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Legal Procedures and Courtroom Experience Essay

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Updated: Jan 18th, 2021


Visiting a courtroom with a trial in progress endorsed me with critical experiences. I was able to acquire a deeper understanding of legal procedures concerning court proceedings. I noted that there are stringent guidelines and codes of conduct expected in the courtroom. Everyone is expected to observe such stipulations during court proceedings. The expected standards are socially, culturally, and ethically informed.

They are set to steer professionalism in the delivery of justice. Breach of these ethical values and principles may lead one to jail based on disrespectful charges. In courts, everyone is under obligation to show maximum respect to the presiding judge, maintain absolute silence and should desist from chewing gums or engage in any irrelevant activities. Individuals are also expected to respond appropriately when their names are mentioned.

Activities and Experiences in the courtroom

As I realized, court proceedings are coordinated by the presiding judge in assistance with various officials (including court prosecutors and court clerks) who execute diverse functions. Ideally, visiting courts is paramount in building one’s confidence levels in legal procedures. This is critical since knowledge is power and ensures the adoption of relevant actions as the situation may demand. That is, court experience is vital in building one’s capacity and strength to launch credible defense when placed before the justice system.

Analytically, it is advisable for aspiring legal experts and other stakeholders to get acquainted with court proceedings to prepare them psychologically and mentally. I realized that this requirement helps eliminate inferior perceptions people have against judicial procedures. According to researchers most individuals have limited knowledge of court proceedings due to the negative perception of the institutions. In numerous places, judicial settings are hardly recognized as democratic and credible institutions.

From my experience, this has deteriorated the integrity of judicial officials including judges, lawyers, and other legal stakeholders. This has hampered the delivery of services. Additionally, I realized that poor perception and unnecessary fear hinders first offenders from launching a strong defense to prove their innocence. This has prompted most authorities to initiate favorable campaigns meant to advance education on legal procedures through open door practices by the judiciary especially in the courtroom.

There is a need for individuals to visit court institutions during proceedings to get the first-hand experience about diverse issues. It is imperative to note that a poor understanding of judicial proceedings is legally detrimental. Thus this paper provides an essay based on courtroom experience and its significance.

Upon scrutiny, I realized that courtroom procedures enable professionals and locals to understand the justice system about how cases are handled. Courtroom procedures and trials are professionally guided and require absolute understanding especially about the terms and language applicable. Critically, having a visit to court proceedings remains a noble and educative action that equips persons with strong knowledge of the legal proceedings.

It enables one to observe the proceedings from the initial stages to the finishing point where the ruling is delivered. It also enables a deeper understanding of the litigation process including the delivery of witness accounts. Consequently, it facilitates the understanding of ethical principles and code of conduct that one needs to exhibit in the courtroom during the proceedings.

From experience, it is critical to note that court proceedings are open to everyone. They serve as ideal measures meant to illuminate the justice system. As contained in the preceding experiences of court events about the organization and execution of proceedings, it is fascinating how the judge took his seat.

Everyone is bound by the law to give due respect to the court. At this stage, everyone is to stand quietly as a sign of respect. This is the norm in every jurisdiction and individuals should be alive to such expectations. Proceedings of the day then follow where persons with cases are mentioned and those accused are questioned. This process is regarded as a significant part of court proceedings that persons should acquire an acquaintance with. It enables one to understand how the complainants and defenders’ information are taken including the cross-examination approach.

In particular, when complainants are providing their wetness account records, the defendant is to keenly listen and understand. This enhances the defendant’s capacity to prepare and present the diverse question to the complainants to prove innocence. The questions must be legally relevant and specific in addressing the elements touched in the presentation. This process is crucial and defines the fate of both parties since they hold diverse responses including the version of what transpired.

This session equips individuals with the knowledge on the best approach of posing questions to opponents to discredit the authenticity and relevance of the allegations. Most individuals hold inferior information and knowledge on the best approach that they can adopt to counter opponents in various cases. This has made various persons lose in legal suits even when innocent.

From experience, I realized that launching an effective defense requires a proper understanding of the legal process and complainant’s accounts that judges use in formulating an opinion. The judgments are set under fair ideals after understanding the presentations of both parties to make acceptable and legally binding rulings, which are nondiscriminatory. Normal judicial practice requires complainants to present their cases first before the defendant is allowed to take present his version of the story.

Its significance

Indeed, visiting courtrooms during proceedings provided me with immense experience. It instilled a sense of responsibility and respect in me due to the concerned guiding principles. The concerned principles enhance ethical standards and code of behavior that is relevant in attaining justice. Ideally, visiting courtrooms enhances an individual’s exposure and acquaintance with the legal terminologies that drive proceedings. It facilitates understanding the execution of court events that leads to the delivery of justice. It also enhances an individual’s confidence levels and eliminates unwarranted misconceptions about the court and the legal procedures that have affected the majority. Therefore, the citizens should visit courtrooms occasionally to get informed on the diverse issues of justice.

My visit

Experience has it that court procedures are started early in the morning. Visitors and respective defendants are to appear. Their entry must be before the judge’s appearance and organization is undertaken by the court ushers. This is a critical provision as indicated earlier based on the attained court experience. Additionally, I realized that court ushers have a responsibility to perform registration of members in the courtroom.

In my appearance, the usher’s guidance was a phenomenon. It was characterized by an exhaustive explanation of the expected events. This helps us understand the forthcoming events. The introduction is done where the concerned usher introduces visitors and provides a snippet background. Everyone is ushered to respective seats in readiness for the proceedings. Ideally, the events are open to everyone including visitors where an opinion may be sought based on the process.

The proceedings provided an immense legal experience that has transformed my operations. It enabled me to understand the incredible code of conduct and relationship accorded great priority in the courtroom. It also facilitated my understanding of the litigation process and how witness accounts are recorded as indicated earlier. Consequently, the system facilitates the development of the legal argument capacity of defense parties that is crucial in protecting one’s innocence. Coordination and how the judges execute court proceedings are fascinating since the procedures are informed professionally. This enhances the delivery of justice that every person seeks in any criminal process.

Individuals must attend court proceedings since they provide requisite incentives that enable a proper understanding of the justice system and how rulings are delivered. It also enables understanding of what procedures are available to be executed by individuals after rulings are made especially when the judgment is considered biased. That is, it enables one to equip himself with the appeal processes and potential guidelines that are pertinent.


It is proper to conclude that understanding the justice system does not (exclusively) revolve around knowledge of the law and legal proceedings. However, it depends on one’s efforts to understand the aspects of justice. Individuals may equip themselves with basic elements that defining court operations by attending court secessions and achieving primary experience. This enables one to be knowledgeable on the ethical expectations and code of behavior in courtrooms.

It also fosters the development of a strong understanding of witness accounts taking procedures including the principle guidelines that influence questioning. Consequently, it propels one’s capacity to develop an opinion based on presented details on diverse issues to establish fair ruling. These constitute the experiences I attained upon attending a court proceeding.

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