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52 Poisoning Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Poisoning Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Food Poisoning by Apple Juices Odwalla Company’s
    The issue of food poisoning that was linked to O157: H7 bacterium in some of the fresh apple juices that were prepared by the Odwalla Company was very devastating.
  2. Theobromine Poisoning in Animals
    Toxicity correlates well with concentration of the chemical and the weight of the animal. Signs and symptoms of toxicity are a result of exaggerated pharmacological effects of the chemical.
  3. Occupational Health and Toxicology: Mercury Poisoning
    As a result, the paper first elaborates the scientific details of the nature and effects of mercury, outlines the historical background of the problem in the workplace, identifies the sources of the problem, and assesses […]
  4. Lead Poisoning, Its Toxicology and Health Impact
    The burning of leaded gasoline, which leads to the emission of gaseous lead into the atmosphere also contributes to the inhalation of lead.
  5. Lead Poisoning in Lawsuits and Housing Regulations
    Property owners are the main targets of the lawsuits after the federal government published procedures for removing lead from housing premises.
  6. Food Poisoning and Hygiene Awareness in Saudi Arabia
    The primary aim of the research is to establish the extent to which hygiene awareness in Saudi Arabia helps in the prevention of disease.
  7. Intoxication and Homicide: A Context-Specific Approach
    However, in her view, a background of intoxication for the perpetrators and the victims contribute to the occurrence of the crimes1, a point that she seeks to prove in her research.
  8. Raising Awareness on Food Poisoning Among Children Riyadh
    Food poisoning instances in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia peaks in the months during the summer when the Hajj season is going on. The main goal as stated earlier is to raise awareness of food […]
  9. Nicotine Poisoning in Michigan in 2002-3
    A lethal dose of nicotine is 60 mg to a 150 pound woman. 03 mg of nicotine is lower than the 10 mg, severe problems will still exist in a child.
  10. Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning
    Carbon monoxide poisoning is a situation where the inhaled amount exceeds the acceptable levels and cause undesired effects to one’s body. This is one of the main laboratory evidence of carbon monoxide poisoning which was […]
  11. The Intervention Plan For a Food Poisoning Incident
    And, finally, a draft of the procedures that can be adopted by the officers and staff of the Council’s Environmental Health Department should such an outbreak occur is prepared.
  12. Investigation of a Food Poisoning Incident
    This paper proposes a Departmental Policy Document in a bid to detail the accountability of the department in the investigation of a Salmonella food poisoning outbreak.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Poisoning

  1. Accidental Poisoning and Its Effects on the United States
  2. Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning And Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning on Nigerian Coast
  3. Impact of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning on Cardiovascular Disease
  4. Children and the Threat of Lead Poisoning
  5. Communicable Disease for Staphylococcus Poisoning
  6. Dioxin Poisoning Through Waste Interaction
  7. Common Factors Contributing to Food Poisoning
  8. Work Practices in the Commercial Kitchen for the Prevention of Food Poisoning
  9. Food Poisoning and Its Effects on the Society
  10. Cadmium Poisoning & Its Symptoms
  11. Food Poisoning: Symptoms and Remedies
  12. Heavy Metal Poisoning: Arsenic, Mercury, Metals
  13. Histamine Poisoning and Control Measures in Fish and Fishery Products
  14. Indoor Companion Animal Poisoning by Plants
  15. The Problem of Dirty Food Poisoning Vietnamese People
  16. How Pesticide Is Causing “The Slow Poisoning of India”
  17. Lead Poisoning Prevention Efforts in Childhood
  18. Indian Illnesses Due to Mercury Poisoning at the Colonial Spanish Mining Community
  19. Mold Poisoning and Population Growth in England and France, 1750–1850
  20. The Use of Poison Throughout the Ages

📌 Simple & Easy Poisoning Essay Titles

  1. Organophosphate and Carbamate Poisoning Market Size
  2. Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning and Neurotoxic Shellfish Poisoning
  3. Plant Toxins and the Art of Poisoning
  4. Poisoning Planet Earth: Pollution and Other Environmental Hazards
  5. The Prevalence of Childhood Lead Poisoning
  6. The Problem of Data Poisoning in Online Social Communities
  7. Botulism as a Type of Food Poisoning
  8. The Cause and Effect of Alcohol Poisoning
  9. Tips for Preventing Food Poisoning
  10. Treatment Sequence for Attending an Unconscious Patient With Suspected Poisoning
  11. The Ecological Impact of Lead Poisoning in Eastern North Carolina
  12. The Health Risks of Carbon Monoxide and Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  13. Background Information on the Effects of Lead Poisoning on Children
  14. Look at the Root Causes of the Prevalent Girl Poisoning Culture
  15. Lead Poisoning in Prenatal Development
  16. Poisoning by Ingestion of Corrosive Chemicals
  17. Causes and Consequences of Food Poisoning
  18. Symptoms and Treatment of Tetrodotoxin Poisoning
  19. Overview of Metal Poisoning, Its Types, and Instances in History
  20. The Problem of Dirty Food Poisoning Vietnamese People

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