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Female Criminal Gangs

I believe there are no prison gangs as women see themselves as torn from the rest of their world and try to keep the connection.

Communicating with Gang Members

Perhaps, the most likely achievement that can be attained by prison authorities is to minimize coordination and communication between different categories of gangs.

Land Law for Joint Tenants

Parties to the agreement do not have the right to turn out one of the tenants. Ultimately, the last survivor in the joint tenancy becomes the sole owner of the property having acquired all the [...]

Lanning versus SEPTA

Overall, the appeals court affirmed the district's court ruling that the perceived disparate impact on female candidates for failing the fitness test run could not be ruled as a discriminatory employee selection practice but as [...]

Creating Culture of Security

To understand the benefits of a risk-based approach to aviation security, we will analyse the elements involved. Redesigning checkpoints to align with a risk-based approach will improve the safety of passengers.

License Plate Recognition Technology

Though LPR appears to be rather effective in the process of combating car theft and other crimes, certain issues related to the abuse of private information of the innocent citizens need to be properly analyzed [...]

Does Copyright Enhance Creativity and Culture?

The analysis of the specifics of copyright law, the causes of concerns related to it, and the relevant cases reveals that though the initial objective of copyright is to promote creativity and culture, many of [...]

Lottery Wars

Since lotteries are authorized forms of gambling, more and more people are likely to develop the addiction. Recent scandals and instances of corruption suggest that lotteries are still seen as a way to make money.

Federal Tax Law: Implications of Replacement

The integration of the federal tax rate would improve the government's capacity to ensure equity in the administration of the tax law. Replacing the federal income tax rate would contribute to considerable promotion in the [...]

Drug Policy Dilemma

Legalizing the use of drugs would mean that the production, distribution, and sale of drugs would not be prohibited. This is due to the fact that drug trafficking across the borders brings about a lot [...]

Online Gambling Concept

When asked about the unavoidable passing of a law decriminalizing online gambling in the US, the CEO of Sams Casino stated that the legislation would not have any impact on their trade.

Prison Gang

It is obvious that if there are two or more gangs on the territory of a prison they are going to fight for the sphere of influence.

Inmate Riots and Disturbances

The second group of factors is associated with the peculiarities of the prison management which can be effective or ineffective to control the development of riots and disturbances.

Analysis of Homicides in St. Louis

The rising number of homicides in the neighborhoods of St. Such a tendency could result in the unwillingness of people to inform police about witnessed illegal actions and cause rising rates of criminality.

Organized Crime in Japan and the US

However, the perpetrators of organized crimes capitalize on the vulnerable members of the society, who live below or slightly above the poverty line. In the US and Japan, the organized crime gangs differ in terms [...]

Rodney King’s Case of Racial Discrimination

King was brutally beaten by officers belonging to the Los Angeles Police Department after a car chase that resulted in a court case in which the officers involved were charged and acquitted for assault. The [...]

Vaccination’ Arguments and Ethics

While maintaining focus on different elements of the ideology, it will be imperative to evaluate the extent to which the ideology may help in the realization of a legally viable system of an argument with [...]

Changes in Laws of Marijuana Regulation

In addition, the study intends to uncover the impacts of the said laws and the accompanying changes. The case studies will be compared to assess the impacts of legislations on marijuana in the society.

Lomack v. City of Newark

The court held that the City could apply racial classifications if it was involved in the previous discrimination that led to the imbalance.

Port Security Design

The analysis of the design and configuration of ports to tackle the contemporary security challenges will be the basis for this paper.

Cybercrime as the Top IT Threat

Cybercrime refers to a crime of any kind that involves the combination of a network and a computer. If the threat is not dealt with, every crime that constitutes a cybercrime could lead to a [...]

“Where Have All the Criminals Gone?”

In the middle of the chapter, the authors frame the crime decline problem in certain terms of abortion legalization and a number of other factors that define the quality of crime, its prevention, and possible [...]

Retributivism and Utilitarianism Theories

Another approach to the question of punishment has a theory of utilitarianism. However, it is possible to suggest some fusing of these two different theories in an attempt to create some new approach to the [...]

Realistic and Sustainable Funding Sources

The volume of the local government budget for public safety includes the money that is devoted to the court security for the different sections of the public safety components under the Law Enforcement Services Account.

When Eyewitnesses Are Mistaken?

The operation of the judicial court system is that it digs for information from the people who witnesses the occurrence of a particular crime, the convictions and the decision that will finally be made is [...]

The CSI Effect Phenomenon – Criminology

One of the institutions that have been tremendously affected by the 'CSI effect' is the jury. Based on these facts, it is clear that the credibility and competence of the jury is threatened by the [...]

Where Have All the Criminals Gone?

This article focuses on these reasons that were thought to have led to reduction of the rising crime rates experienced in United States in the 1990s and refutes the claims flaunted by the theorists.

CSI Effect on Jurors – Criminology

This quote indicates the attorneys came to the realization that their system of carrying out investigations and presenting the evidence is no longer effective owing to the public interception in these processes.

Children’s Rights Concept

The implication is that cultural variation a round sex and sexuality can be integrated into the United Nations conventions on the rights of a child by the introduction of universal sexuality education to all nations.

The Cap-and-Trade Regulation Laws

Under the cap-and-trade regulation, the regulation is determined by the market. On the other hand, the top-down system is characterized by dictatorship from the regulators hence encouraging bureaucracy in the operations.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act Effects

The act became a response to the number of accounting scandals which led to the lack of investor's confidence. One of the major arguments of the act's critics is that companies have to increase expenditures [...]

Pro-Gun Control

Proponents argue that the more uncontrollably the government continues to allow firearms' possession to the public, the higher the chances of acquisition by the 'high risks groups' and hence threatening the public security.

White Collar Job

The important things in white collar jobs do differ with the specific type of job and are even changing with the advent of technological developments.

Responsibilities of Employers to Employees

For instance the needs assessed by the employer for training or refreshing the skills of the employee give the impression on goals attainment and duty-of-care by the employer. The paradigms of the responsibilities of the [...]

Sexual Harassment in Workplace

Mark is very upset that he did not get the promotion and has decided to go to the EEOC to report that he is being discriminated against and that you are retaliating against him because [...]

Brian Terry’s Death

Relation of Brian's death to the Bureau It is indeed very clear that the death of Brian is not a natural one and the first and almost a sure proof is that of the forensics [...]

Succesorship vs. Accretion

On the other hand, accretion refers to the addition of transferred employees to an existing bargaining unit due to changes in the operations or structure of an organization.

Brazil’s Legal System

One of the systems is controlled by the state while the federal judiciary system binds all states, and is applied in the whole country.

Child Labor

Improvements to labor laws and an intensified focus on the human rights issue that child labor represents in more recent years have diminished the prevalence of child labor somewhat.

Conflict Over Human Rights

The following discussion is a description concerning the conflicts between Iran and the United States in the promotion of human rights some violations of human rights by Iran, such as abuse of the captives.

Christian Fernandez Case

According to Bechtold and Cauffman the main difference between juvenile and adult court consists in the fact that the former is mostly aimed at the rehabilitation of the convict and his or her reintegration into [...]

Arizona Immigration Laws

Currently, the issue of illegal immigration in the USA heavily dominates USA political forum, the Congress body and even the policy agenda in the federal government and even the states' government.

Internet Crimes

As these sites give criminals the opportunity to stalk, locate, probably pursue their victims and in some cases steal their identities. As a result, the criminals might use the children to commit such crimes on [...]

Human Resource Management Acts

The aim of any human resource department, therefore, should be geared toward making the most of the output of the firm by way of optimizing the efficiency of its staff while at the same time [...]

Amendment Four in the US Bill of Rights

The fourth amendment in the United States of America Constitution is the section of the Bill of Rights that protects all US citizens against unfair searches, confiscations, and arrests.

Tangible and Intellectual Property of IT

It also keeps track of what the managers in the field of information technology should do to shield the property rights of the organization and also what they should do to ensure that the industry [...]

Crimes Against Persons

It is the, therefore, a criminal assault to deliberately place another person in fear of harmful or offensive contact. Fear, according to the Florida state is the awareness of the possibility of assault; hence, fear [...]

Aging Offenders in Prison

The increased number of elderly inmates is partly due to the introduction of longer sentences in the 1970s and 1980s as US took a tough approach to crime.

Workers` Compensation Problem

Its main function is to watch the rights of workers to be preserved. First of all, it should be recommended for a person to act in accordance with the laws accepted in the company.

American Police Community Relations

In the US, the introduction of community policing strategies and engagement of the public in crime reporting and detection strategies help to improve security measures in the country.

Intensive Supervision Definition

Intensive supervision is implemented in order to support an offenders need for rehabilitation and help them start living a new safer life, as well as to ensure the security of the communities around and the [...]

Employee Mistreatment in Qatar

The ministers of interior affairs and labor met at the country's headquarters in Doha to announce the new changes, a move that was seen to respond to the piling pressure from the international community.

Violations of Labor Rights of Workers

Murphy states that the situation of the workers is embarrassing both to the football federation and to the mother country. The material covered in the article is an example of the many cases of violations [...]

Brady’ Act Analysis

The thesis of this paper was to determine whether the enactment of the Brady Act has a significant effect on the rates of homicide and suicide in the USA.

Kyoto Protocol and China’s Position

Besides, China supports the principle of the sustainable development which emphasizes the pursuit of the beneficial outcomes for both the present and the future generations by means of the promotion of the green lifestyle all [...]

Penetration Testing Contract and Report

The following information will be required to conduct the penetration test on the client's systems. The provider guarantees that it will be responsible and professional when conducting the test in accordance with the existing codes [...]