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Environmental Law Essay Examples and Topics

Training in Environmental Law in Indonesia

The active promotion of the multicultural dialogue as the tool for making the message of the environmental and enforcement workshop as pronounced and urgent as possible must also be deemed as a crucial step in [...]

International Climate Change Agreements

The relevance and outcomes of the Kyoto Protocol will be considered in the context of an unfair attitude towards the members of participating countries regarding the share of permissible emissions.

Global Climate Deal as International Agreement

The draft of the agreement, as posted on the official website of the UN organization, emphasizes the need to reduce global carbon emissions and limit the global warming, as the negotiators from 195 countries, agreed [...]

Should Plastic Bags Be Banned?

In the United States, various states consider establishing and implementing strategies to curb the use of plastic bags at the checkout of retail and grocery stores.

Environmental Laws in the UAE

The laws and regulations of Federal Law No of 1999 for the Protection and Development of the Environment form the backbone of the Environmental Law within the UAE.

The US Foreign Policy and Environmental Protection

At present, the U.S.foreign policy in the context of environmental protection and climate change is far from being effective, mostly due to the presence of numerous players and stakeholders, poor motivation to improve the environment, [...]

Kyoto Protocol and China’s Position

Besides, China supports the principle of the sustainable development which emphasizes the pursuit of the beneficial outcomes for both the present and the future generations by means of the promotion of the green lifestyle all [...]

Environmental Justice and Minority Groups

Developed in the 1980s, environmental justice refers to fair treatment and involvement of people in the design and implementation of policies and laws that touch on the environment, regardless of their skin color, ethnic and [...]

Environmental Health Law

The existence of the Act means that the government has acknowledged the hazards of noise pollution and tries to secure Americans' rights.

Product Liability Suit

Through the observations of the green movement regulations, the companies would be in a position to produce products that are environmentally friendly and that protect the ecosystem.