Diet & Nutrition Essay Examples and Topics

Doctors’, Government and Youth Views

Executive Summary Youth’s Noise is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization committed to educating local communities of the various health issues concerning the local population. The Youth’s Noise will provide the equipments and resources necessary for the youth, to create music videos with a goal of spreading awareness to the local community and perhaps to the […]

“Obesity in Children” by Carrie Ruxton

The author of this article is Carrie Ruxton, a freelance dietician, and nutritionist. Currie Ruxton has several credentials when it comes to nutrition and has served as a nutritional and diet consultant on several occasions. The author is knowledgeable on the matter because she has attained a Ph.D. in nutritional studies, and she has amassed […]

“Obesity Prevention” by Michelle Cowan

Credentials of the Author The author is justified to write this article because is a qualified nurse who works at Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow, where she uses the tools in question to attend to her patients. Therefore, one can have confidence in her contribution to this topic. In addition, the author is knowledgeable and well-informed on […]

Nutrition: Flexitarian Diet Benefits

Introduction Imagine living your life squeezed into an excrement-filled cage, with no sun or fresh air, listening to your neighbors regularly being hauled away to die. Yes, you are in an industrial farm. Your Thanksgiving turkey was just one of the millions of creatures, capable of both pain and affection, that suffer and die to […]

Childhood Obesity Causes and Outcomes

Abstract This research focused on childhood obesity and the facts and circumstances surrounding the prevalence of childhood obesity which has grown almost in proportion with adult obesity. The research centered on its origin and causes, outcomes, prevention and treatment. This is a worldwide concern because many countries, developed or developing, are largely affected by it. […]

Food in Mexico

Food Cultures and Science in Mexico Mexico is a country located south of North America. It is bordered on the north by the United States, on the south and west by the Pacific Ocean, and on the east by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The country has a moderate climate characterized by […]

Organic Foods in Australia and the USA

Introduction There has been an increase in demand for organic food all over the world owing to consumer perception of such foods. These perceptions include various notions that organic foods are safe, ethical and clean in nature (Hamstra 2013). It is estimated that within a few years, the growth of organic food markets will have […]

Obesity and fast food

What is so intriguing about fast food? Studies show that American men and women have realized significant gains in body weight over the years. In fact, a larger proportion of the gains in the body mass arise from the escalating promotional activities carried out by the fast-food producing companies such as McDonalds. In addition, the […]

Eating Disorders in Adolescent Girls

Introduction Eating disorder among adolescent girls is a health issue that has become very common in the United States over the last decades. According to Golden et al (2003), this disorder arises when adolescents deliberately eat an amount of food that is below the standard levels based on the requirements of the body. As Field […]

Fish as a Staple of the Human Diet

While there are no precise records as to when humanity started consuming fish as a viable food source there are various instances throughout history which do show how important a resource it was and how early humans actually founded their settlements near rivers and tributaries to take advantage of both the fresh water and the […]

Vegetarian VS Meat-Eating

Introduction Food is the most basic need of man and all people have to eat in order to live. Obtaining something to eat is therefore an integral activity of the human experience. Naturally, human beings can live on meat and vegetables since they are omnivores. Eating meat and vegetables provides the required nutrition for a […]

Eating Chinese: Culture on the Menu

The book written by Lily Cho consists of a detailed research into the culture of the Chinese and its integration with that of the Canadians. The author concentrates on the menus that are offered in small Chinese restaurants in Canada. In addition, Cho emphasizes that the Chinese menus have undergone major changes and modifications so […]

Childhood Obesity and Nutrition

Introduction The prevalence of childhood obesity in schools can be compared to an epidemic of a virulent disease on a global scale. Research statistics have shown that on average 15.5% of children aged between five to fifteen in school have body mass indexes reaching 30 or higher, far above the norm of 25 or below. […]

Health Violations Report

The restaurant report outlined a number of violations that were discovered during the restaurant review. In this essay twelve of these violations will be discussed. First, there is the issue of insufficient hot water. Hot water is used mainly for hand washing and dish washing and may also be used for other cleaning activities. Its […]

Food and Drink Report: Hotpot

Executive Summary Hotpot refers to a meal whose origin is in China, East Asia. This paper will introduce the food by providing its definition and later discussing its history. The historical perspective covers the changes that occurred in the industry making hotpot reach the European markets in the past few years. Its role and value […]

Let’s Go Kids Camp

According to Karnik and Kanekar (2012), the prevalence of obesity among children aged between 8 and 16 years has been on the increase, leading to increased health concerns. This paper examines the implications of a three week intervention plan to reduce children weight. It also aims at identifying whether innovative and fun interventions can encourage […]

Food Borne Diseases of Intoxicants on MSG

MSG is a common flavor enhancer that is widely used in the global food industry. Although MSG is thought to have an optimal safety profile, it has also been linked to high blood pressure at high levels. This is based on a cross-sectional study conducted by He at. Al (2011). Other diseases linked to MSG […]

Organic Food and Healthy Eating

Ali, Fredrick. “Prevalence of Diabetes and Obesity – Related Health Risk Factors.” Journal of the American Medical Association, vol. 289, 2003, pp. 76–79. This paper analyses the prevalence of chronic disease like diabetes and obesity in populations that eat junk foods as opposed to the healthy eating population. Binkley, Kenny, et al. “The relation between dietary […]

A Typology for foodservice menu development

Creating a menu for vegetarians, many food services do not think about the specifics of the nutrition of such people. Moreover, a lot of additional factors are to be considered about vegetarians while developing a menu fir them. Much attention should be paid to the reasons people have applied to which choosing their diet. The […]

Influence of media on Anorexia

Media has a great influence on anorexia worldwide. As far as dieting and size discrimination is concerned, media plays a great role. From childhood, children know that their looks matters a lot. Very small children receive comments of how they look cute from the elders if they are slim. This influence, children get it from […]


Curry refers to a variety of dishes originating from Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and other southern countries. One of the main features, which distinguishes curry from other kinds of food, is its complex combinations of spices, herbs, flesh and chillies (Nancie 8). Photo 1(curry) History of curry The earliest recipe for […]

Survey of Food Allergies in the UAE

Introduction Nearly each one of us eats to live and there is no doubt that most of us enjoy eating. However, recent studies have established that nearly 1 in 20 young children below the age of 5 years and almost 1 in 25 adults are allergic to at least one type of food. There have […]

Diet food centre

Executive summary This report is about establishment of a diet food centre within the institution of higher learning. Several complications and shortcomings are associated with provision of foodstuff within various market segments. Most institutions have raised the alarm on such unhealthy kinds of foodstuff being supplied within their territories. The same concern has been raised […]

Food & Culture: A Case Study on Cape Breton Food

Introduction Extant literature demonstrates an instinctive consciousness of definitive links between food, culture and civilization (Justice, 2012), and the central role that culture continues to play in informing food choices (D’Sylva & Beagan, 2011). In many instances food has be equated to a people’s culture by virtue of the fact that food is essentially typified […]

It Is High Time to Become Responsible

The modern world is changing rapidly and people have been changing alongside. Mass production and mass consumption have become a talking point and many people associate these concepts with the recent problem of obesity. Thus, lots of people accuse companies of turning them into victims of the advertising campaigns. More so, people sue McDonalds (as […]

Food Security in Detroit – Michigan

Introduction Although Detroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan, it is the poorest city in the U.S. with unemployment rate of near 50 percent and a child poverty level of 47 percent. Community food security is a condition where all members of a community have access and close proximity to enough nutritious, […]

Halal Meat’s Specific Regulations

Abstract Muslims make up 25% of the world population and according to their religion, Islam; their diet is restricted. The Quran outlines specific regulations regarding halal meat. Muslims follow strictly the requirement that all meat meant for their consumption must be halal. The market trends in the world need to understand halal meat in order […]

The Origins, Production and Consumption of Cumin, Trace and Explored

The Oriental culture has always been a closed book for the rest of the world. However, it is not only the mystery, but also the specific charm and exotics that catch the attention of the Western people and make them explore the wonders of the East. The Eastern cuisine is no exception, which makes a […]

Genetically Modified Food

Introduction There is increasing debate regarding the likely benefits of modern biotechnology, and particularly of genetically modified food in assisting to attain society’s development and food security goals. The challenge facing decision makers is to understand what the technology can achieve, or has achieved elsewhere and to identify what prospects the technology presents to society […]

Eating disorder prevention programs

Eating Disorder Prevention Programs is an article written by Eric Stice and Heather Shaw. Through the article, Stice and Shaw evaluated the current information on eating disorders based on risks and maintenance aspects rather than on a particular analysis. Based on the available data, Stice suggested that risks and maintenance factors could not be distinguished […]

Genetically modified food of Monsanto Company

Introduction Monsanto Company, the multinational agricultural biotechnology establishment, has assumed international relevance as a leading supplier of genetically modified seed and associated products. However, over the years the company has found itself on the hot seat in regards to the safety of some of its products (ANH Feature, 2012). For instance, Monsanto released a hormone […]

Obesity and Healthy Eating

Introduction Obesity has been on a steady increase in the US resulting in a decline in the individual’s health since people who are obese are at increased risk of physical as well as psychosocial health consequences. The high prevalence rates of obesity particularly among children and adolescents have caused alarm. Calls have been made for […]

Omnivore’s dilemma

Introduction The conventional American meal lacks visibility and transparency; not only does its price contain other hidden costs; it has a highly twisted and complicated food chain. It is almost impossible to trace the source of all the ingredients used in the typical McDonald’s package as the preservatives used in the soda pop may come […]

Healthy Foods and Obesity

America seems to be fighting a loosing battle against obesity. This is reflected in the lasts statistics indicating that despite the latest efforts by the government as well as nutritionist against obesity, the rate of obesity is increasing and currently it is at an all time high. This is ironical bearing in mind the amount […]

Does healthy food prevent obesity?

Obesity has been a problem in the United States for some decades; it affects the population across all ages, and income: according to a report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 34 percent of American adults and 17 percent of American children are believed to be obese; the report further states that the condition […]

How can societal marketing concept be used to influence children to eat a healthier diet

The rate of overweight and obesity preference among Australian children is alarming. The rates of childhood obesity in the country become one of the highest among the developed nations. We have also seen a large increase in the number of overweight and obese children in the country. The number of overweight and obese children has […]

Psychological Concept of Humans Eating Behavior

Introduction Studies examining the eating behaviours of various individuals show that the amount of food consumed is directly affected by outside environmental food cues which trigger a response which causes the feeling of hunger which in turn causes a person to eat (Hepworth et al, 2010). Not only that, the amount of food consumed has […]

From Angus to Erlenmeyer: Media Coverage of Lab Manufactured Meat

Abstract/Summary The following paper analyzes the coverage of lab manufactured meat in eleven different articles from a selection of online and traditional media as well as academic journals. The articles range in date from 2005 through to 2011 and cover various elements of the issues surrounding lab manufactured or in vitro meat, including the ethical […]

Foods that are being served to our youth in the school systems

Introduction Healthy eating is the biggest contributing factor to an individual’s well being and it is associated with an increased quality of life as well as longer life expectancy. For children and adolescents, schools play a major role in molding their eating habits. Research revealed that in 2004, more than half of school-aged children received […]

Designing an Intervention for Obesity in US

Introduction In the evolution of mankind the process of acquiring food often entailed the exertion of physical energy and ensured the population always received adequate exercise. As times progressed to modern society there have emerged societies where the population has access excessive amounts of food with relatively little or no exercise. The result of this […]

Parents Attitude towards the Importance of Childhood Nutrition

Introduction Proper nutrition is always an important factor towards healthy living. Good choices regarding nutrition care enables one lead a long healthy life. This brings out the reason why proper and healthy feeding during childhood helps in reinforcing lifelong eating habits that contribute to the overall well being of the child. This also enables them […]

Workplace Hygiene Procedures

Introduction The level of hygiene at the workplace is very important in the hospitality industry especially when preparing food. A high standard of hygiene is emphasized in order to prevent food contamination or poisoning. The food handlers should also be physically well. This means that they should not handle food if they are sick since […]

Nutrition in Pocatello High Schools

Create a program which will help in provision of healthy foods in Pocatello high Schools Students in High Schools are provided with breakfast, lunch and super. Breakfast is usually served in the morning before students go for their classes. Lunch is served sometime around noon while supper is served around 6 pm in the evening. […]

Culture and Food: Sanumá Relation to Food Taboos

Various eating patterns may signify a certain cultural attitude to food as a representation of the nation’s world image. Depending on the cultural standards, nations may develop certain food taboos that reflect their perception of social arrangement. Food taboos can be formed for many reasons, such as religion, culture, and health or wellbeing. In case […]

The Fast-Food Industry and Legal Accountability for Obesity

The ethical issue In general, ethics refers to the accepted virtues or norms that are moral and acceptable as good in a particular society. Ethics are thus aimed at promoting positive actions and general respect to humanity and its surroundings. In this case, the ethical issue is promotion of obesity as a result of the […]

Breast Milk Substitute’s Ethical Issue

Issue The ethical issue here is whether formula-milk companies such as Nestle are committing an offense by pressing for their products to be bought and substituted for breast milk. Rule In order to emphasize the significance of breast-feeding, the World Health Organization (WHO) came up with the International Code of Marketing of Breast milk Substitutes […]

The Fast Food industry

Introduction People keep talking about negative effects of fast food on people’s health. Lots of people claim that the growth of the rate of obese people correlates with the growth of fast food chains in the region. For instance, it is now believed that the American ways and lifestyles are spreading worldwide which leads to […]

Moist and Dry Heat Cookery

Dry Heat Cooking In this method of cooking, heat is transferred to the food by radiation through the air, metal and fat that heats the metal at high temperatures sometimes even higher than 100 degrees celcius. This method majorly relies on the use of extremely high temperatures to achieve the required heating specifications. Grilling This […]

Food, how technology has changed the way we eat?

Introduction Technology plays an essential role in making life more convenient and easier. The use of technology has improved life in the aspect of transport, communication and entertainment among others (Sparks, 2011). Some of the technological products include cell phones, computers, televisions, washing machines and the internet. Using computers or cell phones, one can easily […]

Fast Food on Campus: When Affordable Meals Overshadow the Nutrition Issues

Introduction Good nutrition is doubtlessly crucial for any living organism in general and human organism in particular. Therefore, it is especially important to take good care of the quality of the food consumed by teenagers and young adults, seeing how both of these groups, with their organisms entering the final stage of development, are especially […]

Human Services: Technological Equipment in the Food-processing Sector

Introduction Technology has had a positive impact in our societies over the years economically and socially. The use of technology has revolutionized the way activities are being carried out in various settings by providing tailor-made solutions to major issues that affect service delivery. This is evident since technology has been able to promote efficiency and […]

The high calories in the Coca-Cola

Text The text in this advert is about the dangers of taking excess calories. The Coca-Cola Company explains to the audience how excess calories can cause obesity. The argument is that one gets the energy to do extra work after taking extra calories. The narrator of the advert says that Coca-Cola offers drinks that have […]

The American Way of Dining Out

Introduction For most Americans, dining out is a favorite pastime. Americans dine out when celebrating an event, when on a date or just to have a new dining experience. But, in the aftermath of the 2007/2008 economic downturn, people are dining out less often, instead preferring to eat at home to save money. This trend […]

Ethical Dimensions Connected to Food Processing

Major stakeholders in the ethics of food include the producer, the consumer, and the government. Individuals have a duty other than to themselves to be healthy. Eating harmful food can cause serious health problems to both the individuals and the community. Many risk factors causing diseases have a link with lifestyle. The World Health Organization […]

Healthy Eating: Australians’ Eating Habits

Promotion of healthy eating and prevention of eating disorders have become one of priorities in Australian public health. Eating disorders have become persistent as 10% of diseases are food- or drink-related (Victorian Public Health 2011). Furthermore, the rate of overweight people is growing steadily and the rate of Australia’s adult obesity is 5th highest in […]

Weird Chinese Foods

The Chinese eat certain types of foods that seem strange and offensive to many people, as they are forbidden by their religion or cultural practices. Some of these foods include boiled dogs, grilled crocodiles, fried snakes, guinea pig brains, stewed frogs and roasted lizards. These foods are consumed for a number of reasons best known […]

The Food Impact on Health

Foods being consumed in the modern world contribute a lot to obesity and other diet-related diseases such as cancer and hypertension. In the UK, for instance, many of the edible products sold in the supermarkets are contaminated thus affecting the health of the people and most products, especially pastry products, have a lot of sugar, […]

Genetically Modified Food

It has been said that if man learned how to be content then mankind would still be in living in caves, on trees or in crude houses made of mud and sticks. There would be no technological advances beyond the discovery of fire. Everyone will be happy with a nomadic existence hunting and gathering food. […]

Comparison between Mexican and Spanish Cuisines

Introduction Both the Spanish and Mexican cuisines possess characteristics that are sometimes undistinguishable. The Mexican cuisine, which is identified for its numerous spices that culminates to diverse flavours, offers unbelievable palatable foods that are common globally. The Spanish cuisine on the other hand is a mix of Middle East, Greek and Phoenician foods. Although there […]

Mood change and impact on eating habits

Abstract Aim/objectives To know the relationship between food consumption and mood changes and the effects it has on body weight. Research Methodology The research was carried out in United Arabs Emirates (UAE). The sample was UAE females who indulge in unhealthy foods depending on their moods which results in weight gain. The sample size was […]

Should All Genetically Modified Foods Be Labeled?

Introduction Genetically modified food has become a controversial topic in the current society. According to Marchant (75), the world has been experiencing changes in weather patterns due to issues of global warming. As a result of this, agriculture has been massively affected. On the other hand, the world population is constantly on the rise. The […]

Fast Foods more harm than Good

Introduction Alice is currently eighteen years old and she resides in Tyneside in the United Kingdom. In October 2009, The Guardian published a touching story on her plight: she has been obese since she was a toddler and her father died of a heart disease before she was born. She has been bullied by girls […]

Chocolate’s Positive and Negative Effects

Introduction In the past two decades, chocolate has been considered a “junk food” due to the way in which its consumption has significantly contributed to the obesity epidemic within the U.S. at the present. Nearly 33% of adults within the U.S. are obese which represents a 60% increase over a 20 year period with the […]

Body Fat and Eating Disorders Paper

Scenario 1 The possible sources of food-borne illness There are many incidences when the food prepared by Jeremiah could have been contaminated. At first, after purchasing the food from the store, Jeremiah visited other places, exposing the beef to a lot of contamination. This was worsened by the fact that the day was hot. After […]

Evaluation of a Qualitative Research Study

The article reviewed in this report presents a qualitative research study aimed at exploring the perceptions and views of mothers of children aged 16 and below on health promotion recommendations provided by health promotion professionals. The study used several qualitative methods in recruiting participants into the study and in other aspects of the study such […]

Fast Food’s Main Detrimental Effects

Nowadays, it became a commonplace tendency with many people in Western countries to become increasingly concerned about the possible consequences of their exposure to fast food. This state of affairs is perfectly explainable, because during the course of recent decades, the effects of a lengthened consumption of fast food on one’s health remained the subject […]

Grass Farming in “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan

Thesis Statement: Has the study of the book “Omnivores Dilemma” Impacted on the way people eat? Grass: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Pasture This section stipulates that the grass farmer utilizes some of the oldest farming practices. It adds that the grass farmer should not just be treated as a traditional farmer but he […]

“The Omnivore’s Dilemma: the Search for a Perfect Meal in a Fast- Food World” by Michael Pollan

Personal significance Organic food is healthy because it is produced under healthy conditions and, therefore, does not pose a danger to human health. Both chapters are of immense significance to me and the people around me. It is not news that most health problems nowadays are as a result of poor eating habits. Health problems […]

Genetically modified foods and environment

Introduction Cultivation of crops for food has been as old as man himself. As time goes by farmers have been trying to improve characteristics of plants used for food such as taste and resistance to diseases. Crops which have been grown in a healthy manner seem to have better yields and even good taste. However, […]

American food over the decades

Introduction In the early years of twentieth century, sandwiches made of peanut butter and jelly became very common. This literature review will focus on the history of peanut butter and jelly by examining the thought on interchangeability of peanut butter in the construction of sandwich, the schools of thought on the study and how they […]

Are Americans Killing Themselves

According to the article written by Dr. Richard Carmona about the health status in America, it is evident that there is a problem in their eating habits. The article talks more about the health behaviors of Americans, and the impacts that those behaviors impose to their health. The essay will focus on Americans unhealthy eating […]

Should We Begin to Think About What We Eat?

Introduction Processed food has existed prehistorically yet in the form of very traditional practices like salt preservation, steaming, and sun dying etc. Countries like America and Europe had persisted in the use of the traditional ingredients originated from the earliest immigrants of England and Scotland. However, after the industrial revolution these practices metamorphosed and took […]

Food culture and obesity

Introduction Food culture refers to “a constellation of socially produced values, attitudes, relationships, tastes, cuisines and practices exhibited through food” (Lang and Heasman 185). The American food culture is characterized by a fast food culture. Fast foods are easily available and a barrage of food advertisements. The Americans seem to have redefined the meaning of […]

Influence of Television Advertising on Children’s Eating Behavior

Much research has been conducted in the relation to the children’s eating behavior and the influence of the television advertising. The core problem which is discussed within the research is the children’s obesity and the influence of the programs children watch on its spread and increase. Harris, Bargh, & Brownell (2009) conducted a research on […]

Artificial Sweeteners: Impact on the Quality of Human Life

Artificial sweeteners importance is considered to be a crucial point for discussion in a variety of countries. For a long period of time, many people found it obligatory to contribute the sphere of chemistry and food technology in order to decrease the level of calories not at expense of sweet taste (Ropeik & Gray, 2002). […]

Obesity in America

Introduction America has an obesity problem that much is certain, nearly 33% of adults within the U.S. are obese which represents a 60% increase over a 20 year period with the rate for child obesity not far behind at nearly triple what it was 30 years ago (Chappell, 2010). What these figures represent is nearly […]

Business Ethics-Labeling Genetically Modified Food

Introduction Many people are worried about consuming genetically modified foods. Some however argue that there is no medical proof that these kinds of products have any harm on human health. They therefore argue that no company is ethically obliged to label it as genetically modified food products. They claim that these foods are a boom […]

Rhetorical Analysis of Schlosser’s Articles

Eric Schlosser, a well-known social critic devoted his three articles, namely “The Most Dangerous Job”, “what’s in the Meat” and “What We Eat” to the issues of the rapid growth of the fast food industry and its impact upon the American national mentality and life style. Using statistic data as weighty arguments for supporting his […]

Impacts of Fast Food on Childhood Eating Habits

Background One of the greatest concerns facing parents across the world today is getting their children to adopt healthy eating habits. Unfortunately, due to the economic pressures, many parents spend only a few hours with their children as they work long hours and only realize their children have developed unhealthy eating habits when it is […]

S.R. Sander’s Grub

Exigence is the first thing that comes to mind when attempting to understand a piece of literature. There is a need to know why the author was prompted to write the said piece. There is a curiosity that has to be satisfied, determined to know the motivation to write. This is especially the case when […]

Food and Its Influence on America

Introduction The rate at which the American diet has changed with time is alarming such that America has turned out to be a ‘Fast Food Nation’ within a short span of time. Probably it is because everything else is happening too fast. Junk food has replaced healthy and nutritious food in many people’s life at […]

Today’s Society Should Move toward Adopting Vegetarian Diet: Arguments For

Nowadays, people try to find out as many safe ways to protect their health as possible: constant physical trainings, qualified medical services, and less harmful environment are taken into consideration. Still, not all people are aware of how their eating processes may influence their health as well as relations with each other. This is why […]

Food Safety Risk Assessment

Introduction In the event that food is not handled properly during preparation or is poorly stored, there is likelihood of food borne illness. For many years, food safety has been a growing threat to the public health in many regions of the world. Basically, food borne diseases can be grouped as either infections or intoxications […]

The Media’s Influence on Eating Disorders

Introduction We are being worn out daily with information about everything from all over with the flare-up of information technology. We have television delivering news at home, a radio in the family car, and at work the internet. We are being presented with new information at every side with this entire media. Through the media, […]

Argument for Removing Vending Machines in Schools

Introduction There has been a steady decline in the health of school going children in the U.S. This decline in health has mostly been characterized by a rise in childhood obesity which not only increases the risk of physical health consequences to the child but also psychosocial health issues. This decline in health has been […]

Chemicals in foods

Introduction There are various chemical components that constitute food, each of which plays a significant role in conferring health and nutrition to the consumers. Some of these chemical components of foods include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, fiber, trace elements, and antioxidants, among others. The aforementioned chemicals components are naturally found in food, although their availability […]

Safe Food Supply System

Food is essential for the survival of any living creature. At the same time food can cause problems to health if it is not properly preserved or processed or consumed. The importance of food safety goes on increasing day by day. Governments are taking hard efforts to ensure food safety. Unlike other households items consumers […]

Roots of Obesity Problem in the United States

Although the U. S. government has recently introduces a great number of programs, the problem of excess weight is still on the current agenda in health care. Annually, the country spends over $ 150 billion to avert the obesity rates, but only Columbia district demonstrates the decline. In this respect, the health and educational programs […]

Fast Food, Quick Problem Emergence, Rapid Addiction and Slow Recovery Process

Fast food service is definitely one of the scourges of the modern society. Making people get used to the quick and comfortable way of eating, fast food service offers the unhealthy food and, thus, provokes a number of health complexities. Because of the growing popularity of the fast food products, the concern for the effect […]

Obesity: Psychological/ Sociological

Obesity is a psychological issue as well as a social one. Both “psychological and behavioral issues play significant roles in both the development and consequences of obesity” (Collins and Bentz 126). Obesity is caused by eating disorders triggered by psychosocial, genetically and environmental parameters. Obesity is mainly associated with those people who suffer from psychological […]

Quality and Value of Food

Introduction Quality and value of food is an important factor in retention of loyal and creation of customers in a restaurant especially when targeting tourists. Tourists sample food in order to gain the real sense of the place they visit; therefore, this has called for development of local and foreign foods in most restaurants as […]

The Consequences of Fast Food

Persuasive Against Fast Food Over $100 billion are used each year on fast food consequently over 60 percent of Americans have become obese. You ask, so what? Fast food, as I will show later, is ranked second in the death cause list. There are those who know the effects of fast food yet choose to […]

Rice: Thailand Native Foods

Introduction Despite the fact that food is a commodity consumed by all people in the world, different countries and people are associated with a specific type of food which is native to them. The native food types of any country or ethnic group make the larger part of their cuisine as part of cultural representations. […]

Fast Food and Hate Groups

The name of the hate cult group is the healthy people’s family which is focused on creating a lot of negative publicity for the fast food industry that is promoting a lifestyle of obesity and nutritional deficiency in the country. The group was started thirteen years ago in response to the increasing rates of obesity […]

Recommendations for Ensuring Food Safety & Reducing Disease-Causing Mosquitoes

Food Safety Unsafe food causes many severe and enduring ailments, ranging from stomach upsets to diarrhoeal conditions to diverse forms of cancer. According to statistics released by World Health Organization (WHO), food-borne and water-borne diarrhoeal conditions cause the deaths of an estimated 2.2 million people every twelve months, 1.9 million being children (para. 1). Consequently, […]