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Fritter’s Fast Food Restaurants: Overview Presentation

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Updated: Sep 14th, 2022

Fritter’s Main Concept

  • A key concept in Fritters is taste, choice, and affordability. We love our product with all our hearts and want to amaze customers with the taste of our food. Our mobile restaurant chain’s credo is to make delicious food affordable. Our fast food restaurants are based in crowded places – parks, amusement parks, sporting events. We want to make our unique and varied menu as close and convenient as possible for everyone. Fritters – tasty, affordable, even closer.
  • EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Focusing on crowded places, Fritters provide an extensive network of original fast food. Very fast and inexpensive to manufacture, Fritters can find their customers both in restaurants and kiosks, and in pre-prepared form. Using social media promotion and striking slogans, we hope to stand out in the Canadian fast food market as a unique brand.
Fritter’s Main Concept


Our vision is a convenient and mobile Fritters network in major cities in Canada, always ready to serve a multitude of customers. This defines our mission – to achieve recognition of our brand, to make Fritters a fashionable and popular dish. Fritters embody our love of taste and convenience, therefore quality and comfort are the values that underlie our concept.


Fritter’s Menu

  • Fritters:
    • Pizza Fritter.
    • Pepperroni, Tri Cheese, Thyme Herbs.
    • Chicken Fritter.
    • Roasted Chicken, Parmesan Cheese, Garlic.
    • Shrimp Fritters.
    • Grill Shrimp, Lemon Juice, Thyme, Onion.
    • Corn Garlic Fritters.
    • Garlic, Herbs, Celery, Tri Peppers.
    • Bean Fritters.
    • Onion, Grill Tri Peppers, Hebs, Re Onion.
  • Dessert Fritters:
    • Peanut Butter and Jelly Friters.
    • Apple Glaze Fritters.
    • Cinnamon Sugar Fritters.
  • Fries:
    • Pizza Fries.
    • Pepperoni, Tri Cheese, Tomato Sauce.
    • Burger Fries.
    • Beef, Mozzarella, Green Onion, Garlic.
  • Drinks:
    • Pops.
    • Lemon.
    • Water.
    • Coffee.
Fritter’s Menu

Menu Concept and Pricing

As one can conclude from the menu, the main goal of our restaurant chain is the diversity of tastes with the unity of form and design. We provide a dizzying array of fritters in a wide variety of styles and flavor combinations. Fritters make up both the meat base of the menu and the dessert one. Otherwise, our menu concept follows classic fast food chains with fries and soft drinks: soda, juices, etc.

The meal price calculation is based on the statistical value of fast food items in Canada. One cheeseburger in Canada costs about $ 3, and a combo lunch costs about $ 9. Our bite-sized fritters are priced by a similar principle – $ 3.90 for a meal of 4 fritters and $ 9 for a combo menu with fries and a drink. Fritters will not differ much in cost in order to make the client want to try more and more new flavors in the future.

Menu Concept and Pricing

Manufacturing and Service

  • The fritter batter will be sourced from a factory in Ontario, but the product is planned to be marketed in Toronto.
  • It is the pre-made fritter batter and pre-cooked fritters the factory will be making for the customer to buy also for the restaurant and kiosks to use.
  • Food trucks and kiosks will be distributed across the promenade and event points, attracting the attention of a large number of potential buyers. Serving is done manually, by hand. The kiosk carts that will appear at the mass events will also have fritters hand-cooked.
  • The Inblan cream puff machine is incredibly fast in making Fritters, so we can easily cope with the influx of customers.
Manufacturing and Service

Team Management and Business Structure

  • Fritters’ management will be organized according to the following hierarchy –
    • the Chief Executive Officer (Vano Boss) is at the head of
    • the Chief Financial Officer (Sharon Thomas) and
    • the Chief Operating Officer (Brea Lowe).
Team Management and Business Structure
Team Management Diagram
Team Management Diagram.

Business Plan and Financial Responsibilities

Our business plan is organized according to the concept of the Sole Proprietorship, in which the CEO is the sole owner of the business responsible for all financial implications.

Hierarchy is necessary for the adequate distribution of job assignments – a person who deals specifically with finances is needed, as well as a person responsible for day-to-day operations. Each member of our leadership team is committed to their cause for the restaurant’s success.

Business Plan and Financial Responsibilities

Target Audience

The target audience of our restaurant chain is predominantly young people, although we are open to all age groups. Fritters is an original appetizer from the Bahamas that makes it easy to find its fans here. Our main focus is on young adults, teenagers, children. The slogan of our franchise is “Fun bites”, which emphasizes that we are aimed at a young audience who loves fun and carefree pastime.

Target Audience

Franchise Location

Fritters will not focus on specific locations with a fixed address. Our kiosks, trucks and carts will be located in parks, sports and city events. Our ideal client is a social person who loves city life and communication, who goes to events. The concept in the spirit of “Where life boils – there smells like Fritters” seems appropriate and attractive for people living an active city life.

Fritters will have Two main restaurants locations, Ontario and Toronto, that will retail a variety of Fritter batters, pre-cooked fritters to customers who wish to cook fritters at home, and include a Restaurant you can sit and eat in. It will also be a location for food trucks and kiosks to comes to restock and prepare for the next location or event.

Franchise Location

Marketing Plan

From a marketing standpoint, we have an advantage in terms of the target audience and their engagement in social media. By creating vibrant and colorful ad posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Fritters attracts young clientele in the digital space. Using slogans that speak of our accessibility, such as “Wherever it is crowded“, we give an idea of how to find us. The unique design of our products should also be highlighted in commercials and posts, perhaps several full-fledged advertising stories should be filmed.

Marketing Plan
Increase Of Fast Food Income In Canada
Increase Of Fast Food Income In Canada.

Market Review & Industry Analysis

Given the ever-growing position of fast food and similar restaurants in Canada, Fritters has both great chances of finding its consumer and impressive competition. We are going to stand out with our mobility and originality against the background of monopolists like McDonald’s and Burger King.

Our target audience predominantly overlaps with fast food consumers in Canada in general. However, we strive to add variety that is so necessary for a client tired of standard fast food. Offering original and delicious food with a unique look, Fritters definitely stands out from other budding franchises.

Market Review & Industry Analysis

SWOT Analysis

  • Unique meals and tastes
  • Street design
  • Personnel search technologies
  • Contributions to each of the kiosks are equal and easy to calculate
  • Mobility as a principle of finding new clients
  • Recognizable and easily remembered brand
  • To become a cult place to visit
  • To attract the attention of large audiences
  • To find a team and conduct an exhaustive training
  • To make big money by taking a good spot at a crowded event
  • To be remembered and stand out from the stream
  • Has only one main type of meal
  • The inability of the client to go to a specific local Fritters
  • Little similarity to other brands
  • To become avoided by general audience
  • To be overshadowed by competitors
  • Assemble an imperfect and unprepared team
  • Possible difficulties with brand recognition
SWOT Analysis

How Do We Turn our Weaknesses into Opportunities

The mobility and recognition of our brand should help us overcome the threshold of an unfamiliar audience and give as many people as possible a taste of fritters.

Our next steps: The most necessary goal at the moment is to organize and train the staff, all of them must become part of the Fritters family. The constant search for new and better places, a well-thought-out strategy that takes into account client psychology – this is what is in our immediate plans.

Our long-term goals: In the long term, it is planned to create Fritters for retail trade in stores. The brand should become even more accessible and appear in any convenient form after it becomes noticed in public places.

How Do We Turn our Weaknesses into Opportunities

Marketing Strategy: the 4 P’s

  • Product: unique fast food with a variety of flavors and ingredients.
  • Price: Comparable to other fast food outlets, therefore in direct competition.
  • Place: unlike other franchises, the location changes and is guessed depending on the crowd.
  • Promotion: through decentralized internet social media promotion, integration of advertising with public events.
Marketing Strategy: the 4 P’s

Involved Money Breakdown

Purpose Sum
Bank Loan
Estimated Opening Cost
Total Sale (business income)
Total Operating Cost
Unexpected Spending
Profit After Money Return
Involved Money Breakdown


Canada Foodservice Market: Growth, trends, Covid-19 impact, and forecasts (2021-2026). Mordor Intelligence. Web.

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