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  1. Analysis of the Performance of Domestic & Multinational US Restaurants
    Background of the study The restaurant industry, both domestic and multinationals, were faced with extremely tough challenges through the end of 2009 due to the economic hardship that lead to weak labor and tight credit […]
  2. Chiefs Restaurant: Action Plan for the Cooks
    A Pilot test is used to evaluate the system for implementation and to isolate flaws that have been incorporated in the design and development stages.
  3. Organic restaurant
    The restaurant will capture the social environment and provide the necessary menu for this field. In the cultural environment, the chefs employed in this restaurant have been highly trained to produce several ethnic dishes to […]
  4. Mama Mancini Restaurant
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the prevalence of family owned small business through analysis conducted to assess their contribution and impact to the society.
  5. Subway Restaurant Service Marketing
    Subway and through the method of observation; it will give a report on the performance of this Franchise relative to that of other fast food franchises in the country.
  6. My Restaurant Experience
    I had decided to take a couple of my friends for a treat and I chose Horizon Restaurant as the venue of choice; more because of the friendly rates than anything I must admit.
  7. The Al Hallab Restaurant Chain and Its Decision Making Principles
    In the case of Al Hallab the focus is completely on the production and sale of Lebanese food despite the fact that it is losing consumers to other types of business with a more varied […]
  8. Restaurant Project in Boise
    The idea of ethnic food is not new in the market since a proportion of restaurants in the city already offer such foods.
  9. TGI Friday’s Restaurant
    The internal factors are those within the organization, like the availability of funds and the type of management required to so as to establish the new branch in a different country.
  10. Increased Nutrition Regulations on Fast Food Restaurants
    Some critics believe that federal policy to increase the cost of healthy food has led to the increase in consumption of the cheaper alternative i.e.fast food.
  11. Advertising research report: Twisters Restaurant and Coca-Cola
    Although the former Twister’s advertising was very effective in bringing in new customers to the restaurant, it is apparent that those customers that visited the restaurant disappeared with the discontinuation of the advertisement.
  12. Porter’s Five Factor Model in Hospitality (Restaurants)
    This may affect the operation of restaurants in relation to supply of products, services, and employees. However, oligopoly that exists with regard to other products and services in the restaurant industry presents threats to profitability […]
  13. The William Blue Ding Restaurant: Case Study Analysis and Suggestions for Further Improvements
    Without an outline the steps that need to be taken to promote the given enterprise among the rest of the people and make them spread the word about the delicious dishes served in the restaurant, […]
  14. Report On Customer Satisfaction in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry
    This is vital in ensuring the provision of timely services, affordable, quality, well packaged and prepared food items that guarantee consumers’ high value.
  15. Local Restaurant in Dubai
    Determine the resources required In his business plan, James identified all the requirements for the business and provided the means to achieve them. He also considered the strategic location of the business as a backbone […]
  16. Customer service in restaurants
    It can be quite frustrating to make a customer wait for a certain meal only to deliver the wrong one to them.
  17. Marketing Research Project of Hot Oven Restaurant
    The restaurant needs to introduce new services which add value to its status in the market to help it grow its revenues.
  18. The Chipotle Restaurant’s Mission
    The main factors which are associated with the company’s development are the concentration on the quality of the products which are ordered and provided quickly; the development of the “Food with Integrity” mission with accents […]
  19. Customer Perception; Subways Restaurants
    The high class are not interested in how expensive the product is but the point of interest is the utility that the product is going to give.
  20. The Restaurant Plan
    A picture of the restaurant dining room The decorations used on the walls The main purpose of decorating the restaurant walls is to create an atmosphere that will be conducive for the customers and make […]
  21. Incorporating Service Marketing in the Restaurant Industry
    Old Chang Kee Service Blue Print The line of the provider of the services, in this case Old Chang Kee represents that very instance the customer walk into the restaurant and gets the chance to […]
  22. Restaurant Report & Menu Development
    The person who will be trying out a new dish in the restaurant stand a chance to ask the chef the preparation of the meals served, where the recipe originated from and will have an […]
  23. Sociological Perspective on a Restaurant
    In this restaurant, the staff attire matches the decor of the restaurant while the patrons’ attires change depending on the weather.
  24. Ms Nok Restaurant’s Supply Chain Strategy
    The marketing department can be able to project the number of customers that will visit the restaurant and help the management in making enough orders.
  25. Deli Depot Fast Food Restaurants Strategy
    Objectives To improve on the sales of the business hence increasing the profit margin To strategise on how to take over the market from other competitors To come up with a good team of employees […]
  26. Panera Bread Nonprofit Restaurant
    Sharing experience and knowledge is considered to be one of the main problems the community of practice faces, and the following steps should be considered to solve it.
  27. Subway Restaurant
    Subway, a green restaurant, is one of the world businesses seeing the usefulness of supply chain hence using it in moving towards “Green” culture.
  28. “Wild Peeta” Restaurant in the UAE
    Comparing the two approaches of management there are clear differences between traditional and entrepreneurial management and they include the following: traditional managers were closely monitoring the work of the juniors by assessing the effectiveness of […]
  29. Inventing Australia for Americans: The rise Outback Steakhouse restaurant chain in the USA
    According to her, the restaurants thrive by positioning themselves as the ultimate peddlers of an ‘Australian experience’, yet the food served, the owners of the restaurant, the advertisement models, and all other entities related presented […]
  30. Healthy Fast Food Restaurant
    The project committee has ensured that this project has a number of strengths as it is introduced in this competitive market.
  31. The Role of Technology in Facility Management: A Case Study of the MacDonald Restaurants
    Moreover, it was established by the study carried out that introduction of technology to management of the facility resulted in delivering of services in a shorter period compared to the catering with the traditional systems.
  32. Ethical Decision Making for Hotel and Restaurant Managers
    An establishment that claims to adhere to the highest health standards and goes ahead to offer its customers services or meals that leave a lot to be desired with regard to hygiene with the full […]
  33. Favorite Restaurant Concept
    The objective of planning a restaurant is to assemble, on paper, the ideas for a restaurant that will be profitable and satisfying to the guest and the owner or operator of the business.
  34. Restaurant Business and Reasons Why People Eat Out
    In this paper, we will discuss the factors that determine whether to eat out, choosing where to eat and whether to return to the restaurant in the future.
  35. The Components of Restaurant Concept and the Unique Selling Points that Have Driven the Success of The Cheesecake Factory
    This means that for anyone in the food and beverage business to be successful, clear guidelines must be set to ensure that they offer services to their clients guided by their restaurant concepts.
  36. Investment Opportunity in American Fried Chicken Restaurant
    The company will focus on determining the profitability of investing $500,000 in the fried chicken restaurant business. Next, the company will advertise the benefits of buying the company’s fried chicken products.
  37. Customer Satisfaction Policy for Claude Restaurant
    The restaurant needs to be more responsive to the needs of our clients to ensure they get high quality service. The restaurant plans to introduce delivery services to our clients.
  38. Management of Cross-Cultural Diversity in Proxy Restaurant
    In addition, the management should realize the importance of systems thinking as well as complex theory in effective management of cross-cultural diversity.
  39. Geography of Food. Restaurant Review
    Carino’s Italian grill was located in Doral at the center of Miami making it accessible to most people. The food was of moderate quality.
  40. Tim Hortons restaurant
    The purpose of the report is to provide the results of developing and evaluating the improvement strategy for Tim Hortons Inc, basing on the credible simulation model.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Restaurant

  1. Consumer Behavior in the Context of Restaurant Domino Pizza
    The pre-purchase stage According to services consumption, the pre-procurement phase in the restaurant services consumption starts from touching the requirements of the clientele, which continue through the examination of info, as well as assessing the […]
  2. Business plan of restaurant
    This will be a restaurant that serves Middle eastern food and will also have a hookah bar. The restaurant will draw its revenue from the sale of food and drinks as well as hookah.
  3. Concept of Restaurant Tipping Behavior
    In the present study, we focus on analyzing the customer’s tipping behavior in relation to the message provided on the check regarding the sum of tips with references to the reactance theory and the anchoring […]
  4. The role of ISO 9001 in the Hospitality Industry- Scala Restaurant, Art Deco Hotel Montana
    For the past eight years, Art Deco Hotel Montana has been ISO certified and according to the manager of Scala restaurant, the restaurant has achieved a wide range of operational and economic success because of […]
  5. Chinese Restaurant in Oregon
    The use of the term Guanxi in the brand name of the restaurant is of principle importance to the success of the restaurant.
  6. PEST analysis on Italian restaurants in London
    The flow of Italians in the country is reduced creating a shortage of business in the restaurants. The strategic position of the city is to the advantage of Italian restaurants as accessibility is easy, this […]
  7. Feasibility Study: Detailed Strategic Destination Risk Analysis for French Cuisine Restaurants
    The president is the official leader of the Singapore state. The hospitality industry is one of the principal contributors of the national revenue in Singapore.
  8. Latin Restaurant operations plan
    While the content will not be as varied compared to that of bars and other establishments specializing in the sale of alcoholic beverages the bar of Chevere Team-C Cuisine will be well stocked with at […]
  9. Wendy’s Fast Food Restaurant
    The design has the potential to elaborate on the cause of failures inherent in the establishment and possess the capacity to make recommendations on combating the challenges.
  10. An Evaluation of Effectiveness of employees’ Motivation in Enhancing Job Satisfaction and Increased Productivity of Clipsy Restaurant
    As a result of the research, to make recommendations to Clipsy restaurant as to how its employees’ motivation strategy can be improved to be more effective In this section, the researcher will review relevant literature […]
  11. Marketing Services: MK Restaurant
    One of the industries in the sector is the hotel and restaurant industry. Passionate leaders are the pace setters of the brand of the company as has been with the MK Restaurant.
  12. Touch screen in each customer table in the Restaurant
    In addition to this, touch screen technology eases the congestion of hotel waiters and waitresses crisscrossing the restaurants and hotels seeking to attend to clients.
  13. The MacDonald Restaurant in Estonia
    Steve Easterbrook, who is the current president of all MacDonald based branches in Europe, indicated that the transaction will now improve in relation to the past modes of operations.
  14. Report On Pop Up Restaurants
    The target of the pop restaurants is the urbanite professionals of the aged 21 to 35 years. As it is the case with pop up restaurants the dishes are usually tantalizing, delicious and appetizing to […]
  15. Customer Satisfaction and Service Delivery from X-Restaurant
    During this interaction, commonly known as service encounter, the customer’s gauge the quality of the service provided and related the experience with the preconceived ideas.
  16. McDonald’s Restaurant
    The company has to ensure that its products are well received in the market, and the clients are able to afford the set prices.
  17. Building a Restaurant
    The restaurant also aims at being recognised in the restaurant round up by downtown news in the top ten of nutritious in-house and delivery providers’ restaurants.
  18. Mega Byte Restaurant
    The team at mega byte restaurant cause and effect diagram showed that the distance from the kitchen to the tables was one of the factors that contributed to uncleared tables and waiting for non smoking […]
  19. The Benihana Restaurants
    The production process of Benihana restaurants differs with those of typical restaurants because it uses the hibachi table concept which allows the restaurant staff to prepare food in front of the customers.
  20. Peregrine Restaurant Opening
    The market research will focus on the determination of the clientele base, the appropriateness of the location, and competition among other key tenets of competitiveness in the hotel industry in the La Plaza de la […]
  21. Pastis Restaurant, New York
    The waiters and waitress are well informed of the restaurant’s menu items. This creates the impression that the tin in the ceiling is part of the building.
  22. The F&B Restaurant
    This is due to the fact that the location of the restaurant favours this option. The restaurant is strategically placed to be able to serve the students from the school.
  23. Tangible Property of the Restaurant Business
    The furniture and fixtures that can be found in the possession of the company dealing with the production and supply of pizza include tables, shelves and benches for customers to sit on while waiting to […]
  24. Vapiano Restaurant
    The relatively low price of meals at Vapiano restaurants has been helpful in appealing to customers who have been visiting the restaurant.
  25. Applications of TQM in McDonald Restaurants
    Therefore, the sales and marketing people are able to identify the needs of the customers and advice the production department accordingly in order to ensure that the products offered by McDonald restaurants meet the expectations […]
  26. Kids Menu in Japanese Restaurant
    Taking this into consideration, the best possible solution to the dilemma is to find something for the children to do in order to keep them occupied and create a restaurant environment that is appealing to […]
  27. The Negative Consequences of Employing High School Students in Fast Food Restaurants
    In addition, high school students should be advised that education and their careers are more important as compared to working at fast food restaurants.
  28. Darden Restaurants Inc.
    The structure and functions with respect to the roles of top managers and the board, the CEO or the managing director, and the composition of the board are the same as in traditional firms.
  29. How Do Brand Names Affect Customer Decision Making Process in Selecting Fast Food Restaurants in London?
    Conversely, a brand will encounter negative customer based brand equity if the consumer’s reaction to the brand’s marketing is unfavourable, or if the consumer has a negative reaction to the brand category in this case, […]
  30. Macdonald Restaurant’s Moral Problems
    This issue of food health has put MacDonald in the line of fire with many people in the society stating that the brand is catalyzing the rate of obesity and unhealthy eating in the world.
  31. Jordan’s Restaurant Customer Service
    The level of cleanliness within the restaurant, warm greetings the choice and preference of where to seat made the whole experience lively.
  32. The Olympics Impact on Hotels and Restaurants
    While the occupancy level of hotels and restaurants in the host cities increases that of other cities in the country experience a major reduction in the number of visitors.
  33. Wendy’s Restaurant Vice President of Operations
    New Barkery Company is owned by Wendy’s and is tasked with the responsibility of supplying buns to some of the restaurant’s branches.
  34. The Bleeding Heart Restaurant and Bistro Swot Analysis
    Moreover, it has massive capital that enables it to hire the services of professional advertisers like the Wilsons and other prominent local dailies The Bleeding Heart Restaurant and Bistro relies on its rich history to […]
  35. The Restaurants Chain Tim Hortons and Its Business Model
    The analysis of the peculiarities of the American market is an essential part of the strategy development. That is why although the business model has been successful in Canada, it needs changes to fit the […]
  36. Google AdSense for Restaurant Business
    Google AdSense is one of the programs that exist due to the introduction of Web 2.0. 0 and the tools it provides are currently employed by a variety of businesses that realise that to remain […]
  37. Lebanese Flower Restaurant: Potential and Market Share
    This indicator can be selected because it shows the number of clients that a restaurant can serve. This is one of the aspects that should be taken into account.
  38. Sonny’s Bar-B-Q Restaurant
    The aim of setting up the restaurant was to provide a casual and relaxing place for the people of the southern state.
  39. Maxwell’s Leadership Laws in Restaurant Business
    Richard Frank has already proved that it is possible to create a company as an institution and turn it into a powerful organization with a number of certain rules and personal ethical issues that can […]
  40. Chipotle Restaurant: Company Analysis
    As the founder and CEO of the Chipotle restaurant, Ells created a unique menus and eating culture among the targeted clients in the most comfortable and warm environment.

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  1. Goodman’s Restaurant in China
    The principles of Easter and Western management have many differences; therefore, when establishing a business in the Easter country, a Western entrepreneur has to search for the specifics of the cultural management style and to […]
  2. Restaurant’ Conversation Observation
    On the same note, the tone of service in the restaurant was formal given the fact that most of the people came from the nearby offices.
  3. Hun Chinese Restaurant Managing Risks
    The study will enable the Chinese restaurant to focus on the aspects that have been neglected by the other restaurants in terms of disaster preparedness and security of the business.
  4. Blue Springs Fast Food Store vs. Blue Gardens Restaurant Analysis
    The lighting is moderated to give the facility a unique ambiance, and the color of the walls is also very attractive.
  5. Chipotle Restaurant: Ethical and Responsive Business
    The ethical code consists of laid down structures to keep staff in healthy and stable mind in their duty of serving the interests of the restaurant through regulatory, ethical communication models.
  6. The Franchise Business Opportunity: Subway Restaurants
    Today, the Subway franchise is owned by the Doctor’s Associates Inc, and it sells different types of submarine sandwiches, salads, and baked goods in the United States, and the menu is different with references to […]
  7. Penang Mutiara Restaurant Management System
    The hotel is proactive in safeguarding assets and resources, sustaining efficiency in operations, and ensuring completeness in the management strategies. The continuum of increasing the value of quality in operation of the hotel’s human resources […]
  8. Desert Restaurant LLC Strategy
    First, the company has managed to get 60 franchise companies all over the UAE for the period of its work and the desire to enter the international market is explained by the desire to expand.
  9. Kingsway Restaurant’s Organizational Design
    This lack of clear definition of strategic goals have confused a number of employees on the primary strategic goal of the organization, because many do not know whether the strategic goal of the company is […]
  10. Marco’s Restaurant Business Report
    The objective of the report is to determine the root cause of the increasing losses of the restaurant by analysing the management problems which include staff recruitment, training and motivation, communication, customer service, innovativeness and […]
  11. Fast Foods Restaurant Business Plan
    The loan will be paid from the cash flow of the business, collateralized by the business assets, and backed by the character, experience, and personal guarantees of the owners.
  12. Darden Restaurants’ Innovation Strategy
    The management of Darden Restaurant has been keen to ensure that its end products meet the need of the clients in a unique way. This is another reason that has enabled Darden Restaurant to remains […]
  13. Tourism Marketing: Hotels and Restaurants Comparison
    The table below summarises the results of a study on the prices of different commodities Table 2: Comparison of the prices of foodstuffs in Napoli Pizzeria and The Olive Pizzeria Bistro.
  14. Dubai Fish Hut Restaurant’s Location Analysis
    The detailed analysis of its location helps to reveal that the owners of the business have chosen a great site contributing to the success of the restaurant.
  15. Island Greek Donair and Pizza Restaurant Analysis
    This is indicative of the fact that as the popularity of Greek food continues to grow within Sydney, the more likely it is that the number of customers on average that patronize Island Greek Donair […]
  16. The Island Greek Restaurant’ Marketing Strategy
    It is based on this that Island Greek can utilize Australia based YouTube stars as a means of promoting the product to their audience.
  17. Toronto Paradise Feast Restaurant: Business Plan
    It is important to state that in this business description section, the general purpose and nature of the new business will be discussed in order to give a normal idea about it.
  18. Employee Turnover in Fast-Food Restaurants
    Overall, the management of these enterprises should focus on their recruitment strategies and work on the transformation of the organizational culture in order to address the problem of increasing employee turnover.
  19. “The Blue Gardens” Restaurant Business Proposal
    The products offered, design of the restaurant, the lighting that will be used, the music in the background, and the choice of colors, the waiters and the waitresses, the payment mode, and post-purchase services will […]
  20. Hot Pot House Restaurant Risk Management
    One of the measures taken is to reinvest some of the profits made in the high seasons to the emergency fund such that the company is able to remain afloat on its own during when […]
  21. The Massachusetts Restaurant Appliances Company Management
    This sales manager is convinced that the firm can achieve this growth in the near future if the marketing team works appropriately to achieve the set targets.
  22. Zara Restaurant and Lounge: Business Plan Evaluation
    This paper evaluates Zara’s business plan, including its financial plan, management team, and marketing strategies in order to determine the restaurant’s internal strengths and potential to attract investors.
  23. The Principle of Bills Paying in Restaurant
    Specifically, they are oriented on the influence of dressing on the general impression about the couple, the strategic behavior of a waiter, who considers the gender-related orientation of two people, the style of communication between […]
  24. Service Quality of Restaurants in Croatia
    The type of data that the study presents in the demographic attributes is continuous and qualitative because they indicate percentage of gender, percentage of the level of education, percentage of the country of residence, percentage […]
  25. Raju Omlet Restaurant: Organization Development
    One of the greatest expectations that customers seek in a restaurant such as Raju Omlet is the readiness of staff to attend to them.
  26. Salmon Supplier Selection Process for Restaurant
    The selection of the supplier is connected with various risks and benefits among which there can be the reputation of a business among the consumers and partners, the satisfaction of the stakeholders, the efficiency of […]
  27. Tim Hortons Restaurant’ Challenges and Strategies
    It is stated that the demand for foods sold in fast-food restaurants in Canada has been declining over a number of years; this affects both Tim Hortons and its rivals.
  28. Entrepreneurship: Restaurant Business and Arkady Novikov
    After the evaluation of the current state of affairs, it is necessary to underline that the restaurant business is one of those where the idea of competitiveness and the desire to introduce the best services […]
  29. The Asian Fusion Restaurant’s Channel Management
    According to the National Restaurant Association, the restaurant industry in the United States enhances its performance with time, which can be seen in Diagram 1: Such results prove that starting a restaurant is likely to […]
  30. Green Management in Fast Food Restaurants
    The corporations have to acquire large amounts of capital to operate efficiently and survive in the market because of the high demand of social responsibility in the food industry.
  31. Panera Restaurant’s Competitive Analysis
    The presence of this matter can be determined by the loyalty of the customer’s to the particular brand due to its well-established recognition and assurance of the quality.
  32. Panera Restaurants’ Strategic Recommendations
    In this case, Panera’s restaurants have to focus on the differentiation strategy while utilizing technology to deliver the messages to the customers and engaging them in the interactions and product development.
  33. Rush Restaurant’s Ads and Cultural Values
    The presence of children enjoying themselves in the ad is expected to attract the interest of other kids. As such, the restaurant seems to be assuring parents that their children are safe taking the natural […]
  34. Fast-Food Restaurants’ Social Impact in the US
    The emphasis on efficiency, predictability, and calculability in the fast-food industry is based on the creation of a structured division of labor that requires employees to accomplish a set goal by the company.
  35. California Restaurants’ History and Cuisine Style
    The primary goal of this essay is to provide an analysis of the aspects of Californian cuisine and food, in general.
  36. Plato Diner Restaurant’s Poor Management
    After reviewing the case, Dean and Chris are left with no choice except to settle their differences with Martha, hire her back, follow the State of New York’s tax rules, and invest in improving the […]
  37. Fast-Food Restaurant: Leasing, Buying, Franchising
    The quantitative data indicate that the operating expenses and cost of goods sold of a restaurant located in Kingston amount to 35% and 50% of gross sales respectively.
  38. The K&M Pizza Restaurant’s Business Plan
    The business plan will target the customers in the low economic segment and corporate bodies around the region of Nova Scotia and beyond.
  39. Swordfish Restaurant and Store in Food Services
    Given the location, the business is subject to a niche market of consumers that travel to the waterfront in order to experience the location in relation to its atmosphere, specialty shops and, of course, the […]
  40. UAE Food & Clothes Retail and Restaurant Business
    In my paper, I will explore the validity of this suggestion, regarding the three segments of the Emirati retailing industry, concerned with the selling of food/clothes and with serving meals at a restaurant.

📌 Writing Prompts about Restaurant

  1. Polar Land Restaurant’s Marketing Goals and Plan
    The following are envisaged: Polar Land is determined to increase its after tax profit by 16% at the end of the 2012 business year by committing resources towards an intensive development of and effective customer […]
  2. Max Burger Restaurant’s Creative Advertising
    Max Burger Restaurant will strive to provide products, which portray the brand statement to the consumers. The hook for the company’s products to the target consumers will be based on issue of freshness.
  3. Del Rey’s La Grande Enchilada Restaurant
    The presented case indicates that Del Rey’s franchise would terminate in a month for failing to follow the prescribed safety precautions and procedures.
  4. The Blue Garden Restaurant’s Ethical Concerns
    The main problem I noted at this firm was that the waitresses were subject to some form of abuse from the patrons. As a supervisor, I was there to ensure that they do as per […]
  5. Calorie Labeling in American Restaurants
    The importance of calorie labeling is in its ability to provide the consumer with the exact number of calories per meal, nutrition information about the meal, and support his or her decision toward a healthier […]
  6. Nando Restaurant’s Expansion Marketing in Tenerife
    It is generally observed that influences of Spanish on cultures of the Canary Islands are widespread and notable on traditions, customs, and other common cultures found the Islands, including Tenerife.
  7. Al Jawhar Indian Dishes Restaurant’s Business Plan
    The restaurant will offer special servings of all the dishes but in considerable portions for kids. This big number will lead to the attainment of high profits for the restaurant.
  8. Jin Chan Cherng’s Panda Restaurant Group
    Jin Chan Cherng, the founder of one of the largest Chinese quick-service chains in the United States, Panda Express, was born in Shanghai, China, in 1948.
  9. Andrew Chreng and Panda Restaurant Group
    The chain has become the largest fast-food restaurant in the United States that offers Chinese food. The entrepreneur has also helped in understanding that minimal funds can be used to start a business.
  10. Roy Choi’s Restaurant and Xiaomi’s International Marketing
    As a rule, such international marketing is based on the principle of ethnocentrism, in other words, the possibility of using in the foreign markets the same methods as in the home country.
  11. Papa John’s Pizza Restaurant’s Analysis
    Considering the situation at Papa John’s Pizza, the paper aims at exploring the current issues, the strategic intent of the company, its difference from the rivals, conducting SWOT analysis, and proposing the alternative course of […]
  12. Chipotle Restaurant as a Socially Responsive Business
    For instance, the company operates in a manner that ensures that it takes care of the customers and the rest of the stakeholders.
  13. Dairy Queen Restaurant’s Foreign Market Development Plan
    The importance of a foreign market development plan is that it helps new or existing companies to create, expand, as well as promote successful business strategies in the foreign markets. In its UAE market, the […]
  14. McDonald’s Restaurants’ External and Internal Issues
    McDonald’s is a name given to several restaurants operating under the same brand name in the US, which marks the origin of the restaurants.
  15. Fat-Free Restaurant: Company Mission
    Meanwhile, it appears that the catering system of “A” city fails to fulfill the new demand; hence, there is not a single healthy food restaurant to be found throughout the entire city.
  16. Al Khettar Restaurant’s Strategic Plan
    Eventually, the founders developed a more holistic concept of adding value to the services by expanding the cultural and ethnic representation from the menu to the interior of the building and artistic pieces presented in […]
  17. Doner Deli Restaurant’s Services and Market
    According to Dona Deli, the company “creates and maintains a funky urban restaurant that is comprehensive and exceptional, giving attention to every detail of operation to help its growing family improve the quality of life”. […]
  18. E-Spoon Restaurant Application Design and Functions
    The company’s E-Spoon mobile app will be designed for the United States market and will allow its users to search for food venues and make reservations based on a wide variety of parameters that include, […]
  19. Motomachi Restaurant: Marketing Strategy and Management
    The success of international market penetration is determined by a multitude of factors that need to be acknowledged in the development of an entry strategy.
  20. Oliver’s Diner Restaurant: Inventory and Variability
    The most evident predictable variability in the case of Oliver restaurant is the arrival of customer depending on the time of the day.
  21. Chinese Restaurant: Cultural and Aesthetic Perspectives
    Finally, one must keep the focus on the diversity that is viewed as the essential feature of the Chinese food and the core of its aesthetics.
  22. Visual Cameras and Inspection in Fast Food Restaurant
    Finally, a comparison of advantages and disadvantages of vision systems and inspection should help to clarify the benefits and the possible impact of this technology being implemented by one of the American firms on people, […]
  23. The Cut Restaurant’s Organizational Development Issues
    The ideas that are developed throughout the report revolve around the idea that there is a critical need to transform the approach to leadership and change the way of how the members of the team […]
  24. Fast-Food Restaurants as a Minor Cause of Obesity
    It is imperative to look into the impact of human behavior in conjunction with poverty as critical factors in the fight to reduce the number of obese people in the country.
  25. Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant’s Recruitment Framework
    The first theory is the person-position theory, which matches the personal and professional qualities of the candidate with the required position.
  26. Chick-Fil-A Restaurant’s Operations Management
    The success is attributed to the ability of this fast-food restaurant to embrace emerging trends and best practices in the market to enable it to meet the needs of its customers in the best way […]
  27. Tipping in Restaurants as a Managerial Decision
    As the sum of the tip is not fixed and depends on the customer, it is expected that waiters will be encouraged to improve their performance to get a larger tip.
  28. Increasing Minimum Wage in the US Restaurant Industry
    With the growing economy and the overall rise in the cost of life, it becomes evident that the minimum wage is insufficient for people to satisfy their basic needs and ensure an appropriate standard of […]
  29. Blackshop Restaurant: OpenTable System Implementation
    At the same time, the tendency towards the gradual rise in the level of rivalry and increased demands of visitors to the quality of services introduce the need for improvement and implementation of new technologies […]
  30. Restaurant Tipping of Male and Female Servers
    Because the researchers’ main aim was to determine influences that smiling faces drawn on the back of the checks had on the number of tips offered by the customers depending on the sex of the […]
  31. Rally’s Restaurant’s Financial Analysis
    A quick ratio of more than one is satisfactory for the firm, since the higher the ratio, the more the firm’s ability to meet its short term maturing obligations.
  32. Social Behavior Observation at Restaurant
    I observed that the trade-off and the need to avoid eye contact could have been a sign of disinterest among customers since it was an anti-social tendency.
  33. Managing a Restaurant: Business Model
    Though the amount of companies, which serve home cooked meals, is quite limited, they Home cooked food, in its turn, does not contain the elements mentioned above. Therefore, it is assumed that the existing niche […]
  34. Restaurant Launch: Strategic Retail Planning Process
    First, I have to define the mission of my restaurant, i.e.to develop a statement, which describes the function and advantages of my organization, such as the following.
  35. Team-Building Lessons from Chinese Restaurant
    Anina Blecher demonstrates many qualities that the Protagonist is expected to have. Her employees are friendly; everybody knows and promotes the values of the restaurant.
  36. Lobo’s Restaurant’s Organizational Structure and Team
    The Restaurant Manager will ensure efficient and effective operations of the restaurant and ensure profitability. He / She will be responsible for monitoring and controlling restaurant activities, setting budgets, planning, resolving disputes, hiring and firing […]
  37. Chick-fil-A Restaurant Chain Ethical Case
    It could be said that the cause of the adverse chain of events was an unthoughtful enterprise’s choice of the area for a donation.
  38. Business Law: Martin Moren v. Jax Restaurant
    Since the jury appropriately established that Nicole’s negligence liability rested with the joint venture in the business, even if the conduct of the partner partially gave her immunity, it is affirmed.
  39. Chipotle vs. Illegal Pete’s Restaurants
    One of the main ways in which the deployment of this technology has helped is through boosting the scalability and flexibility in the company’s operations in the quest to expand to the rest of the […]
  40. Workplace Laziness in the Restaurant Business
    The topic of discussion is about the laziness in the workplace and the spread of its negative impacts on Chinese cuisines and restaurant business across the world.

✅ Interesting Topics to Write about Restaurant

  1. Powerbill Restaurant’s Energy Usage and Controls
  2. Elle Restaurant’s Guest Experience and Atmosphere
  3. Santa Fe Grill Restaurant’s Customer Analysis
  4. Sunshine Enterprises Restaurant Strategy
  5. Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurant’s Code of Conduct
  6. Lebanese Flower Restaurant Marketing Strategy
  7. The Fundamentals of Restaurant Running
  8. Upper Hill Restaurant’s Department Training Plans
  9. The Work at “Checkers” Fast Food Restaurant
  10. Merivale Restaurant Brand and Strategies
  11. Lobby Sport Bar and Restaurant: Internship Experience
  12. McDonald Restaurant: the Age Bracket of the Clientele
  13. Casa Vasca Restaurant’s Food Safety and Sanitation
  14. Interview of Restaurant Industry Professional
  15. Fast Food Restaurants and Buyers’ Responsibility
  16. 1789 Restaurant’s Website Examination
  17. Red Lobster Restaurant: Student Business Plan
  18. Restaurant’s Environment-Friendly Rules
  19. Kelly O’Bryan’s Restaurant’s Marketing Mix
  20. The Glass Slipper Restaurant’s Sales Trends
  21. Mabu Generation Restaurant’s Marketing Analysis
  22. Mabu Generation Taiwanese Restaurant’s Externship
  23. Chili’s Grill & Bar Restaurant Corporate Social Responsibility
  24. Restaurant Business and Entrepreneurship Plan
  25. Industry and Marketing Trends: Restaurants
  26. Leadership & Employee Motivation in the UK Restaurant Sector
  27. Suzie Sue Restaurant’s Workforce Motivation Strategy
  28. KFC Restaurant Project Plan
  29. Analysis of Chili’s Grill Bar Restaurant
  30. Casual Dining Restaurant in Leysin: Business Plan
  31. Managing a Restaurant in the Hospitality Industry
  32. XYZ Restaurant: Marketing Plan
  33. The Case with Santa Fe Grill Restaurant
  34. Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant by Anne Tyler
  35. Ruby Tuesday Restaurant: Operational Improvement Analysis

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