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Law Essay Examples and Topics

How to Structure Essays on Law

Writing essays on Law can be as easy as writing any other paper if you can structure it correctly. Here are some quick tips to get your essay started:

  • Understand your question before you begin writing. This step will save you precious minutes of rewiring and correcting time because your previous research will help build your law essay structure.
  • Write down your headings before beginning to write. You should get your thoughts in order before writing, as this allows you to brainstorm your ideas beforehand. In turn, doing so helps you give equal attention to all problems in your essay.
  • Your outline should support your stated thesis statement. Law essay topics are demanding, and you must make sure to use every argument, both legal and structural, to uphold the idea you are defending.
  • Make sure that each of your paragraphs answers a single question. Overlapping topics do not make a good impression on your reader and, most importantly, undermine your respectability as the writer.
  • Include only relevant information. If your subject is related to international law, then you should not focus on the jurisdiction of a single country.

Additional advice would be to recognize your essays specialty. For example, when writing about contract law, you should use sources that are related to this topic, rather than general books and journals.

Doing so is especially important because your work is only as good as the sources that support it and your bibliography is your academic credibility.

Therefore, your structure and the way you plan your essay should not go against the existing body of literature.

Still not sure how to begin? Check essay samples below to get more suggestions!

Obscene and Indecent Materials

On the contrary, for material to be indecent, it must describe or present sexual content in a manner that that violates the community standards that govern the presentation of such content.

Global Climate Deal as International Agreement

The draft of the agreement, as posted on the official website of the UN organization, emphasizes the need to reduce global carbon emissions and limit the global warming, as the negotiators from 195 countries, agreed [...]

Commercial Law: Subject and Principles

Thus, the area of unfair dismissal underlines the need for employers to engage in a fair dismissal process to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of human resource management in the business world.

UAE Anti-Money Laundering Laws and Their Benefits

The legal maintenance of counteraction to the legalization of criminal incomes is carried out by means of a system of laws and regulations, controlling financial, bank, and customs relations and establishing the order of licensing [...]

Juvenile Rights Laws

But if Jeremy's actions and the act of entering into the contract was overseen with his parents or guardians in the presence of the sales personnel, the company will be able to sue for damages [...]

Gang Violence: Criminal Justice Research

The primary purpose of the article in question was to explore "processes and mechanisms" that contributed to the escalation of gang violence as well as its spread. The researcher tried to answer the question concerning [...]

Case Gone Cold: East Area Rapist

This tendency may occur due to a variety of reasons such as when the assault is dealt with on a personal level of the victim's party, when the victim did not feel that the crime [...]

Ponzi Scheme by Callahan and Manson

Despite the unprofitable nature of the Panoramic View, which is a development consisting of several beachfront apartments, Callahan and Manson went ahead and sunk millions of dollars in this unprofitable investment, an act that resulted [...]

Forensic Science: Examining Crime Evidence

For a forensic scientist, it is paramount to be able to perform the three main functions: Gathering evidence finding the evidence from the crime scene that might be relevant to the case, and collecting it [...]

Religious Oppression in the Medical Field

In this way, regardless of living in the modern world that moves in the direction of eliminating borders between nations, the problem of religious oppression in the medical field is complicated to overcome.

Rompilla v. Beard: Synopsis of Opinions

The majority concluded that the defense counsel did not make reasonable efforts to examine all mitigating factors and present them in the court, which could have influenced the jury's decision.

Eyewitness Testimony and Its Efficiency

The investigation of these factors in terms of memory for eyewitness testimony could help to understand the main aspects of the issue and determine the reliability of eyewitness identification.

Criminal Law, Immunity and Conviction

It is up to the court to make a judgment after determining the mens rea of the perpetrator. Their reasoning, therefore, cannot be compared to the argument of a defendant that is mentally competent.

Law for Accountants in Corporate Cases

First of all, James should be advised that he has not concluded a contract with Oris Ltd: it is explicitly stated in the case description that the accountant withdrew the order when it became evident [...]

Affordable Care Act Impact on Citizens

Although some companies are still considering the option to enter the program, the majority of them have already decided to limit their participation to 2-5 states only, which puts people living in other states in [...]

American Health Policy and Poor Access

Effective access is associated with health outcomes, and efficient access is related to the cost-effectiveness of health services. The major problem the American healthcare system faces is related to effective access.

Criminal Defenses and Criminal Punishments

In the context of criminal defenses, there are at least three major topics that require a more in-depth discussion, and these include: double jeopardy; the nature of the court's application of the adversarial system of [...]

How Violent Offenders Develop and Evolve?

As evidence of violent crime continues to grow, it has become progressively obvious that whereas some individuals could have a greater propensity to engage in criminal acts, other factors also importantly influence the incidence of [...]

Repealing Soda Tax: Pros and Cons

The article titled "Chicago's Soda Tax is Repealed," published by The Economist on October 13th, 2017, celebrates the repeal of the infamous soda tax, which received large amounts of criticism from both the soft drink [...]

Labor Standards with an International Focus

For instance, the concept of adequate protection that is used throughout the international labor standards convention is not defined with a sufficient degree of precision to be used as an enforceable norm, and therefore cannot [...]

The UK Company Law

The protection of minority shareholders is crucial, especially in situations where they are unable to control the decisions of a company through voting.

Sex Offender Registry Reforms

However, the current social realities and experience gained from the use of the registry have presented certain practical challenges and an incentive for the potential amelioration of its purpose. The cost of operation for facilities [...]

Life-Course Theory Analysis

It is interested in the fluidity of one's behavior and the process of change. The authors point out that while other factors are also crucial to the process of developing offending behavior, one's ethnicity and [...]

The Sixth Amendment and Its Principles

In particular, it is about the right of the accused to a speedy jury trial of the state and district where the crime was committed, publicity of the trial, and providence the accused with the [...]

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Even though it is not a direct representation of sexual harassment, this aspect of the issue cannot be ignored because employees have access to social media not only at home but also in the workplace.

The UK Takeover Regulation

Here, the primary concern is that hostile takeovers cause short-termism, which has a detrimental impact on the UK's long-term economic growth and hence the need for reforms to restore sanity in the UK's takeover regulations.

Reforms to Sex Offender Registry

The purpose of the new system would be to essentially filter registrants on their risk of reoffending, violent crime, or other factors which may endanger the safety or well-being of the public.

Judiciary Issues in the US

The purpose of the interview was to understand the position of the supervisor regarding the key issues being addressed by the criminal justice administration's judiciary area.

Crimes Against Persons: Theory and Doctrine

Depending on a jurisdiction in which the crime has occurred, the man's actions could be prosecuted as an assault, as there were a criminal act and a specific intent; moreover, the victim apprehended the possibility [...]

The Price of the Plagiarism

Plagiarism is considered a global problem of contemporary science and education as well as in the spheres of literature and music. The violation of copyright legislation is considered a crime and can lead to a [...]

The Separate but Equal Rule

The period was full of laws, which allowed the separation of the two races in terms of facilities and social amenities, and yet the proponents insisted on the essence of the laws.

Precious Masterpieces Forgery and Selling

One of the recent occurrences that undermined the reputation of art connoisseurs was the case of the Russian billionaire who has been using the services of the antiquarian Yves Bouvier during the past ten years.