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Ecological effects of the release of genetically engineered organisms

Introduction There are adverse ecological effects of genetically engineered organisms in the environment. However, they have varying effects on the environment. Nonetheless, both natural plants and animals are affected by these side effects. However, apart from the side effects on animals and plants, there are general degradation of the ecosystem that results from the associated […]

Genetically Modified Food

Introduction There is increasing debate regarding the likely benefits of modern biotechnology, and particularly of genetically modified food in assisting to attain society’s development and food security goals. The challenge facing decision makers is to understand what the technology can achieve, or has achieved elsewhere and to identify what prospects the technology presents to society […]

Proposition 37 and Genetically Engineered Foods

Proposition 37 is the initiative which is presented as the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act by the representatives of the Organic Consumers Association in California. Proposition 37 requires labeling genetically engineered foods. It is developed to become the regulatory law the main purpose of which is to control the process of labeling […]

Genetically modified food of Monsanto Company

Introduction Monsanto Company, the multinational agricultural biotechnology establishment, has assumed international relevance as a leading supplier of genetically modified seed and associated products. However, over the years the company has found itself on the hot seat in regards to the safety of some of its products (ANH Feature, 2012). For instance, Monsanto released a hormone […]

Genetically Modified corn in the United States of America

Introduction Recent technological advancements have led to many changes not only to people’s lifestyles but also to commodities. Of major concern in the field of agriculture is the development of Genetically Modified (GM) products/organisms. Scientifically, biotechnologists remove a desired gene from an organism and transfer it to a different organism (Carpenter 219). According to Sargent […]

Genetically modified foods projects

Genetically modified (GM) foods are foods produced through modification of various genetic make-ups, using genetic engineering techniques. These techniques involve selective breeding and creating somaclonal variation. GM foods have been in the market from the early 90’s but have gained more popularity in the past decade. However, since its inception, this technology has been faced […]

Can Genetically Modified Food Feed the World: Agricultural and Biotechnological Perspective

Introduction Scientific innovations and modern technologies have continuously dominated global activities across all spheres of life. The unprecedented scientific knowledge is currently touching on human life coupled with influencing human lifestyle socially and economically and thus proving dilemmatic to both scientists and researchers. Biotechnological advances have led to breakthroughs in progressing with new tools for […]

Genetically Modified Foods

Introduction Genetically modified foods refer to foods that have been produced through biotechnology processes involving alteration of DNA. This genetic modification is done to confer the organism or crops with enhanced nutritional value, increased resistance to herbicides and pesticides, and reduction of production costs. The concept of genetic engineering has been in existence for many […]

Genetically Modified Foods Negative Aspects

Genetically modified foods are foods produced through biotechnology processes involving alteration of DNA. This genetic modification is done to give the organism or crops with enhanced nutritional value, increased resistance to herbicides and pesticides, and reduction of production costs. Besides, genetically modified foods are integral in enhancement of food security, enhanced quality and increased shelf-life; […]

Genetically Modified Foods

Introduction The introduction of genetically modified foods, GMFs, has been quite rapid, especially in the US. Stewart report that in the year 1996, “transgenic crops covered 1.7 million hectares worldwide”(5). Presently, there are more than fifty individual transgenic products that involve thirteen separate crops (Stewart 6). Statistics indicate that in 2009, more than fourteen million […]

Will Genetically Modified Foods Doom Us All?

Genetically Modified Foods refer to foods obtained from crops whose genetic composition has been altered. This is done in two main ways: traditional selection and breeding, and use of scientific technology. Almost everyone in the world, including scientists, public officials, and religious groups, has been expressing concerns about the new way of confronting world hunger […]

The Debate Pertaining to Genetically Modified Food Products

Introduction The issue about whether genetically modified food products should be allowed into the market has drawn emotive debates. The contentious issues that have characterized the debate have drawn a lot of media coverage. Many people, especially those without technological knowhow about what –how genetically modified foods are processed, have found it very hard to […]

Is Genetically Modified Food Safe for Human Bodies and the Environment?

Environmental societies, professional bodies, religious groups and public officials have all shown concerns regarding Genetically Modified (GM) foods, and condemned agribusiness for practicing profit without considering possible hazards, and regimes for failing to implement sufficient regulatory supervision. Although genetically-modified foods are capable of resolving most starvation and malnutrition issues, and aiding safeguard and conserve the […]

Consumer Judgment on Genetically Modified Foods

Consumers differ in their desires on issue of labeling of genetically modified foods. Those having less defined views are of the perception that labeling should be mandatory while those with stronger viewpoints see labeling as nonessential. A clear understanding of the genetically modified foods in terms of their risks and benefits could help determine the […]

Objection to the production of genetically modified foods

Introduction Genetically modified crops (GMF) refers to plants which have been modified within laboratories for the purposes of enhancing plant characteristics. This process had earlier been done through breeding which proved to be more time consuming and at times produced inaccurate results. This was enhanced through the use of genetic engineering which enabled the creation […]