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Criminology Essay Examples and Topics

Crime and Science

In an endeavor to identify the deceased individuals as well as their family members, the medical officers have taken some steps which might help them obtain recognition of the deceased individuals as well as the [...]

Parole as an Essential Correctional Component

Those who support the use of parole as a correctional component in the criminal justice system argue that it is beneficial to the criminal and the community and that it is the behavioral outcome that [...]

Prison Privatization Policy and Its Benefits

Supporters of the idea affirm that privatizing prisons is beneficial to the criminal justice system and the public and those who oppose the idea strongly affirm that it is a waste of resources.

Community-Based Sanctions Correctional Goals

The third goal is to help offenders get back into the community smoothly by supervising their behavior and attitude towards the public. One of the most important elements of community-based sanctions is determining their effectiveness.

Administration of Criminal Justice Agencies

In the end, the reputation of the agency and the justice system as such depends on the maintenance of discipline. Also, the case law, which is the law based on precedents, affects the legislation and [...]

Policy and Criminal Justice

It is apparent that the specifics of the process will differ depending on a particular case: the object of the policy, the people involved, time and resources available, and the approach to policy-making are going [...]

Research Methodology: Criminal Gangs

However, my focus will be on qualitative tools because the nature of my research favors the use of qualitative data collection techniques.

NGO Analysis of Canadian Crime Victim Foundation

Joe and Lozanne Wamback founded the Canadian Crime Victim Foundation during the summer of 2002. They worked hard to overcome the imbalances in Canada's criminal justice system and provide for victims of crime.

The Relation Between Poverty and Justice

Is there justice and fair treatment for poverty-stricken people during the process of criminal justice? To find out the likelihood of poverty-stricken individuals to be incarcerated compared to middle-class individuals.

Crime and Criminal Justice News

Ultimately, the news is one of the aspects that influence the development of the concept of criminal justice and help the government find weak spots in the legislation.

Victimless Crimes: Definition and Types

Again, the taxpayers are the victims in such a case as they have to contribute to the rehabilitation of the drug users. As such, some of the so-called victimless crimes have identifiable victims.

Victim Precipitation Ideology

A victim of rape may be said to have dressed seductively to provoke the offender to commit the crime. The victim is not to blame for having played a role in the occurrence of any [...]

Increasing Penalties for Criminals

The main aim of specific deterrence is to discourage the criminal in question from future criminal activity by making such a person understand the consequences involved.

Serial Killers, Their Crimes, and Stereotypes

The other serial killers presented in the killers list also conform to the stereotypes presented in Fox's and Levin's article. Most of the killers also rape, mutilate, and degrade their victims in order to feel [...]

Crime Analysis Writing and Alert Website Content

In the crime alert website, the logical organization of the wanted criminals and the missing persons in a limited space attracts the attention of the viewers as described ineffective crime analysis and presentation chapter readings. [...]

Criminalistics: Arson and High and Low Explosives

Deliberate fires, are also referred to as arson and are of the greatest significance to the investigator. In the low explosives, the bonds are very strong and require a lot of energy to break them.

Crime Scene Management

The circumstances below depict me as a change agent for the members of the community, who have not quite been able to organize some sort of defense mechanism to counter the rising insecurity in the [...]

Organized Crime Series Analysis

A modus operandi includes elements like to ensure the attainment of the crime, the safeguarding of the offender's identity, and the successful getaway from the scene of the crime.

Criminology Coursework Experiences and Skills

Well, the study of criminology enables an individual to evaluate and, in the process, understand the criminal activities while putting into consideration the process of committing those crimes and how to control them within the [...]

Black Men Incarceration and Its Effects

The most popular theories include the pointlessness of the War on Drugs a campaign initiated by President Nixon in the 1970s in an attempt to curb the drug flow from Mexico, the inherent prejudice of [...]

“Penal Crisis” and Its Social Roots

The reason for this is thoroughly objective: the dramatic rise of the incarceration rate that has taken place through the last few decades in most Western countries did not result in improving the overall criminological [...]

The Mental Illness and Gun Violence Analysis

The analysis of criminality and people's mental health contains not only the effect of inflicted harm on one's mental stability but also the potential predisposition of people with mental illnesses towards violent behaviour.

Hot Spots Policing and Environmental Criminology

The police operate on the premise that once it controls the breeding ground for delinquents, which often takes over confined areas, it can prevent crime from spreading and reduce the overall crime rate in a [...]

Operation Ceasefire Boston: Program Evaluation

In the case of Operation Ceasefire, the initial evaluation question might sound as follows: "Will introducing a prevention program supported by the police and local authorities help tackle gun violence in Boston, Massachusetts?" The evaluative [...]

BMW and Volkswagen in Environmental Criminology

The recent investigations of BMW and Volkswagen are one of the many examples of misdeeds done to nature. Therefore, the corporation will not undermine laws, which are created to preserve the environment and nature of [...]

Incarcerated Pregnant Women’s Risk Management

The focus of the present work is the examination of risks faced by incarcerated pregnant women, their children, and prisons; it also seeks to outline some ways to curb these risks.

Human Trafficking Problems in Canada

The authors describe the government's influence on the level of human trafficking and argue that the concept of slavery is almost the same as modern human trafficking.

Phoenix Park: Community-Based Crime Prevention

First of all, due to the community-orientedness of the mentioned strategy, it is essential to explain to the residents that their reports may significantly contribute to the effectiveness of the police.

Forensic Science: Examining Crime Evidence

For a forensic scientist, it is paramount to be able to perform the three main functions: Gathering evidence finding the evidence from the crime scene that might be relevant to the case, and collecting it [...]

Criminology Foundations of Conducting Research

It is important to note that the questionnaire gives the respondent a great degree of anonymity besides the lack of interview bias and the ability to provide data that can be used to test a [...]

Wrongful Convictions and Eyewitness Accounts

The primary duty of law enforcement is to serve and protect as an authority in the respective jurisdiction. During the duration of the procedure, a law enforcement official or administrator is present.

Research Inquiry Methods in Criminal Justice Project

In experimental studies, the assignment of participants to control and experimental groups is random. Phenomenological research can be useful in projects where it is needed to comprehend the opinions and experiences of people.

Criminal Justice: Balancing in Philosophy and Practice

I believe that the ability to balance rights of separate individuals with the protection of the general public is one of the key issues involved in the daily practice of any criminal justice specialist as [...]

Eyewitness Testimony and Its Efficiency

The investigation of these factors in terms of memory for eyewitness testimony could help to understand the main aspects of the issue and determine the reliability of eyewitness identification.

Female Offenders and Parole Officers’ Interactions

The hypotheses of this research are the following: Negative attitudes of parole/probation officers and their use of punitive styles contribute to the development of anxiety and depression in female offenders.

How Violent Offenders Develop and Evolve?

As evidence of violent crime continues to grow, it has become progressively obvious that whereas some individuals could have a greater propensity to engage in criminal acts, other factors also importantly influence the incidence of [...]

Joining Street Gangs: Theoretical Motivations

Both children and adults join street gangs in search for a sense of personal identity mainly due to the failure of social agents including the media, schools and churches.

Youth Gang Prevention Continuum in Society

The following paper lists the common consequences of joining a gang, suggests the main approaches to addressing the issue, and outlines the laws intended to aid the ordinance.

Philadelphia Mob Criminal Organization

The following research paper explores the approaches of several of its bosses in order to determine the influence of their leadership style on the criminal activities of the group.

Forensic Psychology: Validating Eyewitness Testimony

Indeed, research on eyewitness testimony as admitted in a court of law focuses on the acquisition or the incident of observation, the time that elapses after observation, and the presentation of testimonies.

Crime Prevention Measures

There are various approaches to this; one of them is based on the idea that the redevelopment of physical space in a neighborhood can decrease crime rates in it.

Crime Scene Investigation: Types of Analysis

Consequently, in the context of this paper, it is essential to determine the differences between tactical, strategic, and administrative types of analysis with the help of the examples from the IACA site.

England’s Punishment and Sentencing

It takes a look at the history of the country's criminal justice system and the contribution of England to the world criminal justice system.

Gender Biases in Eyewitness Testimony

The numerous studies in eyewitness testimony indicate the variations in the retrieval of a memory of a violation associated with the gender differences.

Children as Victims

Most of the reported cases of the statutory rape of a minor occur in the age of between 14 and 17 years.

Crime and Victimization Trends

In this way, the UCR can be efficiently used as the primary tool for the analysis of the regional crime rate dynamics while the data collected from the NCVS and the NIBRS can be implemented [...]

Crime Rate of a Sexual Character

Since the emergence of the victim's rights movement, significant progress has been made in decreasing the violence by both decreasing consequences of the assault and preventing the possible violence.

Uniform Crime Reports

That is why, victimologists tend to use the given data source to create a clear image and highlight the most important tendencies related to the world of crime, its peculiarities, and evolution.

Crime Rate of a Sexual Character

Since the emergence of the victim's rights movement, significant progress has been made in decreasing the violence by both decreasing consequences of the assault and preventing the possible violence.

Balkans Organized Crime

Trade in contraband goods is also a form of Balkans' crime that the government of the United States is trying to deal with in the recent past.

Compliance Impact on Financial Crimes

In terms of freedom of economic relations and the imperfection of the legal regulation, the financial sector has become one of the most attractive for the commission of criminal acts.

Recidivism Rate Among Female Offenders

However, preliminary data for the research can be collected through a quantitative method because the scholar will need quantitative data regarding the female recidivism rate from providing background for the research.

Closed-Circuit Television Cameras in Crime Reduction

The purpose of this paper is not to argue about the morality of the surveillance society, but to investigate how measures currently in place reduce crime and make the nation safer in terms of privacy, [...]

American Correctional Association and Influence

The association has attracted several agencies in order to focus on the unique issues and challenges affecting the realm of prisons and corrections in the United States. The ACA has been on the frontline to [...]

Gender and Crime Correlation in Strain Theory

It is important to notice that the article proposes numerous questions, related to the primary issue of the study, and it is not possible to enlist all of them in this brief analysis.

Self-Control Theory and Criminal Motivation

The question of motivation is of high importance in the studies of criminality since it is essential to understand the factors which affect delinquency and crime.

Police Patrol Presence in Crime “Hot Spots”

In particular, Sherman and Weisburd mentioned that some criminologists based their denial of the effectiveness of police patrols on the absence of evidence of the impact their presence produces.

Marital Rape and Joint Custody of the Child

In order to be able to come to a reasonable conclusion at the end of the paper and evaluate the situation from a number of different perspective, the researcher will investigate the root of the [...]

Crime Scene Investigation

Besides, the paper presents the qualities that crime investigators should have to guarantee a successful inquiry process. Upon arrival on a scene or the site of the crime, one should: Offer assistance to the injured [...]

National Impact on Organized Crime

In a short time, most of the country's factories and other valuable pieces of industry were in the hands of Russian OC members.

The Problem of Female Offenders’ Recidivism

It is necessary to explore the association with the focus on the officers' and former offenders' perspectives on the matter. Researchers focus on factors affecting recidivism, as well as methodological and theoretical frameworks that can [...]

Female Offenders’ Recidivism

The major effect of the improper behavior of parole/probation officers is closely related to the psychological state to reintegrate) of female offenders.

What Differentiates Yakuza from Other Groups?

The meaning of the work yakuza is associated gambling and a popular cards game called oicho-kabu, in which the losing hand is called yakuza and is made up of 8 "ya" 9 "Ku", and 3 [...]

Organized Crime and Current Laws

The main idea of the Act was to ban the production, distribution, and consumption of alcohol. The Act shaped the culture of the 1920s and changed the relationships between politicians and criminal leaders.

Credible Evidence in Criminology

When it comes to the research, Maxfield notes that the data obtained should be generalizable, which is one of the criteria of credible evidence.

Criminology: Female Offenders’ Recidivism

The research problem of the proposed study is as follows: improper behavior of parole/probation officers may have a considerable impact on female offenders' recidivism.

Criminal Justice: Investigating Problems

Dependent variables: Number of racial hate crimes committed in a locality per year, the number of fatalities associated with racial hate crimes, the total population of the locality, racial disparity within the locality.

Development of Probation

According to the statement, the county government acknowledged the fact that there was an urgent need to reorient the probation programs to focus more on the development of the youth and the community at large.

Intermediate Sanctions and Community Corrections

The primary reason for the presence of the intermediate sanctions is the fact that it is necessary to reduce expenditure on maintaining prisons and control the actions of the offenders while discovering them as a [...]

Concept of the Institutional Corrections

The recognition of correction professionals would show them that their work is valued and appreciated and that they are not perceived in the way series and films like to present them.

Restorative Justice Programs’ Criticisms

Wood and Suzuki emphasize that one of the most significant problems associated with the definition of the term is the fact that it has been applied to a wide range of practices, programs, approaches, systems, [...]

The New Policy of the Deadly Force Usage

A police officer should be ready to evaluate the situation and see whether the criminal is armed. In another case - when a criminal is not armed or when there is no obvious threat to [...]

The Beltway Snipers Case

Then the case was investigated by the Montgomery County Police Department with the support of the FBI. One of the probable is a biological theory or the theory of born criminal.

Logical Fallacies in Criminal Justice

The misrepresentation of the original argument is not taken into account, and the key objective of this fallacy is to confuse the opponent and form one's opinion on the wrong argument.

Proactive and Reactive Approaches in Criminology

Thus, it is vital for professionals to utilize both reactive and proactive approaches to streamline investigation and save people. It is also important to mention that fingerprints of military and government employees can also be [...]

Psychology in Criminal Justice

One of the most prevalent examples of the connection between psychology and criminal justice is the use of the word "insanity".

Offending Patterns Between Genders

Therefore, the paper at hand aims at identifying patterns of criminal activities among men and women with the focus on both perceptions of the role of gender in criminal involvement, which leads to gender-based misjudgments, [...]

Cybercrime Victimization and Cyberbullying

The main strength of the article is the author of the article describing one of the existing frameworks that are based on the routine activities inherent in the criminological theory.

Positivist, Sociological, Contemporary Criminology

The laws and such authorities as police and courts are in charge of the safety of citizens. On the whole, sociological criminology ideas can be applied to discover the risk groups of possible criminals and [...]

Hate Crimes and Anti-Discrimination Laws

Some of the explanations behind individuals and organizations engaging in hate crimes encompass nervousness, panic, and insufficient capacity to cater to the necessities of their family members coupled with a strong desire to harm the [...]

Crime Prevention and Control Effectiveness

Another aspect that needs to be acknowledged is that it is impossible to avoid all of the crimes because some individuals will participate in such activities even if it is dangerous and significant risks are [...]

Victim’s Rights Movement in the 20th Century

Despite being in decline up to the middle of the twentieth century, the victims' rights movement have developed significantly since then thanks to several factors, including the emergence of the field of victimology, the change [...]

Ways of Punishing Offenders

There are many causes of punishment; people are punished because of their mistakes or crimes. Even though some forms of punishment are severe, their purpose is to enable people to realize their faults and change [...]

Physical Evidence in Criminology

One of the most widespread types of physical evidence is the so-called pattern evidence. It is necessary to note that the analysis of this type of evidence is similar to the one mentioned above.

Federal Rules of Evidence

In the law of evidence, it is important to understand the meaning of each definition and meet the requirements given. The Daubert Standard is another rule that identifies the relation of evidence to an opinion [...]

Criminal Evidence: Solid-Proof Data

Therefore, the instances of hearsay and privileged communication must be identified successfully whenever they appear in the course of the prosecution. Furthermore, the concept of the BER must be viewed as the top priority.

Could Criminal Profiling Prevent the Jonestown Incident?

The community he established was closed and confrontational toward the society, as the members of the community believed that their souls would be saved because of their devotion to Jones, while those who refuse to [...]

Forensic Psychology: Zodiac Killer Case

By looking at the subject matter of the Zodiac Killer, the present paper aims to identify important characteristics related to serial killers and how the domain of forensic psychology could be applied to solve cases [...]

Forensic Psychology: Insanity Plea and Insanity Defense

Although these studies have offered helpful insights into the use of the insanity plea and the insanity defense, it is still not clear how the sentences arising from the insanity plea operate and what factors [...]

Prison Life in the USA

The fact that the number of offenders who live in prison increased greatly attracts the attention of experts and the representatives of the general public.
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