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Advocacy Activities Essay

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Advocacy refers to actions that articulate in favor of, advocate, contend for a cause, and implore on behalf of others. It is a continuous process whose objective is changing outlooks, actions, principles and laws. This is done by impacting people and corporations with power, procedures and frameworks at distinct levels for the improvement of people affected matters of poverty. Advocacy activities entail a current, actual action on the part of vigorous, nonprofit groups’ worldwide.

It is used to achieve sustainable transformation. It is also used to eliminate structural sources of poverty so as to promote larger parts of the society through program pursuits. Advocacy actions are based on reinforcing and empowering unfortunate and marginalized associations or persons. Advocacy work trains communities via shared encounters, examples learnt and illustrates what actions function best. This enables the community members to carry out fantastic developmental activities in their society (Strolovitch 322).


An advocacy activity that will be discussed in my situation is based on a program on the radio and television. This advocacy activity is aimed at reinforcing the comprehension of and concentration given to justifications and obligations associated with HIV/AIDS. It offers a forum for supporters and policy makers to engage into conversations and debate present issues in the community.

To ensure that the community has participated in advocacy programme, they should be educated about this program, analyze their missions and objectives and then collaborate with the society.

All parties entailed in this collaboration should be prepared to carry out movements and fight for change. The structure for the HIV/AIDS advocacy strategy will entail eight vital elements. This include clearly stated issues, well planned objectives, well assessed environment, recognized stakeholders, key messages, well chosen approaches and tools, execution plan and indicators for supervision and assessment (Ross 60).

Formulation of objectives

During this step, the objectives together with the expected outcomes will be defined. The advocacy objective, in this situation, is to decrease the spread of AIDS and encourage those already affected to lead a positive life. It is required that this objective states what exactly is to be changed and after how long this will be achieved.

It should define whether the society needs extra resources and whether they want to develop or change a principle. The objective and its remedy should not be so wide or remote that the partners are likely to become devastated. Persons and associations are likely to join an advocacy programme if they see a high probability of success in this programme.

It is beneficial to be always aware of persons and organizations that are likely to strengthen your objective. For instance, in the HIV programme, those already affected and relatives of the victims are more likely to give support. Potential hostility to the advocacy programme efforts should also be put into consideration.

The objective should be stated in quantifiable terms and within an anticipated limit. A good objective of an advocacy strategy should be smart. This means that it should be precise, measurable, oriented on action, reasonable and time bound. Following formulation, the objective should be analyzed based on how it satisfies a given criterion (Strolovitch 322).

Channels and Tools for Reaching the Audience

The channels and tools, which will be, used for the intended audience in this HIV Programme include stakeholder evaluation, persuasion practices and media. Persuasion tools will involve urging, petitioning, discussions, conciliations and conflict resolutions among the people.

The use of media as a tool will involve the use of press meetings, fact and background slips, media packets and radio and television shows. Stakeholder evaluation as a tool will involve the identification and categorization of the potential stakeholders. This will be done so as to know the peoples interests based on the HIV issue (Lubet 415).

Results that should be expected as evidence of success

In this HIV program, certain results are expected as measures of success. The percentage of total health financial plan allocated to HIV/AIDS is the first indicator. This designates the victory of advocacy in securing finances for executing the HIV programme. Another indicator is the percentage contribution of the authority, the private sector and society in the HIV programme.

This designates success of advocacy in acquiring national dedication to addressing HIV issues. Contribution of the sector of health budget to be paid for the HIV/AIDS programme is the last indicator. This designates the significance attached to the enhancement of behavior change for health amongst the public (Selby 302).

Advocacy M & E Part

Advocacy is interrelated with communication for societal modification as a way of building the capability of the civil community. This is achieved by supporting the community to deal with and challenge present principles and practices that result to poverty and unfairness. HIV in this case leads to poverty. It should be made certain knowledge of and dedication among policymakers, programme administrators, staff and other shareholders.

The countrywide HIV communication plan involves a HIV M&E interaction and advocacy strategy. M&E is clearly referenced in nationwide HIV principles and the countrywide strategic policy. M&E supporters are recognized among officials of high degree. This dynamically approves M&E actions. Advocacy actions are executed based on the HIV M&E advocacy strategy. M&E tools are available to a different audience and reinforce information sharing and utilization.

It is, therefore, indispensable to set straight M&E, generate an encouraging M&E culture, and decrease any adverse implications of M&E. A consultation and advocacy plan for M&E can assist to attain these objectives. The plan should be multi dimensional, with personalized messages for varying audiences.

National M&E technique is not for the authority alone. It is helpful to all stakeholders in the HIV retort. M&E promotes transparency and requires an open environment to function sufficiently. The plan of communication and advocacy in a nations HIV strategy should be incorporated to make sure that M&E is utilized in all HIV works (Ross 106).


The module definition of advocacy is a standardized, and a universal concept since advocacy is best perceived to strengthen national population and objectives of well being of the society. In every community, there are persons, societies and corporations that via their actions have made a positive impact on people’s lives.

For instance, the HIV programme has had a positive impact on the community. The HIV advocacy programme has increased awareness and has suggested resolutions among the public including verdict makers, professionals, the media and the society affected.

The advocacy programme in this situation has actively enhanced the prevention of the HIV transmission by involving people in its development. Advocacy is, therefore, crucial in enhancing public well being all over the world. It has been used to create concentration and improve health services. It, therefore, benefits the community by protecting the health fitness of the members (Lubet 415).

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