Food Safety Essay Examples and Topics

Nutrition: Maximal Fat Oxidation Testing

Introduction The human body requires energy to be used for various activities. Different amounts of energy are required by various activities in the body depending on their intensity, frequency and duration. For instance, the rates of metabolism in men and women are not similar because they have different physiological characteristics. Women produce and use more […]

Health Violations Report

The restaurant report outlined a number of violations that were discovered during the restaurant review. In this essay twelve of these violations will be discussed. First, there is the issue of insufficient hot water. Hot water is used mainly for hand washing and dish washing and may also be used for other cleaning activities. Its […]

Food Borne Diseases of Intoxicants on MSG

MSG is a common flavor enhancer that is widely used in the global food industry. Although MSG is thought to have an optimal safety profile, it has also been linked to high blood pressure at high levels. This is based on a cross-sectional study conducted by He at. Al (2011). Other diseases linked to MSG […]

Survey of Food Allergies in the UAE

Introduction Nearly each one of us eats to live and there is no doubt that most of us enjoy eating. However, recent studies have established that nearly 1 in 20 young children below the age of 5 years and almost 1 in 25 adults are allergic to at least one type of food. There have […]

Food Security in Detroit – Michigan

Introduction Although Detroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan, it is the poorest city in the U.S. with unemployment rate of near 50 percent and a child poverty level of 47 percent. Community food security is a condition where all members of a community have access and close proximity to enough nutritious, […]

Eating disorder prevention programs

Eating Disorder Prevention Programs is an article written by Eric Stice and Heather Shaw. Through the article, Stice and Shaw evaluated the current information on eating disorders based on risks and maintenance aspects rather than on a particular analysis. Based on the available data, Stice suggested that risks and maintenance factors could not be distinguished […]

Workplace Hygiene Procedures

Introduction The level of hygiene at the workplace is very important in the hospitality industry especially when preparing food. A high standard of hygiene is emphasized in order to prevent food contamination or poisoning. The food handlers should also be physically well. This means that they should not handle food if they are sick since […]

Breast Milk Substitute’s Ethical Issue

Issue The ethical issue here is whether formula-milk companies such as Nestle are committing an offense by pressing for their products to be bought and substituted for breast milk. Rule In order to emphasize the significance of breast-feeding, the World Health Organization (WHO) came up with the International Code of Marketing of Breast milk Substitutes […]

Human Services: Technological Equipment in the Food-processing Sector

Introduction Technology has had a positive impact in our societies over the years economically and socially. The use of technology has revolutionized the way activities are being carried out in various settings by providing tailor-made solutions to major issues that affect service delivery. This is evident since technology has been able to promote efficiency and […]

Ethical Dimensions Connected to Food Processing

Major stakeholders in the ethics of food include the producer, the consumer, and the government. Individuals have a duty other than to themselves to be healthy. Eating harmful food can cause serious health problems to both the individuals and the community. Many risk factors causing diseases have a link with lifestyle. The World Health Organization […]

Body Fat and Eating Disorders Paper

Scenario 1 The possible sources of food-borne illness There are many incidences when the food prepared by Jeremiah could have been contaminated. At first, after purchasing the food from the store, Jeremiah visited other places, exposing the beef to a lot of contamination. This was worsened by the fact that the day was hot. After […]

Should We Begin to Think About What We Eat?

Introduction Processed food has existed prehistorically yet in the form of very traditional practices like salt preservation, steaming, and sun dying etc. Countries like America and Europe had persisted in the use of the traditional ingredients originated from the earliest immigrants of England and Scotland. However, after the industrial revolution these practices metamorphosed and took […]

Food Safety Risk Assessment

Introduction In the event that food is not handled properly during preparation or is poorly stored, there is likelihood of food borne illness. For many years, food safety has been a growing threat to the public health in many regions of the world. Basically, food borne diseases can be grouped as either infections or intoxications […]

Chemicals in foods

Introduction There are various chemical components that constitute food, each of which plays a significant role in conferring health and nutrition to the consumers. Some of these chemical components of foods include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, fiber, trace elements, and antioxidants, among others. The aforementioned chemicals components are naturally found in food, although their availability […]

Safe Food Supply System

Food is essential for the survival of any living creature. At the same time food can cause problems to health if it is not properly preserved or processed or consumed. The importance of food safety goes on increasing day by day. Governments are taking hard efforts to ensure food safety. Unlike other households items consumers […]

Quality and Value of Food

Introduction Quality and value of food is an important factor in retention of loyal and creation of customers in a restaurant especially when targeting tourists. Tourists sample food in order to gain the real sense of the place they visit; therefore, this has called for development of local and foreign foods in most restaurants as […]

Fast Food and Hate Groups

The name of the hate cult group is the healthy people’s family which is focused on creating a lot of negative publicity for the fast food industry that is promoting a lifestyle of obesity and nutritional deficiency in the country. The group was started thirteen years ago in response to the increasing rates of obesity […]

Recommendations for Ensuring Food Safety & Reducing Disease-Causing Mosquitoes

Food Safety Unsafe food causes many severe and enduring ailments, ranging from stomach upsets to diarrhoeal conditions to diverse forms of cancer. According to statistics released by World Health Organization (WHO), food-borne and water-borne diarrhoeal conditions cause the deaths of an estimated 2.2 million people every twelve months, 1.9 million being children (para. 1). Consequently, […]