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99 Human Trafficking Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

📝 Key Points to Use to Write an Outstanding Human Trafficking Essay

Human trafficking is one of the most challenging and acute assignment topics. Students should strive to convey a strong message in their human trafficking essays.

They should discuss the existing problems in today’s world and the ways to solve them. It means that essays on human trafficking require significant dedication and research. But do not worry, we are here to help you write an outstanding essay.

Find the issue you want to discuss in your paper. There are many titles to choose from, as you can analyze the problem from various perspectives. The examples of human trafficking essay topics include:

  • The problem of child trafficking in today’s world
  • The causes of human trafficking
  • Human trafficking: The problem of ethics and values
  • The role of today’s society in fostering human trafficking
  • Human trafficking as a barrier to human development
  • The rate of human trafficking victims in the world’s countries
  • How to prevent and stop human trafficking

Remember that you can select other human trafficking essay titles if you want. Search for them online or ask your professor for advice.

Now that you are ready to start working on your paper, you can use these key points for writing an outstanding essay:

  • Study the issue you have selected and do preliminary research. Look for news articles, scholarly papers, and information from reputable websites. Do not rely on Wikipedia or related sources.
  • Work on the outline for your paper. A well-developed outline is a key feature of an outstanding essay. Include an introductory and a concluding paragraph along with at least three body paragraphs. Make sure that each of your arguments is presented in a separate paragraph or section.
  • Check out human trafficking essay examples online to see how they are organized. This step can also help you to evaluate the relevance of the topic you have selected. Only use online sources for reference and do not copy the information you will find.
  • Your introductory paragraph should start with a human trafficking essay hook. The hooking sentence or a phrase should grab the reader’s attention. An interesting fact or a question can be a good hook. Hint: make sure that the hooking sentence does not make your paper look overly informal.
  • Do not forget to include a thesis statement at the end of your introductory section. Your paper should support your thesis.
  • Define human trafficking and make sure to answer related questions. Is it common in today’s world? What are the human trafficking rates? Help the reader to understand the problem clearly.
  • Discuss the causes and consequences of human trafficking. Think of possible questions you reader would ask and try to answer all of them.
  • Be specific. Provide examples and support your arguments with evidence. Include in-text citations if you refer to information from outside sources. Remember to use an appropriate citation style and consult your professor about it.
  • Discuss the legal implications of human trafficking in different countries or states. What are the penalties for offenders?
  • Address the ethical implications of the problem as well. How does human trafficking affect individuals and their families?
  • A concluding paragraph should be a summary of your arguments and main ideas of the paper. Discuss the findings of your research as well.

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🏆 Best Human Trafficking Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Human Trafficking: Process, Causes and Effects
    To make the matters worse they are abused and the money goes to the pockets of these greedy people as they are left empty handed after all the humiliation they go through.
  2. How Prostitution Leads to Human Trafficking
    This is a form of a business transaction that comes in the name of commercial sex either in the form of prostitution or pornography.
  3. Definition of Human Rights and Trafficking
    One of the infamous abuses of human rights is the practice of human trafficking, which has become prevalent in the current society.
  4. Human Trafficking in the United States
    The paper also discusses the needs of the victims of human trafficking and the challenges faced in the attempt to offer the appropriate services.
  5. Human trafficking
    The scale of women and children trafficking is very large but difficult to put a figure on the actual number of women and children trafficked all over the world. The demand for people to work […]
  6. Human Trafficking in the United States: A Modern Day Slavery
    The question of the reasons of human trafficking is a complex one to answer since there are various causes for it, but the majors causes include; Poverty and Inequality: It is evident that human trafficking […]
  7. The Human Trafficking Problem
    Another way is through employment and this involves the need to create more jobs within the community that is at a higher risk of facing human trafficking.
  8. “Not For Sale: End Human Trafficking and Slavery”: Campaign Critique
    To that extent, Not for Sale campaign attempts to enhance the ability of the people in vulnerable countries to understand the nature and form of trafficking and slavery.
  9. Human trafficking in Mozambique
    The reason for this goes back to the fact the government in place has failed to put the interests of its people as a priority.
  10. Human Trafficking
    In Europe, prevention of human trafficking is interpreted to mean both awareness raising and active prevention activities that ideally look into the primary causes of human trafficking.
  11. Human Trafficking between Africa and Europe: Security Issues
    This situation is usually made possible by the fact that the traffickers are usually criminal groups that have a potential to do harm to the victims and to the family of the victims.
  12. Human Trafficking Conflict
    The fall of communism in Eastern Europe has led to a long-term issue of human trafficking in some of the nations in the region.
  13. Mexican Drug Cartels and Human Trafficking
    Reports from Mexico says that due to the pressure exerted on the drug cartels by the government, they have resolved in other means of getting revenue and the major one has been human trafficking alongside […]
  14. Human Trafficking and the Trauma It Leaves Behind
    According to Snajdr, in the United States, most of the Black immigrants who came to the country during the colonial era were actually victims of human trafficking.
  15. Human Trafficking: Definition, Reasons and Ways to Solve the Problem
    That is why, it becomes obvious that slavery, which is taken as the remnant of the past, prosper in the modern world and a great number of people suffer from it.
  16. Criminal Law: Human Trafficking
    Promises of a good life and the absence of education opportunities for women have led to the increased levels of human trafficking.
  17. The Fight Against Human Trafficking
    Human trafficking constitutes a gross violation of the human rights of the individual as he/she is reduced to the status of a commodity to be used in any manner by the person who buys it.
  18. Combating Human Trafficking in the USA
    It is necessary to note, however, that numerous researchers claim that the number of human trafficking victims is quite difficult to estimate due to the lack of effective methodology.
  19. Human Trafficking and Modern-day Slavery
    One of the biggest challenges in addressing modern slavery and human trafficking is the fact that the vice is treated as a black market affair where facts about the perpetrators and the victims are difficult […]
  20. Human Trafficking: Healthcare and Globalization Aspects
    The first study conducts a literature review on articles in the year 2011 and 2012 based on the handing of human trafficking by healthcare professionals.
  21. Human Trafficking as a Terrorist Activity
    The biggest problem that is worth mentioning is that it is believed that the number of such activities is growing at an incredibly fast rate, and it is important to take necessary measures to limit […]
  22. Human Trafficking in Mozambique: Causes and Policies
    “Human Trafficking in Mozambique: Root Causes and Recommendations” is a policy paper developed by the research team of UNESCO as a powerful tool in order to analyze the situation with human trafficking in Mozambique and […]
  23. Terrorism, Human Trafficking, and International Response
    One of the key positive results of the global counter-terrorism efforts was the reduction of Al Qaeda’s presence both globally and in the Middle East, and the enhancement of travel safety.
  24. Human Trafficking Problems in Canada
    The authors describe the government’s influence on the level of human trafficking and argue that the concept of slavery is almost the same as modern human trafficking.
  25. Social Work: Human Trafficking and Trauma Theory
    One of the theoretical frameworks is trauma theory that focuses on the traumatic experiences victims are exposed to as well as the influence of these traumas on their further life.
  26. Human Trafficking: Enforcing Laws Worldwide
    This essay focuses on the issue of enforcement of laws concerning human trafficking, the influence of country prosperity on the approaches to solving this problem, the vulnerable categories at high risk of becoming victims, and […]
  27. Psychotherapy for Victims of Human Trafficking
    The use of different dependent variables is the primary feature that differs a single-subject design from a program evaluation the essence of which is to cover a range of questions and evaluate them all without […]
  28. Human Trafficking as an Issue of Global Importance
    Being a threat to global safety and well-being, the phenomenon of human trafficking has to be managed by reconsidering the existing policy statements of organizations responsible for monitoring the levels of human trafficking and preventing […]
  29. Child Welfare: Human Trafficking in San Diego
    The paper consists of an introduction, the consecutive sections addressing the definition of the issue, its legal background, the occurrence of child trafficking, and the interventions initiated by the authorities to fight the threat.
  30. Human Trafficking and Exploitation in Modern Society
    It is necessary to determine the essence of human trafficking to understand the magnitude of the problem of slavery in the modern world.
  31. Human Trafficking in the USA
    However, the development of the society and rise of humanism resulted in the reconsideration of the attitude towards this phenomenon and the complete prohibition of all forms of human trafficking.
  32. Human Trafficking of Illegal Immigrants
    People perceive II not as a vulnerable demographic but as a part of the problem, thus causing the target population to develop the behaviors that complicate the process of preventing and addressing the instances of […]

📌 Most Interesting Human Trafficking Topics to Write about

  1. Criminal Enforcement and Human Trafficking
  2. Combating Human Trafficking Should Go Towards the Recovery of The Victim
  3. Connections Between Human Trafficking and Environmental DestructionConnections Between Human Trafficking and Environmental Destruction
  4. The Problems of Human Trafficking and Whether Prostitution Should Be Legal
  5. The Issue of Human Trafficking, a Criminal Business in the Modern Era
  6. The Problem of Human Trafficking in America
  7. Ways You Can Help Fight Human Trafficking
  8. Assignment on Human Trafficking and Prostitution
  9. The Plague of Human Trafficking in Modern Society
  10. Critical Thinking About International Adoptions: Saving Orphans or Human Trafficking
  11. The Issue of Human Trafficking and the Backlash of Saving People
  12. The Role of Corruption in Cambodia’s Human Trafficking
  13. A Theoretical Perspective on Human Trafficking and Migration-Debt Contracts
  14. Conditions That Allow Human Trafficking
  15. Understanding Human Trafficking Using Victim-Level Data
  16. Evaluation of the International Organization for Migration and Its Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking
  17. Causes and Consequences of Human Trafficking in Haiti

👍 Good Research Topics about Human Trafficking

  1. Fishing in Thailand: The Issue of Overfishing, Human Trafficking and Forced Labor
  2. Differences Between Definitions of Human Trafficking
  3. Banks and Human Trafficking: Rethinking Human Rights Due Diligence
  4. The World Are Victims of Human Trafficking
  5. Understandings and Approaches to Human Trafficking in The Middle East
  6. The Issue of Human Trafficking, Child Prostitution and Child Soldiers
  7. Human Trafficking and the Trade in Sexual Slavery or Forced
  8. The Protection of Human Trafficking Victims by the Enforcement Bodies in Malaysia
  9. Critical Thinking About International Adoptions: Saving Orphans or Human Trafficking
  10. The Remnants of Human Trafficking Still Exists Today
  11. The Issue of Human Trafficking and Its Connection to Armed Conflict, Target Regions, and Sexual Exploitation
  12. Causes Effects of Human Trafficking
  13. The Issue of Human Trafficking and Forced Child Prostitution Around the World
  14. Assessing the Extent of Human Trafficking: Inherent Difficulties and Gradual Progress
  15. The Unknown About Human Trafficking
  16. Trafficking: Human Trafficking and Main Age
  17. The Issue of Human Trafficking in Thailand and South Africa
  18. The Tragedy of Human Trafficking
  19. Vertex Connectivity of Fuzzy Graphs with Applications to Human Trafficking
  20. Child Pornography and Its Effects on Human Trafficking

❓ Research Questions about Marijuana

  1. Anti-Human Trafficking Policy Compliance: What Is The Role of Corruption?
  2. Differences Between Definitions Of Human Trafficking
  3. What Is the Impact of International Laws on Global Terrorism and Human Trafficking?
  4. What Are the Love True’s Programs for Dealing With Human Trafficking?
  5. How Has Human Trafficking Impacted Oklahoma?
  6. What Are the Factors That Promote Human Trafficking?
  7. What Are the Ethical Implications for Human Trafficking in the United States?
  8. What Are the Connections Between Human Trafficking and Environmental Destruction?
  9. What is the Effective Advocacy Against Law on Suppression of Human Trafficking?
  10. What Is the Link Between Human Trafficking and Cambodia?
  11. How Building Public Awareness for Human Trafficking?
  12. What Is the Human Trafficking?
  13. What Are the Causes of Drug Weapon and Human Trafficking from Mexico into the United States?
  14. Is There a Connection Between Children, Prostitution and Human Trafficking?
  15. How Impact Illegal Adoption and Human Trafficking on the US?
  16. What Are the Different Kinds of Polaris Human Trafficking Organisations?
  17. What Is Wrong with Human Trafficking?
  18. Can You Help to Fight Human Trafficking?
  19. Is There Chinese Human Trafficking Toward United States?
  20. What Is the Difference Between Drug and Human Trafficking and Traditional?
  21. Is It Possible to Reduce the Harm Caused by Human Trafficking?
  22. What Is the Relationship Between Human Trafficking and Child Recruitment in the Colombian Armed Conflict?
  23. What Is thе Link Gender-Based Violence and Human Trafficking of Women?
  24. Does Legalized Prostitution Increase Human Trafficking?
  25. Are Red Light Still Flickering for Human Trafficking?
  26. Is There a Connection Between Human Trafficking and Courtney’s House?
  27. What Are the Approaches to Counseling Victims of Human Trafficking?
  28. How Does Human Trafficking Occur in the US?
  29. Why Human Trafficking Occurs in the World?
  30. Is There Effective Advocacy Against Law on Suppression of Human Trafficking?

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