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Tips for Writing Essays on Business and Corporate Law

Have you already drafted your outline and brainstormed all possible ideas, but are still hitting a block when it comes to writing? There may remain aspects to essays on Business and Corporate Law that could use additional development.

Keeping in mind these essential tips may help your tackle any business law research topics, regardless of their length and subject:

  • Research your desired business and corporate law essay format. Doing so ensures that your structure is reflective of the high quality of your work. Nothing is worse than handing in a good paper and losing marks for formatting!
  • Do not lose yourself in different business and corporate law essay questions, but focus instead on the one assigned to you. Think about how to tie every word you write to your thesis statement, as including unrelated information in your essay may dampen its quality.
  • Understand the words you are using. For example, explain to your audience the difference between contracts and deals if necessary, and make sure that your readers understand your wording.
  • Do your research before you begin writing your paper. Updating your bibliography as you go should be your last resort, as it stops you from creating an interlinked and comprehensive argument structure.

While plagiarism is a punishable offense in the academic environment, getting inspired by a contract law assignment sample is not.

Read the works of others, not just academic books and journals, and take note of how they build up their thesis statement and refute potential attacks on it. However, do not steal and do not copy their ideas. Your essay will be better for it.

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Law for Accountants in Corporate Cases

First of all, James should be advised that he has not concluded a contract with Oris Ltd: it is explicitly stated in the case description that the accountant withdrew the order when it became evident [...]

The UK Company Law

The protection of minority shareholders is crucial, especially in situations where they are unable to control the decisions of a company through voting.

The UK Takeover Regulation

Here, the primary concern is that hostile takeovers cause short-termism, which has a detrimental impact on the UK's long-term economic growth and hence the need for reforms to restore sanity in the UK's takeover regulations.

Amazon vs. Barnes & Noble: Case Analysis

The battle between the two publishers started in 2001 with Independent Publishers Group, the second-largest book distributor in the United States, denying Amazon the renewal of the agreement to sell Kindle titles.

Contract for Services: Ryan’s Case

On the other hand, there was a verbal agreement between Ryan and Dawn, with the latter agreeing to move to her daughter by the time that Ryan would move to her house.

Contract Principles in Business

In a bid to meet this outcome, the paper recalls some of the possible impacts in cases where these professionals do not understand the legal issues surrounding purchasing in contracts.

The Corporation as a Person

Within the legal system, it may have structures that adhere to the legislation of the land. The people come together to form a corporation that becomes legally binding.

Management of Contract

First of all, it is important to realise the fact that any manager should recognise the importance of the accompanying documentation as it serves as the guaranty of the preservation of his/her rights and provision [...]

Vietnamese Business Regulatory Frameworks

In order to create an environment that is conducive for players in the world of business, the country has been trying to improve its systems accordingly and in compliance with the World Trade Organization's rules. [...]

Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct

Furthermore, the company's representatives also develop a plan of improvement if any violations are detected; the company and the supplier work on the issues together so that the company can assess the improvement later.

Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley Acts Comparison

On the other hand, section 404 requires the management teams of companies to oversee and control all the financial activities of their companies and ensure that the reporting adheres to the provisions of the Act.

Antitrust Legislation and Competition Laws

The latter regulation was the first act in the US history to outlaw monopolistic and predatory business practices; it was signed into law in 1890 and focused on the prevention of the trust practices that [...]

The New Commercial Companies’ Law in the UAE

The law of business stands for the specific set of laws that are designed to govern commercial transactions and business interactions; this law is characterized as civil law and covers the regulations of both private [...]

International Business Conflicts Resolution

The organization should ensure that the contract it is entering into is enforceable by both the domestic legislations and the legislation of the place where the contract is to be undertaken, while putting into consideration [...]

Gulf Agency Inc.’s Legal Case in Saudi Arabia

The plaintiffs, Gregory Defleron and Leslie Defleron filed a lawsuit against GAC because they were dissatisfied with the quality of the suggested services and with the absence of the notification about the cancelation of the [...]

“Sarbanes-Oxley – Context & Theory” by Jasso

As the further application of the concept to the realm of the global market has shown, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act allows viewing the problems in the contemporary financial landscape of the global market from the societal, [...]

China’s Law, Finance, and Economic Growth Nexus

Besides providing the reflection of the status quo of China's economic phenomenon aspect, section 3 offers recommendations that the country can establish to address the wanting legal protection of minority shareholders.

US vs. UAE Wrongful and Fraudulent Trading

Being appointed by the shareholders, the director is expected to bring the organization to success through the decisions one makes. Still, it may be that this person fails to cope with the duties and becomes [...]

Business Law and Bankruptcy

So as to okay the therapy and safeguarding of a business that may be in the throes of experiencing constraints of debts, the main focus of modern bankruptcy legislation and business debt restructuring performances do [...]

Information Privacy Issues

The confidentiality agreement is not very punitive to the employer as it is to the employees with regard to their deliberate attempt to break the confidentiality of the employment agreement.

Main Line vs. Basinger Film: Breach Case

Determination of the number of liquidated damages, therefore, depends on the relationship between consequences of the breach and the loss suffered as well as the amount of loss that is suffered.

Connaughton v Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.

The legal issues in the case are that the defendant allowed the plaintiff to develop the ramen concept without being informed of the prior non-confidential agreement signed by the defendant and Chang.

Project Planning and Its Legal Aspects

Differently put, the state is the side that ensures the trust between the participants of the contract since its legal apparatus is designed to protect the sides from the wrongdoings of their partners.

The Competition Law in the UAE

It is possible to consider major dos and do nots of the right competition practices to understand the benefits of the implementation of the Competition Law in the UAE.

Regulating Business Relationship

This category of law is associated with acts of crime against an individual or the public. Human conduct: Criminal law is applied if the accused is suspected of acts of commission or omission.

Dubai International Financial Center’s Courts

To identify the worth of the expansion of the DIFC Courts' jurisdiction, the essence of the chosen court system, its peculiar features, and the positive and negative aspects of the process have to be considered [...]

Life Coaching Contracts

A careful review of the different forms of online coaching agreements and contracts reveals that the contract is the transition of the coach-client relationship into a professional relationship.

Takeover Regulations in UK and US

Table 1 summarises the main differences between securities regulation in the UK and the US. In the US, managers are allowed to employ defensive tactics to prevent a hostile takeover.

Thomas-Kilmann Instrument in Commercial Arbitration

The Thomas-Kilmann Instrument is a useful tool that could be applied to resolve conflicts in international commercial businesses. However, it is important to understand that arbitrators should be non-partisan to entities in a commercial disagreement.

The US Competition and Antitrust Policy

According to Whinston, the second of the half of the 19th century was characterized by major developments that significantly transformed the manufacturing industries in the U.S.

Default and Dispute: Contract Termination

In addition to putting an end to the contract, as well as diminishing the hopes of the contractors to make a profit, the clause makes the contractor liable to the additional costs incurred by the [...]

Quality Assurance: Invoking a Warranty

The contractor has to consider the nature and the utility of the goods or services, the cost of the goods or services, the administration and enforcement, the complexity of identifying defects prior to acceptance, storage [...]

English Contract Law Fundamental Principles

The buyer has an obligation to pay the price and the seller is obligated to transfer ownership to the buyer. Acceptance of the offer implies that there is an objective expression, by the recipient, of [...]

The English Contract Law: Terms and Classification

To determine a legal contract, the courts look for the following into the contract; the transaction stage, which the transaction took, place, the importance that the representee connected to the declaration together with the skills [...]

Business Law: The Long-Arm Statute of Virginia

In the case of a company resident in Virginia and soliciting for business outside the commonwealth of Virginia, it is possible to ensure that only the Long-Arm of Virginia are applicable and avoid subjecting the [...]

Contract and Sale of Goods Law

It is clear that Blackboard was aware of the purpose that PostersPLUS intended to use the vinyl film at the time the contract was entered into between the two firms.

Real Estate Law “Options Contract”

Call option refers to a situation where the purchaser is granted a right to purchase land from the optionor, while put option is where the property owner has the right, but not a duty to [...]

Online Gambling Concept

When asked about the unavoidable passing of a law decriminalizing online gambling in the US, the CEO of Sams Casino stated that the legislation would not have any impact on their trade.

The Cap-and-Trade Regulation Laws

Under the cap-and-trade regulation, the regulation is determined by the market. On the other hand, the top-down system is characterized by dictatorship from the regulators hence encouraging bureaucracy in the operations.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act Effects

The act became a response to the number of accounting scandals which led to the lack of investor's confidence. One of the major arguments of the act's critics is that companies have to increase expenditures [...]

Penetration Testing Contract and Report

The following information will be required to conduct the penetration test on the client's systems. The provider guarantees that it will be responsible and professional when conducting the test in accordance with the existing codes [...]

Legal Environment in Washington

This case study is meant to enlighten all the stakeholders of the legal environment in the region, and how it may impact on an organization's ability to manage confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.