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Law Essay Examples and Topics

How to Structure Essays on Law

Writing essays on Law can be as easy as writing any other paper if you can structure it correctly. Here are some quick tips to get your essay started:

  • Understand your question before you begin writing. This step will save you precious minutes of rewiring and correcting time because your previous research will help build your law essay structure.
  • Write down your headings before beginning to write. You should get your thoughts in order before writing, as this allows you to brainstorm your ideas beforehand. In turn, doing so helps you give equal attention to all problems in your essay.
  • Your outline should support your stated thesis statement. Law essay topics are demanding, and you must make sure to use every argument, both legal and structural, to uphold the idea you are defending.
  • Make sure that each of your paragraphs answers a single question. Overlapping topics do not make a good impression on your reader and, most importantly, undermine your respectability as the writer.
  • Include only relevant information. If your subject is related to international law, then you should not focus on the jurisdiction of a single country.

Additional advice would be to recognize your essays specialty. For example, when writing about contract law, you should use sources that are related to this topic, rather than general books and journals.

Doing so is especially important because your work is only as good as the sources that support it and your bibliography is your academic credibility.

Therefore, your structure and the way you plan your essay should not go against the existing body of literature.

Still not sure how to begin? Check essay samples below to get more suggestions!

Natural and Positive Law

The early theorists of natural law were of the view that natural law is the command of God and it was to be obeyed even in instances when its obedience caused injustice.

Regulating Business Relationship

This category of law is associated with acts of crime against an individual or the public. Human conduct: Criminal law is applied if the accused is suspected of acts of commission or omission.

Use of Force in Law Enforcement

This paper discusses the use of force by law enforcement officers and attempts to explain why it is necessary to allow the use of force in the enforcement of law and administration of justice.

Copyright in China and the United States

While the copyright in the USA is rather well-protected, the situation in China is much more adverse from the legal, economic, and political points of view, and thus requires some important changes to be implemented [...]

Dubai International Financial Center’s Courts

To identify the worth of the expansion of the DIFC Courts' jurisdiction, the essence of the chosen court system, its peculiar features, and the positive and negative aspects of the process have to be considered [...]

Employment-at-will Doctrine in South Carolina

In the absence of any modification, the laws open employees to the vulnerability of sudden or arbitrary dismissals. While employers can fire employees for any reason at will, common law exceptions to the rule prohibit [...]

Supermax and Prison Regimes in the UK

The prison regimes of Supermax and prisons in the United Kingdom are similar in that they classify criminals, according to their age, gender, crimes committed, and the risk they pose to the prisoners, prison guards, [...]

Life Coaching Contracts

A careful review of the different forms of online coaching agreements and contracts reveals that the contract is the transition of the coach-client relationship into a professional relationship.

Environmental Laws in the UAE

The laws and regulations of Federal Law No of 1999 for the Protection and Development of the Environment form the backbone of the Environmental Law within the UAE.

Italian Mafia in America

The demand for protection occurs when the government is unable to resolve disputes in permissible markets and as such, entrepreneurs engage in the sale of illegal commodities in illegal markets.

Sexual Harassment Cases

According to the authors of the article, the investigative role is supposed to be performed by the jurors because they often find it cumbersome to determine the liability of the accused.

Law, Society and Big Corporations

In order to ensure that the laws of a society are relevant, it is imperative for state governments and law makers to formulate laws that are in tandem with the constant changes in a given [...]

Akaka Bill: Concerns for Hawaiians and the USA

As every independent state has its regulation and policies concerning the native population and their rights, the authorities of the United States should rearrange the division of the country giving sovereignty to the representatives of [...]

Constitutional Amendments Influencs on Courts

This essay analyses the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth amendments of the American constitution, their application to the adult and the juvenile court proceedings, and their influence on the routine court procedures.

Law and Obedience: Pros and Cons

On the contrary, a man can think of committing a misdemeanor, a petty crime or even a felony in the attempts to lend someone a helping hand and improve the conflicting situation.

Concept of Police Detective Job

In order to qualify for recruitment as a police detective, the candidate must have a minimum academic qualification of high school diploma or an equivalent of the same.

Takeover Regulations in UK and US

Table 1 summarises the main differences between securities regulation in the UK and the US. In the US, managers are allowed to employ defensive tactics to prevent a hostile takeover.

Labor and Work Importance in the Global Economy

The U.S.labor unions, businesses, and governments can learn a lot about industrial relations practices in the UK. There are numerous lessons that the labor unions and other business sectors in the U.S.can learn from this [...]

Law Case: Woodward v. Research Medical Center

In addition, the night nurse allowed the patient's systolic pressure to exceed the set maximum of 150 according to the physician's directions. Woodward simply called on the nurse to assist the patient to the washroom.

Sex Offenders Task Force Proposal

The task force's main priority is the attainment of a dedicated staff that will work hard to tackle the issue of the increasing number of sex offenders within Silver Springs. Most of the task force [...]

New 2014 Alabama State Laws

The criterion used to judge importance is the implication that the law has on the public, as demonstrated by media attention on the law and the involvement of stakeholder groups in supporting or expressing reservations [...]

Affirmative Action in Judicial Selection

An important merit of the affirmative action in the selection of judges is that is ensures diversification in the bench. Malleson declares that "the lack of diversity in the composition of the judiciary has a [...]

Florida’s Prisoner Aging Problem

The main idea of the article is the current problem regarding the growing number of elderly prisoners in Florida's prisons. In addition, the author notes that the problem needs a flexible solution that will lower [...]

Minorities, Immigrants, and Crime Prejudice

While these assertions are often mythical and baseless due to deficiencies in documented facts, they have nevertheless continued to be used by the larger public not only to profile minorities and immigrants but also to [...]

The Juvenile Division of the Court

The present paper looks into the problems and advantages that may arise in using the individual case management system and permanently assigning a judge to the juvenile division of the court.

Driving Under the Influence: US Policies

Driving under the influence is known to be one of the most threatening tendencies in the world of nowadays. One of the most common policies provided in order to decrease the risk of drunken driving [...]

Thomas-Kilmann Instrument in Commercial Arbitration

The Thomas-Kilmann Instrument is a useful tool that could be applied to resolve conflicts in international commercial businesses. However, it is important to understand that arbitrators should be non-partisan to entities in a commercial disagreement.

Presumption of Innocence in Palestine

According to Al-Kisswani, the Presumption of Innocence Law is used to ensure that there is fairness in the process of prosecution, and that the accused will only be considered guilty after the prosecution has proven [...]

Core Ethical Values of a Lawyer

The process of values acquisition can be viewed as a lifelong experience, which starts from the moment that early childhood development starts, and up to the point of the demise of one's personality.

US Criminal Justice Information System

The criminal justice information systems are one of the most usable among the police officers, and it contains all data about the offender, which had been used and obtained by the criminal justice system.

Law: the Morality of the Sweatshops

A closer look at the way in which African sweatshops work will reveal that the introduction of the specified principles into the operation of sweatshops is hardly possible due to the cultural differences between the [...]

Security Threat Groups and Prison Gangs

The hate and cruelty seem to be guiding powers of the Brotherhood; the words of John Greschner, the member of the gang and the former commissioner sentenced for the murder, characterize the main position of [...]

Globalization and Criminal Justice Policy

In the end, globalization ends up affecting the criminal justice system of the country. To combat the increase in drug trafficking, the criminal justice policy of the country enforces stringent penalties on any drug peddler [...]

Technologies in Canadian Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system is a collection of government institutions that the law mandates to oversee the management of crime. The justice system uses the deoxyribonucleic acid technology to identify a suspect at the scene [...]

Crimes Classification in American Criminal Law

On the other hand, a criminal action involves the state or society bringing a case against the accused party in the determination of whether the latter committed the offence in question, thereby leading to punishment [...]