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Criminology: Human Trafficking Research Paper

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The Islamic State militants, or ISIS, in the past used to rely on wealthy donors from the Persian Gulf. However, they have currently become self-sustaining in terms of financial resources be selling women for as little as $10 dollars. These women have become victims of human trafficking in the name of Islam. Cases of human trafficking that are perpetrated by ISIS are widely known across the region (Murphy, 2014). Girls as young as 10 years are abducted by ISIS fighters and they are consequently taken to sexual slavery. This paper seeks to discuss the issue of women as victims of human trafficking by the ISIS and UAE’s response to this crime.

Human trafficking by the ISIS

The outranging accounts perpetrated by ISIS against the girl-child and women in general are growing by the day. Dozens of girls are sold by ISIS for $10 dollars per person, across North Iraq. Sources point out that the girls are blocked at every town and they are given out as gifts to ISIS troops, who rape the immature girls allegedly so as to advance their ethics. The ISIS commander works in collaboration with other fighters in the region to ensure that the young girls are robbed off their virginity.

Apart from the women being sold at the low price, others are given away as gifts to the ISIS fighters. Females who do not end up as gifts for the fighters are taken to slave auction in cities such as Mosul, where the starting bid is approximately ten dollars (Murphy, 2014). Enforced wedding are also rampant with Shia girls being wedded off to ISIS troops. Apart from human trafficking of women, others are raped and killed. When some of these women are freed from these dungeons, they lack the ability of living with shame of being raped and they end up committing suicide.

UAE response to ISIS atrocities

As a response to the atrocities committed by ISIS, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) decided to prove to the whole world that it still values the Arab Muslim women. UAE announced recently that it was sending the first female fighter pilot to lead its air force in bombing ISIS on Syrian territory. Information from ‘The National’, which is an online news source in the UAE, stated that country was sending its first female pilot to lead the fight against ISIS terrorist group (Guzman, 2014).

Pilot Maj. Mariam Al Mansour became the first female pilot hired by the government to lead the army against the acts of ISIS. UAE has over the years been at the forefront in fighting for the rights of women, and fighting against human trafficking. The UAE government has collaborated with other organizations such as NATO in a bid to contain the terror activities of ISIS. UAE has been leading other nations in fighting against ISIS targets that are located in Syria.

The UAE government therefore deserves glory and praise for bombarding ISIS targets. Some of the countries that are involved in the fight against ISIS targets in Syria include the U.S., Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE (Guzman, 2014). These countries have collaborated to bomb several ISIS strongholds in Syria. Major Mariam who leads UAE’s bombardment squad is recognized as one of the indications that the UAE recognizes the rights of women.

In the Gulf States, the rights of women have never been promoted despite of the actions that were taken by the UAE to promote women in its military ranks (Browm, 2014). Quite a few people acknowledge that some of the Gulf States, as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have the most horrible forms of infringement on human rights (Browm, 2014). The same countries have also been accused of being undemocratic, especially when it comes to safeguarding the rights of women.

However, the actions of the UAE are changing these perceptions, with analysts saying that countries are starting to appreciate that women have the same rights just as men. The UAE has used Major Mariam Al Mansour as a display that the nation is dedicated to advance the civil liberties of women. There is no a single nation in the world that is perfect in respect to women and human rights issues (Browm, 2014). However, the UAE clearly has admitted that there is a high level of rights infringement against women by the ISIS in Iraq and Syria (Browm, 2014).

The government wants to demonstrate that it recognizes equality between men and women and that the rights of each individual should be respected (Guzman, 2014). Human trafficking is a problem that continues to affect several people in different parts of the world. The problem is worsened when it occurs in a lawless state where terror gangs such as the ISIS control the main towns. It takes the efforts of the international community to fight against the negative impacts of human trafficking and safeguard the rights of women.


By joining NATO, the UAE has shown that it is committed towards destroying terror organizations who aim at from human trafficking and other illegal activities. Moreover, ISIS uses a strict Sharia law with an intention of oppressing women and this has been opposed by the international community.


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