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Simply Green Products Firm’s Materials Pollution Allegations Research Paper

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As directed by the President, the report outlines a couple of issues that the company wishes to clarify. The company, Simply Green Products has been in existence for quite a long time. It has managed to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Federal government to the end. Adherence to the United States Environmental Protection Agency code of conduct, requirements, standards and regulations has always been the core value of the business (Bortman, 2003).

Problem Statement

The company, as the entire management is aware of, produces high-quality eco-friendly packing materials. It means that the biodegradable materials can procedurally dissolve when they come in contact with the bacteria, fungi or other biological stuff in the natural environment. The natural decomposition is the surety that the company to the environmentalist organizations and the citizens (Johnson & Berkel, 2011).

There is considerable proof that the company has been the primary producer of the packaging materials for the orchards in the Shenandoah Valley. For many years, these farmers have relied upon the Simply Green Products. The company undertook to advertise the products in the trade journals using the name SafePack as its brand since the year 2008.

The pollution allegations by the said environmental group may seem baseless, but they need investigation to prove the validity of the matter. They claim that the pollution from the materials might cause environmental problems. Another diversion aimed at the company’s central market comes from the SafePark Materials Pollute. They launched an internet campaign to compel the Orchards to stop buying the business products since they pose a health hazard to the environment (Zavaletta, Jones & Bagley, 2006).

The government has a law that protects a legally registered business against malicious damage. If these claims lack any truth in them, then the company can register its concern with the authorities and even through the courts to shield the business from losses.

The Way Forward

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the legally instituted government agency to handle environmental matters. Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), there are laid down regulations to regulate and monitor the environmental issues.

Although there are going to be some amendments to the Act, but the 2008 final rule gives a precise definition of solid waste under the Solid Waste Disposal Act. It also guides one about the processes and steps that people should follow in disposing of such waste. The Clean Water Act is also another rule that can affect the company’s operations as a result of the environmental concerns (Gross & Dodge, 2005).

The company is in a very precarious condition right now. Before embarking on these disposal methods, Simply Green Products made sure that EPA officials visited the firm and conducted their research based on the technical team’s findings. They confirmed that the materials the firm produced were truly biodegradable.

However, the leakage of the company’s products into the stream must be a serious area of concern. It violates the Clean Water Act. The company needs to take the legal action from the courts to restrain SafePark Materials Pollute from participating in the internet campaign against its products.

SafePark Material Pollute must first do their research properly before embarking on a damaging campaign. Instead of the smearing campaign they should engage the company and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Anti Degradation Policy is meant to ensure that all surface waters remain clean and useful for swimming, fishing and other water uses. It also protects and maintains the water quality. EPA has the primary mandate to enforce a majority of the environmental statutes and regulations. Therefore, the agency has explicit enforcement authority in environmental laws. They also make policy documents to interpret the specific issues.

They publish guidelines to provide clarity and assist in the implementation of environmental regulations. Perhaps it would be advisable for the company o peruse through these documents to enable the management take a stand.

There are several reasons why the company should seek outside counsel. One of them is because the matter needs to be argued and addressed from a more professional point of view. It is sensitive in that it touches on the sole business of the day to day running of the company.

The involvement of the government in the matter is of great concern. If the matter gets out of hand, it can lead to loss of jobs as the decision might result in closure of business. The principal customers might lose trust in the company and find another supplier.

The legal counsel is more qualified in such matters and can be able to advise accordingly on the processes the company can use to save the business. The counsel needs to advise whether the advertisements in the trade journals should continue or if there is need to halt. The later decision could hurt the organization since it has become the primary means of reaching new business.


The management should plan to get started on the necessary steps that should lead to success in the matters before the public domain. The benefits the company seeks to reap far outweighs the costs to the firm will incur and the damage that the environmentalists have already caused. It is advisable that the management acts with the desired speed to find an amicable solution.


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