Role Model in In Red Sky At Morning by Richard Bradford
  5. The Constitution of India is a Role Model for The World
  6. The Importance of the Father as a Role Model
  7. Professional Athletes Should Be Role Model to Kindergartners in Modern Society
  8. The Best Role Model Of The Worst People
  9. A Description of Eleanor Roosevelt as a Good Role Model
  10. Why I Chose Martin Luther King as My Role Model
  11. Tennyson’s Ulysses as a Victorian Role Model
  12. The Possibility of the United States to Become the World Moral, Economic and Political Role Model
  13. White Teeth: The Problem of Lacking a Role Model
  14. Willy Lohan, A Poor Role Model To His Two Sons Biff And Happy
  15. Positive Role Model in the Children and Young Peoples Workforce
  16. What Makes A Modern Role Model
  17. What Makes A Role Model Like A Good Outlook
  18. The Importance of Having a Good Role Model
  19. Teacher Role Model and Students’ Physical Activity
  20. Walt Disney as a Role Model

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