Judicial Process on Criminals Essay Examples and Topics

Can Judicial Review Be Reconciled with Democracy?

The issue of the judicial review in the United States of America and its compatibility with democratic values has been one of the most debated problems of the American legislative system today. The right for judicial review given to the Supreme Court in the USA is the focus of many philosophical and legal disputes. The […]

Judicial System: the Role of Judges

Introduction Judges are very important people in the society since they solve cases that determine the next phase of a person’s life. Thus, they require various people who they can trust and work within the judicial system. The judiciary is an independent entity, but as is always the case, each entity needs help from other […]

Human rights violations in Chile

It is crucial to begin by exploring actions that have been taken by Chile in response to the human rights violations that took place between 1973 and 1990. In order to confront past abuses and human rights violations, both civilian collaborators and the past military officers who took part in the violations have been taken […]

Texas v. Johnson Case Study

Facts: The defendant in this case, Gregory L. Johnson, participated in demonstrations that some Americans had organized to protest the policies of some Dallas-based corporations, and the Reagan administration in general. The demonstrations were held at the same time as the 1984 Republican Convention that was also held in Dallas. The demonstrators marched the city […]

Martha Stewart case analysis

Facts Martha Stewart had a total of 3,928 shares in ImClone Systems, a giant biopharmaceutical company. In late 2001, ImClone Systems was awaiting a decision of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a monoclonal antibody-based drug it had developed (Dove, 2002). However, some insiders in the New York Stock Exchange learned in advance that FDA […]

Law: Civil Procedure Hypos

Hypo 6.1 Plaintiff Maria filed a suit against Judy under Virginia wrongful death statute. The plaintiff accused the defendant of submitting a statement to a local gang insincerely accusing Maria’s son, Ed, for stealing some of the gang’s property. It was clear that the gang would react by assassinating Ed, and this came to a […]

Moving Beyond Simple Conflict of Interest

Introduction This paper discusses some issues related to the Greber case. Greber was a physician and was the owner of Cardio-Med, Inc. The company assisted physicians by making available certain medical equipments to record the cardiac details of patients. The physicians were paid a certain amount for every patient that they referred. The case deals […]

A brief summation of the rulings

Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, 509 U.S. 579 This was one of the notable cases in the US Supreme Court that encompassed standards for admitting and articulation of expert testimony especially in federal courts (Shana & Hackett, 1996). This case was about two children namely Eric Schuller and Daubert Jason who were born with birth […]

Public Defender System

In reference to putting pressure on defendants to accept prosecutors plea deals: describe how the public defender system can operate more effectively, efficiently, and cost benefit Public defenders are all those prosecutors and attorneys who provide “legal representation of criminal defendants who are indigent (that is, those who are poor and cannot afford a lawyer)” […]

The Justice Process for a Felony Criminal Charge

Introduction An offense that is punishable by death or imprisonment for more than one year is known as a felony (Johnson, 2008). A felony is considered by law as one of the severest crimes in the criminal justice system (Johnson, 2008). This paper is intended to explicate the entire justice process for a felony criminal […]

Law: Case study

Procedure the Trial Court Used to Make Judgment The trial court relied upon two procedures. First, there was Chouinard v. New Hampshire Speedway where the defendant owned a racetrack and the plaintiff was supposed to attend a race. She purchased a ticket, which was not immediately available. Hence, she was to pick it on an […]

Puerta and Torres Case

Facts In Puerta v. Torres (Cal. Ct. App. – May 25, 2011), Antonio Puerta alleged that Anna Berta Torres had injured him and damaged his vehicle after a motor vehicle accident that occurred on June 19, 2007. Therefore, Puerta sought payment due to the injuries and damages arising from the accident. During the day of […]

Forensic Evidence in Criminology

Footwear Evidence Footwear evidence as the name suggests, is the foot impressions that used in connecting the culprit to the act of crime. Properly collected and analyzed footwear evidence normally leads to the culprit (Domnauer, 2007). If the shoe or foot impressions do not bear inimitable patterns or marks, they are null and void evidence. […]

Abner Louima case and the outcome

The case of Abner Louima was one of the most brutal cases in New York, when a police officer brutalized the arrested suspect with a plunger. The arrest started when police were breaking up a fight between two women outside the club and two men intervened. Abner Louima interfered with the police and after the […]

The Evidence Act 2008

Introduction The Evidence Act 2008 (Vic) was created to reform the law on evidence in the criminal and civil trials of Victorian courts as proposed by the Law Reforms Commission of Australia.1 As much as the common law was intended to create reforms in the act of Evidence there are still loopholes that the Act […]

Snyder v Phelps

The American Supreme Court has been criticized by a section of members of society in recent years mainly because of its argued decisions in numerous high-profile cases. The court’s approach in recent years is perceived to be open to discussion if one considers carefully the case of Snyder v. Phelps. The first trial, at District […]

Federal Jury Finds Parker Man Guilty of Aggravated Assault for Causing Girlfriends Facial Fractures.

This is an article by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It entails a crime of assault where the victim is seriously injured. The crime involves a man instilling pain on his then lover or girlfriend whom they were living together with. The crime was committed after they had both consumed alcohol and the man […]

Strauss-Khan Arrested for Attempted Rape

Last Saturday, May 7, 2011, a Sofitel chambermaid entered a $3000 per night suite because she was instructed to clean it. But when she was inside she was confronted with a man without clothes and immediately this person started attacking her. She was dragged to a nearby bedroom and when the man tried to remove […]

The Case of Martha Stewart: On Improper Actions

Introduction One of the most intriguing cases, the one of the famous Martha Stewart, offers quite a lot of food for thoughts. With help of the mystery that has been created about the case, the popularity of the celebrity has increased immensely. However, it cannot be denied that Martha suffered greatly, trying to prove her […]

The Justice System: the Case Carroll vs. United States

The automobile exception to the general warrant requirement as it was formulated in the Fourth Amendment can be explained with the inherent mobility of vehicles and impracticality of receiving warrants in particular situational contexts. The case Carroll vs. United States preconditioned the formulation of the Carroll exception which permits the warrantless search of a vehicle […]

Procedures in the Justice System: Plea Bargaining

Differences between different types of plea bargaining The practice of plea bargaining is widely spread in the United States of America and is recognized as an integral element of the justice system. Despite the popularity of this phenomenon, its benefits are rather disputable ad gave rise to the continuing debates of the specialists working in […]

Criminal Evidence and Legal Issue

The principal restriction of impeachment, by the use of evidence of misconduct, can result in a conviction of a witness According to the principal restriction of impeachment, the use of evidence of misconduct can cause the conviction of a witness. Any misconduct that is compliant with the truthfulness of the witness’ evidence can result in […]

Irish Libel Suit Earns Record Damages Award

Abstract This paper analyses a recent libel suit involving an Irish mining executive who brought a libel suit against his former employers Kenmare Resources. Donal Kinsella received close to $14 million in damages in 2010 after the jury found in his favor. Kinsella launched the suit in retaliation for a company issued press release which […]

Application of Probability and Statistics in Criminal Justice

Introduction Criminal justice is a legal system that establishes the basic codes of conduct for citizens by deterring and controlling crime or sanctioning lawbreakers with criminal penalties and rehabilitation. The criminal justice system consists of the law enforcement, court system and the corrections departments that work together to uphold the rule of law within the […]

Steps of Criminal Procedure in US

Introduction To ensure all suspects receive required justice and fair trials, it is necessary for all law-enforcing agents to follow specified criminal procedures as specified in criminal codes. Correct following of criminal procedures grant suspects their freedoms hence, minimizing complications that may arise in the whole process from arrest to sentencing. In addition to ensuring […]

Case Study Assignment: The Rape Case

The Cherly Moss rape case of November 2009 involved Moss, a 26 year old woman and a single mother of four children who reported of having been raped by a 19 year old man in Bournemouth along the St Peter’s road. She insisted that she had tried to stop the man who she identified as […]

Criminal Procedure Policy

By the year 2003, over 300 million persons lived in the US.100 million of these persons were made up of the minority communities. Notably, a number of the minority community members are not aware of the existing criminal procedure policies. Regardless of whether the minority or the majority communities are opposed to or support the […]

Criminal procedure-probable cause article summary

Requirements for search and arrest warrants & how they relate to probable cause The chosen article for this essay is ‘SCOTUS: Drug dog’s sniff was ‘up to snuff,’ establishing probable cause to search truck” (Weiss, 2013). This article talks about a situation, which requires a search because of probable cause. According to this article, a […]

Preliminary Examination in Felony Cases

Introduction A preliminary examination refers to the very first substantive hearing in the presence of a judge in felony cases. A grand jury is a body that is elected to find out if the prosecutor has gathered appropriate evidence to warrant a trial in a particular case. The grand jury’s function is to serve as […]

The case of George Zimmerman vs. Trayvon Martin

The case of George Zimmerman vs. Trayvon Martin is one where each perspective and angle has to be examined in order to establish the best course of action. In discovering the story it is crucial to analyze the facts that are known, thus it would be possible to determine who was morally correct and not. […]

White Collar Crimes Against Troops in Iraq

Halliburton Company was known as the provider of clean, safe water for cooking and drinking for U.S. troops in Iraq. However, there were no actual testing procedures approving the high quality of water. In fact, the water was extremely contaminated. What is more threatening is that the military were not informed about potential risk this […]

People vs. Santana. A brief Case

Facts According to the existing record, the case in point concerns the issue of illegal transportation of marijuana across the territory of California. After the defendant was stopped for the luggage check, the police officer detected by touching the luggage that it was made of the fabrics that was usually used to conceal marijuana. After […]

The O.J. Verdict Video

The O.J. Verdict Video shows clearly how Simpson’s murder case was one of the most publicized legal trials in the history of the United States. From a personal perspective, I would state clearly that the trial was a “watershed” in the country’s interpretation of the law. The video shows the nature of United States’ cultural […]

Techniques for Influencing Criminal Justice System Change

Problems and Issues Criminal justice system is a critical section of the American structure. Police departments of various states are experiencing a notable change. Police departments and its functions, chain of commands, and administrative strategies are becoming gradually more equal to that of other security agencies and institutions. However, there are certain problems and issues […]

The Examination of Warfield’s Case

Introduction Criminal law can sometimes be very complex and determining what to charge can present great challenges to judges. However, the case of Warfield presents an interesting scenario of having prior knowledge of the intention to commit crime and failure to act beforehand. The Examination of Warfield’s Case From a dissection of the case study, […]

Maryland v. Pringle

Introduction In Maryland v. Pringle, U.S Supreme Court convicted pringle on the basis that a probable cause existed when the police officer found cocaine in the car he was travelling in. The court also held that the drugs could have belonged to any of the three passengers and as such, the police did not violate […]

Deliberate indifference- the case of Farmer v. Brennan

Globally, the demand for human and civil rights by all people has intensified with time. Most social groups in society have moved to emphasize on the need to ensure that their demands are neither undermined nor overlooked as a major icon in enhancing acceptability and cohesion in the society. Sexual harassment in prisons today has […]

Earl Warren & William Rehnquist

Earl Warren served as a US chief Justice in the Supreme Court between 1953 and 1969. During his tenure, the Supreme Court is on the record for having used judicial review as a scrutiny tool, which was later used to overturn statutes that had been put in place by either state or federal courts. After […]

The Right to Bear Arms in the US Constitution

Human beings have been governed by both written and unwritten laws for as long as they have existed. Many states of the world, in the course of civilization, have had their laws written and re-written to suit the demands and challenges of different times. A constitution can be defined as a clear set of rules […]

Conviction and Punishment

Type of sentence for the offender The sentence given to Doug Kant will depend on the State and the law under which he is judged. For instance, a person convicted of misdemeanor sexual assault on a child in Colorado can be given a sentence of up to12 years, depending on the age of the child, […]

Annotation of: Hispanics and the death penalty

The article sought to answer questions concerning treatment of the Hispanics defendants and victims within the U.S criminal justice system; it was the first study to successfully answer questions concerning treatment of the Hispanic in the U.S., especially on eligibility of death sentences. It analyzed homicide cases handled in San Joaquin county of California from […]

Justice Favors the Rich

Introduction Various stakeholders in the criminal justice system and the general public have frequently debated whether certain persons are above the justice, or whether the criminal justice system treats all persons fairly without any partiality. It is frequently said that the legal system is divided into two: one serves the rich, powerful and/ or the […]

Criminal justice

The two models -crime control and due process- put forward by Hebert Parker have a major bearing on the criminal justice system greatly. The models have been useful in helping to deal with the complexities in the criminal process. The models make it easier to understand the workings of the justice system by simplifying the […]

Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults? Essay Outline with Examples

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to determine whether juveniles should be tried as adults under the criminal court system. The age of a juvenile according to most laws is 18 years and below. However, different states have different ages that define who a juvenile in; for instance, Wyoming have acknowledged 19 years to […]

How Judges Think at a Criminal Trial

Introduction Judges play a vital role in the justice system. The way they think during criminal trials has thus been of much interest to everyone who believes that a good justice system is necessary for the development of the society. Thinking is more of a deliberative process than intuitive. As such, this essay will lay […]