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Tips for Writing Essays on Business and Corporate Law

Have you already drafted your outline and brainstormed all possible ideas, but are still hitting a block when it comes to writing? There may remain aspects to essays on Business and Corporate Law that could use additional development.

Keeping in mind these essential tips may help your tackle any business law research topics, regardless of their length and subject:

  • Research your desired business and corporate law essay format. Doing so ensures that your structure is reflective of the high quality of your work. Nothing is worse than handing in a good paper and losing marks for formatting!
  • Do not lose yourself in different business and corporate law essay questions, but focus instead on the one assigned to you. Think about how to tie every word you write to your thesis statement, as including unrelated information in your essay may dampen its quality.
  • Understand the words you are using. For example, explain to your audience the difference between contracts and deals if necessary, and make sure that your readers understand your wording.
  • Do your research before you begin writing your paper. Updating your bibliography as you go should be your last resort, as it stops you from creating an interlinked and comprehensive argument structure.

While plagiarism is a punishable offense in the academic environment, getting inspired by a contract law assignment sample is not.

Read the works of others, not just academic books and journals, and take note of how they build up their thesis statement and refute potential attacks on it. However, do not steal and do not copy their ideas. Your essay will be better for it.

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Life Coaching Contracts

A careful review of the different forms of online coaching agreements and contracts reveals that the contract is the transition of the coach-client relationship into a professional relationship.

Takeover Regulations in UK and US

Table 1 summarises the main differences between securities regulation in the UK and the US. In the US, managers are allowed to employ defensive tactics to prevent a hostile takeover.

Thomas-Kilmann Instrument in Commercial Arbitration

The Thomas-Kilmann Instrument is a useful tool that could be applied to resolve conflicts in international commercial businesses. However, it is important to understand that arbitrators should be non-partisan to entities in a commercial disagreement.

The US Competition and Antitrust Policy

According to Whinston, the second of the half of the 19th century was characterized by major developments that significantly transformed the manufacturing industries in the U.S.

Default and Dispute: Contract Termination

In addition to putting an end to the contract, as well as diminishing the hopes of the contractors to make a profit, the clause makes the contractor liable to the additional costs incurred by the [...]

Quality Assurance: Invoking a Warranty

The contractor has to consider the nature and the utility of the goods or services, the cost of the goods or services, the administration and enforcement, the complexity of identifying defects prior to acceptance, storage [...]

English Contract Law Fundamental Principles

The buyer has an obligation to pay the price and the seller is obligated to transfer ownership to the buyer. Acceptance of the offer implies that there is an objective expression, by the recipient, of [...]

The English Contract Law: Terms and Classification

To determine a legal contract, the courts look for the following into the contract; the transaction stage, which the transaction took, place, the importance that the representee connected to the declaration together with the skills [...]

Business Law: The Long-Arm Statute of Virginia

In the case of a company resident in Virginia and soliciting for business outside the commonwealth of Virginia, it is possible to ensure that only the Long-Arm of Virginia are applicable and avoid subjecting the [...]

Contract and Sale of Goods Law

It is clear that Blackboard was aware of the purpose that PostersPLUS intended to use the vinyl film at the time the contract was entered into between the two firms.

Real Estate Law “Options Contract”

Call option refers to a situation where the purchaser is granted a right to purchase land from the optionor, while put option is where the property owner has the right, but not a duty to [...]

Online Gambling Concept

When asked about the unavoidable passing of a law decriminalizing online gambling in the US, the CEO of Sams Casino stated that the legislation would not have any impact on their trade.

The Cap-and-Trade Regulation Laws

Under the cap-and-trade regulation, the regulation is determined by the market. On the other hand, the top-down system is characterized by dictatorship from the regulators hence encouraging bureaucracy in the operations.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act Effects

The act became a response to the number of accounting scandals which led to the lack of investor's confidence. One of the major arguments of the act's critics is that companies have to increase expenditures [...]

Penetration Testing Contract and Report

The following information will be required to conduct the penetration test on the client's systems. The provider guarantees that it will be responsible and professional when conducting the test in accordance with the existing codes [...]

Legal Environment in Washington

This case study is meant to enlighten all the stakeholders of the legal environment in the region, and how it may impact on an organization's ability to manage confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

Defamations on BUGusa Inc. Company

Also, the employees would face a lot of troubles in their job due to the statement made by the WIRETIME, Inc. That loss could be enough evidence to charge the WIRETIME, Inc.with libel defamation.

Buyer and Seller Rights and Liabilities

The CIF contract is, thus, considered to be the contract that enables the sale of the products through the release of relevant certificates such as the invoice, the bill of lading and also the insurance [...]

Contract Types: The Uniform Commercial Code

The offer must signify intention to make a contract, definite without being vague so that court can determine the actual intent of the parties in case of dispute and be communicated to the offeree.

Antitrust Law

The trial court in the case held that the market to be observed in the determination of the flexibility of packaging materials had to be observed in regard to the competition dynamics.

Financial Fraud Phenomenon and Its Major Types

On the statement of balance of the firm, fraudsters are usually interested in altering the figures of the assets, liabilities or the equity of the firm in order to portray false information regarding the position [...]

Gideon Goal Case

In case the hotel is not able to substantiate their claim that they had agreed with the Goal on the use of his image in advertisement then it can be sued for a breach of [...]

Tangible Property of the Restaurant Business

The furniture and fixtures that can be found in the possession of the company dealing with the production and supply of pizza include tables, shelves and benches for customers to sit on while waiting to [...]

First Flight Associates v. Professional Golf Co

Following the failure by FFA to disclose the terms of the contract as required, Pro Golf notified the former of the intention to terminate the contract unconditionally due to failure to observe the contractual duties [...]

Whistleblowing and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The whistle blowers were indeed justified in reporting the malpractices at the Veterans Affairs department because the vice reflected wrong information on the operations of the department. Under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the whistle blowers could [...]

Goodscan Contract Scenario

On the other hand, Hospitex took part in the discussions to the extent that it proposed its own mechanisms of transaction, such as the law that will bind it and the channel to use in [...]

Saudi Arabia Commercial Law

The parties in commercial contracts have the freedom to contract, but the scope of the remedies and other modes of enforcing the contract are regulated by the Islamic law.

Security Laws in Stock Markets

The possible risk posed to the public was examined using the security laws that are used in each of the 49 countries when there is an initial public offering.

Forms of Ownership

It is difficult for this type of business to raise capital through selling part of the business interest, and the business can barely survive once the owner dies or suffers incapacitation of any kind.

The Principle of Fair and Equitable Treatment

Definition of the Standard of Fair and Equitable Treatment The standard of fair and equitable treatment protects global investment treaties. Development of the Principle of Fair and Equitable Treatment In this section, we examine the [...]

Contract Law

As the judge in the case, I would rule in favor of the plaintiff and oblige the defendant to pay for the damages as requested.

Michael A. Smyth VS Pillsbury Company

The other issue was that the company had failed to keep the promise of ensuring privacy, confidentiality, and the termination of employees based on the intercepted emails.

The Trial of Martha Stewart

The call most definitely focused on the situation at ImClone and of the decision of the Waksals to sell all of their shares, and helped her arrive at the decision to sell all of her [...]

Product Liability Suit against British Petroleum

The company is involved in several activities within the energy sector especially exploration of gas and oil, refinery and distribution of the same, generation of power and in retailing of gas and petroleum products.

Toyota Motor Corporation Product Liability Lawsuit

The subsequent reluctance to alert its clients of the stated defects in its vehicles publicly, and denial of the existence of the same defects make Toyota Motor Corporation culpable, and the ensuing product liability lawsuits [...]

The modern law of damages

The three main areas of economic loss are earning loss in the past and future, probable pecuniary losses, household loses. It measured by the plaintiff's diminished power and capacity in the future and past that [...]

Erlich vs. Menezes

It was therefore necessary for the plaintiffs to be compensated for the economic risk they were placed in by the state of their house.

Doctrine of Vicarious Liability

Some of the reasons for the existence of the doctrine of vicarious responsibility include the assumption that the employer controls the actions of the employees, and thus s/he should be held responsible.

Vicarious Liability

The paper covers ethical issues in the application of employers' vicarious liability, the application of the principals' vicarious liability, the application of vicarious liability of corporations in tort, in vicarious employees' continued liability and indemnity, [...]

Overview of Theories of Liability and Defense

Therefore, much concern is specifically connected with the quality of the product and negligent attitude of the family to warnings of the personnel concerning the risk of using specific services on the territory of the [...]

Legal Environment: Torts and Product Liability

As a form of a case law, product liability ensures that manufacturers, distributors as well as the retailers of a product bear responsibility in the event that a product that they offer to the market [...]

Tenants and property owners

According to the Residential Landlord and Tenant law, the property owner may have to evict the new occupant because the act violates the rights of the first tenant.

Risk Allocation in The Construction Contract

The risks relating to the quality of the job will be determined by the outcome of the refurbishment. This principle of allocation will ensure that the contractor aligns his refurbishment team with the performance goals [...]

Legal Elements Defined by the Contract

This is a type of funding request contract wherein in return for services rendered, an employee of a company is entitled under the stipulations indicated within their primary employment contract to request funds from the [...]

Antitrust Case: Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is an example of a company that has been reported to contravene the provisions of the antitrust laws. This gives the monopsonist the opportunity to dictate the market by offering low prices to suppliers.

Legal issues facing TaskRabbit Company

According to Figueroa, task details an inputted by the service beneficiary may include exact location for easy delivery of goods and services; a timeframe within which the task should be carried out and the service [...]

International Business Law

Other sources of international law include declarations of international organizations as well as writings of judges. In international law, intellectual property rights are generally defined as products of the mind.

Statement on Auditing Standards No. 99

This necessitated the need for review and revision of the procedures that these firms use to detect fraud in present and future financial audit statements. Regulations in SAS 99 improve necessary procedures involved in the [...]

Sole proprietorship

Another advantage accruing to this type of business is that it is easier and faster for the business man to make decisions in the business.

Union rights and collective bargaining

In this proposal, it shall be argued that the FW Act is a far better legislation for collective bargaining than previous legislations through an analysis of the core values in the legislation and some of [...]

The Tort Reforms in the United States

What supporters of tort reform believe in is that the whole idea of reforming tort is contentious since its proponents are only keen on limiting the amount of awards to injure due to personal and [...]

Law in United Arab Emirates

Moreover, it also specifies the period in which the employee will be a member of the organization and the description of the job.

Contracts and Corporations

In review of the Case involving Drive Yourself Company and the minor, it is evident that the company acted on negligence when making the recruitment of the new driver.

Synopsis of Tort Case

Plaintiff and defendant The potential plaintiff in the tort case is the SureCo Company. Elements of slander that constitutes the plaintiff's claim The actions of Raul satisfy the essential elements of a slander.

Monorail Accident Disney Theme Park

The operator of the pink monorail survived the incident unscathed because he was backing up the monorail and therefore it was the tail-end of the vehicle that collided with the purple monorail.

Property Rights

In the article, it is noted that the communities living close to the Western Pacific tried to come up with ways in which they could limit the use of the marine resources.