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Common Law Essay Examples and Topics

Cyber Law and Information Assurance

The principal goal of the Children's Internet Protection Act is to ensure the safety of Internet usage while controlling the accessibility of the particular types of content to children.

English Versus Islamic and Chinese Tort Laws

Various legal systems in the world including the English Criminal Law and the Islamic Law comprise of comparable and dissimilar provisions of the Law of Torts owing to the uniqueness of the constitutional interpretation of [...]

California Real Estate Discrimination

These acts include the real estate license law, the Fair Employment and Housing Act, the Housing Financial Discrimination Act, and the Unruh Civil Rights Act among the federal laws.Mr.

Corruption in the US: Case Study

Hence, the description of the chain of events that has led to the indictment, as seen by the Judge: "Blondek and Tull were employees of Eagle Bus Company...they paid a $50,000 bribe to Defendants Castle [...]

Law, Society and Big Corporations

In order to ensure that the laws of a society are relevant, it is imperative for state governments and law makers to formulate laws that are in tandem with the constant changes in a given [...]

Akaka Bill: Concerns for Hawaiians and the USA

As every independent state has its regulation and policies concerning the native population and their rights, the authorities of the United States should rearrange the division of the country giving sovereignty to the representatives of [...]

Law and Obedience: Pros and Cons

On the contrary, a man can think of committing a misdemeanor, a petty crime or even a felony in the attempts to lend someone a helping hand and improve the conflicting situation.

New 2014 Alabama State Laws

The criterion used to judge importance is the implication that the law has on the public, as demonstrated by media attention on the law and the involvement of stakeholder groups in supporting or expressing reservations [...]

The Private Security’ History and Evolution

However, it was after this era when the parliament in the United States organized a number of security studies in order to expand the scope of security channels in various institutions including the inclusion of [...]

Political Issues of Marijuana in America

The largest demographic groups against the legalization of marijuana include the Republicans and the southerners. Most of the Democrats continue to support the legalization of marijuana in the country.

Utilitarian vs Libertarian Principles

However, when the terms of a private agreement or contract interfere with the rights of other people, it is important for the state or government to step in and ensure that public good prevails.

Ban of Tobacco Smoking in Jamaica

The first part of the paper will address effects of tobacco smoking on personal health and the economy. Cognizant of its international obligation and the aforementioned health effects of tobacco smoke, Jamaica enacted a law [...]

Motion to Suppress Evidence

The basis for the exclusion of the evidence is provided for in the US Constitution. As a result of this assurance by the police, the defendant voluntarily accepted the officers to question her without the [...]

Qawaid Fiqhiyyah

These rules are evident in the Islamic banking system in the form of fiqh rules in the munakahat and other transactions.

Negligent Tort Concept

The complainant must prove to the court beyond any reasonable doubt that the following occurred; that the defendant has a duty to the plaintiff, the general public, employees including the complainant, he or she must [...]

Negligent Tort

On the other hand, tort of negligence refers to all the actions that violate the expected standards of duty and care without intentions of doing so.

Intellectual property laws

A trademark needs to be registered for this service and this will include features such as the name of the service, a special logo created to distinguish the service, colors designated to be used in [...]

Open enrolment Act in California

The aim or the purpose of the open enrolment policy was to upgrade student's performance and to give parents the opportunity to send their children to schools of their choice.

The Five Types of Bankruptcy

These types are determined according to the peculiarities of the procedure of bankruptcy and with references to the company, municipality or an individual as the owner of the resources.

One nation under law

Cherokee Indian case revealed the weaknesses of the American Supreme Court as the provisions were not in line with the American constitution.

Economic Analysis of a Common Law Doctrine

In awarding the fines, the court considered factors such as the financial means of the defendants, criminal records of the defendant, cooperation of the defendants during the trials and hearings at the court, whether one [...]

Protection of the Innocent

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children reports that approximately 50,500 children in the UK are at risk of child abuse.

Civil Rights for Disabled

However, they should be made according to the different situations in each work place and they include: Providing facilities that the disabled can easily access Modification of work schedule to suit the people with disabilities [...]

Tort Reform in the United States

Tort reforms in the US are simply ideas that are designed to change the way the civil justice system works In her blog 'Tort Deform: The Civil Justice Defense blog, Protecting America's Access to Courts', [...]

Comparison of US Supreme Court Decisions

The major contention in this case was the National Industrial Recovery Act where the US Congress gave authority to the President of the United States to prohibit the transportation of petroleum within and outside the [...]

Law Opinion Paper

In the process of creating the law there are some specific considerations which have to be taken care of: "a need to have the consent of the people, a system of checks and balances, and [...]

The Judicial System in UK

Every district has is in possession of its own court which can in actual fact satisfy the desires of the neighboring inhabitants; no organization is ideal but the judicial system is the weakest compared to [...]