Fast Food Essay, Research Paper Examples

You may be required to write a fast food essay for a variety of reasons such as general food and health studies or nutrition month.

The phenomenon of comfort food that takes a short time to prepare and tastes good has become extremely popular in the world, with chains such as McDonalds having an enormous global presence. However, the adverse health effects associated with the emergence of fast food have led to its nickname, junk food.

There is an obesity epidemic throughout the world, but people do not adopt healthy eating habits even as more and more issues surface. As such, you should cover some key points to write an outstanding essay on one or more fast food essay topics and show your understanding of the topic.

Your fast food essay should discuss the advantages as well as disadvantages of fast food compared to traditional healthy food.

Food items that contain excessive fat or were not good for one’s health have existed for a long time, but were never prominent enough to impact the population significantly.

Fast food options became popular because they pioneered the ideas of food being easily accessible, quick to make, and tasty nevertheless.

Compared to the usual cooking experience people went through at home as well as outdoors eating places, the new phenomenon constituted a revolution.

Fast food became popular with the population due to its significant benefits compared to other methods.

However, the disadvantages of excessive consumption of junk food emerged eventually, leading to the release of various legislation governing the dangers of a poor diet.

With its emphasis on fat and sugars, fast food can lead to a variety of issues, examples including uncontrolled weight gain, heart disease, dental issues, shortness of breath, and other adverse outcomes.

Obesity is now an issue that affects many people in the United States as well as other countries. It can also be difficult to stop consuming junk food because of its instant gratification properties.

Due to its concentration on taste over nutrition, healthy food can feel bland and uninteresting by comparison, leading the person to switch back.

You should discuss potential solutions to the issues created by fast food, but the issue is complex and complicated by the conditions of some of the people affected.

In Australia, some aboriginal people live too far from large cities to receive regular shipments of healthy food that will not spoil, so they have to rely on fast food that is packed with preservatives.

As a result, many become obese and malnourished at the same time. There is no easy solution to the issue, and as such, most options have to be theoretical or supported by evidence. The essay format is generally not suitable for in-depth discussions of topics related to the resolution of these issues.

Here are some additional tips that will make your essay truly outstanding:

  • Try to rely on facts that are supported by research and evidence rather than the popular perception.
  • The concept of fast food extends beyond chains such as McDonalds to ready-made meals and various snacks in stores.
  • Remember to follow usual essay writing guidelines such as an academic tone, the separation of section with titles, and the use of an introductions and fast food essay conclusions.

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