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Criminology Essay Examples and Topics

Nature of Crime in the UAE

The irony of this phenomenon is that most embassies in the UAE advise their citizens to take normal security precautions while in the country, yet they are among the biggest offenders.

Juvenile Detention Centre Design

The RFID system can also limit the ability of juveniles to enter particular areas of the detention centre by keying the RFID frequency emitted by the chips to the door locks which helps to minimize [...]

Juvenile Correctional Facility

The increased concern on the effectiveness of the juvenile correctional facility is attributable to the seriousness of the crimes that these juvenile delinquents commit.

Female Criminal Gangs

I believe there are no prison gangs as women see themselves as torn from the rest of their world and try to keep the connection.

Analysis of Homicides in St. Louis

The rising number of homicides in the neighborhoods of St. Such a tendency could result in the unwillingness of people to inform police about witnessed illegal actions and cause rising rates of criminality.

Organized Crime in Japan and the US

However, the perpetrators of organized crimes capitalize on the vulnerable members of the society, who live below or slightly above the poverty line. In the US and Japan, the organized crime gangs differ in terms [...]

“Where Have All the Criminals Gone?”

In the middle of the chapter, the authors frame the crime decline problem in certain terms of abortion legalization and a number of other factors that define the quality of crime, its prevention, and possible [...]

Retributivism and Utilitarianism Theories

Another approach to the question of punishment has a theory of utilitarianism. However, it is possible to suggest some fusing of these two different theories in an attempt to create some new approach to the [...]

Realistic and Sustainable Funding Sources

The volume of the local government budget for public safety includes the money that is devoted to the court security for the different sections of the public safety components under the Law Enforcement Services Account.

When Eyewitnesses Are Mistaken?

The operation of the judicial court system is that it digs for information from the people who witnesses the occurrence of a particular crime, the convictions and the decision that will finally be made is [...]

The CSI Effect Phenomenon – Criminology

One of the institutions that have been tremendously affected by the 'CSI effect' is the jury. Based on these facts, it is clear that the credibility and competence of the jury is threatened by the [...]

Where Have All the Criminals Gone?

This article focuses on these reasons that were thought to have led to reduction of the rising crime rates experienced in United States in the 1990s and refutes the claims flaunted by the theorists.

CSI Effect on Jurors – Criminology

This quote indicates the attorneys came to the realization that their system of carrying out investigations and presenting the evidence is no longer effective owing to the public interception in these processes.

Internet Crimes

As these sites give criminals the opportunity to stalk, locate, probably pursue their victims and in some cases steal their identities. As a result, the criminals might use the children to commit such crimes on [...]

Crimes Against Persons

It is the, therefore, a criminal assault to deliberately place another person in fear of harmful or offensive contact. Fear, according to the Florida state is the awareness of the possibility of assault; hence, fear [...]

American Police Community Relations

In the US, the introduction of community policing strategies and engagement of the public in crime reporting and detection strategies help to improve security measures in the country.

Criminology: Prison Life

Inmates in jails are locked up together regardless of the crimes they committed, or are suspected of having committed while those in prisons are put behind bars in different areas and according to the degree [...]

Criminology: Prisoners with Special Needs

Such prisoners are badly treated by the prison staff and other prisoners mainly because of the discriminatory attitudes that are deeply rooted in society and are more evident in the restricted environment of prisons.

Social Disorganization and Crime

Social disorganization can be conceptualized as the incapability of the community structure to attain the common values of its members and maintain effective social controls, or as the failure and degeneration of social institutions and [...]

Criminology Issues in Chicago

Once the court date is near, the witness will be brought to the basement garage of the apartment building and from there they will be transported via a car to the courthouse in order to [...]

Criminology: Water Boarding Torture

Over the years, waterboarding has been used in Europe to get information from suspects. This discussion has revealed that the waterboarding method facilitates access to information from uncooperative suspects.

Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation

Therefore, the current situation requires criminal justice systems to push for the adoption of new laws to ensure their professionals adhere to higher standards of practice to enable them to discharge their duties more effectively.

Hate Crime Among Juveniles

In the thrill hate crimes, the perpetrators invade their victims who are different from them. In most instances, victims of a hate crime propagate the retaliatory hate crimes.

Edward Norris Case

The case study also brings forward the dilemma that Norris faces when he is making a decision on whether to accept the invitation to join Baltimore police department or not.

Cybercrime – Pentagon

It is the lack of effective controls that accounts for most hacking incidences, as depicted by the case of Gary McKinnon who was able to gain unauthorized access to NASA and pentagon systems, deleting crucial [...]

Criminal Justice

One of the devastating effects of crime that has been associated with violence is that it brings about social waste which emanates from the loss of value of goods as well as the destruction of [...]

The Case of Hernando Washington’s Trial

The article gives a detailed account of the case and the outcome of Hernando Washington's trial. Lisa McIntyre does not attempt to justify the actions of Hernando Washington; instead she is more concerned with the [...]

Murdered Women of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Analysts have suggested that the drug lords in the region are targeting a specific group of women in the Ciudad Juarez region because most of the murdered victims are young women who come from very [...]

Mexican Drug Cartels and Human Trafficking

Reports from Mexico says that due to the pressure exerted on the drug cartels by the government, they have resolved in other means of getting revenue and the major one has been human trafficking alongside [...]

Corporate White Collar Crime Analysis

Despite the excellent performance, stakeholders of the company were concerned about the complexity of the financial statements. The management of the company used complex nature of the financial statements and the weaknesses in the accounting [...]

Computer Forensics

When electronic data has been collected to identify the kind of the incident and introduce evidence of the crime, it is important to organize a meeting with the witness who can provide details of the [...]

Problems of Juvenile Delinquency

The main aim of writing this paper is to carry out an examination of a juvenile delinquent in order to understand what pushes them into doing the act and applicable solutions which can be applied [...]

Computer Forensics

In addition, the paper provides an overview of the techniques used in obtaining evidence from the internet and web resources, the types of evidence that can be recovered from electronic and computer resources, and the [...]

Ethics in Technology: Cyber Crimes

Furthermore, the defendant altered the data, which compromised the integrity of the information to the detriment of the organizations involved. In this litigation, Aleksey Vladimirovich Ivanov was the defendant while the American government was the [...]

White Collar Crime

Parties affected by the crime and how it affects them White collar criminals place more emphasis on their personal needs than their organization's to the point of downplaying the real costs of their actions.

Cyber Bullying Issue

Therefore, the goal of this paper is to analyse who the victims of cyber bullying are and the influence it has on them.

Juvenile Statistics in Criminal Activities

Consequently there exist various factors that could lead to the reduction in the levels or rates of juvenile delinquent arrests, which follows a decline in the engagement of the juveniles in criminal activities that could [...]

Toolkits Used in Cybercrime

The mobile content in many cases has led to loss of privacy and integrity for many organizations. This poses a risk to the organizations whose data can be found on their sites.

Capstone Project- Rehabilitation Programs

The discussion will highlight the various rehabilitation programs that are currently used to reform prisoners such as academic programs, religious programs and educational programs and it will also focus on whether these programs reduce the [...]

Human trafficking

The scale of women and children trafficking is very large but difficult to put a figure on the actual number of women and children trafficked all over the world. The demand for people to work [...]

Cyber Bullying as a Virtual Menace

The use of information and communication technologies to support a deliberate and most of the time repeated hostile behavior by an individual or groups of people with the sole intention of harming others, one is [...]

Juvenile Justices

Ignoring the facts does not change them, and whether the juvenile justice system acknowledges it or not; there are numerous challenges and unique issues facing the juvenile justice system, in the 21st century regarding the [...]

Stereotypes and Realities of Japanese Yakuza

Although, there are several factors that contributed to the emergence and the predominance of the Yakuza, the economic situation was a major contributory factor since most of the groups comprised people that were involved in [...]

Community Based Corrections

The actors in the community based corrections are also discussed and their roles in the criminal justice system The future of the community based corrections shall be discussed The role of community based corrections at [...]

Substance Abuse and Crime

Logically, it is still not possible to prove the theories that correspond to criminal behaviour studies and consequently the correctness and relevancy of the theories vary in application depending on the strain of the situation, [...]

Perception of Organized Crime

For example, it has been assumed that a single offender has no capacity to plan and execute organized crime, that there must be a form of rational planning for organized crime to be successfully executed, [...]

Approaches to Crime Prevention

The objective of the criminal justice system is to ensure proper enforcement of the standards of conduct in protecting the rights of the individuals and the community in a free society.

Digital Crime Problem and Its Solving

There are myriads of security software in the market that have been designed to help in combating digital crimes. International security bodies such as Interpol and the FBI have been put in place to help [...]

The Martha Stewart Trial

In the trial, the prosecutors of the case brought to the attention of the court that Martha Stewart did not cooperate in the case and instead barred the investigation of the government, specifically in her [...]

Polygraph Testing

The fundamental idea of using the polygraph is to detect lies. Additionally, the survey also shows that it is a quicker means of selection.

Carrying a gun for self-defense

In the first case, the use of a shotgun by the young woman to kill one of the two men who had previously raped her is not justified as a necessary use of weapon in [...]

Hate Crime and Society

In the United States where the rates of hate crimes are high, the targets of hate crimes are the Black Americans followed by Hispanic Americans.

Markets on Crime

Since this study notes that crime is a direct result of the intrigues in the market, and the market is too diverse to control, the only solution to the reduction in crime is the control [...]

Serial Killers: Women and Men Comparison

Most of the time, crimes of men serial killers are heard regularly as they are more horrible than that of women serial killers. The physical counting of the men serial killers victims is very high [...]

See Jane Hit by Dr. Garbarino

He reckons that the overall towering figures of violence in the girl child is an inadvertent result of the conventional rise in ordinary girls becoming physical and growing more opinionated.

Recidivism and Incarceration

The prison system reflects the legal values and system in that crime are placed in categories and depending on the crime the prisoners will be sentenced.

Introduction to Criminology

The term criminology refers to the design and scientific study of the extent, nature, control and cause of the criminal behaviors in both the individual and society.