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Genetically Modified Food Essay Examples and Topics

Genetically Modified Foods: Substantial Equivalence

Main principle of this concept is that genetically modified foods should be considered safe and reliable as conventional foods if the nutritional quality and compositions of GM foods are same as conventional foods.
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Genetically Modified Organisms: For and Against

The fact is that, genetic modification is the changing of the DNA code by the means of the genetic engineering, thus, the genes of the organisms are deviating from the normal genes of similar organisms, [...]
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Genetic Engineering in the Agriculture

A cautious investigation of genetic engineering is required to make sure it is safe for humans and the environment. The benefit credited to genetic manipulation is influenced through the utilization of herbicide-tolerant and pest-safe traits.
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Genetically Modified Organisms in Canadian Agriculture

The primary goal of the public engagement initiative is to come up with practical solutions to the challenges facing the adoption of GMOs in Canadian agriculture. The project will inform and consult the citizens to [...]
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Genetically Modified Salmon Labeling

It seems that GM salmon labeling should be implemented to clearly indicate that this food was modified. In this connection, transparency is to be proposed as the top priority for GM food manufacturers as customers [...]
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Genetically Modified Food

First, whether or not genetically modified food provides a sustainable food security alternative; second, what the inferences are of genetically modified food for bio-safety in addition to for human safety and health; and third, the [...]
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Genetically Modified Food

It is the use of selective breeding that allowed for the creation of wide varieties of plants and animals, however, "the process depended on nature to produce the desired gene".
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Genetically Modified Foods and Environment

It is on this background researchers that are in the field of genetic engineering and biotechnology have come up with a concept of genetic modification in attempt to address this limitation to farmers.
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Business Ethics-Labeling Genetically Modified Food

The consumer protection agency has done little to enhance the labeling given that they believe that these products that are genetically modified are just similar to the natural ones hence no need to be labeled [...]
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