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Administrative Law Essay Examples and Topics

Arbitration Law 1996

According to the English Arbitral Act, the award is dealt separately in the light of legal rights of a third party to protect the agreement.
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Problem Solution: Webster Security Issue

Increased security breach within the University is of a major concern to the students and the administration. It is of vital importance for the university to work in close cooperation with the members of the [...]
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UK Employment Law Application

The first case which borders on industrial strikes calls for attention in line with the provisions as set out in the procedures governing official and unofficial strikes. An official strike is supposed to have the [...]
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Home Insurance Increase in Florida

Home insurance increases in Florida, and more and more people have to sell their homes because of high insurance rates and fraudulent actions of insurers.
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Legislative Process of the State of New Jersey

The state of New Jersey is also willing to become a part of the compact, and bill A1597 was proposed to serve this purpose. This paper intends to provide details on both the bill and [...]
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Failure to Achieve “Meeting of the Minds”

Bilateral mistakes, in contrast to the unilateral mistakes, involve both parties of the agreement and occur when the parties have understandings that are not in accordance with what the contract states.
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Administrative Law Concepts of Canada

It implies that the participants of legal relations are given the opportunity to act at their own discretion depending on the circumstances and within the framework of the law.
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Takings: How Far Should Government Go?

In the older of the two cases, the right to transfer property between two private organizations was granted to the local authorities on the basis of the 5th Amendment.
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Law and Policy of Media: Common Carriage

In the early twentieth century, the judicial system in the United States of America recognized the validity of the law of common carriage even without its formal establishment by the legislature.
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Gilbert v. Homar Legal Case Summary and Impacts

The main issue stated by the respondent is the violation of the due process, which usually contains a predetermination hearing that would allow the man to tell his side of the story and timely notice [...]
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Hotel Windsor Holdings vs. Minister for Planning

The case brought to the court for the hearing and decision-making on 19 August of the year 2014, entailed complaints regarding the issuance of a permit for the expansion of an important historical building known [...]
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Kelo v. The City of New London Case

The judges listening to the case pitting Kelo and allies versus the City of New London came up with a decision that it was right for the local government to take up public land and [...]
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Electronic Cigarettes: An Assembly Bill

To be more exact, the specified bill presupposes that the retailers of electronic cigarettes should have a license and that age restrictions should be imposed on the product mentioned above.
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No Child Left Behind: The Need to Modify the Law

The moment that a gap has been detected the Federal government creates pressure in order for the school, the teachers and the administrator to work hard and find solutions to the problem.
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No child left behind

Some of the issues covered in include an explanation of the law, the impact of the law and adaptation of various systems to accommodate the law.
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