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Law Essay Examples and Topics

How to Structure Essays on Law

Writing essays on Law can be as easy as writing any other paper if you can structure it correctly. Here are some quick tips to get your essay started:

  • Understand your question before you begin writing. This step will save you precious minutes of rewiring and correcting time because your previous research will help build your law essay structure.
  • Write down your headings before beginning to write. You should get your thoughts in order before writing, as this allows you to brainstorm your ideas beforehand. In turn, doing so helps you give equal attention to all problems in your essay.
  • Your outline should support your stated thesis statement. Law essay topics are demanding, and you must make sure to use every argument, both legal and structural, to uphold the idea you are defending.
  • Make sure that each of your paragraphs answers a single question. Overlapping topics do not make a good impression on your reader and, most importantly, undermine your respectability as the writer.
  • Include only relevant information. If your subject is related to international law, then you should not focus on the jurisdiction of a single country.

Additional advice would be to recognize your essays specialty. For example, when writing about contract law, you should use sources that are related to this topic, rather than general books and journals.

Doing so is especially important because your work is only as good as the sources that support it and your bibliography is your academic credibility.

Therefore, your structure and the way you plan your essay should not go against the existing body of literature.

Still not sure how to begin? Check essay samples below to get more suggestions!

Criminal vs. Civil Cases and Punishment

One of the main differences between the two types of cases is the terms of their punishment. The standard is very high because the crimes are highly severe and the legal liability of criminal cases [...]

Community Corrections and Criminal Justice

Community corrections are the topic that has been the easiest to understand because, unlike other aspects of criminal justice, this is the area of the administration of punishment that is the most familiar to me.

The Beltway Snipers Case

Then the case was investigated by the Montgomery County Police Department with the support of the FBI. One of the probable is a biological theory or the theory of born criminal.

Health and Safety Legislation and Compliance

The high speed of modern life aimed at improving productivity, intensity, and quality of work lead to the premature ageing of the human body, to the growth of the frequency of psychological and physical diseases, [...]

Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct

Furthermore, the company's representatives also develop a plan of improvement if any violations are detected; the company and the supplier work on the issues together so that the company can assess the improvement later.

Wrongful Conviction and Miscarriage in Canada

The inevitability of punishment and the measures aimed at the promotion of law help to limit the harmful activity of various individuals for them not to undermine the core principles of the existence of a [...]

Daniel and Lyrissa Touby v. United States

The plaintiffs went to court to dismiss their indictment on the grounds that Section 201 of the Controlled Substances Act gives the Attorney General unconstitutional legislative power to deal with drug indictments.

Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley Acts Comparison

On the other hand, section 404 requires the management teams of companies to oversee and control all the financial activities of their companies and ensure that the reporting adheres to the provisions of the Act.

Logical Fallacies in Criminal Justice

The misrepresentation of the original argument is not taken into account, and the key objective of this fallacy is to confuse the opponent and form one's opinion on the wrong argument.

Antitrust Legislation and Competition Laws

The latter regulation was the first act in the US history to outlaw monopolistic and predatory business practices; it was signed into law in 1890 and focused on the prevention of the trust practices that [...]

Prison Overcrowding: A Persistent Problem

It was found that overcrowding contributed to the reduction of the mental well-being of prisoners and the correctional staff; nevertheless, there was no relationship between the decrease in crime rates and the increase in the [...]

Ethics in Criminal Justice: Moral Aspects

Also, it may be necessary to outline the basics of behavior that is acceptable in the workplace. There is also a supposition that an intensification of the organizational strictness may be harmful to trust.

Ethics, Media and Criminal Justice

The reporting should be handled by the media and not by the punishing governmental body due to the fact that the influence of criminal justice on the news may become a new case of bias [...]

Proactive and Reactive Approaches in Criminology

Thus, it is vital for professionals to utilize both reactive and proactive approaches to streamline investigation and save people. It is also important to mention that fingerprints of military and government employees can also be [...]

Violence and Juvenile Justice

The problem of domestic violence seems to be the most difficult as it occurs in relation to the family members who are expected to support each other.

Workplace Discrimination and Legislation in the US

Therefore, attempts to discriminate employees by firing them, not because they are unable to deliver on their job mandates, but based on the context of their disability, genetic information discrimination, retaliation, or physical attractiveness breaches [...]

Tax Lien as a Car Purchasing Hindrance

In case one is buying a house or a car and the tax lien is a hindrance to the purchasing process the Taxpayer Advocate service should be contacted for immediate action to be taken towards [...]

Offending Patterns Between Genders

Therefore, the paper at hand aims at identifying patterns of criminal activities among men and women with the focus on both perceptions of the role of gender in criminal involvement, which leads to gender-based misjudgments, [...]

Medical Marijuana Legalization

The consideration of the problem of marijuana legalization from the perspective of public safety involves such points as crime rates and traffic accidents. The fact of economic benefits of the Cannabis legalization is also apparent: [...]

Procedural Law and the Bill of Rights

Though being only parts of the grand system, the Procedural Law and the Bill of Rights create the environment in which handling the issues occurring in the legal field of the U.S.becomes a possibility.

Legislation of Manager-Employee Relations

Among the laws that have seriously advanced relations between managers and employees, one can highlight the Norris-LaGuardia Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Whistleblower Protection Act. The main purpose of the Norris-LaGuardia Act [...]

Hate Crimes and Anti-Discrimination Laws

Some of the explanations behind individuals and organizations engaging in hate crimes encompass nervousness, panic, and insufficient capacity to cater to the necessities of their family members coupled with a strong desire to harm the [...]

Crime Prevention and Control Effectiveness

Another aspect that needs to be acknowledged is that it is impossible to avoid all of the crimes because some individuals will participate in such activities even if it is dangerous and significant risks are [...]

Victim’s Rights Movement in the 20th Century

Despite being in decline up to the middle of the twentieth century, the victims' rights movement have developed significantly since then thanks to several factors, including the emergence of the field of victimology, the change [...]

Ways of Punishing Offenders

There are many causes of punishment; people are punished because of their mistakes or crimes. Even though some forms of punishment are severe, their purpose is to enable people to realize their faults and change [...]

Physical Evidence in Criminology

One of the most widespread types of physical evidence is the so-called pattern evidence. It is necessary to note that the analysis of this type of evidence is similar to the one mentioned above.

Ignition and Burning Processes

For this reason, the given article presents a theoretical framework needed to understand the nature of fire, its main physical properties, three basic elements that make up a fire triangle, the oxidation process, and factors [...]

Arsonists and Types of Motives

The elements of proof for arson include motive, evidence of ownership, malicious intent, and presence of fire. The elements necessary to prove arson include malicious conduct, presence of fire, and ownership of property.

The Novandon Fur Warehouse’s Fire

The analysis of the case of fire indicates that arson was the cause because the fire started in every part of the warehouse and the fire alarm was disconnected to prevent early warning.

The American Juvenile Justice System

In this study, the researcher will investigate the increasing importance of the system and what stakeholders can do to improve the services it offers. In this paper, the researcher seeks to investigate the relevance of [...]

Exclusionary Rule: Benefits and Liabilities

The Exclusionary rule is based on the rights granted to the United States citizens by the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution that was designed to protect the right of the American citizens "to be secure [...]

Examining the Exclusionary Rule

The aspects that may shock the conscience of the court include the setting up of the cocaine dealer to obtain evidence, searching the prostitute without her consent, and requesting the prostitute to plant the vial [...]

Federal Rules of Evidence

In the law of evidence, it is important to understand the meaning of each definition and meet the requirements given. The Daubert Standard is another rule that identifies the relation of evidence to an opinion [...]

Criminal Evidence: Solid-Proof Data

Therefore, the instances of hearsay and privileged communication must be identified successfully whenever they appear in the course of the prosecution. Furthermore, the concept of the BER must be viewed as the top priority.

Ethical Dilemmas in Criminal Justice

If one is to discuss the issue with the senior management of the organization in which the crime occurred, there is a high chance that the issue will not be taken as seriously due to [...]

Homeland Security: Current Perspectives

It calls for the attentive analysis of the crime scene to determine the psychological portrait of an offender by the signs that he or she has left. It is crucial to understand the offenders' psychology [...]

Forensic Psychology: Zodiac Killer Case

By looking at the subject matter of the Zodiac Killer, the present paper aims to identify important characteristics related to serial killers and how the domain of forensic psychology could be applied to solve cases [...]

Juvenile Justice and Race

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the reasons why juveniles of color have higher rates of contact with the police, and propose correctional policies based on principles of restorative justice.

Prison Life in the USA

The fact that the number of offenders who live in prison increased greatly attracts the attention of experts and the representatives of the general public.

White Collar Crimes Focus

The notion of the white-collar crime can be used when referring to an extensive array of the criminal activities. Nevertheless, the criminal has to be aware of the criminal liability and realize the consequences of [...]

Criminal Signature and Modus Operandi

Criminal signature describes traits and elements of the crime scene that are largely unnecessary to the commitment of the crime, and serve for the criminal's emotional or psychological gratification as a personal imprint.

Forensic Psychology: Death Notifications

It is very important to surround the surviving relatives with compassion and understanding during the initial shock that follows the dreadful news. The purpose of delivering death notifications in person is to provide compassion.

What Is Stalking?

In many cases, the act is committed by somebody that knows the victim, often intimately. Visiting the victim's work or hanging by their house or school, in order to facilitate unwanted contact.

Terrorism, Hate Crimes and Racial Profiling

The Patriotic Act defines domestic terrorism as an act dangerous to human life, which violates criminal laws of the USA and is aimed to intimidate the civilian population and influence the government policies through coercion [...]