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World Cuisines & Food Culture Essay Examples and Topics

Food and Culture Links

Many publications have tried to convince people that the food they eat is a product of their culture and that culture defines the different tastes they have for foods.

Preserving and Promoting Traditional Cuisine

The importance of nutrition is enhanced and the primary approach is to understand the importance of traditional food for the health of the indigenous people.

Frozen Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Recipe

Therefore, understanding how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is crucial to making a delicacy for children and adults.

“The Riddle of the Sacred Cow” by Marvin Harris

Marvin Harris is the author of the article, The Riddle of the Sacred Cow. He singles out India as one such society that abominates the slaughter of cattle and the consumption of beef by citing [...]

Lasagna: Secrets of Cooking a Delicious Dish

The next stage of cooking is one of the most important as all the products are ready and we are going to place the lasagna in the oven.

Lasagna Cooking Process and Noodle Preparing Tips

The next step the cook is to follow is to mix the first four ingredients and to divide the mixture. The cook is to remember that the dish is to be covered with foil.

Food Preferences and Nutrition Culture

I gave my mother the recipe and nowadays, each time I visit her, she makes me a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

The 38th Winter Fancy Food Shows in San Francisco

The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade is a unique not-for-profit organization found in 1952 to promote commerce, trade, and relations in the specialty food industry.

Farmer’s Market as a Food Event

If I were to describe the entire scene an apt description would be to call it a scene of ordered chaos in that despite the sheer amount of people crisscrossing in front of me there [...]

Chinese and Korean Cuisines Differences

The paper is based on three-course readings: the article A Second-Century Chinese Kitchen Scene by Pirazzoli-t'Serstevens, the chapter Daily Foods from the book Korean Cuisine: An Illustrated History by Pettid, and the chapter The Quest [...]

East Asian Food and Its Identifying Factors

Food lovers congregate on one side of the argument due to a sense of pride, while the rest may support the opposite side of the debate for the purpose of gastronomic accuracy.

South Korean and Japanese Cuisines and Identity

This is a bright example of associating food with identity, as Koreans wished to become closer to the superior nation by changing their food habits.

Food Nexus Models in Abu Dhabi

The energy and water are paramount aspects of food production as well as the parameters of the population growth, changes in the economy and climate.

Family Food and Meals Traditions in Dubai History

The research question that needs to be answered with the help of the given paper is the following: how have family meals and food traditions in Dubai changed with the lapse of time and which [...]

Philippine Food Culture

However, because of the Spanish and American influence, meat, especially pork and chicken, are also served. So, Philippines is a country of festivals and a diversity of traditional dishes and beverages.

The Science of Why You Crave Comfort Food

To support and strengthen this claim, the author refers to scientific findings that indicate a connection between preferences in comfort food types and the meaning of specific foods for each individual.

Kitchen and Cooking in Kalymnos People

It involves the apprentice to acquire the skills and learn the techniques of cooking through observing what the master does. The kitchen is only for the mother and her daughter in the family.

Customs and Etiquette in Chinese Dining

The guest of honor sits the opposite to the host, and eldest guests sit closer to the host. Although it is commonly known that taking the last piece of food is impolite, it is appropriate [...]

Bolognese Sauce and Italian Gastronomic Tradition

A different manifestation of the advancement of the cooking over the preceding 150 years is the accumulation of tomato, both as a pulverized or as a rigorous adhesive, to the ordinary blend of ingredients.

American Food, Its History and Global Distribution

The adoption of the different styles of cooking and foods and the fusion of these foods has made them American. Some of the animals they hunted included the buffalo, wild turkey, and the bear.

Mexican Cuisine’s Transition to Comfort Food

From the analysis of Andrew's experience in Mexico City and Martha's interview on Mexican cuisine, it is easy for a person to conclude that Mexican cuisine has been reduced to comfort food.

Turkey Cooking: Festive Recipe

The purpose of this specific recipe is to show you how to prepare moist roasted turkey fit for any festive occasion.

Indian Cuisine: Personal Experiences

Food is an important part of the Indian social fabric and families take pride in serving the best Indian cuisine and sharing it with their friends and kinsmen.

Globalization and Food in Japan

We have the McDonalds in the developed countries and it has influenced food market in Japan, so continued globalization will affect cultures in all countries in the world, including developing countries.

The Culture of Veganism Among the Middle Class

According to Hooker, the culture of veganism has become so popular among the middle class that it is easy to associate it with the class. In this research, the focus will be to analyze the [...]

The Concept of Food as a Leisure Experience

In the modern day lifestyle, the scope of leisure activity has been extended to include food with majority of the people increasingly finding it to be a new form of leisure.

Ramen Culture as a Vital Part of the Traditions in Japan

Studying the history of the transformation of ramen culture and the role it plays in modern Japanese popular culture helps to explore the uniqueness of the phenomenon and understand the origins of its immense popularity.

The Fancy Street Foods in Japan

It is easy to note that the outcome is an opposite of the ordinary boiled eggs that have a firm albumen and soft yolk. The centre of the food is soft and gooey while the [...]

Food Habits and Culture: Factors Influence

The food habits of a group of people/community can be described as the reasons for eating, the methods used while eating, the types of food eaten, and the mode of storage.

Globalization and the Culture of Food

The interviewee gave the examples of France, America, and China in her description of how food can affect the culture of a place and vice versa.

Food in Mexico

It is bordered on the north by the United States, on the south and west by the Pacific Ocean, and on the east by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

Fish as a Staple of the Human Diet

This resulted in the creation of the earliest agriculture and farming practices which included various means of animal domestication, in the case of fish this came in the form of the first known instances of [...]

Eating Chinese: Culture on the Menu

Moreover, the book concedes that the menus in the Chinese restaurants are open to changes in accordance to the preferences of the public.

Food and Drink Report: Hotpot

The history of the Chinese hotpot goes back to the past 1000 years even though the roots of the delicacy are in Mongolia.


In Britain, there are various types of curries differentiated by the types of curry pastes and their combinations. Photo 2 There are several methods of making curry; one of the most common and conventional methods [...]

Food and Culture: A Case Study on Cape Breton Food

It is this imperative that renders currency to the assertion that there exist Cape Breton food and food habits that arose as these varied cultures came together to share their way of life.

Halal Meat’s Specific Regulations

The requirements for halal meat production is specified in the Holy Quran in which Muslims are informed of the type of food which is prohibited and are thus instructed to eat only halal food.

The Origins, Production and Consumption of Cumin, Trace and Explored

Even though the Eastern cuisine has been unknown to most of the Western culture for centuries, the plant called cumin, or jeera, has been exported from the Eastern countries to the West for several centuries, [...]

Culture and Food: Sanumá Relation to Food Taboos

In case with the culture of the Sanuma people, food taboos appear to be a crucial factor in categorizing the age of people and defining eating behavior appropriate to each age category.

The American Way of Dining Out

The rise in the number of consumers eating out implies that dining out is a preferred pastime for most Americans. This indicates that the American way of eating out is not influenced by the need [...]

Weird Chinese Foods

The Chinese are also known to eat crocodile meat for a number of reasons. The other fascinating Chinese cuisine is eating of private parts that are used mostly in adding aroma to whisky and wine.

Comparison between Mexican and Spanish Cuisines

The amount of pepper used in their foods is milder than the amount that is used in Mexican cuisines. Other drinks that are famous in Mexico are the cafe de olla; coffee that contains sugar [...]

American Food Over the Decades

This literature review will focus on the history of peanut butter and jelly by examining the thought on interchangeability of peanut butter in the construction of sandwich, the schools of thought on the study and [...]

Rice: Thailand Native Foods

Thus, rice is the staple food of the Thai people and especially the jasmine variety of rice which makes up the largest portion of the Thai cuisine.