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How to Structure Essays on Law

Writing essays on Law can be as easy as writing any other paper if you can structure it correctly. Here are some quick tips to get your essay started:

  • Understand your question before you begin writing. This step will save you precious minutes of rewiring and correcting time because your previous research will help build your law essay structure.
  • Write down your headings before beginning to write. You should get your thoughts in order before writing, as this allows you to brainstorm your ideas beforehand. In turn, doing so helps you give equal attention to all problems in your essay.
  • Your outline should support your stated thesis statement. Law essay topics are demanding, and you must make sure to use every argument, both legal and structural, to uphold the idea you are defending.
  • Make sure that each of your paragraphs answers a single question. Overlapping topics do not make a good impression on your reader and, most importantly, undermine your respectability as the writer.
  • Include only relevant information. If your subject is related to international law, then you should not focus on the jurisdiction of a single country.

Additional advice would be to recognize your essays specialty. For example, when writing about contract law, you should use sources that are related to this topic, rather than general books and journals.

Doing so is especially important because your work is only as good as the sources that support it and your bibliography is your academic credibility.

Therefore, your structure and the way you plan your essay should not go against the existing body of literature.

Still not sure how to begin? Check essay samples below to get more suggestions!

JP Morgan Chase Banking Analysis

The power to imply comprised the basis for recognition of the obligation of good faith and fair dealing in a number of transactions, including banking.

Crime and Criminal Justice News

Ultimately, the news is one of the aspects that influence the development of the concept of criminal justice and help the government find weak spots in the legislation.

Deterrence of Discouraging

Judges are usually advised to give general deterrence to such crimes, and in a case where their sentences do not give general deterrence, it is usually overruled by the courts of appeal.

The Liability Standards for Intermediaries Model

In other words, the model can secure big markets as the information provided by the intermediaries will meet specific standards. This combination is enhanced by the fact that the standards are set on the basis [...]

Access Right to Money: Sculpture Theft

Among the suspects, there are those in dire need of the money due to financial problems, while others need the values worth of the item and not the actual monetary price attached to the item.

Environmental Policy and Economics

That is if the rights are allocated, and the transaction costs are missing, then the externalities need to be internalized. Any rise in the transaction costs means that one party may find it difficult to [...]

Social Policy for Human Well-Being

The main aim of the United States social health care policy is to improve the welfare of Americans in terms of enhancing social security, housing, and education and health care services.

Victimless Crimes: Definition and Types

Again, the taxpayers are the victims in such a case as they have to contribute to the rehabilitation of the drug users. As such, some of the so-called victimless crimes have identifiable victims.

Victim Precipitation Ideology

A victim of rape may be said to have dressed seductively to provoke the offender to commit the crime. The victim is not to blame for having played a role in the occurrence of any [...]

Jay Cohen’s Gambling Company and American Laws

Disregarding the controversy concerning the harmful effects of gambling, one might want to ask the question concerning whether the USA had the right to question the policies of other states, even on such a dubious [...]

Contract Law: Nike, Inc. v. Eugene McCarthy

The United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit affirmed the decision of the district court that Eugene McCarthy violated the agreement, provided potential harm to the company, and had to leave the position offered by [...]

Labor Law Case: Clark v. Missouri

At the time of the accident, the plaintiff was under the control of the defendant. The plaintiff was one of the gang members of the section gang that had been put in charge of this [...]

Serial Killers, Their Crimes, and Stereotypes

The other serial killers presented in the killers list also conform to the stereotypes presented in Fox's and Levin's article. Most of the killers also rape, mutilate, and degrade their victims in order to feel [...]

Contracts in Theories and Leonard v. Pepsico Case

This overview looks into details the elements of a valid contract, the objective theory of contracts and its applications, and briefly expounds on the difference between a contract and a reward. The fourth element is [...]

Lawyer Profession and Its Prospects

This article is available in the ProQuest database which contains thousands of articles related to criminal justice. The members of this organization can purchase a wide variety of publications on different areas of criminal law.

Crime Analysis Writing and Alert Website Content

In the crime alert website, the logical organization of the wanted criminals and the missing persons in a limited space attracts the attention of the viewers as described ineffective crime analysis and presentation chapter readings. [...]

Foreign Restrictions on Termination

Taking the importance of the preservation of human rights into account, governments of countries that comprise the European Union are interested in the creation of good and effective labor laws that will be able to [...]

Raising Speed Limits in American Highways

This paper is an, in depth, investigation of the benefits that come with the increasing of speed limits in U.S.highways. As implied in the discussion above, speed limits lead to a reduction of the incidences [...]

Identity Theft and Red Flags Rule in the US

For elements that must be included in the identity theft prevention program: Descriptions and features helping to identify suspicious operations and harmful activities that can be recognized as identity theft attempts and called Red Flags. [...]

Homeland Security Threats

I will need to perform each of the steps that are included in this approach. It is one of the difficulties that should be considered.

Security Threat Perception and Defense in Canada

A recent research survey funded and commissioned by the Canadian Defense and Foreign Affairs Institute, an institution not affiliated to the Canadian Forces, which sought to identify the major threats facing Canada found that more [...]

Fehr v. Algard: Law Case

By applying to participate in the contest and signing the contract, the party was assumed to have agreed to the rules and regulations of the tournament.

Business Law: Martin Moren v. Jax Restaurant

Since the jury appropriately established that Nicole's negligence liability rested with the joint venture in the business, even if the conduct of the partner partially gave her immunity, it is affirmed.

Employment Law in Human Resource Practice

In this case, the Bottomless Cup failed in the vetting process and the organization is liable for its employees' conduct. Barry can sue the organization for assault and damages caused in the process and this [...]

Digital Rights Management and Copyright Infringement

Social media has in effect greatly contributed to the process of digital rights violation which necessitated the implementation of greater levels of DRM in the form of consistent online notifications, a limited number of installations [...]

Sexual Harassment Claims

Rosen, which may affect the outcome of the decision of the sexual discrimination case. I believe that the censorship of the administrator and interference in what the university magazine can publish is a clear violation [...]

Civil Rights Issues in Employment

Though this can amount to defamation, however, cannot be safeguarded under the freedom of academic speech and expression. Therefore, in this case, the freedom of expression and speech of academicians cannot be safeguarded under the [...]

The G.I. Bill Program

By examining the role of support in two-year degree and certificate programs with part of the emphasis being on the G.I. In addition, Fincher narrates the mistakes of the G.I.

Employee- and Reputation-Related Legal Case

In this case, Debbie, a senior officer in the claims department, is not convinced to withdraw a blog she had published on the internet about sexual harassment in the company, claiming that this was the [...]

Labor Law: Hardage v. CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

After the ruling in the district court, the plaintiff pursued the matter to the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal sustained the decision of the district court and affirmed that CBS Broadcasting was entitled [...]

Business Ethics and Contract Law

While analyzing the nature of relationships between the supplier and Don from the ethical perspective, it is necessary to support the cessation of doing business with Don.

Crime Scene Management

The circumstances below depict me as a change agent for the members of the community, who have not quite been able to organize some sort of defense mechanism to counter the rising insecurity in the [...]

Homeland Security Strategy in the UAE

However, the security of the state is determined by the operationthrough diverse systems, which have the capacity to alter the operations and activities of people in the concerned state.

Affirmative Action: Grutter v. Bollinger (2003)

The petitioner initiated the litigation process to seek the opinion of the Supreme Court to decide if the respondent had acted within the constitution by having applied the race factor in admitting to the institution.

Symcox v. Zuk (1963) Case

The new steps taken by the plaintiff include a violation of the same contract due to the fact that the defendants failed to provide the plaintiff with the type of commercial activities stipulated in the [...]

Kelo v. The City of New London Case

The judges listening to the case pitting Kelo and allies versus the City of New London came up with a decision that it was right for the local government to take up public land and [...]

Intellectual-Property: Fair Use

It is important to realize that, owing to the doctrine of Fair Use, people are allowed to make use of a certain piece of the intellectual property provided by the beholder of the rights for [...]