Criminology Essay Examples and Topics

Edward Norris Case

The Edward Norris case is very essential for business people given the various crucial lessons it has. To begin with, the case puts forward various strategies that have been used to combat crime in Baltimore. From the case study, it has been proofed that not all the strategies that are implemented by somebody can work. […]

Punishment and Rehabilitation

The legislators closely evaluate various methods of crime prevention. As a rule, they focus on such approaches as punishment and rehabilitation. This paper is aimed at discussing the advantages and disadvantages of these strategies. Overall, one can argue that policy-makers should place more emphasis on rehabilitation since it is essential for the improvement of a […]

Cybercrime – Pentagon

Abstract With the progressive advances in technology, incidences of cybercrimes are also on the rise. Preventing these cybercrimes requires organizations to develop knowledge that can help them form psychological profiles of the perpetuators of these crimes. This would subsequently help organizations install appropriate controls in order to effectively deal with cybercrimes. It is the lack […]

Criminology: What is the Solution to the Prison Problem?

Introduction The work of Angela Davis in her book, “Are Prisons Obsolete?”, introduces readers to the current state of the U.S. system of imprisonment and rehabilitation. She reveals the correlation between corporate interests, racial profiling, current laws and how such factors have contributed to the growing population of inmates within U.S. penitentiaries. Her book reveals […]

Criminal Justice

Introduction The contemporary society experiences a huge burden that is linked to crime and violence alongside the negative consequences on the quality of life that people live. There are several impacts of crime such as reduced lifespan, intense fear of insecurity and lack of social comfort as well as reduced working hours due to less […]

The Case of Hernando Washington’s Trial

The article written by Lisa McIntyre discusses the case of Hernando Washington who was convicted of rape and murder. The author looks at the actions of this individual from a sociological perspective. Moreover, she discusses the work of defense attorneys who are often blamed for protecting people who are supposedly guilty of serious crime such […]

Murdered Women of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Introduction Ciudad Juárez is a region in Northern Mexico which is very famous for the violent murders of both men and women who live in it1. The region is ruled by the drug lords who are very wealthy from the sale of drugs in other regions of Mexico. These drug lords use these men and […]

Mexican Drug Cartels and Human Trafficking

Mexico is located in Central America and this geographic location has made it a favorable staging and transshipment point for drugs and human trafficking to US from Mexico, South America, and elsewhere. Mexico has been a major supplier of cannabis and methamphetamine, though it also traffics other drugs like heroin and cocaine to US. According […]

Corporate White Collar Crime Analysis

Introduction White collar crime refers to peaceful offense committed with an intention of gaining unlawful monetary gain. There are a number of white collar crimes that can be committed. They include extortion, insider trading, money laundering, racketeering, securities fraud, and tax evasion. This paper carries out an analysis of the Enron scandal as an example […]

Best Interventions for Convicted Sexual Offenders and Integration into Society

The Intervention for convicted sex offenders and integration into the society has become an intensely studied criminal justice and correctional issue over the last two decades. The state has raised the intervention programme from purely correctional issue to a broad public wellbeing issue. Different researchers in different states have revealed very crucial findings about sex […]

Computer Forensics

Conducting investigation of computers does not differ much from traditional public investigation. It also implies search for material evidence, including word documents, photos, pictures, or graphic data. The only difference lies in methods of extracting these computer artifacts (Nelson & Phillips, 2010). In this respect, to disclose the facts of kidnapping, computer forensics could be […]

Problems of Juvenile Delinquency

Executive Summary The main aim of writing this paper is to carry out an examination of a juvenile delinquent in order to understand what pushes them into doing the act and applicable solutions which can be applied to correct the person. The behavior of the person will be compared to one of the theories used […]

Effectiveness of the New Beginnings Re-entry Program

Program evaluation is the systematic collection of information about the activities, characteristics, and outcomes of programs. The information is then used to make judgments about the program and improve the effectiveness of the program. This also suggests that evaluation determines the worth, merit, or value of something (Patton 1997). New Beginnings Re-entry Program is a […]

Critical analyses of the Climate of Fear report from southern poverty law center

Introduction The climate of fear report was a report prepared by the southern poverty law center following a pattern of hate crimes against Latino Immigrants in Suffolk County. This report revealed the continuous hatred and prejudice against the undocumented Latino immigrants culminating in the murder of Marcelo Lucero. The report also revealed how this pattern […]

Computer Forensics

Introduction The main objective of computer forensics is to examine the validity of electronic evidence in a manner that is acceptable in a court of law. The basic procedures involved in computer forensics are the identification, preservation, recovery, analysis and preservation of digital evidence gathered. Computer forensics does not play a significant role in alleviating […]

Antisocial Personality Disorder

This disorder is classified as an Axis II disorder. It is a common personality disorder that sometimes leads the affected individuals into criminal activities (Davison, 2002). This disorder results into persistent disrespect and infringement of the rights of other people. This disorder develops during childhood or adolescence and it continues to manifest itself with increased […]

Ethics in Technology: Cyber Crimes

Citation of the case Ethics denote unwritten rules that people in a certain professional sector should follow. In the cyber space, many users have overlooked ethical values. This has culminated in cyber malpractices and vices. Some of the frequent cyberspace vices include hacking and bullying (Curtis 34). Owing to the increase in cyber crime, many […]

White Collar Crime

Introduction Champion (2011) defines white collar crimes as “a non violent crime, usually committed in commercial situations, for financial gain.” The Federal Bureau of Investigations cites the use of concealment, deceit or trust-violation as the primary mechanisms for committing these crimes. Individuals often carry out these offenses in order to access property, services or property. […]

Cyber Bullying Issue

Cyber bullying refers to threatening, lying or harassing a person through various electronic communication devices such as cell phones or computers. Cyber bullies harass their victims through emails, instant messages, text messages, blogs, and posting embarrassing information about a person to a website. Today, the issue of cyber bullying is treated as a serious problem […]

Why hate crimes should carry more severe punishments

Introduction The world of crime has had numerous inventions of crime types cropping up each day in the society. These crimes range from the simple ones such as piracy to the complex ones such as murder. However, regardless of the weight of the crime committed, justice has to take place by having the criminal punished. […]

Juvenile Statistics in Criminal Activities

Introduction Juveniles consist of young children and youth offenders who have not yet attained the age of adulthood (in most cases eighteen years) while Juvenile delinquency is the engagement of children and youthful offenders in criminal activities. Crime is an aspect that has raised concern among individuals, groups and organizations especially due to its increased […]

Toolkits Used in Cybercrime

Mobile Devices Many organizations can access high-tech mobile devices today. This has improved the way they use internet in their operations. However, this has increased their vulnerability to internet crime. Mobile technology has enabled many organizations to carry out their activities via the devices. The mobile content in many cases has led to loss of […]

Capstone Project- Rehabilitation Programs

The main focus of this research paper will be to discuss and analyze criminal justice problems that arise in rehabilitation programs within the penal system. The concept of rehabilitation programs will be discussed in length and the relevant statistics will be used to determine whether these programs reduce the rates of crime amongst criminals. The […]

Human trafficking

Introduction Human trafficking is a rampant crime in both the North and the South. Men, women and children are trafficked in this dirty activity. However, women and children are the most vulnerable when it comes to abuse of their human rights. The scale of women and children trafficking is very large but difficult to put […]

Cyber Bullying as a Virtual Menace

Introduction With the world turning into a global village, interactions between people in different geographical locations have been made easier by technological advancements. There has been increased internet usage and many people irrespective of their ages have been using it as a medium of communication and source of any information one may need. However, with […]

Organized Crime in Labor and Drug Trade

Introduction Organized crime continues to be a big threat to the security and economic growth in most countries. Even though organized crime groups are found in every continent, the organization of such gangs differs. This paper will focus on the criminal gangs in China, Japan, Russia and Mexico. The organized crime groups in the above […]

The Most Effective Crime Prevention Strategies in the Past Two Decades

Introduction Crime prevention strategies are diverse and depend on the institution implementing them, the area of their implementation and the social factors they address in their implementation. Crime is a social problem and therefore is influenced by social factors affecting individuals and community. In order to know the effectiveness of the strategy or strategies employed […]

Social Learning Theory and juvenile delinquency

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to examine the empirical studies of the Social Learning Theory on juvenile delinquency. Juvenile delinquency entails the term that is used to explain to young people who have not attained majority age and are involved in committing crimes. Delinquency refers to the failure to follow laws that are […]

Juvenile Justices

Introduction Over the last decade, child abuse and neglect has been on the increase. This fact comes with its challenges and right now juvenile justice system is facing challenges and some unique issues that if not well addressed would plunge this system into crisis in future. It is unfortunate that, this system has not undergone […]

Stereotypes and Realities of Japanese Yakuza

Introduction Organized crime has been a problem in many countries in the world. Yakuza members in Japan also known as gokudo are a perfect example of organized crime. Police and the media refer to them as the boryokudan meaning a violent group while they call themselves ninkyo dantai or basically chivalrous organization. Although there is […]

Community Based Corrections

The annotated bibliography on impacts of community based corrections on the criminal justice system covers the issues discussed below. Thesis Statement The proponents of community based corrections argue that there is need to find an alternative to imprisonment of nonviolent offenders which is low cost given the financial constraint the federal government is facing and […]

Substance Abuse and Crime

Introduction Psychological theories attributed to different psychologists provide the schemes for apparent actions which are involved in the criminal processes and procedures. In the course of comprehending the diverse humanistic actions as well as behaviour involving their motives and directives, psychological theories serve as an essential resource tool. An example of instances where these theories […]

Perception of Organized Crime

Organized crime, in my view, occurs when two or more persons form a rational, ongoing conspiracy to commit crime for reasons such as the desire to make a profit or religious and political extremism. The term can therefore be described as a continuing criminal undertaking that rationally works to benefit from illegal activities through the […]

What Attitudes, Beliefs, and Assumptions Correlate with Individual Support for Hate Crimes Directed at the Muslim Community Post September 11, 2001?

Introduction Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, Muslims have become victims of hate crimes because of the attitudes, beliefs, and assumptions that link them to terrorism. According to various academic research publications, counter terrorist groups and other Muslim groups including the Metropolitan police, there were about 962 Islamophobic offenses in London in early 2009 […]

To what Extent are New Technologies and Organized Crime Linked?

Information technologies and organized crime The criminal justice system continues to be besieged as the society is questioning the ultimate solution to the increased crime rates in the world today. Despite the fact that, prisons have been overcrowded with criminal of all categories, the crime rates have seemed to be also on the increase (Navarro, […]

Gun Control in Deterring Repeat Offenders

Introduction It is always puzzling to see a person released from prison repeat the crime for which he/she was convicted, or any other for that matter. Whether prison for such a person is paradise or not, is the big question whose answer is emphasized here. Many argue that prisons are not stringent enough, but availability […]

Approaches to Crime Prevention

Introduction The United States of America government employs various approaches in preventing the occurrence of criminal activities. These approaches constitute legal and social institutions that encompass the criminal justice system. Walker (1992) defines criminal justice system as “a set of legal and social institutions for enforcing the criminal law in accordance with a defined set […]

Local Crime Prevention Program: Colonial Heights’ Senior Citizens Crime Prevention

Introduction For as long as the human civilization has existed, there have always been those members of the society who have engaged in criminal activities. These misdeeds which affect the rest of the community negatively have resulted in the formation of the police force and other agencies charged with combating crime. While this apparatus have […]

A Change to Scared-Straight Programs

Introduction The rate at which criminal activities happen around the world is alarming. While majority associate these activities with adult men and women, it is surprising to realize the share of the crimes that are committed by children. In most instances, people assume that children are not involved criminal activities. It is therefore worth noting […]

Cybercrime and Cyber-related crimes

The introduction of modern telecommunication networks has come with great benefits to the modern society. However, the embracement of computer technology has come with disadvantages that cannot be ignored. The introduction of computer technology has created room for cyber crimes and cyber related crimes that have caused many people pain and losses to the society. […]

The Relationship between Parental Influence and Juvenile Delinquency

Introduction In spite of the number of juvenile crimes going down, many adolescents still participate in unlawful activities (Wiesner & Silbereisen, 2003). Juveniles engage in a number of criminal activities. The activities range from petty theft, slay, riotous conduct, to destruction. In 2001, four percent of the juvenile delinquencies comprised of brutal crimes while 23.8 […]

Digital Crime Problem and Its Solving

Most of the modern world businesses are conducted with the assistance of computers that have internet connections. Therefore, these computers carry very important personal and company information that can be utilized by hackers to commit crime (System Solutions Group, 2003). Digital crime is therefore committed when an individual obtains access to confidential information such as […]

Running Head: Fraud investigation report

Abstract The subject of this investigative report is an alleged asset fraudulent disbursement scheme in the procurement department of the Plant of Lakes, Inc. The investigations were commenced as a result of an anonymous tip received by the company on June 12, 2007 that a company employee had been submitting false expense claims for billing […]

The Martha Stewart Trial

Key Details of the trial Martha Stewart, a renowned TV personality, author and magazine publisher as well as a businessperson who lived an exemplary life before being convicted in 2003. Her case involved charges of obstruction of justice and fraud of securities against her by the government. This forced her to go trial in the […]

Polygraph Testing

A polygraph test sometimes known as a ‘lie detector test’ is an examination procedure used to detect lies. This test is done using a machine known as a polygraph. It registers the body’s involuntary responses to an interrogator’s questions. This in turn ascertains the deceptive behavior of the individual being examined (Kozel, Padgett & George, […]

Carrying a gun for self-defense

Introduction Carrying a gun for self-defense comes with great responsibility. This is because it does not give a citizen the powers to use it without justification of self-defense. Firearm laws of most states only protect those who use guns for self-defense. In fact, self-defense and use of handguns are some of the most controversial subjects […]

Hate Crime and Society

A hate crime is a crime which is perpetuated against an individual based on his or her membership to a certain group of people in the society. Hate crimes may include things like assault, murder, harassment and injuries. The grounds under which hate crimes may be committed include race, ethnicity, gender, age, nationality, political association, […]

Markets on Crime

Introduction Crime normally thrives in societies where law and order are rarely or inadequately enforced. From the void created in law enforcement, criminals and gangs exist to fill the void; not out of poverty but rather, out of the aim of controlling resources (Lawton 1). Crime is likely to increase if there is poor management […]

Serial Killers: Women and Men Comparison

A serial killer is defined as any person who manages to kill three or more people with enough time intervals between each killing. Most of the time, crimes of men serial killers are heard regularly as they are more horrible than that of women serial killers. As for the men, they do their crimes in […]

Concepts and Reasons of Violent Crimes in Modern Society

Abstract Violent crimes make use of physical force which in most cases results to causing bodily injuries physically and sometimes psychologically. Violent crimes have various starting points in the lifespan of a person with some starting at an early age while in some it may start at a late age. Peer influence, family background and […]

See Jane Hit by Dr. Garbarino

Acts of violence among young persons have been making headlines for some time now. While many associate boys to the acts, shocking statistics reveal that girls are increasingly committing violent acts. The purpose of this essay is to give an overview of Dr. Garbarino’s See Jane Hit: Why Girls are Growing more Violent and what […]

Criminal Acts as a Threat to Safety of Citizens

Criminal Acts Every country operates in accordance with specific rules that outline the way people should be punished in case they impose threat on lives and safety of other people, maintenance of organizations and government, and other potential dangers. Some of the rules regulating people’s actions are referred to as laws that stipulate punishment for […]

The Impact of the Internet on Traditional Crime

Introduction The advent of the Internet has impacted upon the social values of the people while transforming the whole world into a global village. The technological developments have inter alia intruded the life of every human being and the very traditional values continue to erode giving ample chances for the criminals to walk in and […]

The Formation of Social Policy Based on Theoretical Assumptions

Introduction Criminal justice system derives its policies from the assumptions of varied criminological theories. There are many criminological theories and their differences lie in the assumptions that give explanations or predictions of crime. Since crime is a social issue that affects everyone in the society, formation of social policies based on the same theoretical assumptions […]

Freakonomics: Unearthing Hidden Answers to Problems

Critical writing is one of the most interesting models of writing that exits. It involves presenting a problem by exposing unimaginable and hidden issues that emerge as the answers to those problems. This form of writing invites a lot of debate and possible opposition to the writer s assumptions. It has been called freakonomics (DiNardo […]

Routine activities theory: A unique theory that attempts to explain both offending and victimization

Introduction Routine activities theory seeks to explain the various causes of crime in any given society. The theory brings out crime as being a normal occurrence that is determined by the existing opportunities at a certain time.  It describes the various driving factors that cause an individual to commit a crime within a given environment […]

Recidivism and Incarceration

The reason why criminals are sent to prison is to reform and discontinue their criminal life. However it does not always work that way. The Pew report indicates that cases of incarceration including recidivism continue even with incarceration (6). Incarceration therefore does not yield the results that are hoped for with regards to reformation. Although […]

Introduction to Criminology

The term criminology refers to the design and scientific study of the extent, nature, control and cause of the criminal behaviors in both the individual and society. Crime is any act committed that deprives the individuals and the society of their values, rights and beliefs. There are different reasons why people commit crimes. Several factors […]

Should Prisoners Be Given the Opportunity to Get an Education? Essay

The issue of prison inmates being allowed to take college classes has over the years sparked a lot of controversy. In this report it the benefits that can be accrued from allowing prisoners to take college classes will be detailed and a conclusion drawn from the discussion. These benefits include the fact that that access […]

The Major Theories of Crime Causation

Introduction The survival of any civilization hinges on the establishment of laws and codes of conduct and the subsequent obeying of the same by the members of the society. Since not all members of the community follow the law on their own accord, forms of punishment for wrongs done may be used both for retribution […]

Domestic violence law

Introduction The domestic violence cases that have been experienced in the past have led to the belief that men are always guilty in domestic violence cases. This is a stereotype that has made a score of men to be innocently victimized for domestic violence since it is always presumed that a man is guilty until […]

Criminal Investigation

There are various methods of inquiry. These methods can be grouped into either scientific or non scientific methods. The preferred method of inquiry in criminal investigation is the scientific method. In this method, an investigator develops a hypothesis and then investigates the viability of the hypothesis, which is a similar procedure as used in science. […]

Immigration and Crime Rate

There is a general perception that crime rate is high in large cities because of immigration. However, new immigration helps in minimizing high rate of crime. Since the rate of immigration has increased throughout the past decades, it may be assumed that criminal activities have been aggravated by immigration. The authority in the past had […]

How many murders occurred in USA in 2009?

For many years now, there has been flawed statistics about murder in the United States of America with media exaggerating numbers that cannot be ascertained. Interestingly, these figures are exaggerated by a great margin sometimes by a factor of more than ten. For instance, research found that the presumed 150,000 deaths from anorexia were exaggerated […]

Sex Offender Registration and Notification

Introduction Criminology or criminal justice is one of the most exciting approaches in social sciences, which aim to analyze a crime as an individual or even social phenomenon. A crime is considered to be a violation of rules and laws set by the government in accordance with the legal regulations. Usually, any kind of violation […]

Serial Killer “Theodore Robert “Ted” Bundy”

Introduction Buddy was an American rapist, necrophile, serial killer, and kidnapper (Office of the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney, 2012). He was famous for assaulting and killing girls and young women during the 1970s. He confessed to have killed 30 people shortly before he was executed. This paper will analyze his character from a psychological point […]

“Where Have All the Criminals Gone?” Analysis

The question of increasing the rate of crimes is the controversial issue for any state. That is why, the politicians, sociologists, and researchers pay much attention to examining the factors which can lead to decreasing this rate. The early 1990s can be characterized by the considerable decrease of the crime rate, and the main researchers’ […]

What to do with people who break the law

People who break the law are considered to have deviated from the social norms. Law breakers are those people who have committed various crimes against an individual or the society as a whole. To avoid repetition of crimes committed by the law breakers, these people should receive punishments which are related to the crimes they […]

Community and Domestic Violence; Gang Violence

Violence has always reined within the history of humankind with daily media feeds of senseless aggression constantly depicted through wars, terrorism, robberies and domestic infighting. Most of these aggressive acts have been linked to youthful gang groups and drugs as progressively more youths follow the delinquent path as family units continue to disintegrate. Solitude, peer […]

Relationship between unemployment and crime

Statistics of crime in many countries shows that unemployment and crime are closely related. However, different types of crimes are carried out, and not all can be directly linked to unemployment. In recent research, studies have shown that property crime can be linked to unemployment, whereas, violent crime such as murder and rape are not […]

Effectiveness of correctional services in reducing recidivism

The phenomenon of youth who repeatedly engage in criminal behavior is common in the society. Youth who repeatedly commit crimes are known as re-offenders, while the repetition of crimes by youth is technically referred to as juvenile recidivism. The study of juvenile recidivism has attracted substantial attention from scholars, especially psychologists, because the youth are […]

Profile of the Typical Individual Who Commits Hate Crimes

The Unites States of America is a multiethnic country where people of different races, cultural background, religion, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, gender, and disability live within similar social, political, and economical sittings; with the such a community setting, incidences of hate crimes occasionally occur. Hate crime laws commonly known as bias-motivated crimes laws […]

Consequences of Committing Crime

Individual behavior forms one of the most contributive factors towards a person’s propensity to commit or not to commit a crime. Various factors contribute towards behavioral development and change in an individual; the current economy, the competence portrayed by the police, the parentage and nurturing an individual receives from family, accessibility, and use of illegal […]

The Effect of Prohibition on Organized Crime

During this prohibition of 1920 in United States, all activities contributing to the sales of alcohol were illegal. Such activities included import and export of raw materials and the final products, as well as the initial production and the transportation of alcohol. This action of prohibition came because of realized rate of crimes and corruption […]

Can Children be Reliable Courtroom Witnesses?

For centuries, the law has had mistrust on statements and testimonies given out by children. Justification of lack of trust was brought about by the fact that the children were viewed incapable of differentiating facts from fantasies. The basis of this notion is supported by the fact that sometimes children lie, especially about sexual abuse […]

Social Cultural Causes Of Crime

Crime is one of the most commonly occurring phenomena in any given society in the world. Crime has been termed as any behavior that violates established law and norms and is contrary to societal expectations (Lectric Law Library Para 2). Criminologists have done research studies to try and establish the causes of crime and the […]

A Comparison of Organized Crime around the World

You here of human trafficking, drug trafficking, gambling, forced prostitution, fire arm dealings just to mention but a few. This is all the handy work of organized criminal groups. Organized criminal groups have spread through the world in the recent past. These groups have used different ways but mostly illegitimate ways to do business in […]

Routine Activities Theory

Elements of the Theory According to the Routine Activities Theory, people make decisions basing on how advantageous the decisions will be to them and at the same time minimize the disadvantages. According to the theory, crime usually occur when certain conditions are prevalent, that is, when there is an offender who is motivated, a target […]

Organized Crime – John Gotti’s Analyze

Introduction John Gotti was born on October 27, 1940. Until his death while serving a prison sentence, he was the godfather of the powerful crime gang family; the Gambino family. He was dubbed “The Teflon Don”, because of his ingenuity in tricking America’s law enforcers and beating prosecutors in watertight cases. He had a dominant […]

Debate: Fingerprinting and Background Check vs. Invasion of Privacy

Nowadays, the development of technologies and science takes one of the most significant positions. Scientists can present numerous innovations, which may considerably improve people’s lives, help to find out the solutions and even to make the right choice. Nowadays, numerous background checks and fingerprinting are improved by means of science, and people get more opportunities […]