Environmental Law Essay Examples and Topics

Greenbelts as a Toronto’ Environmental Planning Tool

Introduction For over the last three decades, the city of Toronto has experienced various environmental predicaments and injustices. Environmental justice is a fundamental right accorded to all people under the environmental legislation, which seeks to redress the inequitable distribution of environmental burden and benefits (Mennis & Jordan, 2005). This report takes the case of the […]

Environmental Justice and Minority Groups

Environmental Justice and its Relationship to Minority Groups Developed in the 1980s, environmental justice refers to fair treatment and involvement of people in the design and implementation of policies and laws that touch on the environment, regardless of their skin color, ethnic and cultural background or social status (Gillaspy, 2013). This concept advocates for sustainable […]

Clean Air Act formation and impact

Introduction Environment law can be defined as a cluster of laws that contain elements that have power over human activities on the earth and public health. It has diverse obligations and prospects that can be put into practice in addressing collective impacts and susceptible populations. For instance, Clean Air Act protects city residents from air […]

Problems of Environmental Racism

This paper is aimed at discussing various aspects of environmental racism. In particular, it is important to discuss the forms that this discrimination can take. Furthermore, one should focus on case studies that can illustrate such practices and their long-term impacts. One should keep in mind that environmental racism can adversely influence many people who […]

Environmental Health Law

The contemporary society pays considerable attention to development of safe and favorable environment for people. The Noise Control Act is one of many regulatory documents aimed at controlling environmental hazards. The act reveals standards of noise emissions in workplace, commercial production, residential noise, etc. (Noise Control Act, 1996). According to the Act, EPA was responsible […]

Product Liability Suit

The green movement is concerned with the conservation of the environment from the manufacturing industry emissions (Chittom, 2008). The movement has gained popularity and many corporations in the US are moving their manufacturing operations to offshore locations. These locations are situated outside the US and they involve full manufacturing or assembly characterized by low labor […]

Should The Endangered Species Act be strengthened?

Introduction The main reasons why the endangered species act (ESA) act should be strengthened in United States are the act is the only piece of legislation that is responsible for the protection of flora and fauna and their habitat in addition to their genetic diversity (Easton, 2009). Secondly, the ESA is a clear and uncomplicated […]

Impaired waters and Total Maximum Daily Loads in the Spokane River Basin.

The federal Clean Water Act was an act passed for the main purpose of protecting water bodies from pollution (Younos 12). The act sets water quality standards to protect the fish, drinking water and swimming and agriculture use. The standards were set considering the various water pollutants such as metal, bacteria, harmful nutrients and mercury. […]

Corporate Responsibility to the Environment

Introduction Environmental protection activities in the past have mostly been relegated to the society or the community with respective governments taking up the role of ensuring that these communities or societies have managed the environment properly. In the recent past, the government has shifted its focus to corporate organizations and business to participate in environmental […]

Concepts of Environmental Protection Legislation

Introduction Environmental pollution is not only problem of developed countries, but also a global problem that affects all human kind both directly and indirectly. Over the recent past, globally many nations have felt the impacts of global pollution through disasters, hence the need to ensure all individuals and nations combine forces and curb the vice. […]