Law Essay Examples and Topics

How to Structure Essays on Law

Writing essays on Law can be as easy as writing any other paper if you can structure it correctly. Here are some quick tips to get your essay started:

  • Understand your question before you begin writing. This step will save you precious minutes of rewiring and correcting time because your previous research will help build your law essay structure.
  • Write down your headings before beginning to write. You should get your thoughts in order before writing, as this allows you to brainstorm your ideas beforehand. In turn, doing so helps you give equal attention to all problems in your essay.
  • Your outline should support your stated thesis statement. Law essay topics are demanding, and you must make sure to use every argument, both legal and structural, to uphold the idea you are defending.
  • Make sure that each of your paragraphs answers a single question. Overlapping topics do not make a good impression on your reader and, most importantly, undermine your respectability as the writer.
  • Include only relevant information. If your subject is related to international law, then you should not focus on the jurisdiction of a single country.

Additional advice would be to recognize your essays specialty. For example, when writing about contract law, you should use sources that are related to this topic, rather than general books and journals.

Doing so is especially important because your work is only as good as the sources that support it and your bibliography is your academic credibility.

Therefore, your structure and the way you plan your essay should not go against the existing body of literature.

Still not sure how to begin? Check essay samples below to get more suggestions!

Police Abuse and Laws Against It

Introduction Abuse involves wrongdoing by a public official while in the line of official duty or simply misuse of power vested on him/her. In our case, we are focusing on police misconducts, which they exercise while carrying out their duties. Police forces tend to lack trust and impartiality, which is a severe offense that may […]

Law: JP Morgan Chase’s Financial Penalty

This paper is aimed at discussing the video about JP Morgan Chase that has been required to pay a $ 13 billion fine by the government. In particular, it is necessary to show how this video is related to the questions covered during the course. One should bear in mind that this financial organization was […]

The Extent of Crime in Urban Settings

The society today is full of criminal activities. When one watches the news over the radio or television or reading newspapers, one of the most common reports is a case where one or a group has committed a crime. Social scientists have come out to try and find out some of the possible causes of […]

Safety and Health Program Development and Management

Six significant elements make up a comprehensive safety and health program. They include the management’s commitment and leadership, assignment of responsibility, identifying and controlling hazards, provision of training and education, and record keeping and hazard scrutiny. The other important element is the provision of first aid. Provision of medical care is also deemed as important. […]

Labor Law and Policies in Bahrain and Turkey

Introduction Labor laws also referred to employment laws, are laws that protect the legal rights of employees and their organizations. These are aimed at solving disputes that exist among workers, employers, and unions. Labor laws are divided into two broad categories. The first category is referred to as collective labor laws. These are the laws […]

Safety-Related Standards of Emergency Services

Regulations and Standards Today, in the United States, numerous regulations and standards have been developed and implemented by relevant bodies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to guide and streamline emergency services. The most notable difference between regulations and standards is that while regulations carry […]

Risk Assessment and Safety Planning

Introduction Risk refers to the probability of harm befalling on an individual. Risk assessment refers to the identification of things or situations that can cause harm to individuals or structures to employ suitable preventive measures and precautions (Health and Safety Executive). This is because everyone has a right to protection from all possible dangers. Incidences […]

Luka Magnotta and His Crime

Luka Magnotta, a star of adult video industry has become famous because he was charged and treated as the perpetrator of crimes with psychopathic and sickening nature (“Luka Magnotta, accused in infamous body-parts case, faces preliminary inquiry Monday” par. 1). In 2013, the trial that looks at the matter has begun and is continuing today. […]

Issue in Media Law

Introduction The media was traditionally associated with print and broadcast, but the birth of internet media is slowly transforming communication. With the introduction of several online forums, people now have a variety of communication channels to use when either sending or looking for information. Besides, the traditional text messaging has been transformed into more interesting […]

Business Law: U.S. Magnesium Seeks Protection

Introduction The US magnesium company has exclusive rights to producing magnesium in America. The firm in the year two thousand and four alleged that the Chinese and Russian firms sold magnesium in the US market at significantly low prices than the market value. Further, the company claimed that the dumping of magnesium in the American […]

Criminal Law: Child Protection from Pornography and Labor

Introduction The problems facing the children internationally include internet child pornography and child labor. These are problems widespread across the globe because of abating of the vices by government officials of various states and instability of various policy frameworks set by the governments. Also, the social malpractices like bribery have also led to the laxity […]

Edward Norris Case

The Edward Norris case is very essential for business people given the various crucial lessons it has. To begin with, the case puts forward various strategies that have been used to combat crime in Baltimore. From the case study, it has been proofed that not all the strategies that are implemented by somebody can work. […]

Motion to Suppress Evidence

Introduction In common law judicial system adopted by the United States of America (USA), the move to suppress evidence is a common practice among legal practitioners. The move takes a number of courses. In most cases, the motion entails the use of a written request before a judge in whose court the case is under […]

Contract Types: The Uniform Commercial Code

Introduction A contract is an agreement between two or more parties and it can be oral, implied or written except where certain specific forms of contracts are required to be in writing. In order to be a valid contract, there must be the essential elements such as offer, acceptance, consideration present in it. These elements […]

Labour Regulation in The Clean Air Act

Introduction A law regarding labor finds its approval from the state legislature or congress. At the local level, this law is usually termed as an ordinance. Such laws are either based on the chronological facts relating to period passed or according to topic. This paper serves to explain the more on the Clean Air Act […]

Privacy and Homeland Security

Introduction Privacy of individuals is an issue of concern. This confidentiality is guaranteed under the Privacy Act of 1974, 5 USC 552a. Provisions of privacy of citizens guarantee every individual that his or her personal identification information should not be collected without legal authority. However, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) along with policies and […]

Personal Information Use and Identity Theft

Identity theft is the use of another person’s identifying facts to perpetrate a fraud. According to Saunders and Zucker (1999), some of the economic crimes perpetrated are opening bank account, leasing cars or apartments, applying for bank or departmental store cards and obtaining credit. Reported Fraud increased from 12,000 in 1992 to more than 500,000 […]

Case Brief: U.S. v. Duka

Facts The 2001 Patriot Act revised a provision of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), 50 U.S.C. Sec 1804 to require a law enforcement agent to confirm “a significant purpose” rather than “the purpose” of conducting the investigation in obtaining foreign surveillance data. Shnewer, Tatar, and the Duka brothers lived in New Jersey, though the Duka […]

Antitrust Law

This is a civil action brought by the government pursuant to Section 4 of the Sherman Act. The contention of the government in this case was grounded on the reasoning that the appellee had used unlawful means to monopolize interstate commerce. The argument of the government in the case was that the monopoly by Cellophane […]

Human rights violations in Chile

It is crucial to begin by exploring actions that have been taken by Chile in response to the human rights violations that took place between 1973 and 1990. In order to confront past abuses and human rights violations, both civilian collaborators and the past military officers who took part in the violations have been taken […]

Juvenile Delinquency: Criminological Theories

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to explain juvenile delinquency using three criminological theories. These include the broken windows theory, the culture of the gang theory and the social disorganization theory. Criminological Theories Shaw and McKay (1942, pp. 89-102) developed the social disorganization theory, which explains crime in terms neighborhood dynamics. According to Shaw […]

Solving the issue of crime

The subject of crime is one of the most contentious issues in the society that permeates every aspect of human identity such as age, gender, race or tribe (Anderson, 2009). As a big problem in the society, the concept of its solution calls for adoption of cost effective strategies (Anderson & Taylor, 2010). Therefore, the […]

Employer-Employee Relationship in Australian Coach Tours and National Roadways

Introduction Judiciaries across the globe have and are still experiencing changes, which place great emphasis on human factors across all aspects of life. This development made issues pertaining to Occupational Health and Safety Law, and Human Resources Law the gist of numerous discussions, with the need to improve working conditions for employees eliciting more attention […]

The Removal of the Compulsory Retirement Age to Employ People Between the Ages of 65 and 80

Compulsory retirement age, is the age at which employees in particular positions, by law are no longer eligible to continue working. Since this practice is unlawful, many countries have instituted laws to discourage it. However, the truth is that despite these measures, aged workers continue to experience discrimination; for example, they are least preferred for […]

Texas v. Johnson Case Study

Facts: The defendant in this case, Gregory L. Johnson, participated in demonstrations that some Americans had organized to protest the policies of some Dallas-based corporations, and the Reagan administration in general. The demonstrations were held at the same time as the 1984 Republican Convention that was also held in Dallas. The demonstrators marched the city […]

Privacy Laws in the State of Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts has enacted new laws for all businesses, regardless of operational or physical location, that handle any personal information belonging to any resident of the state of Massachusetts. The law aims to protect the residents of Massachusetts from the rising cases of crimes. According to this law, personal information refers to the […]

Martha Stewart case analysis

Facts Martha Stewart had a total of 3,928 shares in ImClone Systems, a giant biopharmaceutical company. In late 2001, ImClone Systems was awaiting a decision of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a monoclonal antibody-based drug it had developed (Dove, 2002). However, some insiders in the New York Stock Exchange learned in advance that FDA […]

History of Western Civilization

Introduction Western civilization is anchored in an active interaction of law and justice that perpetually try to find harmony and stability in the gist of unending antagonism and vulnerable dissolution. Civilization has thrived while this counter-point has staggered and crumbled (Plato 69). Greek tradition and misfortune were the reasons for instability. Thus, Aeschylus outlines the […]

Punishment and Rehabilitation

The legislators closely evaluate various methods of crime prevention. As a rule, they focus on such approaches as punishment and rehabilitation. This paper is aimed at discussing the advantages and disadvantages of these strategies. Overall, one can argue that policy-makers should place more emphasis on rehabilitation since it is essential for the improvement of a […]

The Legal Issues of the Traditional Workplace

Introduction Occupational health and safety laws coupled with human resources laws ensure that the workplace is ideal for the modern-day worker. Such laws guarantee a safe environment that is devoid of any discrimination, which is a shift from the traditional workplace where labour laws did not consider the plight of employees. In this essay, five […]

Clean Air Act formation and impact

Introduction Environment law can be defined as a cluster of laws that contain elements that have power over human activities on the earth and public health. It has diverse obligations and prospects that can be put into practice in addressing collective impacts and susceptible populations. For instance, Clean Air Act protects city residents from air […]

The Role of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the Equity Principle in Relation to the Health Promotion Practice in New Zealand

In 1840, Te Tiriti o Waitangi was signed by the representatives of the Maori people and by the British Crown authorities as the treaty to state the governance and sovereignty of the Crown as well as the British protection over the Maori people. Nowadays, the functions of the Crown representativeness and protection are performed by […]

Criminal justice system. Deterrence and incarceration

Introduction The functioning of the criminal justice system is aimed at preventing people from committing offences and protecting victims. This goal shapes the strategies of many governmental organizations. There are several questions that are debated by lawyers and policy-makers. In particular, they attempt to determine whether deterrence or the threat of punishment can impact the […]

Homeland Security and people’s privacy

The security of a person or a nation is one of the primary concerns that exist in the modern world. People feel the need to have some form of protection by installing home and car alarms, purchasing protective weapons and other products that will ensure their lives and properties stay safe. The debate about ethics […]

Being the Judge

Introduction Being a judge is never an easy task. You have to make sure that you don’t take sides during the hearing of the case. You also have to make sure you listen keenly to the case as presented before you. You should give both sides equal opportunities to argue out their case and bring […]

Law as the Study of Prediction

In his essay The Paths of Law Oliver Holmes tries to explain his understanding of jurisprudence and its main principles. In particular, he argues that the main purpose of this discipline is to predict legal outcomes or results of a person’s action. In his opinion, the study of law is not always related to the […]

The Problem of Child Molestation

Introduction Many people find it hard to discuss issues related to child sex abuse. What’s more, it is even hard to admit the fact that children of all ages (including babies) are sexually molested on daily basis. Sexual abuse has become a hot topic among many communities and a number of professional programs and legislations […]

Patterns at Crime Scenes

Pattern evidence is one of the physical evidence that can be found in a crime scene. Forensic scientists are at times accused of neglecting pattern evidence, because they view it as being “non scientific.” This type of evidence has proven to be extremely valuable during reconstruction of crimes and the various activities that might have […]

Child Labor Issue

Introduction Schmitz and fellow author define child labor as “the employment of children at regular and sustained labor”1. The issue of child labor has been a source of heated debate in many countries. While critics argue that it is an inappropriate and exploitative act, a few of the people who support the act think it […]

Copyright Law in UAE

What is Copyright? Copyright is a legal term under many intellectual property statutes. The term means that the creator of a work that must be original has the right to that work. The rights under copyright law are exclusive and last for a specified period of time. The right has many other rights that accrue […]

Self Defence Issues and Implication in Cyberspace

Introduction Cyber crime is a growing global problem. Despite intense efforts by law enforcement officers to stop the practice, cyber crime continues to spread. Brenner (2010) says that partly, the growth of cyber crime stems from the extra-territorial nature of the practice. On the contrary, Wall (2007) argues that the growth of cyber crime mainly […]

Cybercrime – Pentagon

Abstract With the progressive advances in technology, incidences of cybercrimes are also on the rise. Preventing these cybercrimes requires organizations to develop knowledge that can help them form psychological profiles of the perpetuators of these crimes. This would subsequently help organizations install appropriate controls in order to effectively deal with cybercrimes. It is the lack […]

Liability in Food Illness Cases

The legal approaches of food-borne illnesses are highly dependent on the product liability law. This is an implication that a plaintiff has to have substantial proof that the food substance in question had blemish and that he or she suffered verifiable impairment or damage as a result of its consumption. Despite the fact that quite […]

Financial Fraud Phenomenon and Its Major Types

Literature Review Financial fraud is a common phenomenon as noted earlier in this paper. Fraud is common in four major types of financial accounts that are the balance sheet that indicates the financial position of an organization at a given period, the statement showing income of an organization, the statement showing the flow of cash […]

TRIP Policies and Regulations

The development of businesses and corporations worldwide has created a market that is property and rights oriented. There is a lot of scheming and fraud that governments and private companies have to develop protection for, in a form of copyrights and patents. Not only are there ownership rights for products and physical property but also, […]

Gilliland-Moore Wines. Legal Advice

Introduction Testing and measurement is an organized advance of collecting information concerning individuals with the aim of recruiting the best and it could be employed to create employment or profession-related judgments regarding applicants. Evaluation is carried out for some particular purpose. Gilliland–Moore wines must ensure that it recruits the most efficient workforce that has the […]

Transnational Organized Crime

Introduction Transnational organized crime is a big business in the current international system. It takes place when individuals engage in the sale of goods without acquiring necessary documentation. This affects the operations of the state because individuals conduct business without paying taxes to the state. For instance, they import goods that are of low quality, […]

Difference between Clayton Antitrust Act and the Sherman Antitrust Act

The Clayton and Sherman Antitrust Acts were the first antitrust legislation to be enacted in the United States. Additionally, they were both passed to ensure that small and large companies compete fairly in the market economy. Clayton Act controls unscrupulous practices, such as exclusive dealing contracts and price discrimination, which may interfere with fair competition […]

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the Cultural Industries

Introduction The current globalised society is marked with a lot of activities that are meant to explore the society and improve societal conditions. In almost each industry in the society today, people are embracing creativity not only as a means of bettering the industry, but also as a way of securing income. The search for […]

Legal Gun Ownership

In the US, the increase in cases of gun violence has generated heated debates over legal gun ownership (Krouse 33). Thirty-three states permit its lawful citizens to own firearms. The Right to Carry (RTC) law allows law-abiding citizens to be issued with gun permits. Critics assert that the current increase in the number of gun […]

Gideon Goal Case

Introduction Australian law constitutes one of the best world jurisdictions consisted of English common law, federal laws enacted by the parliament and laws enacted by the parliament of the Australian states and territories (Carvan 2002). However like many other laws Australian law faces challenges in the course of changing world and the law is as […]

Legislative Evaluation of Homeland Security Act of 2002

Introduction The government’s National Strategy for Homeland Security was enacted in 2002, providing way for the establishment of a new Department of Homeland Security. It was formed mainly to safeguard the states’ infrastructure such as transport, communication and medical facilities. The bill created the department that would be in charge of evaluating the dangers and […]

Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan

Introduction Riordan is an international manufacturing company which specializes in large scale production of plastic parts. These plastics are used in the manufacture of beverage containers at the company’s plants in the United States. The plants are located in several cities such as Pontiac, Michigan and Albany, Georgia. The company also has a fan manufacturing […]

Tangible Property of the Restaurant Business

The restaurant business is one of the most influential industries, specifically because everyone in the world has to eat. This essay seeks to provide an explanation of the security measures that restaurant business can take to ensure that its tangible property is well secured. Tangible property includes things that can be touched (Cheeseman, 2010). In […]

Law: Civil Procedure Hypos

Hypo 6.1 Plaintiff Maria filed a suit against Judy under Virginia wrongful death statute. The plaintiff accused the defendant of submitting a statement to a local gang insincerely accusing Maria’s son, Ed, for stealing some of the gang’s property. It was clear that the gang would react by assassinating Ed, and this came to a […]

The Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union’s Strike

On July 25, the members of the building union at Lend Lease projects in various parts of Australia went on strike. This industrial action was geared towards pushing for a new-fashioned nationwide Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. The Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union (CFMEU) argued out that the principal reason as to why the employee had gone […]

NewCorp Scenarios Legal Brief

Legal Encounter 1 There are various legal issues surrounding NewCorp’s decision to dismiss Pat without any reasons. In particular, the company is at liberty to terminate any contract based on the behavior of the employees which it deems unacceptable. This implies that a company may dismiss any employee for no reason at all. Nonetheless, Cheeseman […]

Law: Intellectual Property Rights

Pharmaceutical industries use intellectual property rights to ensure that they protect their products against counterfeits and recover the inputs that they incurred in the research stages. Precisely, these industries use the industrial property (IP) rights, a category of intellectual property rights, to meet their demands. The managers, in these industries, should recognize the industrial dynamism. […]

Criminal Law: Human Trafficking

Despite frantic efforts by human rights activists, human trafficking remains as one most recurrent criminal activity in the global society. It has its roots is Mesopotamian environs and has continued to spread to other countries through different mechanisms. A formal definition of this vice is the recruitment and transportation of persons under either duress or […]

Criminology: What is the Solution to the Prison Problem?

Introduction The work of Angela Davis in her book, “Are Prisons Obsolete?”, introduces readers to the current state of the U.S. system of imprisonment and rehabilitation. She reveals the correlation between corporate interests, racial profiling, current laws and how such factors have contributed to the growing population of inmates within U.S. penitentiaries. Her book reveals […]

The Position of Wage Labor in the United States

Introduction The transformation from an agrarian society into a contemporary industrial state had deep effects on wage labor in the United States. Despite America being mainly an agricultural nation, Kremer (1993) reveals how the unskilled, semi skilled, as well as skilled workers lived and worked in relatively poor conditions during the early economic times (p. […]

The Effects of Healthcare Reforms on Organizations

Introduction Following the legislation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), it is important for organizations to understand the adjustments that they need to make during the next two years so as to comply with the act. Having been signed into law in 2010, some of the provisions of the PPACA have already […]

Value of Employer-Employee Relationships

Comparison & Contrast of Employees-at-Will and Right-to-Work Employer-employee relationships refer to a professional way in which an employee receives orders from the boss. An employee-at-will has the right to work. However, an employer can terminate the services such an employee offers at any time. In some cases if there are certain rules that should be […]

Benefits of the Counsel

Legal issues are complex and multifaceted the world over, hence the need for clients to invest in credible and qualified counsel to guide them in the legal process. Individuals seeking justice for perceived criminal or civil wrongs often end up misrepresenting facts or entangling themselves with costly legal suits due to lack of adequate exposure […]

Legislative Critique on Maritime Port and Security Act 2002

Introduction The legislative commission chair, Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine Subcommittee chairperson and Intelligence agency head backed Maritime Port and Security Act 2002. The Act incorporates the numerous national, state, confined and personal regulations enforcement bureaus managing the sanctuary of the global boundaries at America’s harbors. The statement permits additional defense detectives, extra testing paraphernalia, […]

Labor Dispute between the Board Of Education and the Union Representing the Teachers in Danville, Illinois

Introduction In 2010, there was witnessed one of the biggest labor conflicts in history. Public school teachers and support staff of public schools in Illinois state, the city of Danville went on strike. The conflict was between the Danville Education Association (DEA) and the Danville Consolidated School District 118 Board of Education. The main reason […]

Criminal Justice

Introduction The contemporary society experiences a huge burden that is linked to crime and violence alongside the negative consequences on the quality of life that people live. There are several impacts of crime such as reduced lifespan, intense fear of insecurity and lack of social comfort as well as reduced working hours due to less […]

Compliance Issues Associated with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977

Introducing Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 creates substantial grounds for companies and corporations to take preventive measures for avoiding bribery and controlling compliance mechanisms. However, as practice shows, the awareness of the existing federal law does not always prevent third parties and company’s staff from violating the provision. Therefore, it is essential for the […]

Title VII of the Constitution

Title VII is a chapter in the constitution that prevents employers from discriminating workers based on their religious affiliations. The constitution prevents employers from discriminating employees based on their religious practices and beliefs. The law demands that employers must respect the religious views of employees in the organization. However, the law does not prevent religious […]

The Case of Hernando Washington’s Trial

The article written by Lisa McIntyre discusses the case of Hernando Washington who was convicted of rape and murder. The author looks at the actions of this individual from a sociological perspective. Moreover, she discusses the work of defense attorneys who are often blamed for protecting people who are supposedly guilty of serious crime such […]

What is “Obamacare” and What are the Conflicting Values of the Opposing Sides?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that is also known as Obamacare is aimed at reducing the cost of healthcare and increasing its accessibility. However, this set of policies can present significant difficulties for nurses who may have to face several ethical dilemmas because of new requirements. One of the risks that researchers identify […]

Murdered Women of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Introduction Ciudad Juárez is a region in Northern Mexico which is very famous for the violent murders of both men and women who live in it1. The region is ruled by the drug lords who are very wealthy from the sale of drugs in other regions of Mexico. These drug lords use these men and […]

Animal Abuse as a Public Health Issue

The condition of public health in a society depends on many factors. To achieve good standards in this sphere, it is crucial to identify harmful factors, introduce effective laws that would deal with these factors, and to realize these laws in practice. In this paper, we will attempt to identify one of such factors, the […]

First Flight Associates v. Professional Golf Co

Identify the client Based on the facts of the contract between Pro Golf and First Flight Associates (FFA), which was rescinded prematurely, this paper seeks to advise FFA on the legal framework behind the termination. This paper analyzes the case and explores the problem that prompted the parties to seek court’s intervention whereas there were […]

The Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP)

Overview On September 9, 2001, the United States experienced a horrendous terror attack within its territory, which forced the government to rethink its security strategy to preclude and fight terrorism in its protection policy. A radical Islamist terror group infamously known as Al Qaeda hijacked four planes destined for the United States and crushed two […]

Value of Privacy Perspectives

Privacy is a value that people in the world today hold in high esteem. Traditionally, the value of privacy was based on the strong belief that each individual deserves the right to be left alone and the right to choose what he/she wants to disclose to other people. The concept of privacy has become significantly […]

Mexican Drug Cartels and Human Trafficking

Mexico is located in Central America and this geographic location has made it a favorable staging and transshipment point for drugs and human trafficking to US from Mexico, South America, and elsewhere. Mexico has been a major supplier of cannabis and methamphetamine, though it also traffics other drugs like heroin and cocaine to US. According […]

The Concept of the Homeland Security After the September 11 Incident

Introduction Following the glaring terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the homeland security became a key national concern. Law enforcement bodies and their respective roles changed at the federal, state, and local levels. The United States’ Congress responded to the attacks by enacting the U.S. Patriot Act, which sought to restructure the federal, state, and […]

Homeland Security Department

Introduction Homeland Security Department (DHS) continues to face security threats even after the egregious attacks of September 11. Following these attacks, the traditional security measures changed dramatically, security enforcement systems and roles changed significantly in a bid to close all identified loopholes (Clark 2007, 33). However, this research develops the hypothesis that the security challenges […]

Homeland Security Challenges Description

Introduction The issue of insecurity has been a sensitive subject to the US government since the September 11 attacks. In this regard, preventing such detrimental occurrences is vital for the harmonious coexistence of the different individuals in the country and global peace in general. Therefore, investigating the underlying issues that trigger acts of terrorism and […]

The National Crime Victims Right Movement Media Strategy

Introduction The National Crime Victims Right Movement is one of the non-profit making organisations that address human rights worldwide. The programme focuses on formulating solutions to challenges facing various victims of crime in Australia. Besides, it seeks to create and intensify the awareness of various issues that affect the victims of criminal activities. The movement […]

Whistleblowing and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act was enacted with the aim of improving accountability, transparency and outright disclosure of financial information in publicly-traded companies. Whistle blowers are also protected by the same Ac t in section 1107. This brief essay explores a recent whistle blowing incident at the department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and relates the occurrence […]

The Future of Homeland Security

Introduction The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is tasked with keeping the United States safe from domestic and international security threats. It accomplishes this mission by “coordinating across 22 preexisting agencies, reporting to a multitude of congressional committees, and interacting with the U.S. public in a manner that constantly tests the balance between security and […]

Goodscan Contract Scenario

A legally enforceable contract should be devoid of inadequacies and legal incompetence. All the legal elements must be present in an agreement that the parties enter into with an intention to be legally bound by the contract. Parties enter into contracts that are bound by law to gain an advantage of being remedied in case […]

Power Harassment: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Introduction Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual behaviors or advances. In a workplace, sexual favors or related behavior is also considered sexual harassment. The use of sexual words as well as physical advances of a similar nature, qualifies as sexual harassment. According to Snyder, Scherer & Fisher (2012), sexual harassment is considered as oral, […]

A Comparison of Construction Surety Bond and Insurance

Introduction Different instruments such as insurance policies and surety bonds have been developed in an effort to assist individuals and institutions in managing risks (Grovenstein et al. 356). Surety Information Office argues that how “one evaluates and manages risk on construction projects and makes fiscally responsible decision to ensure timely project completion is critical for […]

Problems of Environmental Racism

This paper is aimed at discussing various aspects of environmental racism. In particular, it is important to discuss the forms that this discrimination can take. Furthermore, one should focus on case studies that can illustrate such practices and their long-term impacts. One should keep in mind that environmental racism can adversely influence many people who […]

An Employment Law Compliance Plan for Landslide Limousines

Mr. Bradley Stonefield must observe all employment laws in Austin, TX for the new limousine service. Throughout processes that would involve the 25 employees, Mr. Stonefield must ensure compliance with the law for the success of the business. Failure to comply with these laws could result into long legal tussles with employees and their representatives […]

Tort Law: “Butler v. United States”

Negligence is usually discussed as a tort which is associated with performing a wrong act which causes damages or with failing to perform the act necessary to treat a person accordingly and to cope with the illness (Pozgar, 2012, p. 32-34). While referring to the cases of negligence which can be discussed in the context […]

“Medical Hospitals’, Surgical Centers’, and Clinics’ Vicarious Liability for Acts and Omissions of Doctors, CRNAs, Physician’s Assistants, and Nurses” by Writes, D., & Dent, G.

The article, Medical Hospitals’, Surgical Centers’, and Clinics’ Vicarious Liability for Acts and Omissions of Doctors, CRNAs, Physician’s Assistants, and Nurses, discusses the liability imposed to medical practitioners and healthcare organizations in the United States (Writes & Dent, 2012). The article seeks to determine where legal liability should rest in the event that a patient […]

Saudi Arabia Commercial Law

The main contradiction between the UPICC and the Saudi Arabia commercial law is based on the fact that the Saudi Arabia law is largely Sharia law. The parties in commercial contracts have the freedom to contract, but the scope of the remedies and other modes of enforcing the contract are regulated by the Islamic law. […]

Indigenous Land Rights vs Non-Indigenous Land Rights

Introduction The common law canon of land law known as the principle of Aboriginal title is what is referred to as the doctrine of native title in Australia.1 Under this doctrine, the land law of Australia appreciates the fact that there does exist indigenous people in the country who have rights, as well as interests […]

FEMA Programs

FEMA’s (Federal Emergency Management Agency) “role in preparedness is to improve the citizens’ ability to respond to, prepare for, recover from, and prevent disasters” (Department of Homeland Security 1). According to the organization’s website, its vision is “A Nation Prepared”. The role of FEMA is to coordinate the federal government’s involvement in disaster preparedness. Consequently, […]

Moving Beyond Simple Conflict of Interest

Introduction This paper discusses some issues related to the Greber case. Greber was a physician and was the owner of Cardio-Med, Inc. The company assisted physicians by making available certain medical equipments to record the cardiac details of patients. The physicians were paid a certain amount for every patient that they referred. The case deals […]

Judicial Views about Polygamy

Introduction The discussion of Polygamy in America has caused a great judicial debate regarding its legal status. Now, with the changing societal perceptions regarding same-sex marriages, many people question the illegality of polygamy (Irwi, 2004).1 This chapter investigates the judicial background informing the illegality of polygamy and the circumstances that led to its prohibition, throughout […]

Federal Drug Laws VS. State Medical Marijuana Acts

Marijuana is one of the most used illegal drugs in the United States of America. It is now a major concern since there is a leeway to use the drug inform of medicinal claims. Through the state law right of patients have been addressed unlike in the federal laws (Eric et al par.10). Sixteen states […]

Inmate Rights in America’s System

Introduction Like other criminal justice systems around the world, America’s system has undergone significant changes to become what it is today. During the 19th century, the “hands-off doctrine” described the relationship between American courts and the correctional system of the country (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2012). Prisoners were largely viewed by the law as slaves of […]

Corporate White Collar Crime Analysis

Introduction White collar crime refers to peaceful offense committed with an intention of gaining unlawful monetary gain. There are a number of white collar crimes that can be committed. They include extortion, insider trading, money laundering, racketeering, securities fraud, and tax evasion. This paper carries out an analysis of the Enron scandal as an example […]

Brown Vs. Board of Education

This case dealt with the issue of racial segregation in public schools in Kansas. The ruling by the US Supreme Court determined that racial segregation in public schools was unconstitutional. The case and its subsequent ruling set a precedent in the history of the country. It was one of the most extraordinary steps towards civil […]

Coca Cola in Colombia Case

The case of the activities of the Coca Cola Company in Colombia is one of the biggest thorns in the flesh of the conglomerate. The allegations against the firm are quite serious, and they may prove that multinationals can go to great lengths to attain their goals. These are some of the most selfish acts […]