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The Fast Food industry Essay


People keep talking about negative effects of fast food on people’s health. Lots of people claim that the growth of the rate of obese people correlates with the growth of fast food chains in the region. For instance, it is now believed that the American ways and lifestyles are spreading worldwide which leads to the increase of obese people (“Globesity” n.p.).

At the same time, there are people who agree that fast food restaurant chains contribute to the change of lifestyles and eating behaviors, but they are not totally responsible (Zollinger-Read n.p.). It is possible to consider a number of central issues concerning fast food to understand whether fast food industry is totally responsible for the change in eating behaviors and lifestyles.

Fast Food Harms People’s Health

Admittedly, lots of people find fast food tasty and quite cheap. Hence, it is an easy way to eat as one does not need to spend time cooking and washing up. Therefore, fast food saves a lot of time, which is really important for a contemporary hectic life.

However, they often ignore the fact that this food contains a lot of calories. It has been acknowledged that fast food restaurants have come up with less fatty foods, but they are still far from being healthy due to fatty sauces (Zollinger-Read n.p.). Moreover, people often do not even realize the amount of calories they consume.

Fast Food Affects People’s Lifestyles

It is also believed that fans of fast food restaurants are often prone to unhealthy lifestyles as these people consume a lot of calories but do not take enough exercise. People also believe that the fast food industry heavily markets its products and promotes unhealthy lifestyles (Schlosser 9). Thus, people of the first part of the twentieth century used to eat at home and have active lives, but contemporary people do not have time to live healthier.

Fast Food Industry Is not Solely Responsible

Of course, the fast food industry uses media to market its products and many people say that it is wrong as these commercials make people live unhealthy lives (Schlosser 46). However, it follows that media share this responsibility. Obviously, media have become an important tool of affecting people’s choices.

Some people say that officials should affect the spread of fast food restaurants as they are harmful (Schlosser 244). Nonetheless, fast food restaurants are not something people are forced to attend. There are lots of smokers in the world even though all people know about the harm of smoking. Likewise, it is well known that fast food is harmful but people still make their choice and eat it. Thus, people are the ones who are solely responsible for their eating habits and lifestyles.


Therefore, it is important to understand that fast food industry is not solely responsible for the change. It is possible to note that popularity and unprecedented success of the fast food industry is a reflection of trends existing in the society. People try to save time, and they stop cooking and eating at home as it is faster, cheaper and easier to get some food from a local fast food restaurant. Of course, fast food industry has certain impact on people’s eating habits, but still each person is responsible for his/her health.

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