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Beverage Management. Rum: Rules of Thumb

When speaking about rum, you should remember that this is one of the oldest and the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world.

Beverage Management: Cognac as a Bar Product

Cognac needs to spend at least two years in oak barrels Cognac is dark yellowish brown and transparent, sometimes with tints of red.

Fast Food Restaurants and Buyers’ Responsibility

Fast food and chain restaurants sell their products, but they do not force people to buy them. Thus, people are to be responsible for their behavior and understand the danger of unhealthy food.

Food and Taste Process Issues

It is now accepted that certain areas of the tongue have a higher ability to taste those tastes, but they are also able to sense all the other flavors.

Casa Vasca Restaurant’s Food Safety and Sanitation

As the restaurant is open daily, I have visited it once during the working days and on the weekend to compare whether the restaurant practices or service differs on regular days and at the weekends [...]

Changing Food Preferences

Encouraging the development of food habits that will help offset the pressure on the food production system is one way to meet the challenges the world faces.

Sugar Production Stages and Quality

In this phase, the plan is to filter raw sugar particles from the syrup. The product is refined further to ensure the production of high-quality sugar particles.

Food Choices: Diets and Diseases

In addition, there is stress on the liver and kidneys and increases the risk of cancer. Any type of meat is mostly the muscle of animals, high in fat, protein, and cholesterol.

Current Business Trends and Product Life Cycles

My idea works in today's current business trends because the Hun Chinese Restaurant will be the first of its kind in the Portland area's restaurant industry.

Food and Culture Links

Many publications have tried to convince people that the food they eat is a product of their culture and that culture defines the different tastes they have for foods.

Food Inspection Procedures in Saudi Arabia

When examining the history of food poisoning within Saudi Arabia, most of the cases of food poisoning that occur within the country go unreported to the local health care system.

Preserving and Promoting Traditional Cuisine

The importance of nutrition is enhanced and the primary approach is to understand the importance of traditional food for the health of the indigenous people.

Genetically Modified Foods and Pesticides for Health

There is fear that insects such as bees could bring about the emergence of insects that are resistant to insecticides due to coming in contact with the genetically modified pollen.

“The Riddle of the Sacred Cow” by Marvin Harris

Marvin Harris is the author of the article, The Riddle of the Sacred Cow. He singles out India as one such society that abominates the slaughter of cattle and the consumption of beef by citing [...]

Lasagna: Secrets of Cooking a Delicious Dish

The next stage of cooking is one of the most important as all the products are ready and we are going to place the lasagna in the oven.

Food Business and Government Regulation in the US

This piece of work gives a discussion of the impact of the food industry on society with much emphasis being given to the question of whether the government should take charge of the regulation of [...]

Lasagna Cooking Process and Noodle Preparing Tips

The next step the cook is to follow is to mix the first four ingredients and to divide the mixture. The cook is to remember that the dish is to be covered with foil.

Food Preferences and Nutrition Culture

I gave my mother the recipe and nowadays, each time I visit her, she makes me a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

The 38th Winter Fancy Food Shows in San Francisco

The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade is a unique not-for-profit organization found in 1952 to promote commerce, trade, and relations in the specialty food industry.

Microbial Hazards: Salmonella in Chicken

In the case of Salmonella contamination, the Enterobacteriaceae counts are used as a pointer to evaluate the pure quality of food, and the presence of these bacteria in chicken meat and eggs predisposes consumers to [...]

Farmer’s Market as a Food Event

If I were to describe the entire scene an apt description would be to call it a scene of ordered chaos in that despite the sheer amount of people crisscrossing in front of me there [...]

Humans Are Herbivores: Arguments For and Against

That is why the statement about the belonging of human beings to omnivores is the most reasonable one. Besides, this is not only because of the food preferences and the broad range of goods available [...]

Problem of Food Overconsumption

Therefore, the goals of this paper are: to identify the problem of food overconsumption, to discuss the critical factors which influence the development of the given issue, to propose a solution, and to observe possible [...]

Food Texture and Health Outcomes Association

The scope of EJCN is more appropriate to the project's aim and potential contribution. It is expected that the study will also be of interest for conducting further research in this area.

Farmers Views: Should Organic Food Be Promoted From?

Organic food is grown and produced using natural methods, and it is believed that such products are safer and more nutritious than conventionally processed ones due to the rejection of the use of any artificial [...]

Scientists Views: Should Organic Food Be Promoted?

The cycle can be presented in the following way: At the same time, production of conventional products can be described in this way: It is expected that organic sort of nutrition will have a positive [...]

Should Organic Food Be Promoted?

It is also one of the popular trends in developed countries as a healthy lifestyle becomes more affordable, and people tend to invest in organic food.

The Organic Food Benefits

Organic food is those products that have been grown and produced in a natural way without the use of synthetic pesticides and artificial dyes and have not been subjected to mineralization.

What Is “Organic” Food?

In general, organic food is the food produced in compliance with the guidelines of organic farming. The guidelines for organic farming prohibit genetic engineering and the use of genetically modified organisms altogether.

Oat Chocolate Cookies Recipe for Weight Loss Diet

The association of cookies with weight gain and obesity has led to a significant decline in the consumption of cookies over the last few years. The role of oats in the recipe is to enrich [...]

Food Safety at Introducing of New Meal

The former is the most significant threat from the medium risk category due to its high presence, and the latter is the biggest issue out of all the factors listed above.

Food Security: Opportunities in Asia

Having a supply of food that only meets the needs of a section of the society, especially the rich, is a sign of food insecurity.

Food Product Risk Assessment

The problem of the use of the substances in poultry presents a challenge due to the high risks of them adversely influencing the health of consumers.

Proteomic Techniques Usage

Therefore, the main purpose of the study was to create an optimized technique for the identification of contaminated pork and horse in various food items using multiple reaction monitoring recognition of species-specific tryptic marker peptides.

Vegetarianism Among Chinese Customers

This paper explores the reasons for the rise of vegetarianism among the Chinese. A cross-section of Chinese consumers is also motivated to abstain from meat products because of concerns about the infringement of animal rights.

Food Analysis and Its Methods in Practice

Food analysis is the field that handles the use of diagnostic processes to characterize food substances and their components. The purpose of this experiment was to conduct a food analysis of an unknown sample and [...]

The Effect of Food Texture on Health Outcomes

One of the areas that have received researchers' attention rather recently is linked to the description of texture and the introduction of certain standards.

Indigotine as Food Additive: Daily Intake and Risk Analysis

The synthesis of indigotine occurs in five stages, which entail the formation of phenylglycine, the fusion of molten mixture, the oxidation of indigo, the acidification of indigo, and the purification of indigotine.

Childhood Obesity and Food Culture in Schools

The author proposed a farm-to-school food program, wherein the former would supply products to the latter directly, obtaining a market while providing children with healthy food.

“Quit Meat” Vegetarian Diet: Pros and Cons

Although many dieticians think that meat is an essential nutrient, the reality is that it is inappropriate to eat animals because it is unhealthy and unethical.

Horsemeat Scandal Under Elliott’s Review

The effects of the scandal prompted the establishment of a committee to look into the issue and propose measures to prevent the recurrence of the incident.

Bacterial Factor in Foodborne Illness Cases

However, there is little understanding of the types of contaminants and the ways of their transmitting to people. While sources of most contaminant groups can be traced and eliminated on the spot, some of them [...]

Hibiscus Chocolate and Its Production Methods

The hibiscus chocolate is more or less similar to the chocolate cranberry and raspberry. This means that hibiscus is a significant source of antioxidants and vitamin C to the body of a consumer, irrespective of [...]

Fast Food History and Global Presence

The popularity of fast-food restaurants at the time could be associated with the increased numbers of people moving to the city centers during the Great Depression.

Chinese and Korean Cuisines Differences

The paper is based on three-course readings: the article A Second-Century Chinese Kitchen Scene by Pirazzoli-t'Serstevens, the chapter Daily Foods from the book Korean Cuisine: An Illustrated History by Pettid, and the chapter The Quest [...]

Common Food Preparation Methods and Their Effects

Speaking about the latter, it is necessary to define and provide insight into the most important types of nutrients that can be found in alimentary products that we use.

East Asian Food and Its Identifying Factors

Food lovers congregate on one side of the argument due to a sense of pride, while the rest may support the opposite side of the debate for the purpose of gastronomic accuracy.

South Korean and Japanese Cuisines and Identity

This is a bright example of associating food with identity, as Koreans wished to become closer to the superior nation by changing their food habits.

Ginseng Products from Korean and Chinese Markets

Three major herbs are called ginseng: American ginseng, Asian ginseng, and Siberian ginseng. Some Chinese ginseng products can be found there, ginseng tea, quaker ginseng drink, and dried ginseng.

How Coffee Affects Stress?

This research report examines the influence of coffee on the person's psycho-emotional state, that is, on sleep and stressful situations, and also considers the possible consequences of excessive consumption of this drink.

Health Effects of Junk Food Intake

Notably, the consumption of junk food has become one of the major health issues that destabilize the health of individuals and groups in contemporary societies.

Atkins Diet: Pros and Cons

In this regard, it is possible to conclude that Atkins diet partially meets the requirement of moderation. It is possible to conclude that Atkins diet may only partially suit the criterion of variety.

Food Allergies Management

When a person who is allergic to tomatoes decides to visit a Mexican restaurant and orders chili con carne, it is necessary to have a special plan of action to guarantee the customer's safety.

Vegetarian Diet: Pros and Cons

On the contrary, the study A Comparison of Some of the Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Vegetarian and Omnivorous Turkish Females by Karabudak, Kiziltan, and Cigerim portrayed that vegetarians had higher risks of hyperhomocysteinaemia and lower [...]

Genetically Modified Foods: Pros and Cons

Containing over 400 pages, it goes over the issues of safety of the GMOs both to the consumer and to the environment.

Raw Milk Regulations in the United States

The fact is that the focus on quantity has a pernicious impact on the quality of the products that could be found in stores nowadays.

Food Nexus Models in Abu Dhabi

The energy and water are paramount aspects of food production as well as the parameters of the population growth, changes in the economy and climate.

Family Food and Meals Traditions in Dubai History

The research question that needs to be answered with the help of the given paper is the following: how have family meals and food traditions in Dubai changed with the lapse of time and which [...]

Philippine Food Culture

However, because of the Spanish and American influence, meat, especially pork and chicken, are also served. So, Philippines is a country of festivals and a diversity of traditional dishes and beverages.

Food Corporations’ Damaging Influence

The course of actions in the food industry is affected by the growing number of people and their changing priorities and demands.

The Science of Why You Crave Comfort Food

To support and strengthen this claim, the author refers to scientific findings that indicate a connection between preferences in comfort food types and the meaning of specific foods for each individual.

Salmonella in Raws for Paws Pet Food

The issue is that the company Raws for Paws is recalling a party of its pet food because there is a possibility that the food is contaminated with Salmonella.

Genetically Modified Foods: Scientific Resources

Nevertheless, the question that I would like to discuss belongs to the number of the most popular problems that allow nobody to stay indifferent.

Genetically Modified Organisms in Canadian Agriculture

The primary goal of the public engagement initiative is to come up with practical solutions to the challenges facing the adoption of GMOs in Canadian agriculture. The project will inform and consult the citizens to [...]

New York City Low Food Affordability Areas

A food desert is an area in which the level of availability of nutritious food is low. These findings show that the emergence of food deserts, their continuation, and the deterioration of access to nutritious [...]

Nutritutional Environment for Young Children

The need to have a healthy and brilliant future generation is the principle behind good nutrition for young children. It is the duty of teachers to ensure that young children stay in a clean and [...]

Positive Reasons and Outcomes of Becoming Vegan

Being vegan signifies a philosophy and manner of living that aims at excluding, as much as achievable, any kind of exploitation of, and cruelty against, animals for meat, clothing and other uses while promoting and [...]

Genetically Modified Salmon Labeling

It seems that GM salmon labeling should be implemented to clearly indicate that this food was modified. In this connection, transparency is to be proposed as the top priority for GM food manufacturers as customers [...]

Healthy You: Diets and Food

This kind of diet is one of the reasons for the nation's obesity problem. Adding more fruits and vegetables those to the menu instead of a sandwich would help me facilitate a healthier diet.

Kitchen and Cooking in Kalymnos People

It involves the apprentice to acquire the skills and learn the techniques of cooking through observing what the master does. The kitchen is only for the mother and her daughter in the family.

Excessive Meat Consumption and Nutritional Solution

The additional benefit of the constant use of vegetables and greens in food is scientifically proven; therefore, one of the ways to improve health is to reduce the amount of meat consumed and eat more [...]

Food Regulations by Companies and Governments

Consumers International and the World Obesity Federation recommend that corporations and governments make regulations of the food and drink industry through evaluating prices, levying duties, reviewing authorization measures, as well as investing highly in studies [...]

Customs and Etiquette in Chinese Dining

The guest of honor sits the opposite to the host, and eldest guests sit closer to the host. Although it is commonly known that taking the last piece of food is impolite, it is appropriate [...]

Calorie Labeling in American Restaurants

The importance of calorie labeling is in its ability to provide the consumer with the exact number of calories per meal, nutrition information about the meal, and support his or her decision toward a healthier [...]

Genetic Engineering in Food: Development and Risks

Genetic engineering refers to the manipulation of the gene composition of organisms, to come up with organisms, which have different characteristics from the organic ones.

Physical Activities and Dietary Issues

Most girls had a two behavioral risk that paired breakfast consumption and physical activity as they were prone to skip breakfast more which led to low energy levels hence low physical activity.

Sustainability in the Food Service Industry

The goods that are made available by the company and the services it provides may be important to the environment and the contentment level of its customers.

“The Body Myth” by Rebecca Johnson

To prove her point, the author investigated the works of medical scientists and dieticians and interviewed the patients of clinics specializing in eating disorders.

Why Is Pizza Popular?

The affordability of pizza is attributed to its customizability, which allows the clients to choose what to be added to the basic formulation.

Raw Meat Eating and Its Dangers

Most people believe that meat is the most delicious animal product and this explains why it is in high demand. People should eat cooked meat to kill the eggs of these worms and ensure their [...]

Fish as a Part of Healthy Nutrition

There is a consensus among health experts and nutritionists on the types of food that constitute a healthy diet and one of them is fish.

Bolognese Sauce and Italian Gastronomic Tradition

A different manifestation of the advancement of the cooking over the preceding 150 years is the accumulation of tomato, both as a pulverized or as a rigorous adhesive, to the ordinary blend of ingredients.

American Food, Its History and Global Distribution

The adoption of the different styles of cooking and foods and the fusion of these foods has made them American. Some of the animals they hunted included the buffalo, wild turkey, and the bear.

Fast Food, Obesity, Depression and Other Issues

However, in busy communities, fast foods are increasingly being the preferred choice of food because of their price and convenience and that is why they are commonly served in many hotels, cafes and even some [...]

Fast Food Ban Necessity in Schools

Schools should not offer fast foods because they lead to the development of bad habits, long-time health complications and influence students to spend money unnecessarily.

Breastfeeding and Its Benefits for Babies

Some mothers may not fully understand the breastfeeding process in terms of maternal nutrition, challenges associated with breastfeeding and how to redress them, and the ideal duration of breastfeeding.

Vegetarian Groups by Motivation

To understand the reasons underpinning the popularity of this movement, it is important to distinguish the triggers that make people turn into vegetarians.

Chipotle Company’s Food Crisis

After the food poisoning occurrence, the local and federal authorities tried to ascertain the reason for the outbreak, but the tests they conducted could not confirm the ingredient that caused the illness.

Nestle Nesquik Cereal Ingredients

According to FNS, if the word "whole" is placed before the first ingredient, it is more likely that the product is whole-grain.

Life-span Development with Childhood Obesity

In the US, health officials are of the observation that there are 23million obese or overweight children between the age of two years and nineteen years.

Obesity Effects on African-American Children

What are the indirect effects of obesity on Black-American children? Are the effects of obesity on Black-American children a private or community health concern?

The Effects of Obesity on African American Children

The primary purpose of this research study is to establish the effects of obesity among the African American children. Therefore, the goal of this research project is to establish the primary and secondary effects of [...]

Sous Vide Food Production System

A vacuum machine is needed to cater for the packaging needs of the food that is prepared using the sous vide method.

Vegan vs. Vegetarian Diets: Impacts on Health

However, vegetarians have the option of consuming animal products like eggs and milk, but this option is not available to vegans; vegetarians tend to avoid the intake of all the animal proteins.

Food Security and Sustainable Local Food Systems

The lessons will be tailored to ensure that the community can be in a position to influence policies related to food security and sustainable food systems in the area.

Fast Food Consumption in New Jersey (United States)

The survey aimed at evaluating the consumption of fast foods amongst the residents of New Jersey in the USA. Other objectives that were considered during the study included determination of whether the habit contributed to [...]

Mexican Cuisine’s Transition to Comfort Food

From the analysis of Andrew's experience in Mexico City and Martha's interview on Mexican cuisine, it is easy for a person to conclude that Mexican cuisine has been reduced to comfort food.

Obesity and Taxation in United States

The causes of obesity are a lifestyle related to the diet that one takes. The laws to increase the taxes on sugared beverages are already applicable in the states of Maine and New York.

Turkey Cooking: Festive Recipe

The purpose of this specific recipe is to show you how to prepare moist roasted turkey fit for any festive occasion.

Gluten-Free Products in the US Food Market

The data on the consumers' motivation regarding gluten-free products and on the popular media among the US consumers were analyzed to answer the question.
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